Sex under the stars

“When will we reach?” asked Rasika with a hint of irritation in her voice. 

Arjun was focused on the road and replied “Soon, just few more minutes” looking at her with a smiling face. 

The ghat road was winding and Arjun had to focus on it intensely, although he wanted to touch her while driving. He was saving it all up for the time once they reach the resort in the mountains. Rasika put her feet up on the bonnet and ran her fingers over his hand on the gear rod, he looked at her for an instant and smiled. 

“Can’t wait eh?”, he asked.

 “Yes, I want you all to myself for these three days. I don’t want any of your students or your wife to disturb us”, she replied. 

“Why are you so jealous? Trust me, I’m only teaching them guitar, not teaching anything extra like I’m teaching you”, he winked at her.

 “Who knows, how many extra classes you are taking for your other pretty students and how many weekend classes in the mountains” she teased him back.

They finally reached the resort, checked in and got to the room. It was almost sunset and they could see the brilliant sun going down slowly from the huge balcony attached to their room. They stayed there for sometime watching the sunset, his hands finally on her waist, running all over her back as he pulled her closer poking her ass from behind. He kissed her neck, while squeezing her breasts from behind. She was moaning slightly as he continued running his hands all over her breasts, pinching her nipples over her top, sliding it off of her shoulders, kissing and sucking on her shoulders.

 “Are you going to do everything here in the open? What if somebody sees us” she asked feebly.

 “Let them enjoy the show, I’m using you as my guitar and giving them a performance”, he replied. 

“No, please play me inside, I can’t do it here” she begged.

 “Okay, Okay, I’ll take you inside” he finally agreed and walked her into the room, while continuing to play with her breasts, kissing her everywhere he could find her bare skin.

He took her top off and pushed her to the wall, kissing and sucking her neck, biting her bare shoulders as he cupped her breasts. He unhooked her bra and let it fall down on the floor as he started sucking on her taut nipples, alternating between biting and sucking on them. Her hands were in his hair, pushing his face between her gorgeous milky white breasts which had been waiting all day to be fondled by her favorite guitar teacher. He kept sucking and unzipped her jeans, pulling it down, sliding his hand between her legs. 

He rubbed her pussy over her panties, feeling the tension between her legs. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard, while continuing to suck on her breasts. She reached for his jeans and found her way to his erection, rubbing on it over his pants. He sucked and bit her nipples harder as she unzipped his jeans and stroked his cock inside his boxers. He let her take her jeans off, lifted her up around his waist and pinned her to the wall, sucking and biting her breasts, digging his teeth into them as she moaned and squirmed.

He continued this for a while and then carried her into the washroom. There was a huge bathtub in it, he made her sit on the counter, touching and squeezing her as he turned on the water into the tub and started a bubble bath in it. He pulled her around his waist and sucked on her breasts some more, kissed and sucked her neck and shoulders, untied her hair and let it loose. He undressed her completely, sniffing on her black lace panties after he took them off, her pussy juices already getting it wet. 

He then carried her to the tub and gently let her slide into the tub. He took his clothes off and got into the tub, sitting near her face on the tub edge, washing her naked body with the bubbles, running his hands all over her from head to toe, touching, pressing, squeezing every inch of her. Rasika closed her eyes and was enjoying the bath she was getting, her mouth agape and moaning slightly every time he touched her breasts or her pussy. He lingered around them more than the other areas, getting non stop moans as his hands admired and adored them.

Arjun then got into the tub and on top of her, holding the edge of the bath tub as he started sucking on her breasts, running his tongue all over them, biting her erect nipples, while his hand was rubbing her wet pussy. He could sense the wetness inside her pussy, caused by his touch and he wanted to get it wetter.

 “Let’s see how long I can hold my breath” he winked, took a deep breath and dived into the water, his head targeting her pussy. She automatically spread her legs a little wider as he dived head first and started licking her thighs, while his hands were playing with her breasts. He then parted her pussy lips and slid his tongue into her as deep as he could, sucking and licking vigorously. He couldn’t stay down any longer and put his head out to catch his breath, he was panting by now, but the look on her face was worth all the breathlessness in the world. 

She pulled him up and kissed his mouth, sucking on his tongue and then whispered in his ears “More sir, I need more!”, He smiled and dived back into her pussy, this time inserting his finger inside it, running it all over inside it, make her moan as he tongue and finger fucked her alternately. Her hands were on his head, pushing it deeper between her legs as she moaned non stop enjoying his tongue and fingers inside her.

Arjun continued eating her out till he got breathless again and had to come up above.  He kissed her again as she made him sit back opposite him, and then got on top of him, stroking his cock, making it harder than it was already. She rubbed her breasts against his chest, her nipples against his, then sucked on his nipples as she rocked her ass on top of his thick cock, teasing it. He wanted to fuck her, but she wasn’t ready and was resisting his cock’s advances. 

He kissed her mouth and then made her stand up, getting up with her and then took the towel to wipe her body clean. She took the towel and wiped his body clean and they both got out of the tub. He pressed his body against hers, kissing her as they both walked into the room and fell on the bed, him on top of her, kissing her passionately, sucking on her tongue, pressing her breasts, pinching her nipples. She wrapped her legs around his and pulled him into her, inviting his cock to devour her wet pussy. 

He suddenly stopped her and got up from the bed, she asked him “Where are you going? You’ve teased me enough Sir, fuck me already!!”. 

He smiled and said “I want you to close your eyes, no peeping” and went to his bag.

She decided to obey him and closed her eyes, he got back on top of her and said “Don’t open your eyes till I tell you to”, she nodded Yes to him.

 He pulled her hands up to the bedpost together and put the handcuffs he had ordered specially for this weekend.

 “God no, don’t tie me up, I want to touch you” Rasika begged him. 

“Keep your eyes closed” he commanded her as she was wondering what was coming next. Arjun opened the bottle of chocolate sauce he brought with him and poured it on her neck, her breasts, her navel, her thighs, her pussy and her feet. 

“What are you putting on me” Rasika asked, half opening her eyes.

 “Don’t open them yet” he almost shouted at her, and she closed them shut again. He then got on top of her and started licking and sucking the sauce off of her neck, slurping on it as she opened her eyes again. 

“You’re such a devil sir, converted me into a chocolate dessert huh” she said as she reached out to his mouth and kissed him. 

He looked into her eyes, smiled and continued his journey down, now sucking the sauce off of her breasts, running his tongue over her nipples, sucking on them and biting them. He then sucked her navel, licked it, the top half of her body clean now, just with traces of his tongue strokes now remaining.

 “Please eat my pussy and fuck me sir, I can’t hold on any longer” Rasika begged. 

“Not so soon Rasika, I will do it when I want to” he replied and made his way down to her feet.
He started sucking on her toes one by one, then licked the sauce off of her feet as his hands were running all over her body, touching, pressing, squeezing. Her body was in a constant state of flux with all the attention every inch of it was getting. Rasika badly wanted to touch her sexy teacher, but she couldn’t. 

“Please untie my hands” she pleaded with him. Arjun was too deeply engrossed in devouring her body to pay any attention. He was now licking the sauce off of her thighs, the entire body now clean except for the strokes of his tongue and some sauce. He finally parted her legs and licked the sauce off of her pussy,  parting her pussy lips a bit and sticking his tongue inside her. He ran it inside her in various directions, trying to reach every corner of her pussy. Her body was shaking vigorously as he continued eating her out, she was trying to squeeze his head with her thighs, push him deeper into her as her hands were tied.

 He then fingered her pussy for a while, getting her as wet as possible, taking his finger out from time to time, and sucking on it while looking into her eyes. She found it so sexy as he sucked on his fingers filled with her juices. He then fingered her again and got them wet and this time stuck his fingers inside her mouth, she sucked on them like a hungry puppy, sucking on them, licking them and nibbling at them. She tasted like chocolate, she thought to herself.
Arjun then bent her over the bed and asked her “Do you want to be untied?”.

 Rasika moaned “Yes sir, I want to be untied”. 

“You have been a bad girl, you have irritated me all day and you have been rude to me too. What do you think you deserve” Arjun asked her. 

Rasika knew where this was headed and replied “I have been a bad girl sir! I deserve the punishment for being bad, please spank me sir”.

 As soon as she uttered those words, Arjun started spanking her hard. He had long fingers and that made her skin hurt as he continued spanking. 

“Ouch, not so hard sir! You’re hurting me” Rasika cried out. 

“You deserve to be punished, I’m punishing you for being a bad girl” he replied and continued spanking her.

 He then bent and licked her ass cheeks, biting on them hard, leaving his teeth marks on them, while squeezing and pinching her nipples hard.

 “Oh Sir, I have had enough of this punishment, please punish me in the other ways you know so well sir” Rasika pleaded. 

He bit her ass cheeks some more, spanked her one last time and then undid her handcuffs. She pulled his face closer and kissed him hard, sucking on his tongue, biting his lips hard, taking some sort of revenge for her punishment.

 “Your punishment will now continue outdoors” he said and carried her out into the balcony.

“What if someone sees us sir” Rasika whispered into his ears as he pulled a chair and sat on it. 

“It’s dark and even if they see, they will enjoy how I play my guitar” he sucked on her neck as he made her sit in his lap facing him.

 He held her face in his hands and sucked on her lips, nibbling at them, then slid his tongue into her mouth, letting her suck on it. He pulled her hair and kissed and bit her chin, as she hugged him tight, her breasts pressing against his hairy chest. She could feel his hardness poke her ass and wanted him inside her.

 She whispered into his ears “Fuck me sir, fuck me under this beautiful night sky, fuck me under these stars, fuck me till we both cum together, please sir”.

 He then lifted her up slightly and positioned her pussy right at the tip of his dick head, entering her as he continued kissing her, sucking on her breasts, biting her neck and shoulders. Once he was fully in, he stayed there and then slowly started rocking his hips to make her feel his thickness inside her. She let out a loud moan as his dick head hit the right spots inside her, he pulled out slightly and pushed her hips onto his dick, hitting her harder. 

“Oh Sir! You know how to punish me so well” she cried out as he continued thrusting hard into her tight wet pussy. 

After thrusting in that position for a while he made her lie down on her knees without taking his cock from inside her and fucked her hard, squeezing and biting her breasts non stop.

He then lifted her up in his arms, without coming out of her pussy and then positioned her head over the balcony railing, while he was standing, she could look at the stars in the sky, his cock still inside her, as he continued fucking her. She held onto his neck as he pounded her pussy non stop, her body shaking with his every thrust, her nails digging into his back and his ass as he fucked her. He slowed down for about half a minute and let her relax for a bit, still in the same position and then he started fucking her again as he moans filled the night sky.

 She didn’t care anymore that they could be seen or heard, all she wanted was her sir’s thick cock inside her inviting pussy as she kept moaning, egging him on to fuck her harder. 

“Is this the best you can do sir? Is this all the punishment I get” she dared him.

 He took his cock out of her and bent her over the railing, pulling her hair, sliding his cock inside her pussy, spanking her hard as he pounded her pussy. She could feel the pressure build up and sensed that he was close too, she turned around to look into his eyes as he pounded and spanked her mercilessly, she reached for his mouth and kissed him hard, sucking on his tongue as both of them came together, a huge load of his seed deep inside her. The cum was now dripping down her thighs as she looked into his eyes and kissed him whispering “Thank you sir, that was the best punishment any student could ever receive” and bit his ear.


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