Fuck me Master!

Prachi was lying down on the bed, texting her friends. Virat had stepped out of the room and she thought it was a good time to take a break from the craziness that had been going on for the past few days/nights. Her only respite in the last few days had been the texting with friends, otherwise she was limited to eating, sleeping at odd hours and obeying Virat whenever he wanted it. Prachi couldn’t believe she was doing what he wanted, despite the fact that they were fighting every time after they fucked or made love. They would fight, he would come back and start playing with her, she would be powerless and give in to whatever he wanted to do. At the back of her mind, she knew this wasn’t going to go on forever, so she told her to just go with the flow instead of fighting it so much. As she was thinking about all this, she got a text from him, “I don’t care how you feel, I will get what I want from you and you better be ready for whatever is coming your way.” She didn’t want to reply to it and argue over text, so she ignored it.

Being family friends, they both had grown up together and had always had the love/hate relationship going on for as far as she could remember. He was her mom’s pet and would always tell on her, which is why she hated him most of the times. She couldn’t do anything to change that dynamic and hence had to listen to him even when she didn’t want to. She hated that he had so much control over her, but she never realized it would extend to control over how she was getting pleased too. She didn’t want to get into trouble with her mom, so she was listening to whatever he said. He was well built and was pretty good at pleasing women, so it wasn’t such a bad proposition. They were barely talking, which was so unlike before they started fucking. They used to talk a lot and share everything. These days it felt like all they were doing was fucking and talking took a backseat. As she was thinking, he walked back into the room. She was wearing a bra and a pair of shorts, while he was in shorts and a t-shirt.

Virat got on top of her and started kissing her lips, sucking on them as her hands automatically held his head and she was kissing him back. She hated that his touch made her forget everything and all she wanted to do was to respond to him. She continued kissing him back, sliding her tongue into his mouth, allowing him to suck on it. She lifted his arms and took his t-shirt off as she kissed his neck and started sucking on it, playing with his hair, pushing his face onto her. He continued kissing her, squeezing her perky breasts, biting her neck and shoulders. She was turned on by now and all her anger was out of the window, all she wanted was for him to be inside her as soon as possible. He sensed that she wanted him insider her, but he had other ideas.

He got out of the bed and lifted her up too from the bed. He went and stood with his back to the wall, making her kneel before him. He pulled down his shorts and pulled his cock out, which was already erect by now. He stuck it in her face, a big, angry thing facing her. She knew what was coming and she honestly was tired of it. It was already the fourth time since morning and he didn’t seem to tire of it. “Do I really have to do this again?”, she asked. He looked into her eyes and replied “I don’t care if you don’t like it, I want it, so I’m going to get it”. He held her face by her neck and planted his dick head on her lips. Her lips wouldn’t open, but he started pushing his cock into her mouth. She couldn’t hold on anymore and relented, opening her mouth for him to get inside.

He started thrusting hard right from the word go, hitting her cheeks and going deep into her throat. He held her face now by her hair, as he started face fucking her deep and hard. Her hands involuntarily moved to his ass, pushing him onto her, his cock into her mouth as deep as he could go. She was looking up into his eyes as he was fucking her mouth hard, the animal pleasure in his eyes clearly visible. “Don’t you like it bitch, how I use you?” he asked. She wasn’t in any kind of position to answer as he pulled down her bra and started pinching her nipples while he continued pounding her face, hitting her cheeks and throat harder than ever. His brute force was taking over and her delicate body and face had no answer, but to give in and let him have his way with them.

He continued going harder at her face and realized he was getting closer. He kept up the pace till he couldn’t hold it any longer and came in her mouth. He pulled it out quickly and sprayed whatever was left over her face, letting it drip. She tried to wipe it off, but he held her hand and allowed her only to use her fingers to wipe it and then made her suck and lick those fingers. He didn’t want her to waste even a little bit of his seed as she looked into his eyes, continuing to suck and lick his cum off of her face. He then lifted her up in his arms and threw her back on to the bed. While she didn’t like how forceful he was, it turned her on that he thought of her as a play thing, far from the platonic friendship they had going on for many years. He pushed her hands over her head and tied them to the bed post with his belt lying close by. “What are you doing Virat, please don’t do all this, I don’t like it”, she said. He replied “I don’t care what you think, I own you and I’ll do what I want with you”, he replied. She could sense that he was upping the stakes this time and decided to enjoy it, instead of overthinking it.

He quickly pulled down her shorts and spread her legs, started teasing her by rubbing his hand firmly between her legs. He unhooked her bra and threw it away as he started sucking on her taut nipples, swirling his tongue over them as her slight resistance finally broke down and she started moaning out pretty loud. She didn’t care that his parents were in the same house and might hear them, all she wanted was for him to keep playing with her. He now spread her pussy lips and stuck his thumb inside, moving it around, getting her wetter as she continued to moan. He then quickly jumped off the bed, went to his draw and pulled out something, and get back on to the bed. With all the action going on, she didn’t pay attention and then he buried his face between her legs. He switched on the vibrator and placed it on her clit, getting her to squirm and moan louder than ever as he started licking her pussy. She was trying to free her hands, but she couldn’t, she so badly wanted to hold his head by the hair and push him deeper into her pussy.

“Oh Virat, you’re so bad, I want to touch you so bad right now”, she cried out. He looked up into her eyes and replied “I know, I want to deny you, you have to be punished for fighting with me so much, this is your punishment”. He continued eating her out and running the vibrator over her clit, she couldn’t handle this double attack on her, squirming and moaning out loud non stop as he went harder at her pussy. His tongue was now deep insider her pussy and he kept it straight and hard, tongue fucking her pretty hard as the vibrator was exciting her clit non stop. “Oh God, stop it Virat, fuck me already. I want you inside me right now” she cried out as she could sense multiple orgasms building up in her. He knew eating her pussy was the quickest way to get her to orgasm and he wasn’t going to let her go so easily. He kept going hard at her pussy and could sense that she nearing her climax as her body was shivering like a thin leaf, with each stroke of his tongue and every move of the vibrator.

He kept at it and she could sense a wave of continuous orgasms hit her as she moaned, squirmed and cried out “Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!”, she squirted slightly in his face. His face was drenched in a mixture of sweat and her juices as he lifted his head up and moved on top of her to kiss her mouth, sucking on her lips, sliding his tongue insider her mouth, giving her a taste of herself. She kissed him back with equal vigor, biting his lips hard as the wave of euphoria was slowly dying down inside her. Her body was still shivering in pleasure as she said to him, “Enough fooling around, fuck me already..Or I will go tell your mom, how you’re using and abusing me”. He smiled and said “Are you sure you want me to fuck you? I thought you didn’t like the way I abuse you and make you obey me”. She replied “I still don’t like it, but I also love how you give me so many orgasms and I don’t think I can give that up yet. So, fuck me now” and slapped his ass.

He untied her hands from the bed post and slept next to her in 69 position, she took his slightly erect cock into her mouth and started sucking on it, to get it harder, while he was playing with her wet pussy, slapping it, making sure it continued to be aroused and wet for him to use. She started playing with his balls, slapping them slightly, licking and sucking on them, getting him harder than before. He continued to rub her pussy as he was pretty hard in her mouth by now. “Virat, please fuck me”, she begged as he continued to rub and eat her out, not ready to fuck her yet. He started squeezing her ass and slapping it, while he continued eating her out. She continued to suck him, pulling his cock making it hit her cheeks and throat hard, getting it harder with every passing second. He finally decided it was time to fuck her, so he got up and made her get up on the bed. He bent her over on all fours on the bed, folded her hands behind her back and held them tight with one hand as he started caressing her ass, then slapping her. He was pulling her hair hard as he got on top of her, biting her ears, neck and shoulders, whispering in her ears “Are you ready for your master to fuck you?’, she could only manage a weak reply “Yes master, please fuck me. Please use me like you always do, I want it so bad.”

He got on top of her and entered her, holding her neck with one hand, her hands behind her back with the other, going deep into her with his first thrust. She let out a yelp as he filled her up, stretching her tight little pussy. He pulled out and thrusted harder this time, going as deep as he could, hitting all the right spots in her pussy, making her cry out “Oh Fuck master! Right there, fuck me just like that, again and again” as he slowly started thrusting in and out, choking her neck hard, slapping her ass, all the while not letting go of her hands, not allowing her to touch him back, all she had was the contact of his cock against her pussy, that too him controlling it. She was at his mercy, being touched where he wanted to touch, being licked and sucked where he wanted to, being fucked just like he wanted to. He was now pulling her hair hard, spanking her ass real hard as he started to drill her pussy with deep, hard thrusts, hitting all the spots inside her, making her moan so loud. They both didn’t care that they could be heard, the room was filled with her moans, the sweet sound of pussy being pounded by a hard cock, ass being slapped non stop.

“Oh Daddy, don’t care what I say the rest of the time, you’re the best lover ever, you’re the best fucker ever” she cried out as he continued ramming his cock deep into her. He was rubbing her clit while fucking her, hitting her deep and hard. He was biting her shoulders and back, spanking her harder, turning her ass red with his finger marks, as she continued whimpering, squirming to his each touch, lick and stroke. He was now choking her neck as he drilled deep into her, making her wish she could grab his ass as push him harder into her. “Daddy, please let go of my hands, I want to touch you too”, she begged. He finally relented and let go of her hands, she reached out to his ass and pushed him deeper into herself as he was now hitting the perfect spots in her, building up the pressure non stop, he could sense that he was getting close too, yet he didn’t slow down. “Oh Master, use me just like this every day for as long as you want”, she cried out as she could sense getting closer too.

He whispered into her ear “Let’s cum together” and she nodded “Yes” vigorously.  He spanked her harder, choking her neck as he held her down by her neck and rammed in as hard as he could, with deliberate strokes, her moaning getting louder as he said “Now” and let go, shooting a huge load inside her. She let go too, a wave of continuous orgasms pulsating through her entire body, one after the other. Both of them collapsed on to the bed in a heap, panting, sweaty and entwined in each others’ bodies. He kissed her mouth, playing with her ass and asked her “Do you still think I’m an ass?”, she replied “Yes, you are an ass. An ass who knows how to fuck a girl right” and kissed him back.



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