The first time..

Rohit got out of the cab and checked into the hotel. He texted Priya “I’ve reached, see you soon :*”. He went to his room and ordered breakfast and coffee, showered and finished breakfast. He walked into the balcony and sipped coffee as he looked out into the city before him, giving him a great view of Hyderabad. It was his first time in the city and he had never imagined he’d travel so far down south from Delhi to meet someone he met online 6 months ago. Over these past 6 months, Priya had become more than a chatting buddy and this meeting was for both of them to find out if this was more than just plain sexual tension and attraction. Priya texted him “On my way, can’t wait to see you :*”. He had a broad smile on his face, he went back into the room and put on a t-shirt over his boxer shorts waiting for a knock on his door. And the knock came soon enough, he opened the door and a beautiful young woman walked in wearing a sleeveless white top and bright green skirt which ended just above her knees. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she pushed him and stepped in saying “Have some shame, do you ogle at every girl like this?”. He laughed and said “Only the hotter ones” and winked.

They had by now grown familiar to each other’s sense of humor through endless hours of texting, calls and video calls. There was some awkward silence before he offered her coffee. She was sipping it silently as they both eyed each other. She asked him about his flight and the commute to the hotel, they discussed where to go out for lunch and other mundane things. Both of them knew they wanted to do more than discuss mundane stuff, but it wasn’t so easy as they were meeting for the first time.

He finally made his move, sitting next to her on the bed and took her hand into his, saying “I’ve wanted to do this ever since we met” as he looked into her eyes. He took the cup in her hand and kept it aside, kissing her on the cheek gently. She turned her other cheek around and he obliged by kissing harder this time. He continued kissing her nose, chin and eyes, finally planting one on her lips. He gently brushed his lips against hers as he made her sit in his lap facing him. Her hands were playing with his hair tugging at it, as he continued kissing her.

He started kissing her mouth now slipping his tongue down her mouth as she sucked on it. His hands started hiking her skirt up as he started feeling her thighs, then moving to grab her ass. The ass which he wanted to grab since forever, finally his to tease and play with. He lifted his hands up as she took off his t-shirt and he returned the favor by taking her top off. He loved her red bra and told her “You remembered I love red” to which she said “how could I forget”. He couldn’t take his eyes off her sexy cleavage inviting him eagerly and he didn’t want to hold back.

He buried his face down her cleavage sucking it, licking it, kissing her neck, kissing her behind the ears, biting her neck. She said “don’t you dare give me hickeys, I’ll not be able to hide them” and he replied ” do you really think I care?”as he continued kissing, licking, sucking her neck and cleavage. She was pretty aroused by now and started grinding her ass on his lap, she could feel something poking her from below and she knew she was doing a pretty good job of teasing him back. He whispered in her ears “this is better than how I had imagined it.” and she replied “You thought I was a decent girl who wouldn’t tease you back?”and bit his ear.

He lifted her up and carried her with her legs around him, he made her sit on the desk and unhooked her bra. Letting her breasts loose made him only hungrier as he grabbed them and squeezed them hard. She let out a slight moan as he continued squeezing and caressing them, running his tongue all over her nipples. They were taut and erect in no time as he continued sucking, licking and biting them ever so slightly. She held his head by the hair and pushed him onto her breasts, egging him on to do more. He squished her breasts together, biting on both nipples at once as he ran his other hand all over her bare back feeling her every pore respond to his touch. He pressed her breasts up and bit the bottom portion of them, looking into her eyes asking “Do you like this?”. Her eyes were half closed and all could manage was a feeble “yeah I fucking love it. ”

He now hiked up her skirt all the way to her waist, unable to take his eyes off of her toned sexy thighs. Then his eyes fell on her bright red matching thong and he couldn’t help but say “You’re so sexy Priya”, she winked at him saying “yeah I know”. He admired the red thong for a bit as he continued squeezing her breasts. Finally moved to pulling the thong down, but he didn’t want to take it off fully. So he left the thong down by her ankles as he put his hands between her legs, gently rubbing her clit. He continued sucking her nipples as he now rubbed her clit harder, Priya now starting to moan as she couldn’t help but respond to the sense of pleasure filling her entire body.

He now knelt in front of the table, with his face right in front of her waist. He made her wrap her legs around his neck as he buried her face down her clit. He started licking her clit slowly at first, then picking up the pace. All the while his hand was on her breasts, grabbing, pressing, squeezing, touching, feeling. He now spread her pussy lips and stuck his tongue down her pussy, licking it in circles, hitting all her weak spots. Her body was now writhing in pleasure as her moans grew louder and she kept saying “Oh god Rohit, I love this so much, please don’t stop ever. ”

He obliged her and continued eating her out, rubbing her clit with his fingers, feeling the wetness build up more and more as he kept sucking and licking her. He now started slapping her breasts as now picked up the pace of his licking, now spanking her pussy lips, rubbing them vigorously, fingering her wet pussy as she continued moaning without a care in the world. She couldn’t help but say “Rohit please fuck me, I want you inside me right now. ” He looked up at her and smiled, suddenly stopping everything he was doing. He said “how did you come here?”. She was by now used to this routine, this was his idea of torturing her by denying her what she wanted the most. And she had a response ready made for him.

She got up from the table, bent over it, hiked her skirt all the way up, so he could see her naked ass. It was a thing of beauty, her ass and he couldn’t help but ogle at it thirstily. She then said coolly ” I took an Uber, do you want to know what time I slept last night and what was my Cabbie’s name? Do you have any more mundane questions for me” and wiggled her ass in front of him continuously. He tried resisting, but he just couldn’t. Priya knew he had a thing for hot ass and now she was killing him softly. He finally grabbed her ass and squeezed it so hard, she let out a little yelp. He started spanking her and said ” don’t you ever tease me like this again. ” Priya replied “Okay daddy, I’ll be your good little obedient girl always” and she continued wiggling her ass as he spanked her non stop.

He pressed her body down on the desk, her breasts pressing hard against the desk his mouth running all over her back and neck, her sexy bare shoulders, licking, sucking and biting. He started touching her pussy again, she was almost soaking wet by now. She said “please Daddy, I want you inside me now. I can’t take this any longer. ” She pulled down his boxers and started stroking his cock, it was already in full flow, thick and throbbing, waiting to pound whatever came it’s way.  She turned around and looked into his eyes as if to say “fuck me already, daddy!!” He was super horny by now and didn’t need a second invitation.

He pressed her body down and got fully on top of her while she was still bent over. He folded her hands behind her back and held them tight with one hand, he slowly positioned his cock around her pussy, teasing her with his cock head, rubbing against her wet pussy, so near yet so far for her pussy. She was totally helpless as she could not touch him and he was teasing her mercilessly. She finally yelled out “fuck me please daddy” and then he entered her with a deep slow thrust. All the way till he filled her up and he stayed there without moving. She could feel his entire body weight on her, crushing her tiny body, stretching her pussy like it has never been stretched before. He then pulled out slowly and then thrusted harder again, hitting every corner of her pussy, making her feel the pain and pleasure of it both. He then whispered into her ears ” do you like this baby? Do you like how daddy’s fucking you?”. All she could muster was a feeble “Yes”. He continued thrusting slowly picking up pace, biting her back and shoulders, licking her everywhere, spanking her sexy ass as he fucked her hard and deep. Her moans grew louder by the second and then he asked “are you close?”

She replied “Yeah” and then he suddenly pulled his cock out. She turned around and asked almost screaming “Why”, to which he laughed and continued kissing and licking her back. He was careful to not touch her pussy and she kept asking him “Daddy, please fuck me, don’t leave me hanging”. He didn’t listen to her and continued kissing her and then after a minute or two of her begging and pleading he entered her again. He thrusted harder right from the word go this time and she was moaning like crazy this time. The room was filled with her moans and “yeah! Oh God! Fuck!” and every other unintelligible thing that came out of her mouth. He again pulled his cock out as he sensed she was close. She cried “oh god, no. Please don’t do this to me. Not right now, I want to cum”. He laughed at her and continued kissing her as she begged and pleaded for a few more minutes.

He finally entered her again and fucked her slowly at first, with deep and deliberate strokes. Her body was shivering in pleasure now and her moans were now uncontrollable, she was in no position to say anything to him. So she continued moaning as he now fucked her harder and harder. He finally decided to not torture her any longer and now went full throttle, his cock against her soaking wet pussy, the room filled with the sound of him fucking her and her moans. Both of them were all sweaty by now, breathing heavily and he could sense the pressure build up inside his balls.

He said to her “I’m ready, are you?” to which she grunted a “Yes”. He went deeper than before turning his cock inside her as much as he could. He continued this till he couldn’t hold back any longer and he exploded inside her. She almost came at the same time, letting out loud moans. Both of them panting, he collapsed on top of her. He whispered into her ears “you are fucking amazing” to which she said “I know” and bit his ear.


2 thoughts on “The first time..”

  1. “The first time” is the first time i’m reading this author’s work and i bet it’s his first work too, well..

    the plot is thin and the characters are portrayed through the story itself which makes it more immersive, the story is realistic yet light and enjoyable.
    Read it if you’re in mood for something light brisk and very amusing and something very different.

    Liked by 1 person

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