The boss who punished me

“When are you coming home?” Sarika got a text. 

“I’m waiting for my manager to sign off on the report I sent, I will start as soon as he does that”, she replied to her boyfriend. 

“Okay, I’ll get something from outside for dinner, see you soon :*”, he replied. 

Sarika continued browsing and chatting with friends, wondering when her manager would let her go home. She had changed jobs recently and her new manager Ritesh was a nice guy, but a workaholic. She ended up spending a lot more time at work because of that, but she didn’t mind spending more time with him. Ritesh was married, but he was handsome, fit and looked younger than his age. Sarika never let go of any opportunities to flirt with him, and he flirted back with equal interest, but it never went beyond that. Sarika thought maybe he was just the harmless flirt type and wouldn’t go beyond that, which was fine by her. 

“Can you please come to my cabin”, she got a ping from Ritesh.

 “Finally” she thought to herself and walked into her cabin. She was wearing a pencil skirt and a tight blouse, the top two buttons were left open as always giving a slight view of her cleavage. Sarika loved the idea of flaunting what she had and making guys yearn for it.

“Yes Sir, tell me. Is everything fine with the report” she asked once she entered his cabin. 

He was working on his laptop and signaled her to sit. Sarika sat down and he continued working, without even looking at her. He finally shut his laptop down and said “Yeah, the report looks fine. Good work as always. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

 “What is it sir?” she asked. 

” I am very impressed with the work you’re doing, so keep up the good work.” 

“Thank you sir!” she replied. 

“But I have noticed that you like teasing guys and I don’t appreciate that kind of behavior at the workplace.” 

Sarika was a bit taken aback, she didn’t expect him to raise this topic suddenly. She mumbled “But I have never teased anyone”. 

“Don’t lie to me Sarika, last Friday you wore a tank top and jeans, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Even today, look at you, if you leave two buttons open like that, how can guys around you focus on work” he admonished her. 

“But this is how I dress, I can’t change and dress all covered up just because the guys around me are such despos” she sounded defiant.

 “Alright fine, dress the way you want to, but there is a penalty for that which I have decided to impose” he replied.
“What is the penalty sir?” she asked, Ritesh got up from his chair and sat on the table closer to her and grabbed her right boob.

 “This is the penalty” he replied as he cupped it and continued pressing it.

 “What are you doing sir? This is not right” Sarika said feebly as he continued squeezing her breast.

 “Why is it not right? Is it right that you tease me everyday and I can’t do anything in return? This is the penalty and you have to do as I say” he replied and started to kiss her. 

Sarika thought for a second about her boyfriend, but this unexpected opportunity seemed too good to pass up, so she kissed him back. He sucked on her lips, bit them gently and started sucking on her tongue as he climbed down from the table and started unbuttoning her blouse while standing. He pulled the blouse outside her skirt and let it stay on with buttons open, her black lace bra teasing him.

 “Did I tell you how good of a dressing sense you have” he whispered into her ears as he continued kissing her and fondling her breasts.

 “You just flirt, you never said anything till now” she complained. 

“I was busy with work and now seemed like a good time to make my move” he replied, unhooking her bra. He sat on the chair next to her, unzipped her skirt and made her sit in his lap.

He removed her hair clip and let her hair fall over her shoulders and started to suck on her breasts, slurping on her nipples, biting them as she tugged at his hair and pushed his face deeper into her breasts.

 “I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I saw you”, he said as he was sucking her nipples non stop. 

“I didn’t think you were such a perv” she teased him.

 “I’m a perv only when it comes to you” he shot back and bit her nipples harder. 

“Ouch, don’t leave marks, my boyfriend will notice” she pleaded with him. 

“Let him know you’re my property now” he shot back.

 “I can be your plaything, but I still love him” she replied.

 “Okay, let’s stop talking now” he said and put his hands between her legs, rubbing her pussy over her panties. 

“Oh sir! I want you right now, you’re good at teasing me” she moaned. 

He let her skirt drop down to the floor and then made her wrap her legs around him on the chair, letting her grind on his already  hard cock. He continued sucking her breasts as she started grinding harder on his cock, making him harder and harder.
She continued grinding on him for a while and then suddenly got up from his lap. She was just wearing the blouse with buttons open and panties, her shoes were still on. They didn’t even care that they could be seen, they just wanted to play so badly. She took his hands and walked him to the corner of his cabin, made him stand with his back to the wall and got down on her knees in front of him. 

“Now let’s see if this penalty is really worth my time” she looked up into his eyes and teased him. 

She then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and put her hand inside, rubbing his cock over the boxers. He started grunting a little as she continued stroking him and then she pulled down his boxers too along with his pants on to the floor. She then got a good luck at his cock, in it’s full glory staring right at her. 

“Wow, it seems angry! Let’s make it angrier” she smiled and started licking it from his dick head all the way along his shaft down to his balls. She continued licking as he held her by the hair and guided her mouth onto his cock. After licking his shaft for a while, she finally took his cock inside her mouth.

She took it all the way in, holding it at the base, her saliva making his entire shaft wet. She let it linger in her mouth for a few seconds, her mouth almost choking on it and then pulled out. His cock was now glistening with her saliva, and she loved how sexy and inviting it looked. 

“I’ve never tasted married cock before, you must consider yourself lucky” she looked into his eyes and winked. 

“This will be the only married cock you ever taste” he said as if it was an order.

 “Yes sir, I will make sure of that” she replied and continued sucking on his cock, taking it as deep as she could every time, her saliva making his cock shine every time she took it out. She was playing with his balls too, now picking up the pace and making his cock hit her throat and cheeks hard.

 “Fuck my mouth sir! Please, I want you to” she pleaded with him as she took his cock out.
He held her face by the hair, placed one hand on her shoulder, holding her down firm and started fucking her mouth, going all the way in, till his balls were hitting her lips. He was gentle at first, but then picked up pace, hitting her cheeks and throat real hard, her hair being pulled, her eyes almost popping out at the force of his face fucking. She reached down to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy as he pounded her face, the sensation of a spray getting closer and closer with his each stroke.

 She was rubbing her pussy hard as he finally shot wave after wave of hot cum all over her face, eyes, dripping down her cheeks onto her chin. 

She looked up at him through her cum filled eyes and said “Thank you sir, that was the best facial I’ve ever gotten. I hope to get many more of these” and started running her fingers all over her face, wiping down the cum. 

She then sucked and licked those fingers tasting his seed and said “You taste good sir! My boyfriend doesn’t taste so delicious”.

He then made her stand up and kissed her mouth, sucking on her tongue, getting a taste of himself. He then made her sit on his desk, legs spread wide open, the blouse still on, with a good view of her boobs. He pulled her panties down all the way to her ankles, and then started rubbing her pussy. He continued kissing her, sucking on her nipples, biting them, sucking and biting her shoulders and neck. He was pulling her hair as he continued to rub her pussy, then spreading her pussy lips. 

She was pretty wet by now and his finger action only made her wetter. He then got down on his knees, with his face right between her legs and started eating her out. He licked her pussy lips with long strokes of his tongue, while his other hand was still playing with her breasts. He then stuck one finger inside her pussy, going as deep as he could, his finger drenched by her wetness.

 “Oh God, that feels amazing sir!” she moaned as he started finger fucking and tongue fucking her alternately. He continued to squeeze her breasts, slap her pussy lips, building a frenzy inside her entire body, making her ache for what was to follow.

He then made her get down from the table, bent her over the table, pinned her face down on it and folded her hands behind her back. He took his belt and tied her hands tight, so she couldn’t escape. 

“Oh God! Don’t do this, I want my hands to feel you as you fuck me” she cried out. 

But he had ideas of his own and he continued rubbing her pussy, teasing her, sucking and licking her back, playing with her breasts, turning her on more and more. She badly wanted to touch her and feel her, but she couldn’t. 

She turned her face back and said “Is this the penalty? You’re going to take revenge for all my teasing?”. 

He then pulled out a marker from the whiteboard nearby and started running it over her pussy lips. She was moaning pretty loudly by now as the teasing was getting unbearable with every passing second. He then inserted the marker inside her pussy and fucked her pussy with it. 

“Oh fuck! Stop teasing me. Please fuck me sir!” she pleaded with him.

 He continued fucking her with the marker and then pulled it out. He then put the marker in her mouth and made her suck it, giving her a taste of her juices. “I taste yummy” she exclaimed and then he sucked on her tongue getting a taste from there.

He again started rubbing her pussy with one hand, his cock was hard already by now, waiting for a chance to plunder her pussy. 

“Please untie me, I won’t tease you so much again, I will do whatever you say sir!”. 

He did not relent and then when his cock was ready, he pressed it up against her pussy lips, feeling the entrance with his dick head. Her pussy was soaking wet by now, ripe for the taking and he could easily go in now. 

He whispered in her ears “You will be punished like this every time we fuck, what you do or don’t do doesn’t really matter” and continued rubbing his cock head on her pussy lips. 

Her whole body was aching so bad for his cock by now and on top of that the fact that she could not touch him, drove her crazier.

 “Oh please Sir! Take me now, I want you inside me”, she cried out looking into his eyes.

 He finally entered her pussy, sliding his cock in smoothly as her pussy was soaking wet by now. He went all the way in, stayed there for a few seconds, allowed her pussy to feel stretched and then pulled out. He pinned her face down on to the desk and then thrusted again, harder this time, making her whole body feel the brute force of his thrust.

Waves of pleasure surged through her entire body as he continued thrusting deep into her pussy, his balls slapping against her butt. He was pulling her hair, biting her shoulders, choking her a little as he started pounding her real hard. 

He whispered into her ears “This is the real penalty my toy! This will be the penalty every time I decide that you’ve teased me and I need to punish you” and started spanking her hard.

 “Ouch! Fuck!” she cried out as he continued spanking her with his every deep thrust, now fucking her as hard as he could, starting to pant, but still fucking her relentlessly. She was moaning loud as they got closer to the climax. He finally untied her hands and continued pounding her, she reached for his butt and pushed him deeper into her. 

He could sense the end nearer and whispered to her “Let’s come together”, her entire body was pulsating in wild pleasure and he then said “Let go”. His grunt and her loud moan echoed inside the cabin as they came together in a shattering orgasm at the same time. 

He stayed on top of her as cum dripped down her legs from her pussy, she whispered into his ears “My boyfriend will not be able to fuck me tonight, I’m too exhausted” and kissed his mouth. 

“Maybe you should tell him Thursdays will be busy from now on, you have the weekly report review with me” he kissed her back.

 “You are such a perv, I would’ve never guessed” she laughed.


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