The bad teacher

Ishika wasn’t sure if she should do what she was about to do. There were plenty of reasons why it was so wrong, but then again she always gravitated to wrong more often than right. The attraction was almost instant, the first time Rishi taught their class. She knew he eyed her more than once, but she also knew he wouldn’t make a move as it involved his job and reputation. She slowly started approaching him after class, as if she needed clarification on some topics, but she couldn’t make much progress.

He always seemed to talk to the point and end it there. She found out he had a girlfriend and he seemed the sincere type, so it would take a lot for her to get what she wanted. She started paying more attention to what she was wearing, more crop tops and short skirts to tease him. She knew he couldn’t resist ogling at her and that was progress in a way. She finally managed to get his number and texted him.

“How are you sir? Hope you don’t mind me texting you, if I have any doubts” she texted him.

“Who is this? I’m sorry, I don’t have your number” he replied a while later.

“It’s Ishika from your psychology class sir. I got your number from Prachi mam, I thought I could text you in case I have any doubts while studying, hope you don’t mind” she decided to test the waters.

“I’m not always online, but I’ll try to answer as best as I can” Rishi replied.

“Thank you so much sir” she replied and immediately changed her display picture to a sexy black number she wore on one of her night outs. She knew any man would drool just at the look of her ass as she turned around slightly and gave that seductive smile of hers. She knew if he was paying any attention, he would be hooked.

She started forwarding jokes and memes to him, he always read them but would never respond. She was texting him her doubts, he would just answer her questions and avoid any small talk. She noticed a slight change in him at college though, she noticed him giving a slight smile whenever she saw her at college.

She decided to kick the teasing up a notch and sent him a couple of her clubbing outfit pictures. “Going on a date with a slightly older guy, can you please help me decide what he might like? I’m a little nervous sir”.

“I don’t know what his tastes are, how can I help you? :)” he replied.

“Fair enough, if you were going on a date with me. What would you have picked?”, she didn’t see any point in holding back. She knew it could back fire badly, but she decided to go for it.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally replied “I think I’d love that red dress more”.

“Why do you love it more than the blue one?” she wasn’t going to let him go easy.

“I just feel it suits your complexion more” he replied.

“Thank you sir, helps me a lot. As it is, I’m pretty confused about most things” she decided to not take it too further then.

“Sir, I have a lot of doubts, are you going to be in college tomorrow? I know it’s a second Saturday and all” she texted him Friday night, hoping she could catch him alone.

“Yes, I have some work to finish, I’ll be at my office. You can come over” he replied, all business like.

She wore a really sexy crop top, showing off as much midriff as she possibly could, paired it with a mini skirt and high heels. She knew he wouldn’t be able to stop ogling, no matter how much he tried. She topped it off with bright red lipstick, accentuating her luscious lips, she knew Rishi sir wouldn’t be able to resist them for too long.

“May I come in sir?” she knocked on his office door and slightly opened it.

“Yes, come in” he replied, his head buried in a lot of paperwork. He was grading papers.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you sir, I just had a lot of doubts I wanted to clarify before the exams” she was making excuses.

“Take a seat” he replied, his face still buried in the papers.

He finally got around to looking at her and she noticed a look of amazement on his face. She instantly knew she had him. But he was a professional, so he quickly corrected himself and was business like again.

“There he goes again, he’s really going to make me work for this” Ishika thought to herself.

“Let’s get started sir, if you don’t mind” she pulled a chair and sat next to him, opening the book and turning to a chapter, moving closer to him, letting him smell the perfume on her body. She was turning the pages and asking questions, her hands touching his, her breasts coming close to his hand as she bent over the desk discussing topics.

She knew he was finding it extremely difficult to control himself, as he was stuttering in replying and was averting her eyes. She was quite enjoying it and decided to go for the kill.

“Are you single sir?” she asked him.

He took a few seconds to process it and finally replied “No, I have a girlfriend”.

“Don’t you find it hard, teaching so many pretty young women and still resisting the urge”, she was taking sweet revenge for all the hoops she had to jump through for this moment.

“What urge are you talking about?” he was trying to sound cool, but it wasn’t working.

“The urge you’ve been resisting for the last few minutes, the urge to fuck my brains out”, she wasn’t holding back after coming so far.

“I don’t have any such urges” he sounded agitated.

“Don’t worry sir, nobody has to know. You can have your way with me, it’ll be our little secret”, she took his hand and made him cup her breast with it.

He was a little shocked, but it felt too good to let it go. Before he knew what was going on, he was lifting her up and making her sit on his desk. She pulled him close and planted her lips on his, the longing finally ending as she finally had him right where she wanted. He wasn’t holding back anymore, sticking his tongue down her throat as she wrapped her legs around him. His hands were running all over her back as she lifted her arms, letting him take the crop top off.

“Don’t worry sir, I locked the door behind me. Nobody will disturb us” she whispered in his ears as he continued kissing her passionately.

” I’ve always controlled myself, but I couldn’t when it came to you. You’re just too sexy and I wanted you for myself ever since I noticed you in class” he told her as he sucked her lower lip non stop.

“Fuck me hard sir! Fuck me like I’m your girlfriend, own me sir” she whispered as he cupped her breasts, sucking on her cleavage.

He ran his hands up her skirt, feeling her smooth skin all the way up to between her legs. One look at her sexy red lace thong and he wanted to ogle at it forever. He undid her skirt and threw it aside, drinking her half naked body from top to bottom with his eyes. She lifted his hands and took off his t-shirt, running her fingers over his fit, hairy chest.

He pushed her back onto the desk, running his tongue from the edge of her thong, all the way up to her neck. Her soft moans were enough encouragement for him to keep going, as she tugged at his hair, pushing him onto her body. It was time for the bra to go and he threw it aside, squishing her twins together, running his tongue all over them. Her taut nipples getting more erect with all the attention they were getting, his tongue running circles all around them.

“Oh Sir! I’ve waited for this for so long, now don’t make me wait, fuck me hard” she pleaded with him.

He made his way down south again, pulling down her thong as his tongue was enjoying the taste of her skin, the aroma of her naked body driving him mad. She wasn’t going to be fucked so soon, she thought to herself as his tongue flicked over her pussy lips, licking them, getting them ready for what was to follow.

He buried his face between her legs as she pushed his face deeper, his tongue and mouth going full throttle at her pussy. He was rubbing her clit, sucking and licking her pussy, fingering it alternately, giving it the five star treatment it thoroughly deserved. Her moans were growing louder, telling him he was doing pretty well and he was determined to make them grow louder.

“Oh Sir! You’re so fucking amazing, eat my pussy, just like that, just like that” she cried out as he lifted his face to look at the pleasure all over her face.

He could sense it coursing through her entire body as he kept licking and sucking her tight wet horny pussy. He squeezed her breasts hard as he was fingering and tongue fucking her furiously, the wetness starting to spread between her legs. She tasted so good and he wanted more, so he kept at it, the juices oozing out of her pretty good. He licked and sucked every last drop of it, not wanting to waste his labour of lust, the lust which he held back for so long. The lust which was coming out finally like a bursting dam.

His face was glistening with her juices as she pulled him up and kissed him hard, sucking his tongue like an animal, not holding back as she pulled down his pants and got hold of his hardness. The hardness she so craved for, the hardness which she had to have in her mouth and between her legs. She pushed him off of her and got down on her knees, holding his manhood, scratching it with her long nails, as she took it inside her mouth.

“I’ve waited to taste you for so long sir” she said to him as she started licking his shaft from the base to it’s tip. She could taste the precum oozing out, the sexy aroma of cum that turned her on so much.

She finally took her fully into her mouth, sucking on it like it were a dark chocolate ice cream, as he threw his head back, enjoying all the attention he was getting. She looked up at him, staring into his eyes as she continued sucking him, like she was born for the sole purpose of sucking his dick. She sucked on his balls too, giving them enough attention as the precum continued to pour out of him and she was lapping it all up. He knew he wouldn’t last long if she kept at it and he wanted her bad.

He stopped her and made her stand up, pushing her to the wall, kissing her wildly, tasting himself in her mouth. She was getting breathless as his hands were ravaging every inch of her body. One hand of his moved down between her legs, checking and she was still wet. He moved down to her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples, biting them hard between his teeth as she yelped in pleasurable pain. He lifted her up, against the wall as she wrapped her legs around him, his face buried between her breasts, sucking and licking, biting, digging his teeth into them, leaving his marks all over her.

“Oh Sir! Don’t make me wait, fuck me hard already” she begged him.

He started poking his hardness between her legs, feeling his way around her pussy. The anticipation was driving her crazy, as she tugged at his hair, burying her face into his neck as he finally entered her with a deep thrust.

“Oh fuck! Yes sir, just like that, fuck me like I’m your dirty little slut” she cried out.

He stayed inside her, filling her up, stretching her to the limit and then slowly pulled out as she gasped for breath. He sensed that he was too big for her, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from having his way. He thrusted his way back in, going harder this time, making her feel him more.

“Oh yes! Fuck me harder sir, make me your personal whore!” she couldn’t help but talk dirty to him.

He lifted her up slightly, sucking and licking on her neck, as he kept thrusting, her breasts jiggling for him to suck and bite on. Both of their bodies turning sweaty in no time, yet he wasn’t anywhere close to being done. He stopped for a few seconds, catching his breath while he was still inside her, grinding his hips as his cock touched every nook and corner of her wet pussy. Her nails digging into his back, her toes curling as he hit all the right spots inside her.

“I didn’t know you were such a good fucker sir, I’d have seduced you sooner if I had known” she pulled him closer and kissed him as her back was running up against the wall.

He pulled her up again and held her tight, keeping her steady as he hit her hard this time, harder than he had ever hit her before. Her loudest moan yet told him, he hit her in the right spot. He wasn’t going to let her go easy, he pulled out and hit her hard again, as her moans kept growing louder. They were both past the point where they cared who heard or who might notice, he held her tight and pounded her real good, taking out all his lust on her.

“Fuck sir, fuck me harder. Is this the best you can do? Looks like old age makes you weak” she was teasing him.

He laughed and drilled her in short quick thrusts, non stop, hitting her as hard as he could. The look on her face, her eyes rolling around like crazy, told him he was doing great. He kept at it, pounding her like an animal, her moans at their loudest, her body shivering in wild pleasure. He sucked and bit her lips as she pushed his hips deeper into him, he was grunting pretty loud and she knew he wouldn’t last long. She took his hand and made her rub his clit as he continued drilling, the moans and grunts continued, till he couldn’t keep going. He finally let go, spraying deep inside her.

“Fuck sir! You are so fucking good” she cried out as the wave of pleasure hit her pretty good, spreading from between her legs through her entire body. She pulled him closer and sucked his face, biting his lips, sucking his tongue as he sucked her in return. She finally climbed down and quickly dressed up.

“Thanks for clarifying all my doubts sir” she winked at him and walked out.


Dancing with Daddy..

Abhishek walked into the dance studio with a swagger. As always, heads turned and people lost track of what they were doing to stare at him. He smiled to himself and started his stretching routine. He was wearing a tank top and tracks, showing off his chiseled body for the girls to ogle at. He knew they couldn’t help themselves and he was more than willing to help them fantasize about him. He usually came late and stayed till it was closing time, that way he could practise in relative quiet.

He noticed Esha was staring at him while she was taking a break from her routine. He let her watch for some more time as he started practice, slowly people were leaving the studio as it was closing time. After practising alone for a bit, he decided to do a couple practice and walked up to her “Hey Esha! How are you doing” he asked as he ogled at her from top to bottom.

“I’m fine Abhishek! How are you doing” she managed a weak smile as she replied.

“I need a partner, do you wanna pair up?” he asked casually.

“But it’s already pretty late, I need to head home” she replied.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll give you a ride home” he assured her.

Esha could feel all eyes in the studio staring at them and she knew any girl would kill to dance with a stud like Abhishek. She told herself to give in and nodded yes.

He took her hand and walked to a corner so that there wouldn’t be much disturbance for the two of them. He started the music and both of them moved together, always in sync, swaying to the music perfectly. He knew that his warm breath on her neck was getting her all hot and bothered. He moved his hand from her back slowly down to her ass, before she could protest he grabbed it hard.

“Oh Fuck! Here we go again” Esha thought to herself.

He pulled her closer as they continued moving to the music, not even air could get between them now. Her breasts were being kneaded like dough against his chiseled chest. His hands were now taking full toll on her ass, grabbing and spanking slightly as he pleased. He brushed his lips against her neck, sucking on her bare shoulder, turning her on more and more.

“Stop Abhishek! We can’t do this here” Esha pleaded with him.

“You didn’t have any problem doing a lot more than this last night” Abhishek taunted her.

“I was drunk and it was at your place, it’s different now” she replied with as much courage as she could muster.

“Nobody is watching us, even if they are, they will just think we are getting a bit passionate in dancing” Abhishek tried to calm her down.

Esha knew she didn’t have a choice, she couldn’t resist him, not when he made moves like that on her. She knew she would give in eventually, so might as well avoid the long struggle, she thought to herself.

The lights were getting switched off as more and more people started leaving, Abhishek was only getting emboldened by it. He started kissing her everywhere, her shoulders, her neck, her chin and finally settled down at her lips. His slow sucking of her lips was driving her crazy and there was nothing Esha could do about it. He was too strong, too sexy for her to put up any fight. His hand was slowly moving from her ass onto her thighs, rubbing on them firmly as they moved around the dance floor.

The kissing wasn’t stopping anytime soon and soon he slipped his tongue down her throat. She was only too willing to suck on it like crazy, she didn’t care who was watching any longer. His hands moved further up from her thighs and zeroed down on her pussy. He grabbed whatever he could and started rubbing it vigorously. He continued kissing and sucking on her neck, biting her shoulders as she moaned into his neck.

“Oh Abhishek! Please take me back to your place, please pound me like you did last night” she begged him.

He was having none of it, he wanted to tease her some more and have her right here. He continued rubbing her pussy and moved to a dark corner of the floor, pulling down her tank top and sucking on her cleavage like a raving lunatic. He squished her breasts together and dug his teeth into her cleavage, making her go crazy. She was tugging at his hair hard, hoping he would let go, but he was just getting started. Her sports bra was pulled down too and her breasts were enjoying the fresh air and freedom they were suddenly granted.

“Abhishek, are you going to lock the studio and leave?” the manager cried out.

“Yeah! Don’t worry, I’ll drop the keys at our regular spot” Abhishek replied.

“Alright! Have a good night, see you tomorrow” and he stepped out of the studio.

Abhishek turned around to make sure there was nobody else around and as soon as he was sure, he pinned Esha to the wall and started sucking her tits. His teeth were digging deep into her milky white tits, Esha knew he would leave more marks than last night. She tugged at his hair and the moans were coming out non stop as he devoured her magnificient breasts.

“Oh Abhishek! Why do you drive me so crazy, why do you make me so helpless” Esha wanted to know.

“I don’t have time for a detailed discussion, just stop asking silly questions” Abhishek chided her as he threw away her tank top and bra.

She wrapped her legs around him, her back to the wall as he continued sucking, licking and biting every inch of her breasts, neck and shoulders. He kissed her mouth and bit on her lips like an animal. He lifted her up and pulled down her tracks, getting his hand inside her panties, rubbing her pussy. It was already wet from all the action and his thick rough fingers were making it wetter with his every move.

“Oh Abhishek! Please fuck me hard, fuck me like you fucked me last night. Make me your bitch” she pleaded with him.

He knew he wasn’t going to fuck her just yet. He continued playing with her pussy and getting her wet, sucking and biting everywhere, knowing she would not be able to get rid of the marks so easily, knowing she would think of him every time she saw the marks. Her loud moans were only egging him on to tease her further.

Suddenly a light was switched on and the studio manager walked back in. He couldn’t see them as they were in a dark corner.

“What happened? You came back?” Abhishek asked.

“Yeah, I forgot I have some paper work to complete” he replied.

“Okay, carry on” Abhishek replied and continued playing with Esha.

“What if he sees us? What if he talks?” Esha sounded wary.

“I don’t give a shit if he sees us, I want you now and I’m having you now” Abhishek sounded scary.

It was time for him to take full control over her, he dropped her down on to the floor. Her tracks were still pulled down as he pushed her down on the floor. She knew what was coming and she got down on her knees. He pulled down his tracks and flicked his thick cock out, it was already rock hard with all the action. She could only see it’s outline in the darkness, but she knew it was ready to take over. Before she could say anything, he grabbed her by the hair and shoved it down her throat. She almost gagged on it, as he continued thrusting it into her. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, especially with the manager lurking around. But she was helpless, it felt like the strange aroma of his cock acted like a drug and she lost all control.

He kept pounding her mouth hard, her moans were lost in her mouth, her tongue and mouth working non stop on his thick cock.

“How do you like that slut? Do you like how I fuck your mouth? Do you love being my cum slut?” he whispered to her.

She was in no position to reply, she gently nodded as he continued fucking her face hard. He was pulling her hair hard, thrusting with brute force, making her gag and choke non stop. He felt so powerful using her as he pleased and he knew she was powerless to stop him as she wanted him too. He was now thrusting as hard as he could, going deeper, almost hitting her throat. He pulled out for a few seconds and could sense her trying to catch her breath. It was exhilarating to see her so out of control, but he couldn’t let it last. He started pounding again, going for the final push as he knew his balls could explode any second.

“You love being my cum slut, don’t you whore? You love being my cum dump, don’t you?” he was really drilling her face now and with one loud grunt he let go.

He sprayed all over her face and in her mouth, making her a cum dump quite literally. Esha had never felt dirtier or sexier than right now. Being used like that while there was another guy around felt so sexy and slutty. She stayed on her knees and licked the cum off of her face and fingers, letting it all settle on her tongue before swallowing it all. There was still some cum left on her face, but she let it dry out as she wanted to smell of cum.

“Daddy, please go down on me, show me heaven using your tongue and mouth please” she begged him. She knew he wouldn’t say no as he loved hearing her go crazy as he ate her out.

He lied down on his back on the floor and made her sit on his face, pulling down her tracks and panties, throwing them away. She was butt naked now and she didn’t care anymore that they could get caught. She just wanted to be used by him without any boundaries. He slowly started rubbing her pussy, and ran his tongue all along her pussy lips, she couldn’t help but moan. She turned around and started rubbing his limp cock, getting it ready for the final assault. He found her clit and rubbed it furiously, licking and sucking, nibbling on her pussy lips as she rode his face as hard as she could.

His cock was getting back to full strength and she used her thumb to rub on the tip, flicking it over again and again, making it hornier and angrier than ever before.

“Fuck Daddy! Your cock is so angry, I think it wants my pussy so bad!” she teased him.

“Just wait for it slut, I’ll show you how bad it wants your pussy” he teased her.

“I’m still here, let me know when you’re done Abhishek” the manager cried out.

“See what a slut you are, he is around and you are riding my face like there’s no tomorrow” he teased her.

“Stop talking and eat me out already” she slapped his cock.

He was now rubbing her clit furiously, using his tongue to reach every nook and cranny of her pussy. His every move was driving her crazy and she was grinding harder, trying to control her moans but she was failing badly. She was slapping his cock around now, getting it ready for the plundering that was coming shortly. She could feel the juices leak out of her and he was lapping it all up, licking every last drop, making her feel the sexiest and sluttiest girl ever.

He finally pushed her off his face and she knew it was time. He got up while she was still playing with his cock, licking and sucking on it. He pushed her off his cock and made her get down on all fours on the hardwood floor.

“Time to be my dirty little slut” he whispered in her ear as he started rubbing his cock all over her ass.

“Please fuck me already, my pussy can’t take it anymore” she begged him.

He mounted her, continued poking her ass with his rod, while he grabbed her tits from behind, slapping them, twirling her nipples, teasing her some more.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she couldn’t stop moaning.

Finally when he couldn’t resist any longer, he thrusted deep into her and she let out a little squeal as he made it all the way in. He stayed still, letting her feel the cock fill her up and then pulled out. She could feel his thickness stretch her with every thrust and the force was only increasing with every thrust. He grabbed her tits and slapped them hard, pinching her nipples, pulling her hair, digging his teeth into her neck as he pounded her hard.

Her ass was a thing of beauty and he wasn’t going to let it go easy. He caressed it first and then spanked it hard as the thrusting continued. Her moans were now pretty loud, but there was no way she could keep it down with all the pounding, spanking and biting she was taking. He kept at it harder, slowing down when he felt he was getting close. Her moans would quiet down too, only for the thrusting to pick up again and she would moan louder than before as he was pushing her to the edge.

“How do you like that slut? How do you like the way I pound your slutty pussy?” he asked as he pounded and spanked her non stop.

She could only moan her approval as he started rubbing her clit pretty hard while his cock pounded her like crazy. She knew she wasn’t going to last much longer and her body was shaking uncontrollably. He knew she was getting close and he started thrusting harder and deeper in short thrusts, putting in all the energy he had.

She held onto him as the wave hit her pretty hard, pleasure coursing through her veins and making her lose herself in it. Her moans were slowly dying down as he let go, spraying his seed deep inside her in multiple bursts, making her feel it.

“Fuck! That was amazing” he whispered and collapsed right next to her. He spanked her one last time and sucked on her lips as she started to get dressed.

“What will the manager think if I walk out of here with you? He must have heard us” Esha was worried.

“I’ll handle it” Abhishek assured her as he got dressed too.

“Oh I didn’t realize you were alone” the manager said as he saw them both together.

“She pulled a muscle, I was giving her a massage” Abhishek smiled at him.

The manager had a look of amusement on his face as both of them walked out.

Sonal wants more

The sweat was streaming down Sanjay’s face as he thrust harder into Sonal. Her legs were wrapped around him and she pushed him deeper inside her, but didn’t feel a thing. It was like having a pencil inside her pussy and it wasn’t a thick enough pencil to satisfy her. She was going through the motions, making moaning noises now and then, running her hands all over his back. She was his fiancee after all, she wasn’t so cruel to deny him the satisfaction of pleasing her. Before long, he grunted loudly and sprayed inside her. She barely felt anything as he rolled over to the side and lied down panting. Sonal couldn’t believe he was so tired already, while she barely broke a sweat even though she rode him before he got on top of her.

He turned to the side and kissed her, “I love you babe, fucking you is the best feeling ever”. She kissed him back, but the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. She feebly responded with an “I love you too”. Her heart knew that fucking him was nowhere close to being the best feeling ever.

“What’s wrong babe? It doesn’t feel like you enjoyed it a lot” Sanjay asked her.

“It was okay, you know size matters” Sonal replied reluctantly. She knew it would hurt his ego, but she didn’t want to lie to him. After all they were going to be married soon and a lie about his sexual prowess wasn’t the best way to start their marriage.

“But babe, you know I can’t do anything about my size. Is it so important to you?” he turned her face around and asked, looking her in the eye.

“I wouldn’t wanna lie to you about this. Sex is so important to me and if it’s not good, what is the point” she replied.

Sanjay was lost in his thoughts and slowly said “You know Victor has a pretty big tool, I’ve heard him brag about it”.

“You mean our classmate from college who we met at the reunion recently?” she was getting curious.

“Yes, that Victor” he nodded.

Sonal got up from the bed and went into the loo, she took her phone along and texted Victor “I heard that you’ve got a really nice dick, is that true?”

She instantly got a reply “Haha, maybe. Where did you hear this?”

She replied “From your bestie, he seems to be an admirer. I’ve been asking to see it since we met, now I really have to see it”.

“Good things don’t come so easy, you’ve gotta work for it” he replied.

“Fuck working for it, I just got fucked by him and my pussy didn’t feel a thing. I’m crazy horny right now, so stop fucking around and send me a pic. I need it NOW!!” she texted him back.

“Woah, calm down! Little brother is sleeping, let me wake him up” he replied with a smiley.

Within a few seconds she got a message from him, the image took some time to load, but it was the juiciest cock she had ever laid eyes on.

“Fuck! Are you for real? Please tell me it’s yours and not something off the internet” she texted him.

He clicked another one with his full body and sent it to make her believe.

“Fuck! Look at the veins on it, I’m gonna use this to get off right now” she texted him and settled on the toilet seat, touching herself, rubbing furiously, imagining how amazing it would be to feel his cock inside her. She could see his messages coming non stop, but she was too busy getting off that she didn’t care to reply.

“If he can get me off just by showing his dick pic, I wonder what he can do if he really fucks me” Sonal thought to herself. She didn’t want to cheat on Sanjay, but she knew she couldn’t stay faithful to a 4 inch dick, she needed a bigger and thicker dick to keep her satiated, she needed more. Once she got off, she texted Victor “Thanks for that, I really needed it. When can I see it for real”.

“Whenever you want, I am working from home tomorrow. You can come over to my place, I can do you all day” he replied.

“Text me your address, see you tomorrow” she replied.

She got back in to bed and Sanjay was already snoring. She decided she wanted Victor at any cost, so she mentally prepared herself to go to his place in the morning. She knew she loved Sanjay, but sometimes love and sex don’t intersect and she needed good sex at any cost.

She woke up in the morning, got ready like she was going to work and headed to Victor’s place in a cab. She wore a pencil skirt and a tight blouse, left the top two buttons open to give a good view of her ample bosom. She wore bright red lipstick, something which never failed to turn guys on. She had enough proof of that already. She reached his apartment and knocked, Victor opened the door. He was almost 6 feet tall, well built, his biceps showing off in his tank top and boxer shorts.

“Damn he looks much better with less clothes on” she thought to herself as she walked in. He closed the door behind her and before she knew it, he pushed her to the wall and started kissing her, his hands reaching for her tits, squeezing them firmly. He pinned her hands over her head, sucking on her lips furiously, biting them hard, his hand entering her blouse, squeezing her tits over her bra. His passion was driving her crazy, her body responding to his every touch, her moans getting lost in his mouth as he unbuttoned her blouse. He squeezed her tits harder and started sucking and biting on her cleavage. He was digging his teeth in, hurting her but all that hurt was only turning her on more.

She whispered “Please let me touch you” as he continued sucking and biting her. He let go of her hands and she instantly grabbed his dick which was growing harder and bigger beneath his boxers. She started stroking it without pulling down his boxers as he unhooked her bra and threw it to the side, fully grabbing her bare tits, taking her nipples into his mouth, sucking on them like it were his favorite candy.

“Oh Fuck! It’s been so long since somebody played with me like this, your friend is so useless at fucking me hard” she complained, now pulling down his boxers and taking his cock in her hands, stroking it hard.

“Too bad we didn’t meet before the reunion, or I’d have fucked you already” he replied as he squished her tits together, trying to suck on both her nipples at once, biting them between his teeth, leaving his mark all over her tits.

“I want you in my mouth” she declared and pushed him to the wall, with his back up against it. She was now topless, but her skirt was still on, she got down on her knees as she continued stroking his cock with her delicate fingers, scratching his shaft with her long nails from time to time.

“Ouch! Go easy babe, we’ve got all day.” he held her head by the hair pushing her mouth towards his thickness.

She admired his thick hard cock, the veins bulging out on his shaft, making it all the more sexier. It was almost like a cock you would see in a porno. She continued stroking it, but didn’t take it in her mouth just yet. She knew stroking him some more would make him cum pretty soon and she wanted that cum all over her. Slowly she started licking his shaft and sucking on his ball sack, then sucked on his tip. He threw his head back and moaned, enjoying all the attention she was bestowing upon his dick.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since we met at the reunion” he told her as she looked up into his eyes, his shaft now fully inside her mouth.

The look on her face told her he was almost hitting her throat, but she wasn’t one to give up so easily. She kept it in her mouth, feeling his tip hit her throat, trying not to choke and then slowly pulled it out.

“Fuck! You are so thick and big, just like I’ve always wanted” she told him and continued sucking on it.

Her hands were playing with his balls, pushing him closer to the edge with all the sucking, stroking his cock was getting. He wanted to give her the biggest load, so he tried to control his breathing, prolong the inevitable stream of thick gooeyness that awaited her mouth.

“I want you to shoot a video of this and send it to Sanjay” she looked up at him.

“Are you kidding? He will get crazy mad, he won’t talk to me ever. I can’t do it” he sounded rattled.

“I promise! Your friendship will be intact, just trust me this one time. Shoot me sucking your dick and then swallowing your load” she assured him and handed him her mobile which was lying in her purse.

He started shooting as she continued sucking on his dick and then she pulled it out of her mouth, looked up at the camera and said “Babe, you were right! Victor has the most amazing dick ever. I love you a lot and that’s why I don’t want to hide this from you, I want you to enjoy watching me suck his dick, enjoy watching me swallow his load. I love you so much babe!”

Victor continued shooting and watching her talk to Sanjay pushed him closer to the edge.

Sonal sensed he wouldn’t last much longer and said to him “Keep shooting till I swallow it all” and started stroking and sucking him with renewed vigor. A little more sucking and stroking was enough to push him over the edge and soon he sprayed a big, thick load all over her face and in her mouth. He continued shooting as she licked the cum off of her lips, opening her mouth and showing him all the cum she was about to swallow and then swallowed it all.

She then licked the cum off of her fingers and sucked on her fingers, staring into the camera and said “Babe! Did you see how much I swallowed, I wish you could give me so much cum every time I sucked your dick babe. I hope you enjoyed watching me suck a superior dick”. She then blew a kiss to him on camera.

“I had no clue you were such a dirty slut, or I’d have approached you sooner” Victor sounded surprised.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. I wanted a big dick and I couldn’t resist once I knew you had it” she said getting up from the floor.

“I want you to get hard and pound me like an animal, just like the fuck boy you are” she whispered in his ears as she kissed him and gave him a taste of his own seed.

She started stroking his limp cock again, getting the last drops of cum off of it and sucking on it while he grabbed her ass and spanked her. She noticed a work desk near by and moved towards it, continuing to stroke him, then bending down to suck on his dick again, trying to get it back to it’s virile strength again. She took his top off as he unzipped her pencil skirt, letting it drop to the floor, her red panties inviting him to pound her pussy like crazy. He could feel the wetness as he rubbed her pussy over her panties, sucking on her tits, biting her nipples like a crazed animal.

She pulled out her phone again and told him “Let’s shoot this too, let Sanjay see what a slut you’ve turned me into”, she kept it on the desk, switched on video recording and propped it up against a book.

He bent her over the desk and pinned her face down, folding her hands behind her back. He then started smacking her ass, slowly at first, but smacking harder and harder with each passing second.

Her moans were growing louder as she pleaded with him “Fuck me hard! Fuck me like I’m your dirty little slut, please own my tight pussy”.

He smiled into the camera and continued spanking her, his dick now back to the full strength, waiting hungrily to pounce on her pussy. He pulled her panties to the side and continued rubbing on her bare pussy, finding it soaking wet. He finally decided to make her his own personal slut and entered her slowly with a push deep into her pussy.

His thickness and length were instantly successful in stretching her to the limit as she cried out “Oh Fuck! I’ve waited for so long for a dick like this. Pound me so hard, fuck me like an animal”.

Victor looked into the camera again and smiled, slowly picking up the pace of his strokes, spanking her non stop, her buttocks had turned red with all the spanking, but he wasn’t going to let up so easily. He was now thrusting real hard, short furious thrusts, hitting her at the perfect angle, hitting all the right spots inside her as she continued moaning and screaming.

“Fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Stretch my pussy to the limit” she begged him and he was more than happy to oblige, now putting all his strength into his thrusts, pounding her like a wild dog fucking his bitch in heat. Her moans only egged him on further and he kept up with the pounding and spanking, biting her neck and back, sucking and licking her naked body. It felt like every inch of her body was being pleased like it had never been pleased before and Sonal knew she wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum soon” she cried out as kept pounding and spanking, he slowed down for a few seconds, pulling out to delay her orgasm and then started thrusting again.

“Fuckkkkkk! I can’t hold on any more” she cried out as an intense wave of mini orgasms swept through her body, he continued drilling her and rubbing her clit as the intense pleasure coursed through her veins. He kept at it for some more time and then sprayed deep inside her pussy, his seed deposited deep inside her womb, almost dripping down her thighs, he still had a lot to spray even in the second round.

He collapsed on top of her panting, looked into the camera and said “She is amazing dude, you can marry her, but I will fuck her every week. What say?”.

She turned her face to look into the camera and she couldn’t say nothing more than “I love you babe, hope you will jerk off to this. Like I said, I wanted more. “

Hashini wins the deal

“We need this deal at any cost Hashini” Ajay told Hashini as he pulled his cock out of his pants, pushing her down to get on her knees.

She knew what was expected of her now. She took his cock in her hands, stroking it, licking his shaft, as he closed his eyes enjoying her tongue and fingers working on his cock. It was getting bigger and harder in no time and Ajay wanted this relaxation after all the stress of meeting a tough client like Paul.

“He was looking at you throughout the meeting” he looked down into her eyes, guiding her lips onto his meat, making her suck his tip as if it were a lollipop.

She knew where he was getting at, but she chose to ignore him. She took his cock fully inside her mouth, sucking on it hard as she grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. She opened her blouse buttons, giving him a good look at her delicious cleavage as she continued sucking him. He reached for it and squeezed it, moaning as her mouth was taking over his cock, the pace of her sucking now at full throttle.

“Oh Hashini! You suck so good, please help me win this deal. I’m sure you can show Paul how efficient we are at our work” he closed his eyes and said as if he was thinking out loud.

She took a pause, pulled his cock out and asked “But sir, I thought you owned me, I thought I wasn’t supposed to fuck anyone else but you”.

“I don’t care about all that, I just want to win this deal. Giving you as a gift to Paul seems like the best way to do that right now” he held her by the hair and started fucking her face.

“If you let him fuck your face like this, let him use you like this, we can win this thing” he was panting as her mouth bore full brunt of his brute force.

She was struggling to breathe, yet she kept at it, taking it all in, getting hit in the cheeks and down her throat, as she kept playing with his balls, waiting for the dam to break loose. Break loose it did, soon there was cum all over her face and in her mouth, even hitting her in the eyes. She felt so turned on every time Ajay used her like this, she stayed like that, giving him a good look at her face before swallowing it all in. She rolled her fingers all over her face and licked the cum off of them.

“That’s like a good girl, I’m sure you can do better than this when Paul uses you” he winked at her and pulled her up. She was still licking the cum off of her fingers as he pulled her closer and kissed her, sucking on her tongue, getting a taste of himself before walking her into the shower. He undressed her and bathed her in the hot stream of water along with himself. He made out with her, getting her horny for what lied ahead. Soon they were out of the shower and he picked out a red crop top and a blue skirt for her. He wanted her to drive Paul crazy with her legs, he knew this outfit would do the job. She wore red lingerie to go with the outfit, while he got dressed.

“Remember, do whatever it takes” he pulled her close and kissed her before stepping out of their room.

“Yes boss, I will do my best” she kissed him back, biting his lip hard.

They walked down to the lobby where they were supposed to meet Paul for a drink, it was Ajay’s idea. He knew it was the best way to have Paul let his guard down. Paul was already waiting for them and they approached the table, he couldn’t stop staring at Hashini. Her cleavage showing crop top and short skirt showing off her legs had the desired effect on Paul.

“Off to a good start” Ajay thought to himself. He hated the idea of sending Hashini to Paul, he wanted her all to himself, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

They ordered drinks and Ajay started small talk to keep the conversation going. Paul was lost in Hashini and after a couple of drinks, he asked her for a dance. Hashini didn’t stand up immediately, but as Ajay signaled yes she stood up and followed Paul. Paul was tall and fit, almost 6’2″, towering over Hashini who was around 5’7″ even in her stilettos. He said he had worked in the US army, he sure had a physique to match it even in his early forties. Hashini was only 23, but with a body to die for, she could attract any man she wanted, Paul was no different. They slowly started swaying to the music, Paul’s hand was on her waist and the other on her back. As time passed by, it slowly moved down and settled on her ass, slowly patting it at first. When he noticed there was no reaction from her, he squeezed it, pulling her closer.

She looked up into his eyes as he lifted her up slightly to kiss her lips. His firm grip on her body made her comfortable and she kissed him back, slowly sucking on his lips. She knew Ajay was watching and she wanted to go all out to please Paul, after all she wanted to win the deal too. She pressed her chest hard against Paul’s, as he took a peek into her cleavage. The push up bra did a good job of enticing him further as he started kissing her neck and sucking on it. She was moaning now as his hand slapped her ass, the sound getting lost in the loud music. His hands were moving all over her, taking firm control as he buried his face in her cleavage. His lips and teeth were having their way with her cleavage as she moaned into his ears “Take me to your room, I’m yours for tonight”.

Once he got the green light, he pulled her closer and walked her back to the table, but Ajay was nowhere to be found. He put some cash on the table and quickly walked with her to the elevator. As soon as they got in, he stood next to her, grabbing her ass firmly as they reached his floor. As soon as they got out into the empty corridor, he lifted her up in his arms, fumbling to find the key card before swiping themselves in. He carried her inside still kissing, sucking her lips, biting them and pinned her to the wall. He took her top off and threw it away, sucking and biting her cleavage so hard, going crazy at what he had been craving for all day.

“Oh Paul! I want you so bad, fuck me so hard, own my pussy” she moaned as he dug his teeth into her cleavage.

“Not yet, I want to do something else before I fuck you” he whispered in her ears as he dropped her back onto the floor.

He pushed her down on her knees, thrust his crotch in her face, she exactly knew what he wanted now. She quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled his cock out, amazed at how big and thick it was.

“Oh fuck! How beautiful your cock is, it’s so thick and pink, I wanna suck this all night” she looked up into his eyes as she started stroking it.

He unhooked her bra and threw it aside, getting a good look at her tits, reaching for them and squeezing them hard as she continued stroking his cock and licking his shaft from it’s base all the way to it’s tip.

“I’ve seen such big cocks only in porn” she sounded all excited as she took his tip in her mouth.

He thrusted deep into her mouth as she almost choked on his cock, she looked up at him, holding onto his thighs, taking it all the way in. She wanted to satisfy him at any cost. Slowly, she pulled it out and sucked on it harder, taking it in all the way. She started playing with his balls, looking up at him with her innocent eyes, her hands moving all over his ass, holding on to it, squeezing it. Paul had her right where he wanted her and he went for the prize. He held her face by the hair and started fucking her face so hard. Her face was being ravaged by his thick cock, thrust after thrust, hitting her cheeks and throat hard. The look on her face only made him go harder and harder, her eyes telling him how much she was loving this.

“How do you like this thick pink cock slut? Do you think it’s big enough for your mouth? I’ve wanted to do this to you since I saw you in the meeting this morning” he questioned her as he kept going hard at her.

She could only nod yes as he continued pounding her mouth, the pressure in his balls building up every second. He was grunting really loudly now and he pulled out finally spraying his seed all over her face. There was cum everywhere, in her eyes, on her nose and lips, on her cheeks, it felt like she was a porn star taking cum from two or three guys at once. He turned her around and pointed to the mirror, the cum filled face of hers making her feel so slutty.

“Oh Paul, you made me your cum dump, when will you fuck my pussy” she wanted him again in her pussy.

“Let me catch my breath, it’s like you turned me on so much. I’m never so hard on any woman i fuck” he smiled at her panting.

She remembered that Ajay wanted pics and videos of their session, so she reached for her purse and pulled her phone out, asking him to click pics of her cum filled face and shoot a video of her licking all the cum off of her face.

“You are the best cock I’ve had ever, I love tasting your cum, I want you to destory my pussy” she was posing for the camera and teasing him, stroking his limp cock, getting it back up for her pussy.

She then pulled him closer and posed for a few selfies, kissing him, giving him a taste of himself, by now only traces of his cum remained on her face. She didn’t want to wipe it off completely, she let it dry as she continued stroking and kissing his cock. Slowly it was getting back to it’s big angry size, ready to pounce on her yet again. He was rubbing and fingering her pussy, getting her wet. He knew she needed to be pretty wet to be able to handle his size and girth. He continued kissing her, sucking and licking her tits, biting her all over, giving hickeys on her tanned skin, making her moan and gasp as he played around with her.

“Fuck me please, I can’t wait any longer, where are the condoms” she pleaded with him.

“I prefer going bareback” he said coolly.

“I can’t take that chance, i don’t want to catch any STDs” she pleaded with him, knowing fully well she’d have to give in.

“I am going to fuck you without the condom, or just leave now” Paul knew she wanted him and couldn’t go without fucking him.

“Need to win the deal at any cost” she said to herself and lied down on the bed, spreading her legs pointing to her pussy.

Paul climbed on top of her, rubbing his shaft between her dripping pussy lips, prepping it for what was to follow. He took her nipples in his mouth, sucked hard on them, biting them, licking them, making her moan like crazy.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me already, don’t make me wait daddy, I want your big thick pink cock pounding me like crazy” she pleaded with him.

His big body was crushing her underneath as he decided to oblige and entered her.

“Oh yes! Fuck, you are so big!” she yelled out as he kept going, stretching her like she’d never been stretched before, digging his teeth into her milky tits as she wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing him deeper into herself. Her hands were running all over his back, digging her nails in as he stopped once he was fully inside her. She could feel his balls touch her pussy lips and it felt like she was seeing the stars as he filled her up.

“Oh fuck, fuck me hard, don’t stop, drill my slutty pussy” she begged him.

He slowly pulled out and thrusted hard, hitting the perfect spots inside her, making her moan and squirm. She held on to the sheets pretty tight as he continued plundering her tight wet pussy and he was only getting started. Her moans were growing into screams, yet he didn’t relent. He kept pounding, her delicate body shaking to his brute force, her hands and legs all over the place as he drilled her pussy like crazy.

“How do you like my cock slut?” he asked her.

“Oh fuck! It’s the best cock ever, this is the best dicking ever” she cried out, slapping his ass, egging him on to go harder.

That slap felt like a jockey telling his horse to go full gallop and Paul was the willing horse, now pounding her as hard as he could. Her screams filled the room as he kept hitting all the right spots inside her and he was afraid she might come soon. He wanted to prolong her orgasm as much as possible, so he slowed down and pulled out.

“What!! Don’t pull out, I wanna cum please. Please finish daddy” she pleaded with him.

He lied down next to her and let his throbbing cock calm down as he kissed her, biting her lips and sliding his tongue down her throat, she tried to take his hand and rub her pussy with it, but he pulled it away. She couldn’t resist and started rubbing herself, moaning with her eyes closed. He lifted her up with his strong arms and made her sit on his cock. She put her hands on his chiseled chest and started grinding on his cock, taking it as deep as she wanted. His hands were on her tits, squeezing, pinching and twirling her nipples hard as she rode his cock like the perfect jockey. Her moans were picking up again and then he pressed her down by her shoulders. Before she could realize what was happening, he started drilling her from below, going as deep as he possibly could, hitting her real hard.

“Oh my god! You will make me cum so hard!” she cried out as he continued hitting her hard.

His hands were ravaging her tits, taking them in his mouth, biting them hard, digging his teeth into them again and again as his cock found it’s target with full force. Her body was shivering again, teetering dangerously close to the edge, but he knew he wanted more. As her moans turned into screams again, he went harder at her and when he knew she was close, he slowed down.

“Oh no! Not again, please let me cum daddy. I am dying to!!” she was really begging this time.

He smiled at her and made her get on all fours, folding her hands behind her back, taking his belt to tie them up. He then started spanking her hard, his long fingers creating marks on her milky bottom.

“Ouch! That hurts” she cried out, but he wasn’t going to relent.

He continued spanking her non stop, the force of it increasing with every spank as he rubbed his thickness all over her ass, getting it hard again for the final push. The spanking continued as he mounted her, choking her neck and entering her from behind. He really made her feel the full effect of his girth and length as he stretched her in the truest sense this time.

“Oh fuck! Yes, fuck me like this, again and again. Fuck me hard, fuck me like a slut, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she cried out as his cock started thrusting again.

He thrusted slowly at first, letting her feel it, easing her into it this time, before finally picking up the pace. He choked her and spanked her as his cock was taking full toll on her tight pussy, plundering it like there was no tomorrow. She was back to screaming as he pounded her relentlessly, the pressure finally building up in his balls. He knew he wanted to last longer, so he slowed down for a few seconds, then picked up the pace again, this time going for the final push.

 He held her down, treating her like a fucktoy, spanking, biting, whispering into her ears “I wanna cum deep inside you”.

“Cum wherever you want daddy” she moaned.

He started rubbing her clit hard, trying to push her over the edge too as he continued ramming his cock deep into her, hitting her at different angles. He ensured no corner of her pussy was left untouched and with all the attention her clit and pussy were getting she was soon over the edge, the screams growing louder as the wave of orgasms hit her pretty hard.

“Oh Fuck! I’m coming, I’m coming” she screamed and hearing those magic words, he decided to let go too, but not before he went deep inside her and then he let loose, spraying his seed deep inside her.

“Fuck!” she moaned as she could sense his cock growing limp still inside her, his panting slowing down as they both collapsed on the bed.

He untied her hands and she pulled his face closer, kissing him, biting his lips, sucking on his tongue as his hands moved all over her naked body.

“It would take a few days for all the marks to go away, but it was fucking amazing” she whispered to him.

He replied “Oh yes, You made me cum so hard. It sure was fucking amazing”.

They cuddled for a while, he finally got up from the bed and walked into the loo. Hashini reached for her phone and texted Ajay “He fucked me like crazy, the deal should be ours now”.

“You are the best slut” he replied instantly.

Antra’s house party adventures

“How do I look?” Antra asked Rajiv as she checked herself out in the mirror. 

“You look hot as fuck” he came behind her and hugged her, kissing her neck trying to slip her little black dress off of her. 

“Not now babe, we don’t want to get late to the party, you can do me as you please once we get back” she sucked on his lips and pushed him away. 

He grabbed her ass and spanked it before moving away, they both walked out of her apartment. She was wearing stilettos to go with her dress, looking hot as hot could be, to go to the house party at his friend’s place. 

“So, who else is coming to the party babe?” Antra asked him as they started driving. 

“Oh few of my friends and their girlfriends, that’s about it babe” Rajiv replied as he put his hand on her thigh, running it further up. 

She loved how he was always hungry for her, she let him have his way for a while and then pushed his hand away. 

“Eyes on the road mister, we don’t want to get into an accident” she teased him. 

“It would be totally worth it” he winked at her. 

They finally reached his friend’s apartment and the party had already started. Antra saw there were two couples and few single guys, all of them were already drinking and smoking. His friend welcomed them in and gave them a beer each, which was downed by both of them in no time. As the beer count increased, Rajiv was getting frisky and was touching her all over while his friends were sitting close by. She noticed that the other two couples were also making out and nobody seemed to care much. 

Soon joints were being passed around and both of them took a few hits. The music was at full blast and they started dancing, Antra was teasing Rajiv by grinding on him, she didn’t care anymore as the alcohol and weed loosened her up. She knew his friends were checking her out and that only turned her on more, waking up the slut inside her. By now the two couples had gone into the bedrooms to do their thing and she was the only girl in the living room. Rajiv was grabbing her ass, hiking her dress up, kissing her wildly as her body swayed to the music. 

He pulled her as he sat on the couch and she got on top of him, sitting in his lap. She could hear the guys hoot and whistle, but she didn’t care anymore. She started grinding on his hardness, jumping up and down, pushing her breasts in his face, giving him a lap dance. The guys continued whistling as Rajiv was lapping up all the attention he was getting. He tried to hold her breasts, but she slapped them away. She wanted to be in control and the way she was jumping up and down his cock, she knew he wouldn’t last too long. He tried to touch her breasts again, but she slapped them away again. Rajiv knew there was only one way to get back control and he winked to his friend closeby. 

Before she knew what was happening, his friend pulled her hands back and held them as Rajiv grabbed her breasts, squeezing them like an animal. 

“You didn’t think I’d let you have your way, did you now babe?” he winked at her while pulling down her dress, getting a good look at her sexy lace bra. It was a push-up too and her cleavage was a sight for sore eyes. 

“What are you doing with me? Your friends are watching?” Antra’s argument sounded pretty feeble to herself. 

“Let them watch and enjoy babe, they don’t have girlfriends. I promised them you’d put on a show for them” Rajiv’s true intentions for the night were coming out now. 

“Just coz I had three guys once doesn’t mean I’ll always do it, you fucking asshole” Antra was now slowly realizing she was being trapped. She tried to pull her hand away, but his friend was holding them pretty tight. 

“You are my dirty little slut every night, tonight you’ll be all of our dirty little slut. Is that understood, you filthy whore?” Rajiv held her by the neck, choking her and screamed in her face. 

“I fucking won’t, I’m not gonna fuck your loser friends. I never thought you were such an asshole. ” Antra sounded defiant. 

Rajiv slapped her right across her face and screamed “You fucking will, you dirty little slut!”. 

Tears were streaming down her face as her cheek hurt bad, Antra was trying to escape from his friend’s clutches but she was no match for his brute strength. She had been in this situation before, but she never thought she’d end up here again. Rajiv had been the nice boyfriend up until now and that’s why she confided in him about her past group sex experience. Little did she know, he would plot for her to be fucked by all his friends again. 

He lifted her up and threw her on the mattress in the living room. His friends held her down by her hands and legs, as Rajiv pulled down her dress till her waist, hiking it up from below and ripped off her lace thong. She struggled to get free, but she knew it was a futile attempt. He unhooked her bra and threw it away climbing on top of her sucking her juicy breasts, biting her nipples so hard that she yelled at the top of her voice. 

“You fucking assholes, you are forcing me. I’m gonna kill you” she yelled, but her defiance only emboldened them. 

Soon his friend was stuffing his cock down her throat as his other friend was crawling up on her from below. She could feel another pair of hands moving all over her body, pressing, squeezing, feeling her up as if they had waited all evening to get a bite at the cherry. No matter how repelled she wanted to feel, Antra’s body was responding to their touch. The fact that she was a play thing for 4 men at the same time turned her on like never before and she wanted to give in to their whims. 

“Babe, please. Don’t do this to me, I’ll let you guys fuck me one after other, if that is what you want” she begged Rajiv. 

“You sound so dumb, slut. We want to use you all at once, why would any of us wait in line for our turn” one of his friends laughed at her, the one with his cock stuffed down her face. He was fucking her face brutally, his thick shaft hitting her throat and cheeks non stop, making her gag on his cock. 

Her dolled up face was all messed up, her mascara streaming down with her tears and she’d have been aghast if she looked at herself in the mirror. Rajiv had quit sucking and biting her nipples, they were ruby red by now. He pulled out his cock and started fucking her tits now, slamming them between her juicy breasts, feeling so good as her tits gave enough friction for his thickness. By now his other friend had settled between her legs, sucking and licking her pussy, rubbing her clit, turning her on and preparing her for the flurry of cock she was going to get soon. The third friend was now down at her legs, sucking on her toes, licking and biting her thighs. 

Antra couldn’t help but get turned on by so much attention being showered on her all at once. Slowly she was moaning onto the cock stuffed in her mouth, her body squirming and writhing as pleasure coursed through her body from head to toe. 

The mouth fucking, tit fucking, pussy eating and toe sucking went on for some time and something had to give soon. The cock in her mouth pulled out and splashed all over her face and in her mouth, giving her the perfect facial. The mixture of tears, mascara, cum and her makeup made for an interesting mix of fresh makeup for her. As he was spraying all over her face, Antra’s moans reached a fever pitch as she knew there were three cocks still left to give her what she wanted, all the cum they had. 

“Oh fuck! You guys made me such a slut, I feel like your cum dump. Fuck me hard assholes, fuck me all night, make me your fucking whore” she cried out. 

Rajiv knew this was her dream and she needed a little push to make it happen. Hearing her talk like a total slut pushed him over the edge, and soon his seed was all over her breasts. They let go of her hands and she rubbed her fingers all over her tits and mouth, getting the cum onto them and sucked on them looking into her boyfriend’s eyes. 

“See what a slut you made of me babe” she pulled him closer and kissed him. He kissed back, sucking on her tongue, licking the cum off her face and giving it to her. 

“You were always a cum slut babe, I just planned this to bring the slut out” he whispered in her ears. 

The non stop licking, sucking and rubbing of her clit soon pushed her over the edge too and she could feel an orgasm hit her. The thought of 4 guys playing with her only made it stronger and more intense. She took the two guy’s cocks in both her hands, stroking them and sucking on them bringing them back to life. With all the sucking and stroking they were getting back to their thickness pretty fast. 

“Please fuck me like a slut, fuck me dirty, fuck me like a filthy whore” her moaning voice said it all. 

His friend lied down on the mattress and made her lie on top of him, he had already prepped her ass for what was coming. He slowly stuck his cock inside her ass and she was screaming, begging him to go slow. 

“Fuck!! That hurts, go slow you fucking asshole” she screamed at the top of her lungs, but he was having none of it. He just kept going, not caring if it was hurting her, till his shaft was fully inside her. He stayed there as his other friend climbed on top of her, sliding his cock into her pussy like a knife through butter, smooth and easy. Both of them were now sandwiching Antra, filling her holes below her waist, giving her the most amazing feeling, a feeling she had yearned for since her last threesome. As they started thrusting her both holes, she started moaning so loud, but not for long. Rajiv and his other friend were grabbing her tits, playing with them as their cocks grew back to full strength. 

They let her moan as loud as she wanted and soon they stuffed her mouth with both cocks at once, she was stretched like crazy and tried to push one away, but they were in no mood to listen. They just stuffed both deep inside her mouth, fighting for premium territory as her eyes almost popped out. She felt like she would stop breathing, with four thick cocks taking full toll on all her holes at once. 

“”It’s okay slut, this is how you become a cum dump, this is how you become a filthy whore” Rajiv stroked her cheek and choked her as he kept fucking her face struggling against his friends cock. Their balls were all over her lips and chin, giving her more than enough meat she could handle at once. The thrusting from below wasn’t any less forceful and they were just hitting her pussy and ass as hard as they could. Their grunts were turning her on more and more, the pleasure spreading from between her legs all across her body. 

“How do you like being our cum bucket Antra, feels so amazing fucking you so fucking hard” Rajiv’s friend talked to her for the first time as he kept pounding. 

There were so many things she wanted to say, but her mouth was pretty occupied, so she could only tell by grabbing their ass and pushing them further into her mouth. She tried to touch the guys fucking her below too, scratching them all over wherever she could dig her nails. The harder they fucked, the more she dug her nails into them, she knew they weren’t holding back and she didn’t want to either. Their grunts were growing louder by the minute and she felt a series of mini orgasms building up, she knew the orgasms would last for a while even after they were done. 

Rajiv let go first spraying all over her face, he knew how much she loved facials. The other guy fucking her face followed suit, but he sprayed it inside her mouth for her to swallow. She licked every last drop of cum off both of them, as the pounding below continued. The pussy guy let go first with a loud grunt, not pulling out, spraying his seed deep inside her pussy. The ass guy was the winner tonight, holding off just long enough and then spraying inside her too. As they both pulled out, she could feel the cum drip out of her both holes, touching them and feeling the wet gooeyness tripped her mind. 
The wave of mini orgasms had finally arrived, coursing through her body, one after another and they lasted a couple of minutes, her moans filling the air. 

“Oh fuck! I’m such a fucking slut, the dirtiest whore” she cried out non stop as the orgasms slowly died down. 

“That you are my love” Rajiv pulled her closer and kissed her, sucking on her tongue. 
Writer’s note: To know more about Antra’s adventures, please read my earlier stories “Antra the cum slut” and “Antra’s wild night”. 

Business & Pleasure

Amit’s eyes wandered towards the beauty standing to the corner. The red dress was hugging her curves, short enough to show off her shapely legs, she wore matching lipstick and heels too. “She is quite a stunner” he thought to himself as she caught him staring at her. He kept looking into her eyes, not wanting to back off. There was a slight smile on her face, but this was a work party so Amit decided to take it slow. Their whole team had come to this resort outside the city and they were going to stay here for a couple of days, spending time on team building activities (which loosely translated to lot of booze, dancing, good food and doing whatever the hell they wanted). Some of the teammates had brought along their families, so the single guys and girls had to behave till the family crowd went back to their rooms. 

Amit continued drinking and talking to his friends, eyeing the beauty in red from time to time. She looked bored and was staring at her phone, not talking to anyone. He excused himself from his group and slowly made his way across the hall. She was still lost in her phone and there was nobody nearby, so he thought it was safe to approach her. 

“You seem pretty bored” he said with a smile taking a sip. 

She lifted her head and replied “Yeah, I came with my friend, but he had to step out to take a call. I am waiting for him”.

“I’m Amit, nice meeting you” he introduced himself. 

“I’m Pia” she replied shaking his hand. 

 Her alluring red lips were making him wish he could suck them like crazy, but he knew better. He didn’t know who she was with and making a move on her might spell trouble for him. 

“So what do you do Pia” he started sniffing around.  

“Oh I work at a BPO and also do modelling in my spare time. I want to be an actress, but I need to support myself till I get a good opportunity” she replied. 

“Oh part time model and an aspiring actress, no wonder you are so hot, I mean so pretty” he fumbled, cursing himself in his head. 

“It’s okay, I know I’m hot. You don’t have to mask it and call me pretty” she teased him. 

“Thanks, I don’t want you to think I’m hitting on you” he said sheepishly. 

“How sad, here I was thinking you walked all the way across the hall to hit on me and you’re telling me you’re here to be friends?” she was not letting him go so easy. The naughty glint in her eye told Amit she was ready to play, and he was eager to be a worthy match. 

“Won’t your friend feel bad, if I hit on you? I don’t want to get into any trouble with a colleague, we have to see each other everyday at work after all” he was testing the waters. 

“Am I not worth getting into trouble for?” she winked at him taking a sip from her glass of wine. 

“Of course you are, I was just making sure you’d want me to get into trouble” he winked right back. Her tanned skin was looking perfect from up close, the cleavage was begging to be played with and it felt like she had endless legs. He wanted to check out her backside, but doing that right now seemed rude so he resisted the urge. 

“Of course I want you to get into trouble. I’m such a troublemaker you see, nothing turns me on more than two men fighting over me” she wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. 

“Oh would it have to be a trial by combat? The better man wins you over?” he asked her. 

“That’s so GoT style. I have a better option, the winner takes me first while the loser watches. And then both of them can have me together” she smiled. 

Before Amit could reply his boss joined them and said “Hi Amit, I see that you’re keeping Pia company. She’s my friend, I asked her to join me on the retreat”. 

“Yes sir, I could see that she was bored. So, I thought I’d talk to her till her friend joined her. I didn’t know it was you” Amit replied, wondering how his middle aged boss had such a hot young friend. 

“Thanks for being so kind Amit, it was lovely talking to you” Pia had a naughty look in her eye as she said that. 

“It was lovely talking to you too Pia, I’ll see you around” Amit took leave from both of them and rejoined his friends. 

He was relieved he didn’t move further with Pia or he’d have been in big trouble with his boss. He couldn’t stop his eye from roving over to her from time to time, the boss was having a good time with Pia. His hand was on her back and Amit could only imagine where it’d go once they were behind closed doors. He still couldn’t believe that a hottie like Pia was with him, but he decided to drink the night away rather than focus on a girl who wasn’t going to be his. 

They continued drinking and dancing till late night. Pia and Amit’s boss left the party and went to their cottage. Amit was sharing a cottage with his friend and finally they left for their room pretty late to hit the sack. His friend was pretty drunk, Amit and another friend had to almost carry him to the bed. He was snoring pretty loud and Amit was wondering how he’d be able to sleep with a jet plane roaring right next to him. He changed into boxers and a tee and lied down on the bed, his mind wandering back to Pia. He was wondering what she’d be doing, he cursed himself for not taking her number. But he didn’t know that asshole boss would come in the middle and not give him any chance to take it further. 

He was almost asleep when he heard a knock on the door. He waited to make sure he hadn’t imagined it. After a few seconds there was another knock and he got up to see Pia standing right in front of him. He wasn’t sure if he was dreaming it or she was really there and before he could say anything she pulled him closer and kissed him. Those luscious lips brushing against his lips made him realize he wasn’t dreaming. 

“Are you going to let me in or what” she teased him before pushing him inside and closing the door behind her. 

“What are you doing here, I don’t want to get in any trouble with my boss. He’ll go crazy if he sees me with you” Amit was worried. 

“What kind of a guy are you, a hottie like me is throwing herself at you and you all can think of is holding on to your sorry ass job” she taunted him while taking off his t-shirt. 

“But it won’t look good, he is your friend. How would he feel if he knows you’re here doing this?” he couldn’t believe she was with him. 

“He paid me 10K for the night, I’m just his companion for tonight. That was business and this is pleasure” she said kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. 

“I knew something was fishy when I saw you with him” he closed his eyes and let her take control. 

She moved down licking him all over while her hand got busy with the tent that was growing inside his boxers. She rubbed it over the boxers while still kissing and sucking on his chest, biting and scratching it like a wild cat. 

“What if he wakes up and looks for you” he asked her again. 

“Just shut the fuck up and let me do what I want, stop worrying about your fucking job” she snarled at him while sliding her hand inside his boxers. 

His hardness only grew as she tugged at it, running her nails on his shaft and then moving down to size up his balls. 

“I’m going to make them ache for me” she whispered to him while cupping them. 

She was still wearing the red dress, the bed light giving him a view of her silhouette and nothing more. She got down on her knees and made his boxers drop to the floor. He switched on the light in the loo so he could see her better and looking down at her on her knees was a picture he hadn’t imagined a few hours ago. It was such a hot picture that he wanted time to freeze and stand there with his cock in her hands. 

She started stroking him hard, licking his shaft and playing with his balls, looking up into his eyes watching him enjoy all the attention. Soon she had him moaning without a care as she sucked on his tip over and over. 

“Didn’t think you’d be having me so soon, did you babe? Do you want to fuck me while your boss watches?” she teased him. 

He could only moan and squirm in return as she picked up the pace. His cock was fully inside her mouth now as she sucked him slowly at first letting it feel the love and then sucking it hard like she was his personal pornstar. The slow and quick sucking was driving him crazy and he held her by her hair, guiding her onto his cock, pushing her to take him over the edge. Soon he was moaning louder than before making her suck harder and harder, relentlessly. She didn’t want to show any mercy, she just wanted his seed all over her face and inside her mouth. He was pulling her hair now and she know the end was near as he moaned “Oh babe, you are such a good cocksucker”. 

She pulled it out and stroked some more as he let go, his hot cum spraying all over her mouth, hitting her in the eyes, lips and even going as far up as her hair. She loved the effect she had on guys, they wanted to treat her like a slut, cum all over her and fuck her like she was a pornstar. 

She opened her mouth and showed it to him, letting it come out a little, dripping over her red lips as she said “”See babe, what a slut you made out of me. Now you have to pay the penalty for it. Or I will create a scene and say you tried to molest me”. 

“Oh God! Please don’t do that, I’ll lose my job. I’ll do whatever you want” he pleaded with her. 

“You have to get hard again and fuck me hard” she ordered him before swallowing his cum fully. She licked her lips and got up, pulled him closer and sucked on his lips, sliding her tongue down his throat giving him a taste of himself. She used her fingers to clean his limp cock of the remaining cum and sucked on them, she wasn’t one for wasting such precious seed.  Soon she started stroking him again, getting him ready for her pussy. 

She hiked up her dress till her waist as he reached for her pussy,  rubbing the wet patch over her panties. He pulled down her dress and bra, sucking on her tits so hard, biting her nipples, making her moan. He wanted to show her he wasn’t a pussy, he wanted to show her what a slut she was. 

“What’s gotten into you, afraid I might think you are a pussy? Oh I don’t think you are babe, you just needed a little push. I knew how you were checking me out. I knew you wanted this” she said making him rub her pussy harder. 

He dug his teeth into her tits as he walked her into the loo, bending her over the counter. He spread her legs and pulled down her panties, almost ripping them off. He knelt and made her sit on his face, his hands holding her ass for leverage as she started grinding on his face. His tongue and mouth were driving her crazy and she tugged at his hair hard as he started licking and sucking her pussy hard. He was nibbling at it and rubbing her clit too, making her moan so loud. 

“Oh babe, fuck me already. That stupid fucker came so fast, I wasn’t even started. Show me a good time babe, I want your cock inside me right now” she almost begged him. 

He wasn’t going to let her go so easy, he went harder at her, slapping her ass, reaching for her tits and squeezing them hard. She looked at herself in the mirror grinding on his face, feeling so sexy as a real man gave her pleasure just with his tongue and mouth. She knew the climax was fast approaching, so she got up from his head and moved away. 

“I don’t wanna cum so fast, let’s take a break” she told him. 

He stood up and kissed her “Whatever you want babe” grabbing her ass and sucking her neck, making sure he wasn’t touching her pussy. She looked down at his cock and saw that it was back to full strength. She started stroking it as they were lost in each other, passionately kissing, their bodies meshed in one another. 

“Fuck me now” she whispered in his ear and nibbled on it. 

He turned her around and bent her over the counter. They looked in the mirror and saw a man and a woman ready to be one, her dress all messed up, him fully naked. He started by slapping her ass which soon turned to spanking, as he pulled her hair, sucking and biting her neck and shoulders. Her moaning and squirming weren’t going to deter him from doing what he wanted. He rubbed her pussy, ensuring it was ready for his thick hungry shaft and then stuck it in without a second thought. 

“Oh fuck! Fuck me hard babe, make me cum a river” she begged him. 

He went all the way in, sucking and biting her back, her back view making him hungrier for her. He pulled out and slapped his cock harder inside her and her moans were growing louder again as his cock started taking full toll on her wet inviting pussy. He pulled her hands behind her back and held them tight with one hand, as his other hand alternated between rubbing her clit and spanking her hard. 

“Oh God! You are such an animal babe. Just the kinda man I always wanted” she cried out as his cock was hitting her pussy with brute force. 

The sweat rolling off their bodies, their images in the mirror, the look on her face, eyes closed and mouth agape only to moan louder and louder, it was the perfect picture he wanted. He moved his attention to her neck and choked her as he stopped thrusting for a few seconds, catching his breath, slowing down and picking it up again, his other hand rubbing her clit furiously. 

His cock was ramming hard into her pussy as he asked “How do you like that slut? Am I the man you want?”

“Oh yeah Daddy, make me cum like your dirty little slut. Make me yours forever” she was almost screaming in pleasure. 

He kept at it, slowing down for few seconds, then picking up the pace again. He didn’t want to cum too soon, he wanted to fuck her long and hard. Her moans were making him go harder, he let go off her hands and she grabbed his ass, scratched his back as he pounded away. He knew he was coming close and he felt she was pretty close too, he thrusted harder and deeper, letting go without telling her, shooting his hot load deep inside her. That ejection triggered something in her and soon enough she felt the climax hitting her entire body too, as her moans hit peak notes before quieting down. 

Both of them were sweaty, panting, but he couldn’t help but turn her around and kiss her hard “God you are so amazing, I want you forever”. 

“So are you babe, I want you too” she bit his lips. 

Picture credits: The amazing, please follow them for more lovely pics. 

Chocolate topping

Sria got a text from Puja asking her to come over. Puja lived in the next flat and loved hanging out with her. Sria went over and they started talking over coffee discussing when to go shopping next and which movie to catch. As they were talking, Puja got a call and she said she had to go to work for a couple hours. Sria said bye and came back to her flat, deciding to take a nap. “Come back here” a text flashed on her phone. She saw the sender and decided to ignore it, because she didn’t want to go there when Puja wasn’t around. Soon she got another text few minutes later “Are you coming or do you want me to come there?”. She knew he wouldn’t stop till she went there, so she finally went back to Puja’s apartment. 

The aunty in the opposite flat saw her and smiled at her as she went in. As soon as she entered, his hands held her and pushed her to the wall, kissing her, grabbing her ass as his tongue searched for hers to wage war. She was breathless with his kissing and his hands having their way with her inviting body. 

“What if someone sees us and tells Puja, what would we do then? She considers me a friend” Sria complained as her eyes were half closed enjoying all the attention. 

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there” Rohit assured her as he pulled her t-shirt down, grabbing and squeezing her tits. His hands were down her PJs, rubbing her pussy over her panties. She wasn’t able to control her moans as he was toying with her body. They were lost in each other as her phone rang, she could see it was from Atul her boyfriend. She pushed him away and went to answer it. 

“Hi babe! Nothing I’m was going to take a nap, feeling a bit lazy” she was talking to her boyfriend as Rohit chased her, slapping her ass hard. She resisted the urge to moan as she didn’t wanna get caught red-handed. 

“Yeah babe, sure come over tonight, we can go out and then you can have your way with me” she winked at Rohit as she continued talking. 

Rohit wasn’t going to let her sit and talk peacefully. He pulled down her PJs and her panties as she couldn’t hold onto them with her hand busy with the phone. Sria looked at him angrily, but she loved how hungry Rohit was for her always. Sex with her boyfriend Atul was good, but what Rohit made her feel, no other guy had ever made her feel. She wanted to stop seeing him on the side, but every time he called her it was as if she was under some trance, pulled to him without any control of her senses. 

“What? You want me to wear no panties tonight? No way, that’s not gonna happen ever” she bit her lips hard as Rohit took her t-shirt off and got her fully naked. He buried his face into the deep valley between her ample bosom, sucking, licking and biting. She was tugging at his hair, pushing him onto her tits, feeding him what he loved sucking and licking. The harder he sucked and licked, the more urge she had to moan. She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist for long. His hand reached for her pussy, rubbing it, spanking it as her eyes closed loving how his touch made her feel. 

“You can do whatever you want babe, but I am not going to go out without panties.  You can undress me once we are back home, do whatever you want then” she teased Atul as a slight moan left her lips, her mouth couldn’t control any longer. 

“Nothing babe, I hit my foot against the door, it’s not so bad. Listen I gotta go take a nap, I’ll see you in the evening. I love you” she hung up on Atul, as she pinched Rohit. 

“Ouch! I was enjoying this, why did you hang up so quickly”, Rohit looked up into her eyes, taking a pause from sucking and licking her nipples. 

“Of course you were, next time I’ll suck your cock when your wife calls. Let’s see how much you enjoy that” she tugged at his hair, pushing him downwards to play with her some more. 

She ran her fingers into his thick hair, pulling it as his tongue ran circles all over her navel, digging his teeth, leaving his marks over her naked body. He looked up into her eyes from time to time, enjoying her response to his touch, his kissing, his licking and sucking. His hand was rubbing her pussy lips firmly, as his face traveled on a downward path. His tongue running in circles around her belly button, then diving in to devour it. His fingers subjecting her pussy to sweet torture as she didn’t want to resist any longer, her moans growing louder by the minute. 

He finally went southwards, running his tongue over her slightly moist lips. His tongue was working it’s magic over her moist pussy, make it wetter as it ran all over it. He stuck his finger inside her, touching her walls, reaching for her clit, rubbing it furiously as her body trembled like a dry leaf. Her moans were getting louder and he knew he wanted to make her moan louder, ache for him more and more. He pulled out his finger and sucked on its wetness as he looked up at her. He stuck it back inside her, continuing to rub her clit, as her juices were flowing freely now, only for his tongue to take full toll, sucking and licking it all up. He flicked his thumb over her pussy, over and over pushing her closer to the edge. 

“Oh God! Yes, lick my pussy. My boyfriend doesn’t eat me so good, you lick it so good” she moaned as her body was trembling non stop, responding to his every touch and lick, his non stop kissing, his finger devouring her pussy and then his mouth sucking on all that wetness. Sria knew she would cum soon if he kept at it this way, she didn’t want to cum so soon so she pushed his face away from between his legs. Rohit tried to bury his face down again, but she pushed him away. He was wondering what she wanted as she caught her breath, stood up from the couch and walked away from him towards the fridge. 

He admired her ass which she was shaking generously for him to drink it all in. She opened the fridge and drank some water, then pulled out something which he couldn’t see from afar. 

“Go and stand in the corner, your back to the wall. Close your eyes, if you open them before I say so, I’m going to leave. Don’t think I’m bluffing, I really will” she commanded him. He wasn’t sure where this was headed, but decided to play along as he wanted to enjoy the game too.  He moved to the corner and closed his eyes. He could hear her footsteps as she came closer. She kissed him on the lips, sucking on them slowly as she lifted his hands and threw away his t-shirt to the side. She then knelt down and pulled down his tracks, a tent still up inside his boxers. He was dying to see what she was going to do, but he didn’t wanna take any chances. 

He could feel her hands rubbing his crotch, raising the tent further up inside his boxers. She finally pulled down his boxers and started stroking his cock. Her delicate long fingers working their way all over his thick brown monster, making it angrier than ever. His hands reached for her hair, pushing her face onto his cock, but she wasn’t ready yet. She moved away and he couldn’t make out what she was doing. 

“Don’t you open your eyes, till I tell you to” she reminded him one more time and instantly he felt something cold dripping all over his cock. He resisted the urge to open his eyes as her tongue ran all over his shaft, from his base to his tip. She played with his balls, massaging them as her tongue licked his cock up and down. His cock felt gooey and sticky, but her tongue all over it felt amazing. She held him by the balls and slowly took his tip in her mouth. She slowly took him in, all the way in till his shaft was fully inside her. She flicked her tongue over it, inside her mouth giving it all the love it needed. She let it fill her mouth up all the way till her throat before pulling it out, then licking on his cock like it was a chocolate ice cream. 

“You can open your eyes now” she finally permitted him and he instantly opened his eyes looking down at her. 

His cock was a gooey mess and there was a chocolate sauce bottle next to them. He now knew what she poured on him, he held her by the hair as she licked his balls, licking the sauce off his cock before taking him in again. She held his shaft at the base and made it hit her cheeks, swirling her tongue all over it. Looking down at her naked body, working non stop to please him only made him harder. 

“Do I suck better than your wife” she asked him. 

“God yes, you do. You’re the best blowjob ever” he knew complimenting her would surely get him some brownie points. 

“Don’t lie to me, tell me the truth” she held him by his balls and looked up into his eyes. 

“I swear, you’re the best. Please don’t stop” he almost pleaded with her. 

“This is punishment for calling me when I don’t wanna come” she looked up at him and slapped his balls hard. It hurt him, but he didn’t wanna sound like a sissy so he suppressed his grunt. 

“And this is a present for getting me so wet and fucking me so hard every time” she looked up and winked before taking his cock in again.

 She didn’t go slow this time, she took it in all the way till he hit her throat and then sucked his cock up and down all along his shaft. She dug her teeth slightly on his meat as he held her by the hair, guiding her onto his cock. He threw his head back, enjoying how wildly she was sucking and licking him as if she had never done it before. She was hitting her cheeks and throat alternately with it, then slowing down to suck it sloppily, then sucking it hard and fast. It was as if she had decided to make him cum just by sucking his balls off. 

His pre-cum was now oozing making a delicious cocktail with the chocolate sauce, as she sucked it off his tip. She slurped on it and looked up at him, licking her lips, getting them wet with pre-cum and sauce, almost pushing him to the edge. She knew he could burst any second if she kept at it. She pulled his cock out before sucking on it one last time, then letting it go. She was now licking his inner thighs, biting them turning him on more. His hand was moving towards his cock, trying to stroke it but she pushed it away. Her eyes told him not to touch it while she ran her tongue up and down his thighs. 

“Don’t I tease you better than your wife babe? Don’t you wanna fuck me hard till I cum all over your cock” she asked looking up at him. 

Rohit had had enough of her teasing, he made her stand up and lifted her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around him as he carried her and pushed her up against the wall. He kissed her wildly, biting her lips. Squeezing her tits hard, poking her with his chocolate sauced cock. His mouth went batshit crazy all over her tits, licking, sucking and biting as he rubbed his cock up against her pussy lips. The wetness was building up again between her legs, as she was moaning loudly. She threw her head back, loving how wild he was when it came to pleasing her. He lifted her slightly, still kissing her and sucking her entering her wet warm pussy. Her loud moan was lost inside his mouth as their tongues were entwined in a battle of lust. 

He propped her up again, making her wrap her legs harder around him, as he thrusted deep into her. His every thrust felt as if it touched the depths of her like nobody every had or ever could. She pulled him closer by his neck, her mouth agape every time his cock plunged deeper into her. 

“Fuck me harder babe! Fuck me harder than you fuck your wife. Make me your bitch” she moaned and egged him on. 

He pushed her harder up against the wall and thrusted as hard as he could, hitting the depths of her, filling her up with his girth, making her feel filled up with every stroke. She held onto his shoulder digging his teeth into them, her long nails scratching his back as his cock stretched her pussy to the limit. He knew he was getting closer to the edge, but he wanted to go on longer. He carried her away from the wall, kissing, sucking her tits, biting as he moved closer to the dinner table. He made her get down and bent her over the table. He pushed her face down, folded her hands behind her back, slapping her ass hard. She moaned louder every time his long fingers made contact against her bare ass. He mounted her from behind, biting into her shoulders as his hardness found its way to her pleasure pot.

 He didn’t waste any time on entering her again as he choked her neck, pulling her hair and whispered “I love fucking you so hard Sria, I love making you moan like a slut when I pound you”. 

His thrusts had quickly picked up pace, hitting all the right spots inside her, she reached for his ass and pushed it deeper into her. His whispering and licking made her leak all over his cock, getting it wetter. Her juices made his cock go crazier, hitting her hard in short intense thrusts as her moans were now mixed up with his loud grunts. 

“Fuck me harder babe, make me cum all over your cock, make me scream like a whore” she made him go harder. 

He kept going at her hard and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long, the pressure inside his balls was intense and he held on just a bit longer before he shot a big load deep inside her pussy. He bit and licked her neck as he stayed inside her, moving it slowly in and out. He rubbed her clit hard and licked her earlobes and soon enough it hit her too. A pleasurable intense orgasm spread through her entire body from between her legs and she turned back to kiss his lips wildly. 

“I know I shouldn’t, but I’m unable to stop fucking you. I hate feeling so hungry for you” she complained as she kissed him. 

“It’s okay, we both love this. So why stop?” he reassured her licking and sucking her wet lips.

Writer’s note: Pictures credit to @closettedslut on tumblr. Please show her some love 🙂