Strangers again..

Ritwik was in a hurry, he was running late to the first day of the technical conference in Bangalore. He quickly checked into his room, got dressed and walked into the huge convention center of the 5 star hotel he was staying at. He was pretty impressed by the size and how good the convention center was. The speeches started and he was able to focus only for a bit, after a while he tuned out and started looking around to see if anyone of his old friends had shown up. His eyes were searching and they stopped at one pretty woman who was wearing a knee length tight skirt, a blouse and a blazer. She had open curly hair till her back.

He wasn’t sure if she was the same woman who he had met all those years ago. He kept looking to see if she turns her face, so he could get a better look. She didn’t, so he decided to go sit next to her. At worst, she would not talk to him, but it was worth a shot in his mind. He moved to the seat next to her and was waiting for her to turn her gaze to his side. After what felt like an eternity, she turned to his side and saw him. She was shocked for a few seconds as he said “Hi Kamini!”. She barely managed to say a “Hi” back as all the past feelings and memories came flooding back to her.

She turned her face back towards the dais and tried to focus on the speeches, but she couldn’t focus. She turned to look at him and Ritwik jumped at the opportunity and said “Are we going to act like total strangers?” She replied “After what has happened in the past, it’s probably best we stay strangers.” Ritwik cursed himself for trying to be a smartass and said “Kamini, can’t we atleast be civil to each other?” She said “I’m not so sure, I’ll keep you posted. ” She turned her attention back to the speech and was determined not to look at him again. She was not able to focus on the speech and all the things they had done together in the past flashed right in front of her eyes. The speech ended and they announced a two hour lunch break. Ritwik asked “Let’s atleast have lunch together, please. Don’t say no. ”

She reluctantly followed him, they got their lunch and settled at a corner table. Ritwik said “I’m really sorry about how things ended between us, i didn’t try to contact you again because that’s what you wanted. But now seeing you here, I’m not able to stop thinking of all the wonderful times we had together. ” Kamini stated back at him indifferently and asked “Do you have a girl friend now?”. Ritwik replied “Yes, we are engaged to be married. What about you?” She said ” I have been dating, but nothing serious.” He asked “Are you staying in the same hotel?”. She replied “Yes, but I’m not telling you my room number”, a smile came onto her lips as she said this.

Ritwik realized she had decided to back off, so he felt relieved. He asked “What are you doing this evening?” and she said “Staying as far away from you as possible.” He laughed and said ” Are you sure about that?” winking at her. Kamini replied ” I don’t involve myself with engaged or married men. It’s strictly against my ethics. ” He replied “Who said anything about getting involved, it’s just living in this moment, celebrating being together after all this while.” Kamini couldn’t help but admire his smooth talk which made her fall for him all those years ago. She could still feel the pull and the voice inside her head was telling her “Don’t think so much, you know you want him. Right this very minute”.

By now the lunch was ending and almost every one was heading back into the conference hall. Kamini stood up, put a hand on his shoulder and said “Don’t think this changes anything, after I’m done with you, we will be strangers again. ” She took his hand into hers, they left their bags at the table and she led him to the ladies room. She bolted the door behind her and checked to make sure there was nobody in the stalls. Kamini then pushed Ritwik to the wall and said “Don’t you dare utter a word, do as a I say. If you don’t, I’m going to scream and say you tried to assault me. Is that understood?” He nodded yes. She removed her blazer and threw it to the side, got down on her knees, unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse giving him a great view of her sexy inviting cleavage from the top. He could make out that she was wearing a black push-up bra which was enhancing her assets even further. She unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop down to the floor, she hiked up his shirt and got a good look at the hardness growing inside his boxers.

She rubbed his cock over his boxers, looking up into his eyes. Ritwik couldn’t quite believe this was the same Kamini who refused to talk to him two hours ago. He told himself not to overthink and just enjoy the attention. He was pretty hard by now, she finally pulled down his boxers and exclaimed “I see your cock hasn’t lost any of its potency and virility. But has it been admired and adored by someone like only I can?”. She started stroking his cock slowly and took his hand, made him squeeze her tits. She slowly picked up the pace of stroking him and then when he was least expecting it she took him inside his mouth. He couldn’t help but let out a groan as his thickness filled up her entire mouth. She was almost gagging on his cock, but she didn’t take it out. She took it as deep inside as she could and started sucking on it.

Kamini was looking up into his eyes continuously as she was licking the entire shaft, then taking it into her mouth, sucking on it, then pulling it out and repeating the whole cycle. Ritwik threw his head back and was enjoying all the attention as she played with his balls and teased him more and more. He was starting to moan louder by now as she continued sucking him like there was no tomorrow. Then she stopped and said ” I want you to fuck my face. ” Ritwik replied “You know I don’t like all this rough stuff, I am happy with your blowjob. ” Kamini replied ” I don’t give a fuck about what you like or don’t like. Fuck my face right now. ” Realizing that he had no choice, he held her head by the hair and started to fuck her face gently. Kamini was choking on his thick cock and every inch of her body was being pleasured just by being face fucked. She took his cock out and said “You call this face fucking? My neighborhood teenage boys can face fuck better than this I’m sure. ”

She had thrown down the gauntlet and she knew he would pick it up without fail. He started fucking her face harder going as deep as he possibly could, almost into her throat, hitting her cheeks as hard as he could as she was choking and gagging on his cock. He could tell she was enjoying it immensely, but he still asked ” how do you like it now? I’m sure your neighborhood boys can’t face fuck like this” and continued fucking her face. He put his hands on her neck and slightly choked her as he went on relentlessly. He pulled her hair and pounded away deep into her throat. By now he could feel the pressure build up in his balls and they were ready to explode any second. “I’m gonna cum soon, where do you want it?” She pointed to her face as she was enjoying the last few seconds of her throat being devoured by his cock. He couldn’t hold out any longer and pulled his cock out, sprayed all over her face, eyes, nose, lips.

Her face was dripping with cum and she could barely open her eyes to look at him. She squeezed and slapped his ass said “Good job asshole, you can still make my head spin and my pussy yearn for your thick cock. I wanted to see if you still have it. ” She got up and used her fingers to suck on the cum on her face. She didn’t want to wipe it clean as she wanted his cum to dry on her face, she wanted to relive the good old times when she would sleep in his arms with his cum dried on her face. She then hiked up her tight skirt all the way to her waist and sat on the counter. She then said “You’ve fucked my face pretty good, now let’s see how good you can eat my pussy. If you don’t do it well I’m gonna scream so keep that in mind. ” He came closer to her and looked at her sexy thighs, she hasn’t lost any oomph from the years gone by. If anything she looked more hotter with age. He started rubbing her clit over her black lace thong, running his fingers in circular motion.

He then pulled the thong down to her ankles, he unbuttoned her blouse fully, still keeping it on, now getting a good view of her lace bra and her sexy cleavage. He started squeezing her tits as he stared at her from top to bottom, her clothes disheveled, her skirt upto her waist, her thong down by her ankles, her head turning each side as he continued playing with her clit and tits once. She said “are you waiting for some auspicious occasion asshole? Eat me out already. ” He decided to not wait any longer and unhooked her bra, cupping her bare breasts in his hand, pinching her nipples, twirling them, slapping her tits hard. He started sucking the tits hard, licking, biting, slapping, squeezing, pressing. He then sucked her navel, fingering her belly button, sucking her from her neck all the way down to her belly button in one stroke. She let out a loud moan as he did that and said “Fuck yeah, that’s why I wanted you even after all these years. No other man can make me feel the way you do. Keep going asshole” and she threw her head back as he continued licking and sucking her.

He finally made his way down to her clit, rubbing it vigorously first and then spread her pussy lips with his hand. He then stuck one finger inside her pussy as she cried out “Fuck!! I want your cock inside me, I want it now. ” He replied “Not yet darling, you have to wait for it. ” She was no more in control, he sensed it and took over, fingering her pussy in circular motion as he continued sucking her nipples. He then got down on his knees and buried his face between her legs. He started sucking and licking her pussy like a wild dog, not letting up for a single second. Squeezing her tits non stop, slapping them as he ate her out. She was moaning non stop saying “Oh my god! This feels fucking amazing. You’re an amazing pussy eater asshole! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He didn’t let up and by now he could sense the wetness dripping down her thighs as she could not hold any longer. She said “please fuck me, please, please. I can’t hold on any longer”. He looked into her eyes, rose upto kiss her, exchanging her juices with her tongue. She tasted herself from his tongue as he moved back down to continue eating her out. By now his limp dick had come back to good shape again and he knew he wanted to fuck her pretty good too.
He stood up and positioned her legs around his waist, she was holding him and the tap for support as he teased her wet pussy with his dick head. He was kissing her wildly as his hands were moving all over her back, while he continued to tease her without entering her. She said “Please fuck me, don’t make me beg you Daddy. ” He smiled and said “Took you long enough to call me that, I was waiting for you to call me that” and with one deep hard thrust he entered her. She gasped for breath as he went all the way in, digging her nails into his back. He went as deep as he could and stayed there, looking into her half closed eyes. He asked ” how do you like this asshole’s cock inside you?”. She said ” fuck it feels so good asshole, I don’t have words to tell you how fucking amazing it feels. ” He pulled out and thrusted deeper and harder this time as she continued moaning louder with every passing second. He kissed her mouth deep, sucking on her tongue as he continued pounding her wet pussy, she was kissing and moaning, digging her nails into his back deeper and deeper.

He went for one final push this time, as he sensed both of them were pretty close. He started thrusting ferociously as her body was shaking to the force of his thrusting. Her moans were uncontrollable now and her nails were deep inside his back, hurting him but he didn’t care. He went harder and harder till he could sense it was impossible to hold on, he asked her if she was close to which she nodded. He said let’s cum together and she nodded yes again. They both let go at the same time with a loud moan and grunt as he sprayed his seed deep inside her wet hungry horny pussy. He collapsed on top of her and she kissed him hard and said ” well fucked stranger, now let’s get back to that seminar shall we?” He winked at her, both of them got dressed and walked back to pick up their bags.


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