Riding hard

Jia was tired, it had been a fun day at the picnic but all the trekking and running around left her drained. She was looking forward to sleeping on the bus ride back home. She and Abhay settled down in the seat behind her parents. Abhay’s parents were in the seat next to them. They all lived in the same quarters in the city as Jia and Abhay’s parents were colleagues. They held hands and closed their eyes as the private bus they hired started it’s 4 hour journey back home. 

“Do you want anything to eat?” her mom turned and asked both Jia and Abhay. 

“Not hungry right now” Jia replied, Abhay nodded and closed his eyes.

 A few younger kids were sitting at the back, still playing and shouting a little as all of them relaxed and tried to catch some sleep. The bus picked up speed as it was starting to get dark outside. After a few minutes, Jia felt a hand rubbing her arms. She was wearing a knee length skirt and a top with a short jacket. She smiled and kept her eyes closed, waiting to see where they went next.

The lights were off and the bus was pretty dark by now, it was all quiet except for the chitchat from the kids at the back. Abhay made his next move and kept one hand on her thigh, putting it under her skirt feeling her bare skin. Jia was thrilled that he’d make such a risky move with their parents around, but decided to see where he was going next. 

He slowly moved his hand upwards, all the way till he reached his destination. He put his hand where her legs met and firmly pressed her pussy. She almost let out a moan, but stopped herself, afraid somebody might hear her. She could hear snores from the seats in front, so she knew most would be asleep. But she didn’t want to get caught, so she bit her lips and suppressed the moan. Abhay knew she was awake and enjoying it, so he kept rubbing her pussy, now starting to run his other hand over her breasts. He was running it firmly enough to make her squirm as she was loving every bit of his handy work on her. 

She finally opened her eyes and whispered “let’s go back, we need more peace and quiet”. 

They both got up, walked to the back of the bus. He quickly shooed away the kids sitting there and asked them to go sit in front and keep quiet.

They both settled down in the last row next to each other, sitting on seats which were concealed by the seats in front of them. It would be difficult to see what they were up to in such darkness, especially from the front seats. He turned sideways and pulled her face closer to him, kissing her lips, biting them, sucking on them like there was no time to lose.

 “Easy there tiger! We have almost 4 hours of journey ahead. Do you want to finish everything in less than an hour”, she whispered as she kissed him back, tugging at his hair. 

She took his hand and put it on her breasts, he cupped them and squeezed them. Her moans were getting lost inside his mouth as he sucked on her tongue, letting her hair loose. He quickly took off her jacket and ran his hands all over her arms, feeling her up, as they continued kissing.

 “Why were you so distant today, I badly wanted to kiss you behind those trees” he asked her.

 “We can’t be caught kissing by our parents, they just think we are friends, they should not know we have gone way past beyond friends” she whispered. 

He nodded and now put his hand under her skirt, running it all the way up to her pussy. “I love how much my pussy craves for your touch” she nibbled on his ears.

He slowly pulled down her top and her bra along with it, getting a look at her breasts. He let her stay topless while he kissed on her neck, sucking and licking it. He then sucked on her bare shoulders, she tried to stay quiet but she couldn’t after he started sucking on her breasts. He swirled his tongue over her nipples, then bit them and then sucked on them. All the while he was rubbing her pussy, making her want him more and more with each passing second.

 “Will you fuck me here?” she whispered in his ear, almost daring him.

He replied “Why not? I will fuck you and cum inside you”. 

“What if we get caught” she asked.

 “Then both of us are screwed” he laughed and continued sucking on her nipples. She was moaning a bit louder, he got up and kissed her every time she was starting to get a bit louder. She would then quiet down and start again once he started sucking her nipples again. 

She couldn’t believe they were playing in a bus with their parents, just a few feet away. But the idea of fucking there, kept her going as she pushed his face deeper into her breasts. After rubbing her pussy for a while, he made her stand up while still sucking her breasts and then pulled her panties down.

She lifted her legs so that he could take them off completely, he then threw them in the next seat. He moved a bit forward on his seat and made her sit on him, as she wrapped her legs around him facing him. He pulled her closer and continued kissing her, then sucking on her breasts as she started grinding on his thighs and his cock. He was lifting his head up and checking from time to time, to make sure nobody was turning around and looking. 

He bit her nipples real hard as was grinding pretty hard on his cock. She could feel the bulge poke through his jeans and she wanted it inside her.

 “Fuck me Abhay! I want you to fill me up like you always do, I want you to fuck me while people sleep in the front.”

 “I don’t wanna fuck you here, let’s just stop, we might get caught” he replied. 

“Don’t you dare leave me hanging, I want you to fuck me right now” she almost bit his head off.

 He bit her lips, sucked on her tongue and said “Of course I will, just playing” and winked at her. 

He bit her nipples really hard, she buried her face in his neck and bit him, as if to take revenge for all his biting. He kept biting her breasts and she kept sucking and biting his neck and shoulders, grinding on his crotch as hard as she could.

She finally got off his lap and sat next to him, unzipping his jeans and pulling out his cock through his boxers. He was pretty hard already, she stroked him while he held her by the hair and guided her onto his cock. She licked his entire shaft, right from his balls all the way to his dick head. She then slowly took him inside her mouth, sucking on his pink dick head first. 

She sucked on it and then took him all the way in, he was pretty big and she was almost choking on his cock, but she kept him fully inside her. She then slowly pulled him out, her saliva all over his cock, making it moist. She took it inside again, this time hitting her cheek with it, pulling out again and taking it back in, hitting her other cheek with it. After hitting her cheeks with it, she took it straight down her throat, as deep as she could, his balls up against her lips. He let out a moan, turning her on more. 

She pulled him out and kept taking it in all the way, almost deep throating him, arousing her more. He hiked her skirt up all the way and spanked her slightly, reaching for her pussy lips and rubbing them, getting her wet as she sucked his cock. He was as erect as he had ever been and her pussy was craving for his cock to devour it.

She finally got up and sat in his lap facing him, he moved to the front of the seat so she could wrap her legs around him. She hugged him tight, pressing her breasts against his chest, enjoying the attrition her breasts were feeling. She pulled down his jeans and boxers till his knees, lifted her skirt up so he could poke her bare ass with his cock. 

“Enough teasing, Fuck me now!” she pleaded with him. 

“Not just yet” he smiled and continued poking her ass with his cock, slowly making his wave to her pleasure hole. 

He was sucking on her nipples, biting them as she was moving her ass around so that she could mount him. He teased her some more by moving around and finally when she was on the verge of giving up, he stopped and stayed steady. She sensed the opening and mounted his cock, slowly but surely taking all of him inside her.

 She let out a loud moan as he finally filled her up, stretching her. They stopped for a few seconds, trying to make sure nobody heard them. She held onto him tightly as he was fully inside her, kissing each other wildly as she moved her ass to make him go deep inside her.

The feeling of him inside her was indescribable and just the expression on her face told him a thousand words. She bit his lips hard as she slowly moved her ass, his cock coming out before being sucked into her again. She pulled his face and buried it his between his breasts as she mounted his cock again this time taking him deeper and then started grinding her ass on it. 

His cock was hitting every nook and cranny of her wet pussy, making her feel amazing. She slowly picked up the pace of her grinding, his cock hitting her at various angles, at various speeds, all with the aim of pleasing her craving, wet pussy. 

She pulled him closer and whispered “Oh Abhay! I fucking love riding you, always let me ride you every time we fuck please!”. 

She was shaking her ass furiously and in different directions, making his cock hit her in all the sensitive spots. She was moaning a bit louder now and he decided to keep kissing her, to drown out her moans. She unbuttoned his shirt and sucked on his nipples as she rode him hard as she could.

The bus was hitting speed bumps every now and then and every time it hit a bump, they both jumped off the seat and his cock hit her pussy harder. Her entire body shivered with intense pleasure every time he hit her so hard. Jia was waiting for the bumps to come more often and when they came and his cock hit her, it was like a flash of ecstasy pulsing through her entire body.

 She tugged at his hair and made him bury his face in her tits, as she rode him harder and harder with each passing second. He reached for her clit and rubbed it, then making her suck on his fingers as she shook her ass vigorously. With every thrust of her ass on his cock, Abhay was getting closer to his end and she could sense it building up inside her too. 

She held on to him tightly, rubbing her entire body against his, grinding on his cock as hard as she could, making it hit her pussy with brute force. She dug her nails into his back as she sensed him almost there and without any warning he shot his load deep inside her. The moment she sensed that hit her, it was almost like a dam bursting and waves of orgasm washed her entire body.

“That was amazing Abhay!” she whispered in his ears and kissed his mouth, sucking and biting his lips. He kissed her back, cupping her breasts, his cock still inside her.

 She sensed that he was going limp and slowly moved her ass so he could come out. She then sat on his limp cock, kissing him, making him suck her breasts, biting his neck and licking his shoulders, grinding on his cock to wake it up again. He reached for her wet pussy and fingered her, getting his finger deep inside her, soaking it in a mix of both their juices. He then took it out and showed it to her, taking it in his mouth and sucking it off, teasing her.

 He again stuck it inside her pussy and got it wet, pulling it out this time and before he could move she quickly took it in her mouth and sucked on it. 

“You are such a horny girl Jia!” he whispered as she bit his lips. 

He was slowly getting hard again and she rubbed her ass harder on his cock, getting it hard enough to enter her again. She slowly mounted it, as he sucked on her shoulder and licked her neck. Once he was fully inside her, she rode him harder than before, knowing fully well he’d last longer this time.

He held her down firmly by her shoulders and pounded her from below, biting her lips hard as he did that. She loved how he took over and rammed his cock deep into her, hitting her on all the right spots. His mouth was devouring her neck, shoulders, lips and breasts, alternating on each one of them. 

“Oh Abhay! We should fuck more often outside closed doors, this feels so fucking amazing” she whispered into his ears.

 He looked into her eyes and replied “Of course it does, babe. I will play more often with you outside the house from now” and bit her lips hard.

 After some hardcore fucking, they finally came one after the other, both of them panting, sweaty but pleased as fuck. He checked the time and there was still almost 2 hours to get to the city. They continued playing and fucking, their bodies entwined as one, their fluids mixing both in their mouths and inside her pussy.

 As they got closer to the city and they came together one more time, she said “Let’s stop! We need to get back to our seats”.

She got off his lap and sat next to him, she took her panties and wiped his cock clean off her juices, she then used it to wipe her pussy.  She then sucked his cock for a while, playing with his balls and looking up at him as she was torturing his cock, by making him hard for the last time.

 She then got up, made him smell his panties dripping with their juices, and then threw it on to the road.

 She kissed him and said “I can’t wait to go home without panties, your cum still dripping onto my thighs”.

He got dressed and they both moved forward, settling down in their original seats, acting as if they were asleep.

They soon got home and Jia’s mom woke them both up. “Are we there already?” Jia asked half asleep. Only Abhay knew how asleep she really had been.


One thought on “Riding hard”

  1. ahem ahem, on a bus no less! I love this work because..

    the characters are crazy, just mad!, even though it’s a fantasy, the author make it feel real and hot and full of thrill. My heart was beating just thinking what if they get caught! the characters seem to just love doing it caring none for the world and the things they do is arousing to the bones.

    Read if you get a kick of risky sex or if you’re sitting in a bus right now 😉 you’ll love it


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