The birthday present

“What should I get your brother?” Sonali texted Diya. 

“Don’t be so formal, it’s a house party. Just get your ass here” Diya replied.

 “No, but I really want to get him something, after all he is your little brother” Sonali pestered her again. 

“Little brother isn’t so little anymore, I think he has a crush on you ;)” Diya replied. 

“Lol, really? Are you sure?” Sonali asked.

 “Positive, so wear something nice and make his day” Diya replied. 

“See you tonight” Sonali texted back. 

She thought about it and decided what she would give as a present to Ritesh. She had known Diya for a few years now and Ritesh was her younger brother. It never occurred to her that he might have a crush on her, but this revelation changed things. She knew Diya wouldn’t have a problem with what she was planning, so that made things easier. She went through her wardrobe, picked the sexiest dress she could think of and started getting ready.

She reached Diya’s house, it was a multi storeyed building with the ground floor, first floor and a penthouse. The party was on in the ground floor, drinks and music in full flow. Sonali wore an off white transparent dress which ended above her knees. She wore a red bra and matching thong, which was easily visible through her dress. 

She loved driving guys crazy by giving them a glimpse of what they could not have. The moment she entered the house, she could feel a lot of eyes on her. She smiled to herself, went and hugged Diya.

 “Oh my! You really decided to make Ritesh’s day” Diya said to her as they hugged. 

“Why not, he is the birthday boy after all” Sonali replied.

 Her eyes searched for Ritesh, he was standing with friends and drinking in one corner. 

Sonali walked up to him and hugged him “Happy birthday hero! You look very handsome”, she kissed him on the cheek. 

She could sense him get a little nervous as she kissed him. His friends were checking her out shamelessly as she came back and joined Diya again.

“Why do I sense that peck and hug aren’t the only thing he’s going to get tonight from you” Diya interrogated her.

 “I don’t know, I haven’t made up my mind about it yet” Sonali replied and smiled. 

“Liar! I know you have already. I just hope baby bro is ready for his dream to come true. Just go easy on him, he’d be nervous as it is” Diya laughed. 

“Don’t worry, I will handle him with kid gloves” Sonali replied.

 They both got a drink and started moving around the house, chatting up friends. Sonali caught Ritesh staring at her more than a few times. As they got more drunk and the music started to get better, they started moving towards each other, dancing with each other. Sonali could sense he was hesitant, so she moved closer, put his hand on her waist and the other on her back.

 She moved closer to him and whispered in his ears “Do you like my dress?”. Ritesh didn’t expect her to be so direct, but finally managed a weak “Yes”. 

“It’s okay to check me out, forget I’m your sister’s friend for tonight, think of me as your friend” she helped him out.

She moved closer to him, hugging him tightly as she kissed his mouth. He responded with equal vigor, sucking on her lips. He was grabbing her ass by now and squeezing it. Everyone around them was drunk or high, lost in the music and dancing. Both of them were a bit drunk too, so it made it easier for Ritesh to get comfortable with her. He could smell her perfume as he was kissing her neck and licking it now. 

A soft moan escaped her mouth as she was tugging at his hair and pressing his face onto her neck and shoulders. Her breasts were pressing against his chest as they moved to a dark corner, kissing and pressing up against each other. His hands were running all over her body now as he pinned her to the wall, kissing and licking her neck. He slid her dress off her shoulders and sucked on her bare shoulders. Her hands reached for his crotch and started rubbing his cock over his pants. He put her hands inside her dress, rubbing her thighs as they kept kissing, sucking on each other’s tongue.

He reached for her pussy and rubbed it over her thong as she started moaning. 

“Loving this aren’t you Ritesh, always wanted to do this to me. Didn’t you?” she whispered in his ears. 

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to have you, explore you. Just couldn’t since you were Di’s friend” he replied as he bit her shoulders.

 “I’m your friend for tonight, explore me as much as you like” she nibbled on his ear. 

He pulled down her thong a little and started rubbing her clit, pulling down her dress and bra as well. He squeezed her breasts together, licking them as his fingers were playing with her pussy. She was pressing his face on to her breasts, making him go harder at her breasts, sucking, licking, biting. She unzipped his pants and started stroking him.

 Both of them didn’t care that somebody could be watching, they were lost in each other. Kissing, touching, feeling, playing with each other as if they had waited for this moment ever since they met.

Ritesh started fingering her as she stroked him harder, his mouth transfixed on her nipples, sucking as if he were drinking milk. She could feel his cock getting harder with each stroke, she played with his balls, getting him even more excited. His fingers were moist with her juices by now and he decided to give her a good taste of what was to come. He pulled out his moist fingers, sucked on them as she watched and then kissed her.  He continued finger fucking her, getting her closer as he was feeling the pressure build up in his balls too. He knew he could explode any minute as well. He rubbed and fingered her harder than ever, the orgasm sweeping her entire body up. 

She was shivering in pleasure, yet continued to stroke his cock. Her breath was heavy, her body was sweaty and once she settled down, she got on her knees and started sucking his cock. It took a couple of sucks from her and he exploded in her mouth, spraying all over her tongue. She let it settle on her tongue, stuck it out and showed it to him before swallowing it all. He pulled her up and kissed her, sucking on her tongue, getting a taste of himself before she swallowed it all.

She adjusted her dress and he zipped up his pants, they rejoined the party as if nothing had happened. They continued dancing, kissing and moving around the house. It was pretty late and some people had left the party. Both of them moved to the penthouse leaving everyone behind. Ritesh’s room was the only room there so nobody would come upstairs. 

Ritesh took out a joint and they smoked it together. It felt as if they were in a different world, as the joint started to take effect. It felt like everything was clearer and slower. 

They kissed under the night sky as she said “Would you like to unwrap your birthday present now?”. 

“Where is it” he sounded puzzled. 

“Right in front of you, Dumb ass!” she admonished him. 

“Oh I love my present” he kissed her hard as he slipped her dress off her shoulders. 

He unhooked her red bra and threw it on the floor, he pushed her up against the wall. Both of them were still in the open as she took his shirt off, kissing him and sucking on his nipples while he touched her pussy again.

 “Oh Ritesh! I want you to fuck me as many times as you want, I’m all yours tonight” she reminded him.

He lifted her as she wrapped herself around his waist, both of them kissing, sucking and licking each other. She quickly unzipped his pants as they fell on the floor. Both of them topless and just wearing the last piece of clothing. She rubbed her crotch against the tent in his boxers. 

She pulled down his boxers as he poked his thick hard cock against her thong. He was biting her nipples real hard, sucking on them. He propped her up against the wall and pulled her thong down.

 “Fuck me baby! Please, I can’t wait any longer” she moaned into his ears. 

He teased her pussy by not entering it for a while, rubbing his dick head against her wet pussy lips, sucking her face and tits while she waited in anticipation. Her moans were getting louder and he loved how turned on she was. He finally stuck it inside her, going through her like a knife through butter.

 “Ahh fuck!” she cried out as he stretched her pussy. He pulled out and thrusted harder again, hitting her deeper than before. Her moans were getting louder now, egging him on as he thrusted deeper and harder into her. Her tits were jiggling as he sucked and bit on them, pounding her as hard as he could.

She wrapped herself tighter against him, spreading her legs as wide as she could, allowing him to go deeper and hit all the right spots. 

“Oh baby! I didn’t know Diya’s baby brother could fuck so good. Fuck me harder!” she moaned as he kept pounding her pussy non stop. 

She hugged him tighter and buried her face into his neck, sucking and biting on it. His hands were on her ass, propping her up so he could drill her inviting wet pussy.  He slapped her ass and rocked his hips, going in and out, in and out of her. 

“I can’t believe I’m fucking Di’s hot friend on my birthday” he whispered to her.

 “Oh you better believe it baby, I’m your birthday present this year.”

 “Yes, you are the best birthday present I’ve ever received” as he was now thrusting in short, but deep bursts.

 She could sense her climax approaching as she told him “Fuck me harder babe!”. 

He obliged as the pressure was building up inside his balls too. His balls slapping against her pussy lips as they were panting, sweaty yet enjoying it without a care in the world.

 “Fuck! I’m close” she cried out as he kept pounding her till both of them came almost at the same time. He propped her up again as he came inside her, so the cum would go deep inside her.

They kissed passionately as the sense of pleasure on each other’s faces was clearly visible. She finally got down from him and asked him if he had another joint. 

“Oh yes, I always keep them ready” he replied and got one out of his pant pocket. 

She lit it up and took a puff, letting it out in his mouth. He repeated it in her mouth and they kept at it till the finished the joint. 

“I must thank you, that was an incredible fuck. Loved my birthday present” he told her as they both stood naked on the terrace, hugging and kissing. 

“There is nothing better than smoking a joint after an amazing fuck” she said as they kissed. 

He took her hand and they both went inside his room, the clothes still lying outside. 

“I want to eat you out” he said and she replied “So do I”. 

He lied down on the bed and she lied on top of him in 69. Her pussy was still warm and wet as he got down to eating it, sucking it, licking it, rubbing her clit. His cock was slowly recovering from the limp as she started stroking it, playing with his balls. Before long he was hard again as she sucked and licked his shaft, taking it deep inside her mouth. Her pussy was getting ready for another assault too as he licked, sucked and fingered it, getting it wet and ready for his cock. They kept at it for a while till they both were ready for the next round.

She then turned around and said “I want you to look me in the eye as you make love to me”.

 She got up and lied down on the bed as he got on top of her and pinned her hands down. He kissed her mouth and sucked her lips, sucking on her tongue as she pulled him down. He positioned his cock right at her pussy entrance and started sucking on her nipples again as he entered her. He looked into her eyes as he went deep inside her.

 “Is this how you want me to look at you Babe” he asked her as he went all the way in. 

“Fuck yes, just like this” she moaned and kissed him as he thrusted deliberately slowly, making her pussy feel every inch of him as he went in and out of her. She put her hands on his ass and pushed him into her, her nails digging into his back every time he hit the right spots inside her. He rocked his hips so that he touched every corner of her wet pussy, her soft moans encouraging him to make hot, steamy love to his birthday present.

They went and as they got closer he asked her “Can I cum on your face?”. 

“Of course you can babe” she moaned as the orgasm hit her. 

He pulled out and sprayed all over her face, the cum dripping off her. She put her fingers on her face and licked it all and then kissed him. She let him suck on her tongue as the sweat rolled off both their naked bodies.

 “That felt even better than the first time” she nibbled at his ear. 

“Yes, it certainly did and I still can’t get enough of you” he kissed her on the neck. 

“We have got more joints and some time before I have to go” she whispered to him. 

They slept for a while before she woke him up with a dirty blowjob, after which he fucked her again for a couple more times. She then left promising him to not making him wait for too long before he could have her again.


Dripping in wine

There was a knock on the door, Nikhil rushed and opened the door. Sakshi stood in front of him, wearing a stunning black dress. He couldn’t help, but ogle at her.

 “Stop staring at me”, she hit him on his hand and got inside the room. 

She hugged him tight and kissed him as he closed the door behind them. His hands moved around her back, rubbing it and one hand settled on her ass, grabbing it hard. 

“We have all night, don’t be in a rush” she chided him and sucked on his earlobes. 

“I have waited too long for this and don’t want to waste a minute of this weekend” he whispered in her ears, kissing her hard, sucking on her tongue. 

After kissing and groping for a while, she escaped and went into the washroom saying she’d bathe and come.

 “Okay” he said dejectedly and lie down on the bed. She went in and he could hear the sound of water, he tossed and turned on the bed for a while as she turned the bubble bath on and jumped into the tub.

“How much longer?” Nikhil asked Sakshi.

 “I am in the tub, give me some time” she replied. Nikhil was flipping through the channels restlessly waiting for her to come out. He was in a robe and she was taking too long in the tub for his liking. He finally decided to barge in to the washroom, she had her eyes closed and lied back, relaxing in the bubble bath. He tiptoed his way to her and bent over, kissing her gently. 

She kissed him back and opened his eyes whispering “Couldn’t even wait for another 10 minutes, huh”. 

He kissed her passionately, sucking and biting her lips, taking his robe off. He climbed into the tub and sat opposite her, moving his legs next to her body.  He slowly started running his toes all over her thighs, her bare skin responding to his touch. He then ran them between her legs, reaching for her pussy, rubbing it gently with his toes, making her moan while he continued teasing her.

She finally got up and sat on him, pressing her boobs on him, kissing him as his hands moved all over her naked body. He grabbed her ass and pushed her onto him, their bodies hugging so tightly, his crotch rubbing against her pussy. His hardness increasing with every passing second as she kissed his lips, then moved down to his neck, biting it, sucking on it, licking it. 

“I have waited so long for this Sakshi!” he whispered into her ears as she started grinding on his cock. 

“So have I baby doll” she whispered back, putting his hands on her boobs.

 He started squeezing them, sucking on her nipples as he squeezed and slapped her ass with the other hand. Both of them were breathing heavily as the excitement was getting too much to take. He kissed her mouth again, sucking on her tongue and spanked her ass hard this time. He then used the loofah, rubbing her body from head to toe, cleaning her as well as touching her everywhere he pleased.

He spent extra time on her ass and her pussy, touching, feeling them up, arousing her even more. She sucked on his nipples, running her hands over his hairy chest, grinding on his cock, daring his dickhead to enter her. He wasn’t ready to fuck her yet, so he kept moving his cock around to escape her pussy from engulfing it. 

Their kisses were growing hotter as the heat from their bodies kept increasing, he finally whispered “Let’s get out of here” and stood up. 

He wiped both their bodies clean and then lifted her in his arms to the bed. He then made her wear the baby doll set he had got especially for her. It was red in color and was showing as much as it was hiding. He got into a pair of boxers and then climbed on top of her.

 “You look so hot in this, I couldn’t wait to see you in this ever since I got this for you” he said to her and kissed her.

 He then started licking her neck, biting it, as she started moaning. He then pulled down her dress a little to get a look at her breasts, taking her nipples in his mouth. She let out a moan as her nipples hurt with sweet pain, his hands tracing down her navel all the way to the spot he loved most between her legs. He pressed her pussy as he kept sucking and licking her nipples. Her moans getting louder by the minute as he devoured her almost naked body, kissing, sucking, licking everywhere he pleased.

As she was lost in the pleasure that was filling every inch of her body, he pulled her hands over her head and tied them to the bedpost.

 “Don’t tie me, I want you to touch you too” she pleaded with him. He wasn’t in the mood to pay any attention.

 He went to the minibar and took the wine bottle out, uncorking it quickly. He then got on top of her again, pulling her thong, all the way down. He then hiked up her dress, to her neck. He then slowly poured wine over her naked body, on her neck and boobs first. He kept the bottle aside, started licking and sucking the wine off of her body.

 “Fuck! You make me feel so sexy” she moaned as he continued sucking and licking her naked body. 

His one hand was rubbing her pussy lips as he continued sucking the wine off her boobs, her nipples turning juicier than ever with the wine topping.

 “Please untie me, I want to touch you” she pleaded with him as her body squirmed in pleasure.

 He looked up at her and smiled as if to say “Not happening, till I want it to”. 

He poured some more wine on her breasts and navel, licking it off again. She was soaking wet by now, the wine on her body and the way he was sucking and licking it, turning her on like crazy.

“Fuck you know how to please me” she moaned as he was licking her belly button and the wine deposited in it.

 His hand hadn’t stopped rubbing her pussy, making it ache for what it deserved. He took the wine bottle again and untied her hands, this time pouring the wine on her pussy and inside it, by spreading her pussy lips. He buried his face between her legs and started nibbling at her pussy lips, then sucking on it, licking it. Her juices and the wine had mixed into a heady cocktail which he couldn’t get enough of. She held him by his hair and pushed him deeper between her legs.

 “Oh Fuck Daddy! Eat me out all night, don’t stop” she cried out as he fingered her pussy and sucked on his wet fingers. 

After eating her pussy for a while, he started fingering it, getting her close to a climax. Just when he thought, she’d explode, he slowed down, letting her cool down a bit. Then he’d start eating and fingering her again, getting her close to the climax. She was enjoying this torture, her hands running over his back and head, egging him on.

After he sucked the juices off her pussy, he gave her the bottle and lied down on the bed. She climbed on top of him and poured the wine over his hairy chest as she kissed him hard, sucking his tongue. She then bit his neck and shoulders, slowly licking the wine off him. She sucked and licked him like crazy, rocking her hips, rubbing her wet pussy on his cock and balls, teasing him more.

 He let her suck and lick him for a while and suddenly turned her over, making her bend over. He held her by the neck, his other hand moving around her ass, slowly caressing it and then squeezing it. As she was enjoying his tender touch, he spanked her. 

“Ouch! That hurts” she cried out as he continued spanking while kissing her neck and biting her shoulders. 

He was poking her ass with his thick cock, fingering her pussy and sucking on his wet fingers. He continued spanking as she continued moaning, till she couldn’t hold on anymore.

 “Fuck me right now daddy” she cried out. He kept spanking her till her ass turned red and then mounted her from behind. He teased her pussy lips for a while before entering her, her loud moans filling the room as he went all the way in.

He filled her up, squeezing her boobs and then pulled out, thrusting harder this time. He slowly picked up the pace, going deeper with each stroke, her body feeling the brunt of his force.

 “Ah Yes! Fuck me harder daddy!” she moaned as he continued fucking her as hard as he could. 

He then pulled his cock out and made her lie on her back. He got on top of her, making her wrap her legs around his waist, she put her hands on his ass and pulled him in as he entered her.

 “Ah baby! I fucking love this” she moaned as he lifted her legs around him and went deep inside her.

 They were kissing passionately, sucking on each others tongues as he went hard at her pussy, thrusting as hard as he could. Her body was shaking to the force of his thrusting, the moans now getting as loud as they had ever been. He slowed down as he got closer, letting her take a breather, then picked up the pace again. His balls were shaking vigorously as his shaft entered her in and out, in and out. 

“I am close” he whispered in her ears as he started rubbing her clit too, while he fucked her.

 “I want to cum with you” she mouthed back to him as he fucked her pretty damn hard. 

His face was giving the strangest expressions as she pulled it closer and kissed him, their bodies fused as one, nearing the end. He then let out a grunt and let go deep inside her, as her body was feeling the ecstasy of an amazing orgasm hitting her from head to toe.

She pulled him closer, hugging him, kissing him as he was letting go of the last few shots of cum inside her.

 “I love you babydoll!” she whispered in his ears, biting his lips.

 “I love you too sexpot” he whispered back, staying on top of her, his cock still inside her. Both of them were hot, sweaty and panting, but they both knew they wanted more.


Ahh, Yes!

“Eat that apple” Rashi’s mom goaded Jia. 

“But Aunty I’ve already eaten so much, please tell Rashi.”

 “She doesn’t listen to me anyway, so I stopped telling her” Rashi’s mom complained. 

Rashi rolled her eyes and kept quiet. Jia ate a couple of pieces and left the rest on the plate. 

“How is your school project coming along?” Rashi’s mom asked. 

“Oh it’s going fine Aunty. We have a bit of work left to do though, that’s why I came today.” Jia replied. 

After some small talk, Rashi’s mom got busy with her household work. Jia and Rashi went into her room, Rashi closed the door and locked it. 

Jia said “I need to get back home before it gets dark.” 

Rashi replied “What’s the hurry, I’ll drop you home on my scooty.” 

Jia said “Ok, I will text mom and let her know I might be slightly late.”

 Jia texted her mom while Rashi settled lied down on her bed. She was wearing a tank top and hot pants, she was tall for her age, her breasts were just starting to grow. Jia was not as tall and her growth spurt wasn’t so pronounced yet.

Jia lied down next to her and they started talking about the boys they had crushes on, what new clothes and makeup they wanted to buy.

 Jia finally said “We should get started on the project, we won’t be able to finish it otherwise.” 

“I’m in no mood to work on the project, we still have few more days to go”, Rashi replied. 

“But we can’t keep postponing it forever, we’re just wasting time”, Jia protested.

 “Don’t worry, we will finish it on time”, Rashi stroked her cheek. Their faces were pretty close, they could feel each other’s warm breath. Rashi leaned in and kissed Jia’s lips, Jia closed her eyes for a few seconds. 

She then said “We shouldn’t be doing this, this is wrong”. 

“Why is it wrong, we are just doing what we like, it isn’t wrong in anyway”, Rashi countered. 

Jia decided to go with the flow, she pulled Rashi’s face and kissed her this time. Rashi closed her eyes, enjoying the soft touch of Jia’s lips on hers. Jia started sucking on her lips, alternating between kissing and sucking her lips.

Rashi untied Jia’s hair, letting it fall over her shoulders. They kept kissing, sucking each other’s lips, moving closer to each other. They hugged each other tightly, continuing to kiss, Rashi was now playing with Jia’s hair. She slid her tongue in Jia’s mouth, running it all over her mouth, waiting for Jia to suck on it. After waiting for a while, she sucked on Jia’s tongue, cupping her breasts over her t-shirt. A soft moan from Jia was lost in Rashi’s mouth. Rashi was searching for Jia’s nipples, pinching them, twirling them over the t-shirt. Jia pressed Rashi’s ass closer to her, their bodies entwined, hugging each other tightly, kissing each other. 

Rashi finally shifted focus down to Jia’s neck, kissing it, kissing her behind the ears. Jia was moaning softly as Rashi continued kissing, licking her neck, sucking on her shoulder as she moved her t-shirt off to the side. She rolled over and got on top of Jia, pressing her down as she sucked and licked her shoulders.

She lifted Jia’s hands and started taking her t-shirt off, “What if somebody comes suddenly?” Jia asked. 

“Let’s see if they come” Rashi replied and threw her t-shirt aside.  

Jia was wearing a red bra, her taut nipples poking out as she was pretty turned on by now. Rashi had never seen her in just a bra, so she admired her milky white skin, her perky breasts, her flat and inviting navel. 

“You look very sexy, can’t believe nobody played with you till now” said Rashi and buried her face between Jia’s breasts. 

She sucked her collar bone at first, licking it, biting it. 

“Oh Rashi! I’m so horny right now! Play with me!” moaned Jia.

 Rashi then moved down to her cleavage, sucking on it, licking it, nibbling at it gently. 

She then dug her teeth in a bit more, Jia cried out “Ahh! You’re hurting me”. 

Rashi put her hand on Jia’s mouth, making sure nobody could hear them and continued sucking and biting her cleavage. Jia’s muffled moans turning her on more as she unhooked Jia’s bra, throwing it aside.

She squeezed Jia’s breasts together, getting her nipples closer, slowly taking them in her mouth, sucking on them. “Ahh, Yes!” Jia’s moans continued to turn on Rashi, her sucking and licking turning wilder by the second. Jia was holding her head and pushing Rashi deeper between her breasts. 

She took Jia’s nipples between her teeth, biting them hard. “Ouch!” Jia moaned and bit Rashi’s hand which was covering her mouth. Rashi continued sucking and licking her breasts, now moving down a bit, biting the bottom part of her breasts. She pulled down Jia’s tracks and made her spread her legs, all the while continuing to suck her breasts.

 Jia was wearing matching red panties, the color adding to the excitement of what they were doing together for the first time.  Rashi started rubbing her pussy over her red panties as she now move down to Jia’s navel, sucking on it, licking it. She removed her hand off Jia’s mouth a little as she wanted to hear her moan. 

“Oh Yes! This feels amazing Rashi!” she cried out as Rashi inserted her hand inside her panties.

Rashi was now rubbing her clit, her flesh against Jia’s bare flesh, the feeling of immense pleasure spreading through Jia’s body from between her legs. Rashi sucked and licked her navel for a while, still rubbing Jia’s clit with her panties still on.

 After enjoying this attention for a while, Jia suddenly stopped Rashi and said “I want you too”. 

Rashi got up so that Jia could take her tank top off, she wasn’t wearing any bra. Jia held her breasts, cupped them while kissing Rashi. She then took off Rashi’s hot pants getting a good look at her black panties, while Rashi pulled down Jia’s tracks and threw them aside. Both of them were in their panties now and it was Jia’s turn now. 

She pushed Rashi onto the bed and got on top of her, kissing her, biting her lips, sucking on her tongue. She then licked and bit Rashi’s neck and shoulders, turning her on enough to make her moan. 

“Ah Jia! This feels so fucking sexy” she cried out as Jia continued to suck and lick her neck, shoulders.

Jia made her way down and squeezed Rashi’s breasts exclaiming “I want big breasts too, how did you get them and I didn’t”. 

“There are some exercises, I will teach you. Of course getting sucked and pressed helps too” Rashi winked at Jia. 

Jia squeezed them harder, pinching her nipples and then took one breast into her mouth. She sucked on it delicately at first, swirling her tongue over it, then biting it gently. 

“Ohh God! This feels amazing” Rashi cried out as Jia continued sucking her, while she was squeezing the other breast. 

She ran her other hand all over Rashi’s almost naked body, finally making it’s way down  to her pussy. She could feel the wetness over her panties, but continued to rub Rashi’s pussy over her panties. Rashi was trying to control her moans, but she wasn’t able to. She didn’t care anymore as Jia now started sucking her second breast. Her wet tongue was working wonders on Rashi, the way she was delicately sucking her, made her feel crazy good. 

She pulled Jia up once and kissed her hard, sucking on her tongue vigorously as Jia pressed her breasts. They both were pressing each others breasts, kissing, sucking and biting each others lips. 

“Feels so amazing to play with my best friend” Jia said between kissing.

 “Yes it sure does” Rashi replied, sucking on her tongue.

Jia moved down again to Rashi’s breasts, sucking and biting harder this time. Rashi pressed her head down, making Jia suck her breasts harder. She was biting her nipples real hard, making Rashi moan louder than ever. Her moaning was turning Jia on more, she moved down and licked and bit Rashi’s navel. She fingered her belly button all the while rubbing her pussy and pressing it down hard. 

“Ahh fuck! Jia you’re going to make me moan so loud. We will get caught baby” moaned Rashi. 

Jia continued rubbing her pussy, now moving down further and kissing her pussy over the panties. She pulled down her panties slightly, kissing her bare skin with her moist lips. Rashi pushed her face deep between her legs, allowing Jia to pull down her panties and kiss her clit, suck on it gently.

 “Oh baby! I want you bad” cried out Rashi.

 “Not like this, let’s try something different” replied Jia. 

She took her panties off and then pulled down Rashi’s panties. Both of them were butt naked now.

They both lied next to each other, facing each other. Jia kissed Rashi and then sucked on her lips, biting them hard. She then cupped and squeezed Rashi’s breasts. Rashi started squeezing Jia’s breasts in return, both of them lost in kissing. Their hands were moving all over each other’s bodies, touching, pressing, feeling.

 The heat in each other was palpable, the kissing and touching only making it hotter. Finally Jia moved one hand down from Rashi’s breasts, running it over her navel then moving it between her legs. She ran it over Rashi’s pussy gently, then pressed it firmly.

 The moans started getting louder from Rashi as Jia was now rubbing her pussy lips. The wetness was building up too and Rashi decided to make a move herself. Her hand was now rubbing Jia’s wet pussy, running her fingers all over it. Both of them started rubbing each other vigorously, their moans encouraging one another to rub harder. Jia bent and started sucking Rashi’s nipples again, sucking on her breasts hard.

Rashi’s moans were getting louder, she was biting her lips to keep it down as Jia started spanking her pussy lips. She spanked gently at first and then started spanking harder, still sucking, licking and biting Rashi’s breasts.

 The moans coming from Rashi only egging Jia on further, the rubbing, spanking, kissing, sucking, licking, touching continuing without any hindrance. Rashi pulled Jia up and bit her lips hard, sucking and kissing as both hands were working furiously on each others pussies. The wetness was now translating to each other’s hands, the slurping noise coming out of their pussies.

 Rashi pulled Jia’s hand up, it was dripping wet with Rashi’s juices, she sucked on each finger one after the other, getting a taste of herself. It felt so sexy tasting herself like that, Rashi pulled up Jia’s hand and tasted herself. They kept rubbing each other and sucking each other’s fingers to taste each other. They then kissed each other, exchanging their juices while sucking each other’s tongues.

Both started rubbing as hard as they could, they could feel the pleasure spreading through their entire bodies from between their legs. The kissing, the sucking on pussy juices, the breast sucking was only adding to the pleasure from their pussies and they kept at it as fast as they could.

 “I think I’m close” Jia moaned as Rashi continued playing with her pussy. 

Jia was losing control, but she didn’t want to stop she continued rubbing Rashi too. Both of them inching closer to that final goal with all the kissing and sucking, licking. 

“Oh God! This feels amazing” cried out Jia as the first wave of orgasm hit her. 

Rashi kept rubbing her as Jia’s whole body was engulfed in waves of mini orgasms, her whole body was shivering. Jia still kept rubbing Rashi and soon enough, she was filled with pleasure through her entire body too. They both kissed, sucked and rubbed to their hearts content, till they both were fully satiated and the body didn’t need the stimulation anymore.

 Once it was all over, they shared a deep passionate kiss, their bodies entwined in a deep hug, pressed against each other so close. “God! That felt so amazing” said Rashi, Jia nodded and smiled. They both started getting dressed.

Riding hard

Jia was tired, it had been a fun day at the picnic but all the trekking and running around left her drained. She was looking forward to sleeping on the bus ride back home. She and Abhay settled down in the seat behind her parents. Abhay’s parents were in the seat next to them. They all lived in the same quarters in the city as Jia and Abhay’s parents were colleagues. They held hands and closed their eyes as the private bus they hired started it’s 4 hour journey back home. 

“Do you want anything to eat?” her mom turned and asked both Jia and Abhay. 

“Not hungry right now” Jia replied, Abhay nodded and closed his eyes.

 A few younger kids were sitting at the back, still playing and shouting a little as all of them relaxed and tried to catch some sleep. The bus picked up speed as it was starting to get dark outside. After a few minutes, Jia felt a hand rubbing her arms. She was wearing a knee length skirt and a top with a short jacket. She smiled and kept her eyes closed, waiting to see where they went next.

The lights were off and the bus was pretty dark by now, it was all quiet except for the chitchat from the kids at the back. Abhay made his next move and kept one hand on her thigh, putting it under her skirt feeling her bare skin. Jia was thrilled that he’d make such a risky move with their parents around, but decided to see where he was going next. 

He slowly moved his hand upwards, all the way till he reached his destination. He put his hand where her legs met and firmly pressed her pussy. She almost let out a moan, but stopped herself, afraid somebody might hear her. She could hear snores from the seats in front, so she knew most would be asleep. But she didn’t want to get caught, so she bit her lips and suppressed the moan. Abhay knew she was awake and enjoying it, so he kept rubbing her pussy, now starting to run his other hand over her breasts. He was running it firmly enough to make her squirm as she was loving every bit of his handy work on her. 

She finally opened her eyes and whispered “let’s go back, we need more peace and quiet”. 

They both got up, walked to the back of the bus. He quickly shooed away the kids sitting there and asked them to go sit in front and keep quiet.

They both settled down in the last row next to each other, sitting on seats which were concealed by the seats in front of them. It would be difficult to see what they were up to in such darkness, especially from the front seats. He turned sideways and pulled her face closer to him, kissing her lips, biting them, sucking on them like there was no time to lose.

 “Easy there tiger! We have almost 4 hours of journey ahead. Do you want to finish everything in less than an hour”, she whispered as she kissed him back, tugging at his hair. 

She took his hand and put it on her breasts, he cupped them and squeezed them. Her moans were getting lost inside his mouth as he sucked on her tongue, letting her hair loose. He quickly took off her jacket and ran his hands all over her arms, feeling her up, as they continued kissing.

 “Why were you so distant today, I badly wanted to kiss you behind those trees” he asked her.

 “We can’t be caught kissing by our parents, they just think we are friends, they should not know we have gone way past beyond friends” she whispered. 

He nodded and now put his hand under her skirt, running it all the way up to her pussy. “I love how much my pussy craves for your touch” she nibbled on his ears.

He slowly pulled down her top and her bra along with it, getting a look at her breasts. He let her stay topless while he kissed on her neck, sucking and licking it. He then sucked on her bare shoulders, she tried to stay quiet but she couldn’t after he started sucking on her breasts. He swirled his tongue over her nipples, then bit them and then sucked on them. All the while he was rubbing her pussy, making her want him more and more with each passing second.

 “Will you fuck me here?” she whispered in his ear, almost daring him.

He replied “Why not? I will fuck you and cum inside you”. 

“What if we get caught” she asked.

 “Then both of us are screwed” he laughed and continued sucking on her nipples. She was moaning a bit louder, he got up and kissed her every time she was starting to get a bit louder. She would then quiet down and start again once he started sucking her nipples again. 

She couldn’t believe they were playing in a bus with their parents, just a few feet away. But the idea of fucking there, kept her going as she pushed his face deeper into her breasts. After rubbing her pussy for a while, he made her stand up while still sucking her breasts and then pulled her panties down.

She lifted her legs so that he could take them off completely, he then threw them in the next seat. He moved a bit forward on his seat and made her sit on him, as she wrapped her legs around him facing him. He pulled her closer and continued kissing her, then sucking on her breasts as she started grinding on his thighs and his cock. He was lifting his head up and checking from time to time, to make sure nobody was turning around and looking. 

He bit her nipples real hard as was grinding pretty hard on his cock. She could feel the bulge poke through his jeans and she wanted it inside her.

 “Fuck me Abhay! I want you to fill me up like you always do, I want you to fuck me while people sleep in the front.”

 “I don’t wanna fuck you here, let’s just stop, we might get caught” he replied. 

“Don’t you dare leave me hanging, I want you to fuck me right now” she almost bit his head off.

 He bit her lips, sucked on her tongue and said “Of course I will, just playing” and winked at her. 

He bit her nipples really hard, she buried her face in his neck and bit him, as if to take revenge for all his biting. He kept biting her breasts and she kept sucking and biting his neck and shoulders, grinding on his crotch as hard as she could.

She finally got off his lap and sat next to him, unzipping his jeans and pulling out his cock through his boxers. He was pretty hard already, she stroked him while he held her by the hair and guided her onto his cock. She licked his entire shaft, right from his balls all the way to his dick head. She then slowly took him inside her mouth, sucking on his pink dick head first. 

She sucked on it and then took him all the way in, he was pretty big and she was almost choking on his cock, but she kept him fully inside her. She then slowly pulled him out, her saliva all over his cock, making it moist. She took it inside again, this time hitting her cheek with it, pulling out again and taking it back in, hitting her other cheek with it. After hitting her cheeks with it, she took it straight down her throat, as deep as she could, his balls up against her lips. He let out a moan, turning her on more. 

She pulled him out and kept taking it in all the way, almost deep throating him, arousing her more. He hiked her skirt up all the way and spanked her slightly, reaching for her pussy lips and rubbing them, getting her wet as she sucked his cock. He was as erect as he had ever been and her pussy was craving for his cock to devour it.

She finally got up and sat in his lap facing him, he moved to the front of the seat so she could wrap her legs around him. She hugged him tight, pressing her breasts against his chest, enjoying the attrition her breasts were feeling. She pulled down his jeans and boxers till his knees, lifted her skirt up so he could poke her bare ass with his cock. 

“Enough teasing, Fuck me now!” she pleaded with him. 

“Not just yet” he smiled and continued poking her ass with his cock, slowly making his wave to her pleasure hole. 

He was sucking on her nipples, biting them as she was moving her ass around so that she could mount him. He teased her some more by moving around and finally when she was on the verge of giving up, he stopped and stayed steady. She sensed the opening and mounted his cock, slowly but surely taking all of him inside her.

 She let out a loud moan as he finally filled her up, stretching her. They stopped for a few seconds, trying to make sure nobody heard them. She held onto him tightly as he was fully inside her, kissing each other wildly as she moved her ass to make him go deep inside her.

The feeling of him inside her was indescribable and just the expression on her face told him a thousand words. She bit his lips hard as she slowly moved her ass, his cock coming out before being sucked into her again. She pulled his face and buried it his between his breasts as she mounted his cock again this time taking him deeper and then started grinding her ass on it. 

His cock was hitting every nook and cranny of her wet pussy, making her feel amazing. She slowly picked up the pace of her grinding, his cock hitting her at various angles, at various speeds, all with the aim of pleasing her craving, wet pussy. 

She pulled him closer and whispered “Oh Abhay! I fucking love riding you, always let me ride you every time we fuck please!”. 

She was shaking her ass furiously and in different directions, making his cock hit her in all the sensitive spots. She was moaning a bit louder now and he decided to keep kissing her, to drown out her moans. She unbuttoned his shirt and sucked on his nipples as she rode him hard as she could.

The bus was hitting speed bumps every now and then and every time it hit a bump, they both jumped off the seat and his cock hit her pussy harder. Her entire body shivered with intense pleasure every time he hit her so hard. Jia was waiting for the bumps to come more often and when they came and his cock hit her, it was like a flash of ecstasy pulsing through her entire body.

 She tugged at his hair and made him bury his face in her tits, as she rode him harder and harder with each passing second. He reached for her clit and rubbed it, then making her suck on his fingers as she shook her ass vigorously. With every thrust of her ass on his cock, Abhay was getting closer to his end and she could sense it building up inside her too. 

She held on to him tightly, rubbing her entire body against his, grinding on his cock as hard as she could, making it hit her pussy with brute force. She dug her nails into his back as she sensed him almost there and without any warning he shot his load deep inside her. The moment she sensed that hit her, it was almost like a dam bursting and waves of orgasm washed her entire body.

“That was amazing Abhay!” she whispered in his ears and kissed his mouth, sucking and biting his lips. He kissed her back, cupping her breasts, his cock still inside her.

 She sensed that he was going limp and slowly moved her ass so he could come out. She then sat on his limp cock, kissing him, making him suck her breasts, biting his neck and licking his shoulders, grinding on his cock to wake it up again. He reached for her wet pussy and fingered her, getting his finger deep inside her, soaking it in a mix of both their juices. He then took it out and showed it to her, taking it in his mouth and sucking it off, teasing her.

 He again stuck it inside her pussy and got it wet, pulling it out this time and before he could move she quickly took it in her mouth and sucked on it. 

“You are such a horny girl Jia!” he whispered as she bit his lips. 

He was slowly getting hard again and she rubbed her ass harder on his cock, getting it hard enough to enter her again. She slowly mounted it, as he sucked on her shoulder and licked her neck. Once he was fully inside her, she rode him harder than before, knowing fully well he’d last longer this time.

He held her down firmly by her shoulders and pounded her from below, biting her lips hard as he did that. She loved how he took over and rammed his cock deep into her, hitting her on all the right spots. His mouth was devouring her neck, shoulders, lips and breasts, alternating on each one of them. 

“Oh Abhay! We should fuck more often outside closed doors, this feels so fucking amazing” she whispered into his ears.

 He looked into her eyes and replied “Of course it does, babe. I will play more often with you outside the house from now” and bit her lips hard.

 After some hardcore fucking, they finally came one after the other, both of them panting, sweaty but pleased as fuck. He checked the time and there was still almost 2 hours to get to the city. They continued playing and fucking, their bodies entwined as one, their fluids mixing both in their mouths and inside her pussy.

 As they got closer to the city and they came together one more time, she said “Let’s stop! We need to get back to our seats”.

She got off his lap and sat next to him, she took her panties and wiped his cock clean off her juices, she then used it to wipe her pussy.  She then sucked his cock for a while, playing with his balls and looking up at him as she was torturing his cock, by making him hard for the last time.

 She then got up, made him smell his panties dripping with their juices, and then threw it on to the road.

 She kissed him and said “I can’t wait to go home without panties, your cum still dripping onto my thighs”.

He got dressed and they both moved forward, settling down in their original seats, acting as if they were asleep.

They soon got home and Jia’s mom woke them both up. “Are we there already?” Jia asked half asleep. Only Abhay knew how asleep she really had been.

Jiju and me

Piya was in bed browsing and texting her friends. She had a tiring day at college and didn’t feel like going downstairs for dinner. “Are you coming down for dinner? I am hungry and I need to login to work after this” her sister texted from below. 

“I am too tired, please send it up with the servant” she replied to her sister. 

“But I will have to eat alone, even your Jiju isn’t home yet” her sister replied. 

“Please Di, let me eat in my room” Piya replied.

 In a couple of minutes there was a knock on her door and the servant placed the dinner on the table and left. Piya got up from the bed lazily, finished her dinner and kept the tray outside her room for the servant to take it back. She heard footsteps and thought it might be her Di coming to check on her, but she was surprised to see her Jiju. 

“Hi Jiju, what are you doing here? Di is in the house” she smiled at him naughtily.

“She doesn’t know I’m in the house yet” Rohit winked at her and got into bed with her.

 “But she might suddenly walk in on us Jiju” Piya protested. 

“Then everything will be out in the open” he replied and got on top of her, pressing her hands down and started to kiss her. 

She was silenced by his lips as she could feel his warm breath all over her face, his hands moving all over her body, touching, pressing. caressing. She kissed him back with equal fervor, biting his lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth, letting him suck on it. She put her hands around his neck and pulled him closer, his muscular frame almost crushing her petite body underneath. They continued kissing as he hiked her tank top up all the way, starting to squeeze her perky breasts, twirling her nipples.

Piya reached for his trousers, unzipped them and started rubbing on his cock over the boxers as he now started kissing her neck, sucking on it, biting her ears and whispering into her ears “I want you every night, not just when your Di isn’t around. I don’t care if she catches us.” 

“Oh Jiju, do you want me so bad? Am I the forbidden fruit for you?” she teased him. 

He now made his way down and started squeezing her breasts together, and then sucking on both her erect nipples at once.

 “Oh Jiju, don’t make me moan, Di will hear us” she cried out and started moaning.

 She couldn’t control her moans as he continued to suck on her breasts hard while unbuttoning her hot pants and putting one hand between her legs. Her breath was getting heavier with all his kissing, sucking and touching. She could feel the tingling sensation building up in her pussy and making it’s way all the way up her back.

Piya pulled the blanket up all the way to cover them both, as he now moved down from her breasts and started licking and sucking her navel. His firm hand was squeezing her breasts while the other hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy over her lace panties. Piya wanted to control her moans, but with all the action every inch of her body was getting, she was failing miserably. The way she was moaning and the way her body was responding to him, only made Rohit go harder at her boobs and pussy. He finally made his way down to her pussy, he pulled her panties to one side and started licking her pussy lips.

 The feeling of his tongue on her pussy sent a shiver down her spine as she started to moan louder than before. Her one hand was squeezing her breasts, kneading them like dough while the other hand was busy assisting his tongue in pleasing her pussy. Her body was shivering uncontrollably as he continued teasing and pleasing her.

He now inserted a finger inside her tight wet pussy, it slid right in. He pushed it in deeper till he found her sensitive spot. He then started finger fucking her, hitting her on that spot again and again as his tongue was licking and sucking on her pussy lips. She was tugging at his hair, pushing his face deeper into her pussy as his other hand was playing with her breasts, making them heavier. 

“Oh Jiju! You’re just killing me, How can I resist you if you play with me like this?” she cried out. 

He looked up into her eyes and said “I don’t want you to resist. If you resist me, all my hard work is for nothing” and continued sucking and licking her pussy.

 He took his wet finger from inside her pussy and sucked on it as she looked into his eyes. “Oh Jiju!” she moaned and this time he made her suck on his finger, her body shivering as she tasted herself. He sucked on his wet finger and made her suck on it alternately, all the while licking and sucking her pussy, getting her wetter. They suddenly heard footsteps in a distance and both stopped doing what they were doing, Rohit lied down flat on the bed and Piya covered him fully with the blanket.

There was a knock on the door and Piya said “Come in” after making sure he was covered properly.

 Her sister walked in and asked “What are you doing? I can hear noises downstairs”. 

Piya gave a sheepish smile and said “I was browsing stuff”. 

“What stuff?” her Di asked. 

“Oh Come on Di! Don’t tell me you’ve never browsed such stuff, now please go and let me do it in peace” she laughed at her Di. 

“Your Jiju isn’t home yet and I’m very tired, I’ll probably sleep. Don’t do it too much, it’s not good for health” and smiled. 

“Ok Di! Good night, now please go and sleep” Piya couldn’t wait for her Di to leave the room. 

As soon as her Di left the room and closed the door behind her, Rohit started finger fucking and licking Piya’s pussy again. He was back at pinching her nipples, devouring her whole body as if he owned it forever. 

“Oh Jiju! We almost got caught and you still don’t wanna stop making me moan so loud” Piya said to her Jiju. 

“I just want you too bad, I don’t care if we get caught” he replied and continued eating her out, now spanking her pussy lips hard.

After eating her out for some more time and getting her wet, he then bent her over on the bed and started spanking her as he continued finger fucking her. 

“Ouch! That hurts Jiju, don’t punish me so much”. 

“That is for teasing me everyday wearing short clothes and running around the house, knowing fully well I’d want to fuck you every day”. 

“But that’s not such a bad thing Jiju! You wouldn’t have fucked me if I didn’t tease you” she cried out as he continued spanking her hard, biting and sucking on her back, her neck. 

He was rubbing her clit pretty hard and fingering her as he grabbed her breasts from behind and slapped them hard, her entire body turning red with his biting, sucking and licking. Her pussy was dripping wet by now aching for his cock to take it. After spanking her for a while, he then lied down on the bed and and made her lie on top of him in the opposite direction. Her pussy was over his face and his cock was under her face. 

Piya instantly pulled down his boxers, took his cock in her hands and started stroking it. “Oh Yes! You know how to play with my cock Piya” .

 She then took his cock in her mouth, sucking on it hard “Oh Jiju! I love sucking your cock, it makes me feel so sexy”.

 Rohit was tongue fucking her pussy pretty hard now, going all the way inside her.

Piya rubbed her breasts hard on his body as she was massaging his balls, taking his cock and making it hit her cheeks hard, deep throating it, till his balls were up against her lips. It felt as if his cock had grown harder inside her mouth, his tongue was devouring the wetness inside her pussy, tasting it, hitting the delicate spots, making her squirm and moan. Her moans lost inside her mouth as his cock had filled it up, stretching it to the limit. He continued spanking her ass, turning it red, her pussy lips spread by his tongue, the juices flowing into his mouth as he slurped on them before taking them in. He inserted two fingers inside her and finger fucked her as her mouth was taking full toll on his cock, both of them getting closer to a climax. Her body was convulsing furiously as he continued finger fucking her, his cock now fucking her mouth pretty hard. 

He realized she was getting close and decided to let go at the same time. As her orgasm started hitting her, he let go and shot his load in her mouth. Cum was dripping off her lips as she struggled to swallow it all at once. She used her fingers and wiped the cum off of her face, then sucking on those cum filled fingers. His mouth was filled with her juices as well, he turned her around and made her lie on top, kissing her deep, sucking and licking, exchanging the fluids completely.

He lifted her up and carried her to the shower, while taking off both their clothes. She wrapped her legs around him, her delicate body holding on to him tight as he turned the shower on. The hot water hit both of them at once, dripping off their tired, yet satisfied bodies together. He started kissing her and sucking the water off of her body, running his mouth and tongue all over her mouth, shoulders, neck and then breasts. She held on to him tight, her legs wrapped around his waist, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him wildly. He then moved down to her taut nipples, biting them hard between his teeth, her moans echoing in the shower.

 She was sure Di couldn’t hear them now, so she let go and was moaning pretty loud. 

“Oh Jiju! You are the first man to tease and please me like this, none of my boyfriends could tease me so much. No wonder, I don’t wanna fuck just you and none of those boys anymore. ” 

“You can fuck them if you want, I don’t care. I know I can still have you anytime I want” he whispered in her ears.

Piya reached out for his cock and started stroking it, she could sense the hardness building up again. Rohit pinned her to the wall and pressed his crotch against her pussy, rubbing against it, teasing it as he was sucking and licking her breasts pretty hard by now.  She was stroking him hard, massaging his balls, as he kissed her mouth, biting on her lips, nibbling on her ears, whispering into her ears “We should fuck in the shower more often” and then sucked on the water droplets on her shoulders. 

The way he was sucking on her naked body just felt so sexy to her and she pushed his head deeper into her breasts, making him suck on them harder. His cock was now ready to take her as she continued stroking it, playing with his balls, making it ache for her pleasure hole. He kissed her mouth hard and started rubbing his dick head up against her pussy lips. 

“Oh Jiju! Please don’t tease me so much, I want you inside me right now” she moaned. 

He decided not to tease her anymore and entered her pussy, he slid right in as she was soaking wet by now. He went all the way in, till his balls hit her pussy lips.

Piya held onto him tightly as he stretched her tight pussy, staying deep inside her, letting her feel him filling her up. She was moaning as he slowly pulled out and thrusted harder, she pulled him closer, her breasts being squeezed by his hairy chest. 

She dug her nails into his back and cried “Harder Jiju! Fuck me harder! Just like only you can”. 

He pulled out and started thrusting harder, her whole body shaking to his thrusts, their mouths meeting in passionate kisses, her arms around his neck. Not even air could get between them as he started thrusting harder and harder. 

“Oh Jiju! Just like that, just like that” she cried out and moaned, as he propped her up against the wall and really started pounding her pussy as hard as he could. 

She was feeling up his biceps and running her hands on his ass, pulling him into her. He bit her lips hard, sucking on them as he rammed his cock again and again into her. He could sense the pressure building in his balls, he bit her nipples again and again as he fucked her. 

“I am close Jiju” she whispered in his ears and he nodded, gearing up for the final push, now thrusting faster without pulling out too much. The intensity with which he was thrusting was visible on his face as she pulled him and kissed him deeply. He finally let go inside her, and she came with him too moaning out loud. 

She bit his lips hard and sucked on his tongue, whispered in his ears “You should go now, Di must be wondering where you are”.

The boss who punished me

“When are you coming home?” Sarika got a text. 

“I’m waiting for my manager to sign off on the report I sent, I will start as soon as he does that”, she replied to her boyfriend. 

“Okay, I’ll get something from outside for dinner, see you soon :*”, he replied. 

Sarika continued browsing and chatting with friends, wondering when her manager would let her go home. She had changed jobs recently and her new manager Ritesh was a nice guy, but a workaholic. She ended up spending a lot more time at work because of that, but she didn’t mind spending more time with him. Ritesh was married, but he was handsome, fit and looked younger than his age. Sarika never let go of any opportunities to flirt with him, and he flirted back with equal interest, but it never went beyond that. Sarika thought maybe he was just the harmless flirt type and wouldn’t go beyond that, which was fine by her. 

“Can you please come to my cabin”, she got a ping from Ritesh.

 “Finally” she thought to herself and walked into her cabin. She was wearing a pencil skirt and a tight blouse, the top two buttons were left open as always giving a slight view of her cleavage. Sarika loved the idea of flaunting what she had and making guys yearn for it.

“Yes Sir, tell me. Is everything fine with the report” she asked once she entered his cabin. 

He was working on his laptop and signaled her to sit. Sarika sat down and he continued working, without even looking at her. He finally shut his laptop down and said “Yeah, the report looks fine. Good work as always. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

 “What is it sir?” she asked. 

” I am very impressed with the work you’re doing, so keep up the good work.” 

“Thank you sir!” she replied. 

“But I have noticed that you like teasing guys and I don’t appreciate that kind of behavior at the workplace.” 

Sarika was a bit taken aback, she didn’t expect him to raise this topic suddenly. She mumbled “But I have never teased anyone”. 

“Don’t lie to me Sarika, last Friday you wore a tank top and jeans, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Even today, look at you, if you leave two buttons open like that, how can guys around you focus on work” he admonished her. 

“But this is how I dress, I can’t change and dress all covered up just because the guys around me are such despos” she sounded defiant.

 “Alright fine, dress the way you want to, but there is a penalty for that which I have decided to impose” he replied.
“What is the penalty sir?” she asked, Ritesh got up from his chair and sat on the table closer to her and grabbed her right boob.

 “This is the penalty” he replied as he cupped it and continued pressing it.

 “What are you doing sir? This is not right” Sarika said feebly as he continued squeezing her breast.

 “Why is it not right? Is it right that you tease me everyday and I can’t do anything in return? This is the penalty and you have to do as I say” he replied and started to kiss her. 

Sarika thought for a second about her boyfriend, but this unexpected opportunity seemed too good to pass up, so she kissed him back. He sucked on her lips, bit them gently and started sucking on her tongue as he climbed down from the table and started unbuttoning her blouse while standing. He pulled the blouse outside her skirt and let it stay on with buttons open, her black lace bra teasing him.

 “Did I tell you how good of a dressing sense you have” he whispered into her ears as he continued kissing her and fondling her breasts.

 “You just flirt, you never said anything till now” she complained. 

“I was busy with work and now seemed like a good time to make my move” he replied, unhooking her bra. He sat on the chair next to her, unzipped her skirt and made her sit in his lap.

He removed her hair clip and let her hair fall over her shoulders and started to suck on her breasts, slurping on her nipples, biting them as she tugged at his hair and pushed his face deeper into her breasts.

 “I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I saw you”, he said as he was sucking her nipples non stop. 

“I didn’t think you were such a perv” she teased him.

 “I’m a perv only when it comes to you” he shot back and bit her nipples harder. 

“Ouch, don’t leave marks, my boyfriend will notice” she pleaded with him. 

“Let him know you’re my property now” he shot back.

 “I can be your plaything, but I still love him” she replied.

 “Okay, let’s stop talking now” he said and put his hands between her legs, rubbing her pussy over her panties. 

“Oh sir! I want you right now, you’re good at teasing me” she moaned. 

He let her skirt drop down to the floor and then made her wrap her legs around him on the chair, letting her grind on his already  hard cock. He continued sucking her breasts as she started grinding harder on his cock, making him harder and harder.
She continued grinding on him for a while and then suddenly got up from his lap. She was just wearing the blouse with buttons open and panties, her shoes were still on. They didn’t even care that they could be seen, they just wanted to play so badly. She took his hands and walked him to the corner of his cabin, made him stand with his back to the wall and got down on her knees in front of him. 

“Now let’s see if this penalty is really worth my time” she looked up into his eyes and teased him. 

She then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and put her hand inside, rubbing his cock over the boxers. He started grunting a little as she continued stroking him and then she pulled down his boxers too along with his pants on to the floor. She then got a good luck at his cock, in it’s full glory staring right at her. 

“Wow, it seems angry! Let’s make it angrier” she smiled and started licking it from his dick head all the way along his shaft down to his balls. She continued licking as he held her by the hair and guided her mouth onto his cock. After licking his shaft for a while, she finally took his cock inside her mouth.

She took it all the way in, holding it at the base, her saliva making his entire shaft wet. She let it linger in her mouth for a few seconds, her mouth almost choking on it and then pulled out. His cock was now glistening with her saliva, and she loved how sexy and inviting it looked. 

“I’ve never tasted married cock before, you must consider yourself lucky” she looked into his eyes and winked. 

“This will be the only married cock you ever taste” he said as if it was an order.

 “Yes sir, I will make sure of that” she replied and continued sucking on his cock, taking it as deep as she could every time, her saliva making his cock shine every time she took it out. She was playing with his balls too, now picking up the pace and making his cock hit her throat and cheeks hard.

 “Fuck my mouth sir! Please, I want you to” she pleaded with him as she took his cock out.
He held her face by the hair, placed one hand on her shoulder, holding her down firm and started fucking her mouth, going all the way in, till his balls were hitting her lips. He was gentle at first, but then picked up pace, hitting her cheeks and throat real hard, her hair being pulled, her eyes almost popping out at the force of his face fucking. She reached down to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy as he pounded her face, the sensation of a spray getting closer and closer with his each stroke.

 She was rubbing her pussy hard as he finally shot wave after wave of hot cum all over her face, eyes, dripping down her cheeks onto her chin. 

She looked up at him through her cum filled eyes and said “Thank you sir, that was the best facial I’ve ever gotten. I hope to get many more of these” and started running her fingers all over her face, wiping down the cum. 

She then sucked and licked those fingers tasting his seed and said “You taste good sir! My boyfriend doesn’t taste so delicious”.

He then made her stand up and kissed her mouth, sucking on her tongue, getting a taste of himself. He then made her sit on his desk, legs spread wide open, the blouse still on, with a good view of her boobs. He pulled her panties down all the way to her ankles, and then started rubbing her pussy. He continued kissing her, sucking on her nipples, biting them, sucking and biting her shoulders and neck. He was pulling her hair as he continued to rub her pussy, then spreading her pussy lips. 

She was pretty wet by now and his finger action only made her wetter. He then got down on his knees, with his face right between her legs and started eating her out. He licked her pussy lips with long strokes of his tongue, while his other hand was still playing with her breasts. He then stuck one finger inside her pussy, going as deep as he could, his finger drenched by her wetness.

 “Oh God, that feels amazing sir!” she moaned as he started finger fucking and tongue fucking her alternately. He continued to squeeze her breasts, slap her pussy lips, building a frenzy inside her entire body, making her ache for what was to follow.

He then made her get down from the table, bent her over the table, pinned her face down on it and folded her hands behind her back. He took his belt and tied her hands tight, so she couldn’t escape. 

“Oh God! Don’t do this, I want my hands to feel you as you fuck me” she cried out. 

But he had ideas of his own and he continued rubbing her pussy, teasing her, sucking and licking her back, playing with her breasts, turning her on more and more. She badly wanted to touch her and feel her, but she couldn’t. 

She turned her face back and said “Is this the penalty? You’re going to take revenge for all my teasing?”. 

He then pulled out a marker from the whiteboard nearby and started running it over her pussy lips. She was moaning pretty loudly by now as the teasing was getting unbearable with every passing second. He then inserted the marker inside her pussy and fucked her pussy with it. 

“Oh fuck! Stop teasing me. Please fuck me sir!” she pleaded with him.

 He continued fucking her with the marker and then pulled it out. He then put the marker in her mouth and made her suck it, giving her a taste of her juices. “I taste yummy” she exclaimed and then he sucked on her tongue getting a taste from there.

He again started rubbing her pussy with one hand, his cock was hard already by now, waiting for a chance to plunder her pussy. 

“Please untie me, I won’t tease you so much again, I will do whatever you say sir!”. 

He did not relent and then when his cock was ready, he pressed it up against her pussy lips, feeling the entrance with his dick head. Her pussy was soaking wet by now, ripe for the taking and he could easily go in now. 

He whispered in her ears “You will be punished like this every time we fuck, what you do or don’t do doesn’t really matter” and continued rubbing his cock head on her pussy lips. 

Her whole body was aching so bad for his cock by now and on top of that the fact that she could not touch him, drove her crazier.

 “Oh please Sir! Take me now, I want you inside me”, she cried out looking into his eyes.

 He finally entered her pussy, sliding his cock in smoothly as her pussy was soaking wet by now. He went all the way in, stayed there for a few seconds, allowed her pussy to feel stretched and then pulled out. He pinned her face down on to the desk and then thrusted again, harder this time, making her whole body feel the brute force of his thrust.

Waves of pleasure surged through her entire body as he continued thrusting deep into her pussy, his balls slapping against her butt. He was pulling her hair, biting her shoulders, choking her a little as he started pounding her real hard. 

He whispered into her ears “This is the real penalty my toy! This will be the penalty every time I decide that you’ve teased me and I need to punish you” and started spanking her hard.

 “Ouch! Fuck!” she cried out as he continued spanking her with his every deep thrust, now fucking her as hard as he could, starting to pant, but still fucking her relentlessly. She was moaning loud as they got closer to the climax. He finally untied her hands and continued pounding her, she reached for his butt and pushed him deeper into her. 

He could sense the end nearer and whispered to her “Let’s come together”, her entire body was pulsating in wild pleasure and he then said “Let go”. His grunt and her loud moan echoed inside the cabin as they came together in a shattering orgasm at the same time. 

He stayed on top of her as cum dripped down her legs from her pussy, she whispered into his ears “My boyfriend will not be able to fuck me tonight, I’m too exhausted” and kissed his mouth. 

“Maybe you should tell him Thursdays will be busy from now on, you have the weekly report review with me” he kissed her back.

 “You are such a perv, I would’ve never guessed” she laughed.

Movie, Popcorn, Cum

“Where are you?” Ira texted Kabir, she didn’t get a reply. 

She was waiting near the box office and the movie was about to start in 15 minutes. She hated this habit of his, which was making her wait for their every date. He had a way with words and his touch had special powers, which is how he got away with being such a lazy boyfriend. She tried calling him a couple of times, but there was no response. She sighed and stood there, mad at him and then he finally came.

 He gave her a quick hug and peck on the cheek, she pushed him away and said “Do not talk to me”. 

She started walking into the cinema hall, he walked behind her, checking her out. She was in a tank top and a short skirt, a smile crept across his face as he saw that she had dressed in his favorite clothes. They both went and settled down in their seats, the lights had gone off and the advertisements began. It was an early morning show and the movie had been running for quite some time, so the hall was pretty empty. Kabir tried to take her hand into his and hold it, but she pushed him away.

“I am sorry darling, there was a lot of traffic and you know bad it can get. I promise I won’t be so late next time” he said. 

“If you knew it would be so bad, why did you not start early” she countered. 

“I am lazy, so I woke up late, I can’t help it. Now please don’t sulk and talk to me” he replied. 

Ira finally decided to let it go and kept quiet. He again tried to take her hand into his and this time she held his hand. He took her hand, kissed it and said “I missed touching and kissing you”. 

“What a drama king you are, did you forget what you did a couple of nights ago at my place, when my parents were asleep?” she replied naughtily. 

“How can I forget, that was the best sex ever” he replied while placing his hand on her thigh and running it all over. 

“Are you sure you want it to be the best sex ever, that’s the first time we had sex” she replied. 

“Well let’s just say, I always strive to better myself” he laughed. 

By now, his hand had reached much deeper into her skirt touching her inner thighs, rubbing her smooth skin and touching where she wanted to be touched. There was nobody sitting in any rows close to them, except for a few people who were sitting much ahead, making it easier for them to get touchy.

Ira kissed him back and slid her tongue into his mouth, letting him suck on it as he undid her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders. He continued sucking and biting on her lips as his hand now reached for her pussy, finding it’s way between her legs to it’s ultimate destination. He started rubbing on her pussy over her panties, while they continued to kiss, her hands now reaching for his crotch and rubbing on his hardness, making it harder by the minute. The movie had begun, but both of them were in no condition to pay any attention to it, they just wanted to touch, kiss, suck and lick each other. The kissing and rubbing continued till Kabir decided to move things along. He made her sit in his lap and put his hands under her skirt, slowly pulling down her panties.

 Ira was wearing heels and the panties got stuck in them, before she pulled them out completely. He was kissing her neck and bare shoulders, sucking on them while he sniffed on the panties. They smelled of her, his favorite smell  in the whole world, her juices getting it slightly wet.  He sniffed at it for a while and then folded them neatly and kept them in his pocket. He then took her top off, unhooked her bra and sucked on her nipples, biting them in between, slurping on them.

Ira wanted to stop him as she was scared that someone might see, but she was too horny by now and the idea of doing something so publicly turned her on more than ever. She tugged at his hair and pushed him between her breasts as he continued kissing, sucking, licking, biting everywhere. She started grinding on his cock, rocking her ass, making his erection get harder as they were hugged so tight, kissed and licked so hard. He then made her sit in his lap facing the screen, let her wear the top again, but kept her bra in his pocket again. 

He then made her spread her legs a little, and slowly moved his hands towards her pussy. He grabbed it hard, his other hand on her ass, squeezing it, slapping it as she started moaning. 

“Oh Kabir! You’re turning me into such a dirty girl, making me do all these things I never imagined I’d do”, she whispered. 

“Do you want me to stop? Shall we be good kids again and watch the movie?”, he replied naughtily. 

“Don’t you dare stop now, I’m horny as fuck” she almost yelled at him.

Kabir laughed and continued rubbing her pussy, finding her clit and rubbing it, grabbing and spanking her ass from behind, pulling her hair and biting her ear as he continued to tease the fuck out of her. Ira didn’t care any longer that somebody could be watching them, this feeling was too good to let go of.

 “It’s dark, even if they see us, they can’t see our faces” she told herself and continued grinding on his cock. Kabir slowly stuck one finger inside her pussy, the wetness engulfing it as soon as he entered her. He slowly moved it around inside her, the tightness creating so much friction, her moans getting drowned in the movie’s action sequences. 

He fingered her for a while and then pulled it out and she turned back to see what he’d do with it. He looked into her eyes and sucked on it, like a happy kid sucking on his favorite lollipop. She took his face in her hands and kissed him, biting his lips, sucking on his tongue, getting a taste of herself. His finger went back into her pussy, fingering her with more force this time, making sure it was drenched with her juices. He pulled it out again and then sucked on it, she kissed him again and sucked his tongue, tasting herself, loving how much it turned her on.

He stuck it back inside her, twirling it, reaching for the corners of her pussy, making her moan and squirm, getting it fully wet before pulling it out. This time before he could suck on his finger, she pounced on it and sucked it with glee. He was a bit taken aback, but then smiled at how turned on she was. 

“I want more of myself”, she whispered in his ears. 

He fingered her again and again, pulling it out for her to suck on it, tasting her juices over and over. He couldn’t believe this was the same girl who denied him sex till 2 nights ago, now sucking on her own pussy juices in a cinema hall. It continued till he realized it was close to interval time, he made her sit in her seat. The lights came on and she looked at him as if nothing had happened, only the slightly out of position clothes of her’s giving any clue as to what had transpired.  

“What do you wanna eat?” he asked her, she replied naughtily “You”. 

“There’s time for that” he smiled and went out to get something. He came back with some pop corn and a cola, settled back into his seat, waiting for the lights to go off, so he could play with his toy again.

He had started munching on the popcorn and she was munching too. Soon, the lights went out and she whispered to him “I want you in my mouth”.

 Before he could say anything, she turned sideways in her seat and started unbuttoning his jeans, his cock had gone back to sleep with the interval it got after the action. She unzipped his jeans and put her hand inside, slowly rubbing his cock over his boxers. His one hand was on her head, guiding it towards his crotch while his other hand was squeezing her breasts pretty hard. Kabir was hard again in no time and she pulled his jeans and boxers down a bit as she wanted a good look at his balls. She played with them as she continued stroking his cock, making it harder, then she licked his shaft from top to bottom. Kabir sighed in pleasure as she continued licking his shaft, stroke after stroke, while massaging his balls. 

He closed his eyes and threw his head back, enjoying all the attention he was getting as she took his cock in her mouth, slowly sucking on it, till it was all the way inside her. His balls were now touching his lips as she almost choked on his thickness. She still didn’t let go and let his full cock stay inside her mouth, before slowly pulling it out. “Oh Ira, my favorite cocksucker, please suck me like the crazy girl you are” he said.

She looked up at his face and their eyes met, the hunger in each other clearly visible as she took his cock back inside her, this time letting it hit her cheeks hard. She was massaging his balls non stop as his cock filled her mouth up, going deep inside her. She was enjoying choking and gagging on it, sucking him harder and deeper with each passing second. Kabir had enough by now and decided to take matters into his own hands.

 He held her head by the hair and now started fucking her mouth hard, hitting her cheeks and throat deep. She didn’t expect him to take control, but she loved how hard he was fucking her mouth, so she let him continue. She played with his balls, running her hands over his hair chest, pinching his nipples, looking up into his eyes at her lover, as he fucked her mouth like there was no tomorrow. He continued fucking her mouth, while hiking up her skirt and caressed her bare ass. She knew what was coming next and braced for it, as he spanked her hard. If there was anybody close by they could have easily heard, but by now both of them didn’t care. He continued spanking her and fucking her mouth hard, till the pressure built up in his balls and he wanted to let go.

Without any warning, he came inside her mouth, filling her up with his warm seed. She looked up at him, not knowing what to do with it as he said to her “I want you to swallow, my love.”

 She obeyed him and stuck her tongue out, showing him how much she was swallowing, before taking it all in. There was a hint of cum towards the edge of her lips, she stuck her tongue out and took it all in, wiping her lips too with her tongue, all clean with no signs of what nastiness she was up to. She than sat up in her chair, pulling him closer and kissing his mouth, sucking on his tongue, giving him a taste of himself. There was still some time for the movie to end, so Kabir decided to keep the games going. 

Her pussy had gone a little dry without any attention, so he hiked up her skirt, all the way to her waist, made her spread her legs while sitting in her seat and then started rubbing her again. She was wet in no time and then he took some pop corn and stuck it inside her wet pussy, getting it soaked with her juices, then showed it to her “Do you want it? It’s got Ira’s juices as topping” and then ate it. 

She couldn’t believe how creative he could get when it came to sex, he continued doing the same and after some time she ate Ira’s juicy popcorn too. He continued touching her everywhere, kissing her everywhere till the movie came to a close and then both of them adjusted their clothes and walked out.

She felt so hot and nasty, she could smell the cum on her and the idea of that with so many people turned her on. They got into the elevator, it was pretty crowded. Kabir stood behind her and then slowly put his hands inside her skirt, grabbing her ass. It was too crowded for anyone to notice. She loved how he could keep the juices flowing and soon enough they were in his car in the parking lot. It was parked in a corner behind a transformer and nobody could see them till they came behind it. He got in the driver’s seat, adjusted the steering wheel and the seat, pushing it back. 

He made her sit on his lap facing him, kissing her hard, sucking on her tongue as he hiked her top, cupping and sucking on her breasts. She started moaning and started grinding on his cock, to show how much she wanted him. He sucked her tongue, sucked on her neck and licked her shoulders, grabbing and spanking her bare ass. His every touch was driving her closer to insanity as she said “Kabir! I want you to take me right here right now. I don’t care if anyone sees us. Please fuck me now.”

He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock out, teasing her pussy with it as he continued sucking on her nipples, biting them, digging his teeth into them. Her hands were inside his t shirt, running all over his back, tugging at his hair, imploring him to fuck her. He finally relented and entered her slowly, till he was all the way in, his balls up against her pussy lips. She gasped and moaned in pleasure as he stretched her tight pussy, digging her nails into his back as he moved his hips while still inside her, hitting her pussy walls, making her feel him fully.

 She then pushed back on his chest and pulled out from his cock, then pushing onto it again, slowly riding him as he buried his face between her breasts, getting lost in them, sucking and licking. She took control and was now riding him hard as the moans were echoing inside the car. “Oh Kabir! I don’t know how you me so crazy and horny for you all the time” she cried out as she was now riding him pretty hard. 

His cock in and out of her, the friction between them escalating the pleasure for both of them. She rode him harder and harder, till both of them were pretty close and she cried “I want to cum, please cum with me lover!”. 

He kissed her mouth and said “Let go” and both of them let go, the waves of an intense orgasm washing both of them up. They both were panting, sweaty, smelling of cum and Ira said “This is the best I’ve ever smelled, make me smell like this every time lover”, biting his ear.


P.S. If you wanna know what happened at Ira’s home two nights earlier, please read the story “Let’s fuck quietly”.