Movie, Popcorn, Cum

“Where are you?” Ira texted Kabir, she didn’t get a reply. 

She was waiting near the box office and the movie was about to start in 15 minutes. She hated this habit of his, which was making her wait for their every date. He had a way with words and his touch had special powers, which is how he got away with being such a lazy boyfriend. She tried calling him a couple of times, but there was no response. She sighed and stood there, mad at him and then he finally came.

 He gave her a quick hug and peck on the cheek, she pushed him away and said “Do not talk to me”. 

She started walking into the cinema hall, he walked behind her, checking her out. She was in a tank top and a short skirt, a smile crept across his face as he saw that she had dressed in his favorite clothes. They both went and settled down in their seats, the lights had gone off and the advertisements began. It was an early morning show and the movie had been running for quite some time, so the hall was pretty empty. Kabir tried to take her hand into his and hold it, but she pushed him away.

“I am sorry darling, there was a lot of traffic and you know bad it can get. I promise I won’t be so late next time” he said. 

“If you knew it would be so bad, why did you not start early” she countered. 

“I am lazy, so I woke up late, I can’t help it. Now please don’t sulk and talk to me” he replied. 

Ira finally decided to let it go and kept quiet. He again tried to take her hand into his and this time she held his hand. He took her hand, kissed it and said “I missed touching and kissing you”. 

“What a drama king you are, did you forget what you did a couple of nights ago at my place, when my parents were asleep?” she replied naughtily. 

“How can I forget, that was the best sex ever” he replied while placing his hand on her thigh and running it all over. 

“Are you sure you want it to be the best sex ever, that’s the first time we had sex” she replied. 

“Well let’s just say, I always strive to better myself” he laughed. 

By now, his hand had reached much deeper into her skirt touching her inner thighs, rubbing her smooth skin and touching where she wanted to be touched. There was nobody sitting in any rows close to them, except for a few people who were sitting much ahead, making it easier for them to get touchy.

Ira kissed him back and slid her tongue into his mouth, letting him suck on it as he undid her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders. He continued sucking and biting on her lips as his hand now reached for her pussy, finding it’s way between her legs to it’s ultimate destination. He started rubbing on her pussy over her panties, while they continued to kiss, her hands now reaching for his crotch and rubbing on his hardness, making it harder by the minute. The movie had begun, but both of them were in no condition to pay any attention to it, they just wanted to touch, kiss, suck and lick each other. The kissing and rubbing continued till Kabir decided to move things along. He made her sit in his lap and put his hands under her skirt, slowly pulling down her panties.

 Ira was wearing heels and the panties got stuck in them, before she pulled them out completely. He was kissing her neck and bare shoulders, sucking on them while he sniffed on the panties. They smelled of her, his favorite smell  in the whole world, her juices getting it slightly wet.  He sniffed at it for a while and then folded them neatly and kept them in his pocket. He then took her top off, unhooked her bra and sucked on her nipples, biting them in between, slurping on them.

Ira wanted to stop him as she was scared that someone might see, but she was too horny by now and the idea of doing something so publicly turned her on more than ever. She tugged at his hair and pushed him between her breasts as he continued kissing, sucking, licking, biting everywhere. She started grinding on his cock, rocking her ass, making his erection get harder as they were hugged so tight, kissed and licked so hard. He then made her sit in his lap facing the screen, let her wear the top again, but kept her bra in his pocket again. 

He then made her spread her legs a little, and slowly moved his hands towards her pussy. He grabbed it hard, his other hand on her ass, squeezing it, slapping it as she started moaning. 

“Oh Kabir! You’re turning me into such a dirty girl, making me do all these things I never imagined I’d do”, she whispered. 

“Do you want me to stop? Shall we be good kids again and watch the movie?”, he replied naughtily. 

“Don’t you dare stop now, I’m horny as fuck” she almost yelled at him.

Kabir laughed and continued rubbing her pussy, finding her clit and rubbing it, grabbing and spanking her ass from behind, pulling her hair and biting her ear as he continued to tease the fuck out of her. Ira didn’t care any longer that somebody could be watching them, this feeling was too good to let go of.

 “It’s dark, even if they see us, they can’t see our faces” she told herself and continued grinding on his cock. Kabir slowly stuck one finger inside her pussy, the wetness engulfing it as soon as he entered her. He slowly moved it around inside her, the tightness creating so much friction, her moans getting drowned in the movie’s action sequences. 

He fingered her for a while and then pulled it out and she turned back to see what he’d do with it. He looked into her eyes and sucked on it, like a happy kid sucking on his favorite lollipop. She took his face in her hands and kissed him, biting his lips, sucking on his tongue, getting a taste of herself. His finger went back into her pussy, fingering her with more force this time, making sure it was drenched with her juices. He pulled it out again and then sucked on it, she kissed him again and sucked his tongue, tasting herself, loving how much it turned her on.

He stuck it back inside her, twirling it, reaching for the corners of her pussy, making her moan and squirm, getting it fully wet before pulling it out. This time before he could suck on his finger, she pounced on it and sucked it with glee. He was a bit taken aback, but then smiled at how turned on she was. 

“I want more of myself”, she whispered in his ears. 

He fingered her again and again, pulling it out for her to suck on it, tasting her juices over and over. He couldn’t believe this was the same girl who denied him sex till 2 nights ago, now sucking on her own pussy juices in a cinema hall. It continued till he realized it was close to interval time, he made her sit in her seat. The lights came on and she looked at him as if nothing had happened, only the slightly out of position clothes of her’s giving any clue as to what had transpired.  

“What do you wanna eat?” he asked her, she replied naughtily “You”. 

“There’s time for that” he smiled and went out to get something. He came back with some pop corn and a cola, settled back into his seat, waiting for the lights to go off, so he could play with his toy again.

He had started munching on the popcorn and she was munching too. Soon, the lights went out and she whispered to him “I want you in my mouth”.

 Before he could say anything, she turned sideways in her seat and started unbuttoning his jeans, his cock had gone back to sleep with the interval it got after the action. She unzipped his jeans and put her hand inside, slowly rubbing his cock over his boxers. His one hand was on her head, guiding it towards his crotch while his other hand was squeezing her breasts pretty hard. Kabir was hard again in no time and she pulled his jeans and boxers down a bit as she wanted a good look at his balls. She played with them as she continued stroking his cock, making it harder, then she licked his shaft from top to bottom. Kabir sighed in pleasure as she continued licking his shaft, stroke after stroke, while massaging his balls. 

He closed his eyes and threw his head back, enjoying all the attention he was getting as she took his cock in her mouth, slowly sucking on it, till it was all the way inside her. His balls were now touching his lips as she almost choked on his thickness. She still didn’t let go and let his full cock stay inside her mouth, before slowly pulling it out. “Oh Ira, my favorite cocksucker, please suck me like the crazy girl you are” he said.

She looked up at his face and their eyes met, the hunger in each other clearly visible as she took his cock back inside her, this time letting it hit her cheeks hard. She was massaging his balls non stop as his cock filled her mouth up, going deep inside her. She was enjoying choking and gagging on it, sucking him harder and deeper with each passing second. Kabir had enough by now and decided to take matters into his own hands.

 He held her head by the hair and now started fucking her mouth hard, hitting her cheeks and throat deep. She didn’t expect him to take control, but she loved how hard he was fucking her mouth, so she let him continue. She played with his balls, running her hands over his hair chest, pinching his nipples, looking up into his eyes at her lover, as he fucked her mouth like there was no tomorrow. He continued fucking her mouth, while hiking up her skirt and caressed her bare ass. She knew what was coming next and braced for it, as he spanked her hard. If there was anybody close by they could have easily heard, but by now both of them didn’t care. He continued spanking her and fucking her mouth hard, till the pressure built up in his balls and he wanted to let go.

Without any warning, he came inside her mouth, filling her up with his warm seed. She looked up at him, not knowing what to do with it as he said to her “I want you to swallow, my love.”

 She obeyed him and stuck her tongue out, showing him how much she was swallowing, before taking it all in. There was a hint of cum towards the edge of her lips, she stuck her tongue out and took it all in, wiping her lips too with her tongue, all clean with no signs of what nastiness she was up to. She than sat up in her chair, pulling him closer and kissing his mouth, sucking on his tongue, giving him a taste of himself. There was still some time for the movie to end, so Kabir decided to keep the games going. 

Her pussy had gone a little dry without any attention, so he hiked up her skirt, all the way to her waist, made her spread her legs while sitting in her seat and then started rubbing her again. She was wet in no time and then he took some pop corn and stuck it inside her wet pussy, getting it soaked with her juices, then showed it to her “Do you want it? It’s got Ira’s juices as topping” and then ate it. 

She couldn’t believe how creative he could get when it came to sex, he continued doing the same and after some time she ate Ira’s juicy popcorn too. He continued touching her everywhere, kissing her everywhere till the movie came to a close and then both of them adjusted their clothes and walked out.

She felt so hot and nasty, she could smell the cum on her and the idea of that with so many people turned her on. They got into the elevator, it was pretty crowded. Kabir stood behind her and then slowly put his hands inside her skirt, grabbing her ass. It was too crowded for anyone to notice. She loved how he could keep the juices flowing and soon enough they were in his car in the parking lot. It was parked in a corner behind a transformer and nobody could see them till they came behind it. He got in the driver’s seat, adjusted the steering wheel and the seat, pushing it back. 

He made her sit on his lap facing him, kissing her hard, sucking on her tongue as he hiked her top, cupping and sucking on her breasts. She started moaning and started grinding on his cock, to show how much she wanted him. He sucked her tongue, sucked on her neck and licked her shoulders, grabbing and spanking her bare ass. His every touch was driving her closer to insanity as she said “Kabir! I want you to take me right here right now. I don’t care if anyone sees us. Please fuck me now.”

He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock out, teasing her pussy with it as he continued sucking on her nipples, biting them, digging his teeth into them. Her hands were inside his t shirt, running all over his back, tugging at his hair, imploring him to fuck her. He finally relented and entered her slowly, till he was all the way in, his balls up against her pussy lips. She gasped and moaned in pleasure as he stretched her tight pussy, digging her nails into his back as he moved his hips while still inside her, hitting her pussy walls, making her feel him fully.

 She then pushed back on his chest and pulled out from his cock, then pushing onto it again, slowly riding him as he buried his face between her breasts, getting lost in them, sucking and licking. She took control and was now riding him hard as the moans were echoing inside the car. “Oh Kabir! I don’t know how you me so crazy and horny for you all the time” she cried out as she was now riding him pretty hard. 

His cock in and out of her, the friction between them escalating the pleasure for both of them. She rode him harder and harder, till both of them were pretty close and she cried “I want to cum, please cum with me lover!”. 

He kissed her mouth and said “Let go” and both of them let go, the waves of an intense orgasm washing both of them up. They both were panting, sweaty, smelling of cum and Ira said “This is the best I’ve ever smelled, make me smell like this every time lover”, biting his ear.


P.S. If you wanna know what happened at Ira’s home two nights earlier, please read the story “Let’s fuck quietly”.


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