Sex on the beach

“Come on Preeti!! We are getting late.” yelled her friend as Preeti continued to check herself out in the mirror. “I look hot!” she said to herself as she checked out her tank top and mini skirt, showing off her toned arms and legs. She turned around and checked her ass to make sure it was on proper display for all the guys to drool over. Preeti and her friend were on a short trip to Goa and tonight they were headed to a happening club right on the beach. Her friend asked “So are you going to have fun tonight?” and winked at her. Preeti smiled and replied “Let’s see what Goa has to offer, then I will decide” and winked right back at her. They got into the cab and could hear the beats reverberating from a distance. The music and the full moon night got them into the right mood as they got into the club.

They were able to skip the queue and get in straight away, all the guys checking them out as they walked past the guys. Her eye caught a really tall, athletic guy in the line checking her out, she looked at him and gave a slight smile as she found him hot. He smiled right back and she decided to keep an eye out for him in the club. They got in to the club and ordered their drinks, sitting at the bar, sipping their drinks. They were checking out all the guys in the club, a lot of them seemed to be dressed in their best outfits to impress the girls, but Preeti couldn’t forget the guy outside the club. She was looking for him and finally she found him, in a corner with a beer in hand. He was talking to his friends and laughing. He caught him looking at her too and remembered her from outside. She couldn’t take his eyes off of him as she could check him out now properly. He must have been about 6 feet tall, had an athletic build and a slight stubble which she found very sexy. His hair was curly and she noticed a dimple as he smiled, she said to herself “I like what Goa has to offer” and decided to wait for him to make the first move.

There were other guys looking to make a move on her and he noticed it. He decided to move before it was too late and walked up to her, smiled and said “Hi, I am Gaurav.” She smiled back “Hi, I am Preeti.” “I saw you smiling at me, so thought I’d come up and talk to you”, he said. She replied “Me, smiling at you? I think you probably got the wrong signal” in a teasing voice. “Well, Maybe. But now that I’m here, can I buy you a drink?” he asked. She decided to not play too hard to get and said “Sure”. The DJ was spinning really nice tracks and the dance floor was already pretty packed. “First time in Goa?”, he asked her. “Yes, I am here with my friend”, she said. “I am from Mumbai, I come here often with friends”, he said. Both of them slowly finished their drink as he asked “May I have this dance please?” She thought for a second and took his hand as he walked her to the dance floor.

He pulled her closer as they both started dancing, he could smell her perfume as he got closer to her ear and said “You look pretty hot by the way”. She smiled and said “I know, that’s why i chose this outfit, to knock all the guys down.” He replied “I must congratulate you on the mission accomplished” as he put his hand on her waist and started moving in rythm with her to the beats. She turned around with her back to him as if to show off her moves, but she ever so slightly started grinding on him. He turned her back around and started kissing her neck as they both continued dancing, her moans getting drowned in the loud music. His hands were now moving all over her back, grabbing and squeezing her ass, pulling her closer to him. She could feel his hardness poke into her as he now kissed her mouth, sucking on her lips ever so slightly. By now, they were both oblivious to the surroundings as his hands moved into her tank top, running all over her bare back. She was moaning as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and sucked on her tongue.

Her fingers were tugging at his hair as she could feel that their bodies were entwined without any scope for air to get in the middle. He continued kissing her and slowly put his hand under her skirt, feeling his way up to that pleasure pot lying between her legs. He rubbed her bare thighs as her breath started getting heavier with his every touch. He could sense how much she was loving this and slowly pulled down her thong ever so slightly with the skirt still in place. Everybody around was lost in their own world, so there was no scope for anyone to notice what these two were up to. His fingers made their way up to her pussy while still kissing her, his first touch sending a shiver down her spine. He was delicate on her at first, then slowly picking up the intensity, spreading her pussy lips, slapping them, finding and rubbing her clit as she started moaning into his ears “God, I love this”. Her words encouraged him more and he could feel the wetness build up, he stuck a finger into her pussy.

He inserted his finger partly inside her and twirled it a little, making her feel his touch intimately as she continued to gasp and moan, pleasure spreading from between her legs to every corner of her body. He bit her ear and started licking her neck as his finger continued to tease her into submission. He asked her “Am I good at this touchy feely thing”. She could barely reply “Oh Yes, you are the best. Stop talking and keep going”. He laughed and continued fingering her, grabbing and slightly slapping her ass non stop, sucking on her tongue, biting her lips, driving her nuts with his every touch and kiss. The dance floor was on the beach and he decided that he couldn’t do everything right there on the floor, so he said to her “Let’s get out of here” and she replied “Yes, take me away”.

He held her hand and walked her from between the crowd on to the beach, they continued kissing as soon as they were out of the dance floor as he continued walking her down the beach. After they were a bit farther away from everyone, he lifted her up in his arms and kept walking far away from the rest of the world, kissing her, feeling her up, burying his face into her cleavage and sucking on it, biting it as she yelled out “Don’t be so rough on me” and spanked him. He was in no mood to listen to her and continued sucking and biting her everywhere. He kept walking till he reached a spot which was pretty isolated and far away from everything. He let her slide down as she unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing his chest, sucking on his nipples as he started moaning. She went full tilt at his chest, biting him everywhere, throwing his shirt aside and kissing his neck. He pulled her hair as she continued kissing and biting his bare chest over and over.

The air was filled with his moans, accompanied by the waves hitting the beach as she got down on her knees and unbuckled his jeans, pulling it down slightly as she got the first look at his hardness. She could see it clearly as it was a full moon night and loved how big his bulge looked beneath his boxers. She started rubbing it harder as she looked up into his eyes as if to say “This is my property now, don’t you dare stop me”. She pulled down his boxers and started stroking his thick cock as he started squirming and grunting pretty loud by now. She stroked it for a bit, making him wait and then finally licked the entire shaft in one stroke. He cried out “Oh Fuck!” as she started licking his shaft in one stroke after another, while massaging his balls. She could see how muscular he was now that his shirt was off and the pants were too and it made her go at his cock harder.

She then took his cock into her mouth and inserted it all the way in so that no part of it was left unattended. She could feel her tonsils being hit by his hardness, he was so big. She almost choked on it as she slowly pulled it out and then started sucking on it a slow rhythm looking up into his eyes, playing with his balls, feeling his throbbing manliness at her mercy. She slowly picked up the pace and made his cock hit her cheeks and throat harder with each passing second, slapping his balls, making him hurt a bit to go with the incredible pleasure her mouth was giving him. He could sense the pressure build up and she could sense he was getting close too and just when he was about to give in, she took his cock out and pushed him away. He was puzzled and said “What happened, why did you stop?” She smiled naughtily and said “I don’t want you to cum so easily, I want you to really please me before you cum.” He replied “Oh yeah? You want me to work for it huh”. She smiled “Yes, of course. Good things come to those he wait”.

He bent down and pulled his shirt and laid it out on the sand, made her sit back on it. He decided to give it back to her for teasing her, so he climbed onto her and took her top off. He started licking her neck, cupping her breasts with her strapless black bra still on, moving down and sucking on her collar bone as she started moaning. His one hand was under her skirt, rubbing her pussy over her wet thong as his other hand was squeezing her breasts. He unhooked her bra and threw it aside, letting her breasts breathe finally. And what beautiful breasts they were, he couldn’t resist and buried his face between them, licking, sucking, biting, pressing, touching, feeling. She was moaning loudly by now as his both hands, mouth were working overtime to tease her in every possible way. He sucked on her erect nipples, flicking his tongue over them, biting them between his front teeth making her really noisy with his sucking and biting.

Her finger were tugging at his hair as he made his way down, licking and sucking her navel, fingering her belly button, biting her navel. He hiked her skirt all the way up to her waist and pulled down her thong down to her ankles as he started rubbing her pussy lips, her naked body gleaming in the moonlight. She pulled his head closer to her navel and then pushed him down and said “Eat me out already, this is why I made you wait, so you could get me wet before you fucked me.” He looked up into her eyes as he made his way down between her legs, she wrapped her legs around her neck, pulling him into her. He started by licking her pussy in one long stroke as she cried out “Fuck, that feels so good, keep going”, he spread her pussy lips apart and stuck his tongue deep into her. He found her clit and started rubbing it hard as his tongue made it’s way deep into her, reaching every corner, making her feel touched so intimately.

He was squeezing her breasts, licking the hell out of her pussy, slapping it, running his hands all over her naked body, making her squirm and moan with every move. He stuck his finger inside her pussy, got it really wet and then put it in her mouth as she sucked on it like a hungry pup. She loved how he made her taste as he went on eating her out for a bit, she got up and tried to reach his cock which was now back to full flow as she stroked him, getting him harder for what lie ahead. He continued eating her out, getting her wet as fuck and ready for his thickness. He looked up into her eyes and said “Is this enough preparation, are you ready for me yet?” and winked. She could only squirm and nod her head in agreement.

He got up and turned her around, made her get down on all fours as he hiked up her skirt to get a good view of her ass. He stroked it, started slapping it slowly as he got on top of her, positioning his cock right at her pussy entrance. He whispered into her ears “Are you ready to be fucked?”, she nodded yes as he grabbed hold of her breasts, squeezing them so hard, pinching her nipples, slapping them, as he poked her ass with his cock, rubbing his cock all over her ass cheeks, building up the anticipation in her with every passing second, kissing and biting her bare shoulders. He teased her for a bit longer and when he sensed she couldn’t hold on anymore, he entered her with a deliberate but forceful stroke going all the way in without any obstruction.

He stayed there for a while, allowing her to feel his thickness fill her up, stretching her like she had never been stretched before as he rotated his hips to make her feel his cock reach every corner of her pussy. He slowly pulled out and then thrusted again with more force, making her body shiver to his brute force. He was now pulling her hair, slapping and spanking her ass hard as his cock was taking control and devouring her tight, wet pussy. With each stroke, her moans only grew louder, her body shivering in pleasure, his strokes getting stronger and stronger, her nails reaching back into his body and digging deep as he pounded away at her pussy. They both were moving now in rhythm, their moans and grunts filling up the air with sound of the waves as background music.

He pulled her hair harder and spanked her ass continuously as he was thrusting with brute force and faster strokes non stop, he could sense her getting closer as she was moaning at the top of her voice, urging him without words to devour her pussy. He was obliging and could sense the pressure build up in his balls too, yet he controlled and continued slapping hard deep into her pussy, his balls slapping against her ass. He turned her face around and kissed her wildly as he thrusted deep and hard and whispered into her ears “Where do you want it?”. She could barely whisper back amidst the moans :Inside me, fuck yes!”. He continued and then with one deep stroke let it go deep inside her as her body was shivering uncontrollably, bringing her excitement to a peak with a shattering orgasm filling her entire body. They both collapsed onto the beach and she lied on top of his chest. He was playing with her hair and kissed her forehead, “So Miss Preeti, how did you like my dancing?”. She looked up into his eyes and laughed saying “There is scope for improvement, but I think there is good rhythm in your hands, mouth and that thing between your legs”. He winked at her and replied “Oh Preeti, this was just a teaser, the main movie is yet to be seen”.



4 thoughts on “Sex on the beach”

  1. And i thought the author was gonna talk about a cocktail, well glad he didn’t as..

    The story is a pure lovely fantasy, the characters have an immediate chemistry between them, the plot is more detailed at the beginning but swiftly picks an exciting pace, the teasing is hot and the sex is thrilling. Wonder how annoying the sand would’ve been

    Read for a sexy story full of sudden delights or if you simply miss the beatch

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  2. I’m not positive where you are getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend a while learning much more or working out more. Thank you for wonderful information I used to be searching for this information for my mission.


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