The ladies room

“I want to fuck you today”, a text came on Jia’s phone. She smiled quietly and replied “Where will we fuck? In the classroom?” and added a wink. “Maybe, it does sound pretty hot, to take you on the teacher’s desk” Akash replied. “Have some shame, as if I am going to let you fuck me in the class” Jia shot back. “Then how about my car?” he asked. “I’m tired of fucking in your car, so no” she replied. “How about the mall? We could goto a movie and try out luck” his ideas were getting outrageous by the minute. Jia knew he would get what he wanted at any cost, so decided to help him out. “Ladies room is pretty empty after college, we could lock it and use it ;)” she texted him. “Are you sure we won’t get caught?” he asked. “A few of my friends have used it already, so it’s safe enough” she replied. “Fine with me, as long as I get to fuck you hard ;)” he replied.

The bell rang and everyone was slowly getting out of the class. Jia was packing her bag as her friend asked her “How long will you take? Let’s get out of here”. Jia replied “You carry on, I’ll meet you at the coffee shop in an hour or so”. “Why, what will you do for an hour?” her friend asked, Jia replied “I have some important work to finish” as a smile crept across her face. Her friend said “You better tell me all about this important work, once you come to the coffee shop”, Jia smiled and nodded yes. Her friend finally left and Jia quickly walked to the ladies room. All the girls had already left as it was 4 PM already. She quickly texted Akash “Come fast, I’m waiting.” He replied “I’m coming”.

She waited nervously as she started thinking about what they were about to do right in the college. It was very difficult for them to find a place to get intimate and they were making do with cars, parking lots till now. Akash finally came and she checked to make sure nobody was watching, held his hand and quickly walked into the ladies room. She bolted the door behind her as he started kissing her mouth, sucking on her lips, while his hands went inside her top pretty quickly, squeezing her perky breasts. He lifted her and made her sit on the counter, continuing to kiss her, as he slid his tongue down her throat letting her suck on it. Her fingers were in his hair by now, tugging at it. He ran his hands all over her back, feeling her black bra, running his fingers along it’s outline, pressing her closer to his face and biting her lips pretty hard.

A soft moan left her mouth as she didn’t want to be heard, she lifted his hands and took his t-shirt off, running her fingers over his hairy chest, pulling him closer and scratching his back with her long nails. “I want you so bad”, he said, she moaned “I want you more than you want me”. He hiked up her top all the way up to her neck, unhooked her bra and started pressing her breasts together, squeezing them together, making the nipples closer to one another, then taking them both in his mouth at once. A gasp left her mouth as he started sucking on her nipples, he was biting her taut nipples between his front teeth, hurting her, giving her pain and pleasure in equal measure. She pulled his face down harder onto her breasts, making him bury it between her breasts, allowing him to devour her milky white, brown nipple breasts.

Jia reached out for his jeans and unbuttoned him, she could feel the hardness already growing inside his boxers. She put his hand on his boxers and started rubbing his hardness, making him go crazy as he continued sucking her breasts, licking them, biting them, squeezing them hard, pinching and twirling her nipples when he wasn’t biting and sucking on them. “Oh Akash! You’re pretty hard, what shall I do with this” she whispered in his ears as she continued rubbing his cock over the boxers. “Do whatever you want, it’s all yours for the taking” he replied as he continued sucking on her nipples, moving down to lick her navel, then up again to her nipples, kissing her neck and licking it, biting her ears. “You have to stop this and do as I say then” she whispered. “I don’t want to” he replied, “Trust me, you’ll love it” she said. He then stopped and looked up at her eyes, pulled her face closer and kissed her deeply with equal parts love and passion.

She got down from the counter, she was wearing stilettos with her tight blue jeans, she took his hand and pushed him to the wall, made him stand there. Jia got down on her knees, trying to pull her hair from disturbing her as she pulled down his jeans and started rubbing his cock over his boxers.  Akash threw his head back in delight as he held her head, pushing her face closer to his crotch. She then pulled down his boxers getting her look at his thick brown cock, waiting for her to use it. She held it in her hands and started stroking it as she looked up into his eyes with that naughty yet innocent look she could kill with. The look in her eyes was killing him softly and he couldn’t wait for what she’d do next. She finally licked his entire shaft from the base to the dickhead in a long stroke. “Oh Jia, you’re so good at this” he cried out as she continued licking his shaft, playing with his balls.

His eyes were closed and he started moaning as she continued licking his cock, then suddenly she took it in her mouth, all the way in. He was pretty thick and big, so she had to take him pretty deep down her throat, almost hitting her tonsils. He moaned out pretty loud as she sucked on his cock while still in her mouth, slowly taking it out. She licked the pre-cum off of his dickhead and took it back in, this time hitting her cheeks hard with it. She loved how he could fill her mouth up every time, giving her immense pleasure just with his cock in her mouth. She slurped on his cock as she continued sucking on it, making it hit her cheeks, her throat, reach every corner of her mouth, filling it up as she devoured it like a kid eating candy. She loved how dark brown it was offering a perfect contrast to her milky white cheeks, she pulled it out this time and let it hit her cheeks from the outside, the pre-cum sticking to her cheeks. Akash was unable to control moaning as she continued playing with his cock, pushing him to the edge.

Jia could sense he was ready to cum and suddenly stopped touching his cock, he opened his eyes and asked her “What happened, why did you stop?” “Not so quickly, I want you for more time all to my mouth”, she said as she could watch his hardness reduce slightly with each passing second it wasn’t being touched by her. She let it grow a bit softer and then again took it in her hands, starting to stroke it again. She repeated the whole cycle of licking his shaft, playing with his balls, then taking it inside her mouth and making it hit her cheeks and throat hard. Slurping on it like a chocobar, she continued sucking and licking on it, tickling his balls as he could feel the pressure building up inside them. She started sucking him harder, pulling it and making it hit her cheeks harder as she looked up into his eyes and asked innocently “How do you like my cocksucking skills Akash? Do you think I’m decent at this?” He could only manage a weak response “You’re the best cocksucker on this planet” as he continued to moan. She continued sucking him and finally the pressure was too much for him to handle as he sprayed his thick warm seed all over her tongue, some of it hitting her lips.

Jia accepted it gleefully as she let the cum linger on her tongue, showing it to him, letting it mix with her saliva before swallowing it all. Just the way she showed it to him before swallowing it all drove Akash crazy. He pulled her up and kissed her mouth hard, sucking on her tongue, getting a taste of the lingering cum in her mouth. “You were right, I fucking loved it, now it’s my turn” he whispered into her ears. “Your turn to do what?” she asked as he made her sit on the counter again. He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down all the way to her ankles. She spread her legs as he got a good look at her red thong, the wet patches clearly visible over her thong. He took her top and bra off and threw them down on the floor, sucking on her nipples, licking them, biting them as he rubbed her clit over her thong, building up the heat inside her. He continued rubbing and pressing her clit for a while, his mouth working overtime on her nipples, making her go crazy. Her head was thrown back and she was moaning non-stop “Oh Akash, I love how you make me feel, you make me feel so sexy and loved. Please always fuck me just like this”.

He finally pulled her thong down to her ankles and started rubbing her clit, finding her pussy lips, rubbing them hard as the wetness continued to build between her legs. He licked her navel and moved further down, licking her inner thighs, sucking on them, biting them as her body was now shivering in continues waves of pleasure. Akash loved how her body responded to his every touch, his every kiss as he continued kissing and biting her inner thighs. His mouth finally made it’s way to her pussy and he spread her pussy lips with one hand as he inserted his tongue inside her. Jia felt a surge of current run down her back as his tongue touched her pussy, he started licking her pussy in long strokes, rubbing it, pressing it as the waves of pleasure swept her whole body one after the other. He also inserted his thumb inside her pussy and touched her insides, pulling it out and then sticking his tongue back in, softly fucking her pussy with it,  her body thrusting itself up into his mouth, making him go harder at her pussy. Jia was dripping wet by now and she ached now for Akash’s cock inside her. He was clearly not ready to fuck her yet as he was deeply engrossed in the battle between his tongue and her pussy.

Jia realized he would keep going if she didn’t stop and cried out “Enough Akash, I want you inside me, I want you to touch my insides just the way you can, please fuck me!!” He lifted his face from her pussy and said “Already, don’t you want more of my tongue skills” and winked. She cried out “Please fuck me already, you’ve tortured me enough”. He smiled and decided to not upset her too much. His cock had enough rest by now and was back to it’s hard self waiting to explore her pussy. Jia took his cock in her hands and stroked it, to make it harder and hungrier for her. After some stroking his cock was fully ready and so was he to get inside her. He lifted Jia in his arms and made her wrap her legs around his waist. He carried her to the wall and pinned her back to the wall, sucking on her nipples, biting them, getting her more aroused than ever, his cock rubbing against her pussy, but not inside of her yet.  He continued teasing her pussy, rubbing his cock against it’s entrance, making it wetter and welcoming for his hardness. He kissed her mouth, sucking on her lips deliberately as he thrusted his way into her.

Jia let out a gasp as he thrusted all the way into her, his balls now touching her pussy lips. He stayed there without moving as Jia dug her nails into his back, his cock stretching her tight pussy to it’s limits. He slowly pulled out as her eyes were half closed, her mouth agape in pleasure, his cock almost pulled out fully. He then thrusted harder and all the way in one stroke, her body shivering in pleasure to the friction he was causing inside of her. Jia put her hands on his butt and pulled him deeper into her as he started thrusting deep inside her in long, deliberate strokes. Her eyes were now fully closed and her mouth fully open as pleasure filled every inch of her naked body. Her nails were digging deep into his back as he started pounding her pussy hard, lifting her up every now and then, propping her up against the wall so he could fuck her as hard as he wanted to.

Jia was tugging at his hair, pushing his butt onto her, spreading her legs as wide as she could allowing him to go deep inside her, to hit every dark corner of her pussy, making her moan and whimper every time he touched a previously untouched corner of her. He stopped the long strokes and now started short fast thrusting, hitting her as deep as he could, touching her so deep and profoundly as she could sense the climax building up. Akash also could sense that he could not hold on much longer, so he started thrusting really hard, she was looking into his eyes, as he continued fucking her. She cried into his ears “I’m going to cum” and with those magic words, he started pounding her real hard, causing the pressure inside his balls to become almost unbearable. He cried out “I am also ready, let’s cum” and let go of jets of his seed deep inside her pussy as waves of mini orgasms washed up Jia entirely, her body shivering, her moans unstoppable. Akash kissed her mouth hard, biting her lips, sucking on her tongue as he let go off the last drops inside her. Jia slowly climbed down, still in a daze continuing to kiss him. “I think this is my new favorite spot in the entire college” he whispered into her ears and winked as he continued kissing her.




2 thoughts on “The ladies room”

  1. This is my fav erotica ever, i’ve read better but this is absolute fav.

    The plot’s quick, characters sharp yet sweet and the narration is outstanding. the idea of going crazy in a place like that is luscious what adds on top is the hots they have for each other is right there and dripping with hotness.

    Read it if you’ve always had a fantasy with a classmate or if you’re sitting in class right now 😉


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