Ahh, Yes!

“Eat that apple” Rashi’s mom goaded Jia. 

“But Aunty I’ve already eaten so much, please tell Rashi.”

 “She doesn’t listen to me anyway, so I stopped telling her” Rashi’s mom complained. 

Rashi rolled her eyes and kept quiet. Jia ate a couple of pieces and left the rest on the plate. 

“How is your school project coming along?” Rashi’s mom asked. 

“Oh it’s going fine Aunty. We have a bit of work left to do though, that’s why I came today.” Jia replied. 

After some small talk, Rashi’s mom got busy with her household work. Jia and Rashi went into her room, Rashi closed the door and locked it. 

Jia said “I need to get back home before it gets dark.” 

Rashi replied “What’s the hurry, I’ll drop you home on my scooty.” 

Jia said “Ok, I will text mom and let her know I might be slightly late.”

 Jia texted her mom while Rashi settled lied down on her bed. She was wearing a tank top and hot pants, she was tall for her age, her breasts were just starting to grow. Jia was not as tall and her growth spurt wasn’t so pronounced yet.

Jia lied down next to her and they started talking about the boys they had crushes on, what new clothes and makeup they wanted to buy.

 Jia finally said “We should get started on the project, we won’t be able to finish it otherwise.” 

“I’m in no mood to work on the project, we still have few more days to go”, Rashi replied. 

“But we can’t keep postponing it forever, we’re just wasting time”, Jia protested.

 “Don’t worry, we will finish it on time”, Rashi stroked her cheek. Their faces were pretty close, they could feel each other’s warm breath. Rashi leaned in and kissed Jia’s lips, Jia closed her eyes for a few seconds. 

She then said “We shouldn’t be doing this, this is wrong”. 

“Why is it wrong, we are just doing what we like, it isn’t wrong in anyway”, Rashi countered. 

Jia decided to go with the flow, she pulled Rashi’s face and kissed her this time. Rashi closed her eyes, enjoying the soft touch of Jia’s lips on hers. Jia started sucking on her lips, alternating between kissing and sucking her lips.

Rashi untied Jia’s hair, letting it fall over her shoulders. They kept kissing, sucking each other’s lips, moving closer to each other. They hugged each other tightly, continuing to kiss, Rashi was now playing with Jia’s hair. She slid her tongue in Jia’s mouth, running it all over her mouth, waiting for Jia to suck on it. After waiting for a while, she sucked on Jia’s tongue, cupping her breasts over her t-shirt. A soft moan from Jia was lost in Rashi’s mouth. Rashi was searching for Jia’s nipples, pinching them, twirling them over the t-shirt. Jia pressed Rashi’s ass closer to her, their bodies entwined, hugging each other tightly, kissing each other. 

Rashi finally shifted focus down to Jia’s neck, kissing it, kissing her behind the ears. Jia was moaning softly as Rashi continued kissing, licking her neck, sucking on her shoulder as she moved her t-shirt off to the side. She rolled over and got on top of Jia, pressing her down as she sucked and licked her shoulders.

She lifted Jia’s hands and started taking her t-shirt off, “What if somebody comes suddenly?” Jia asked. 

“Let’s see if they come” Rashi replied and threw her t-shirt aside.  

Jia was wearing a red bra, her taut nipples poking out as she was pretty turned on by now. Rashi had never seen her in just a bra, so she admired her milky white skin, her perky breasts, her flat and inviting navel. 

“You look very sexy, can’t believe nobody played with you till now” said Rashi and buried her face between Jia’s breasts. 

She sucked her collar bone at first, licking it, biting it. 

“Oh Rashi! I’m so horny right now! Play with me!” moaned Jia.

 Rashi then moved down to her cleavage, sucking on it, licking it, nibbling at it gently. 

She then dug her teeth in a bit more, Jia cried out “Ahh! You’re hurting me”. 

Rashi put her hand on Jia’s mouth, making sure nobody could hear them and continued sucking and biting her cleavage. Jia’s muffled moans turning her on more as she unhooked Jia’s bra, throwing it aside.

She squeezed Jia’s breasts together, getting her nipples closer, slowly taking them in her mouth, sucking on them. “Ahh, Yes!” Jia’s moans continued to turn on Rashi, her sucking and licking turning wilder by the second. Jia was holding her head and pushing Rashi deeper between her breasts. 

She took Jia’s nipples between her teeth, biting them hard. “Ouch!” Jia moaned and bit Rashi’s hand which was covering her mouth. Rashi continued sucking and licking her breasts, now moving down a bit, biting the bottom part of her breasts. She pulled down Jia’s tracks and made her spread her legs, all the while continuing to suck her breasts.

 Jia was wearing matching red panties, the color adding to the excitement of what they were doing together for the first time.  Rashi started rubbing her pussy over her red panties as she now move down to Jia’s navel, sucking on it, licking it. She removed her hand off Jia’s mouth a little as she wanted to hear her moan. 

“Oh Yes! This feels amazing Rashi!” she cried out as Rashi inserted her hand inside her panties.

Rashi was now rubbing her clit, her flesh against Jia’s bare flesh, the feeling of immense pleasure spreading through Jia’s body from between her legs. Rashi sucked and licked her navel for a while, still rubbing Jia’s clit with her panties still on.

 After enjoying this attention for a while, Jia suddenly stopped Rashi and said “I want you too”. 

Rashi got up so that Jia could take her tank top off, she wasn’t wearing any bra. Jia held her breasts, cupped them while kissing Rashi. She then took off Rashi’s hot pants getting a good look at her black panties, while Rashi pulled down Jia’s tracks and threw them aside. Both of them were in their panties now and it was Jia’s turn now. 

She pushed Rashi onto the bed and got on top of her, kissing her, biting her lips, sucking on her tongue. She then licked and bit Rashi’s neck and shoulders, turning her on enough to make her moan. 

“Ah Jia! This feels so fucking sexy” she cried out as Jia continued to suck and lick her neck, shoulders.

Jia made her way down and squeezed Rashi’s breasts exclaiming “I want big breasts too, how did you get them and I didn’t”. 

“There are some exercises, I will teach you. Of course getting sucked and pressed helps too” Rashi winked at Jia. 

Jia squeezed them harder, pinching her nipples and then took one breast into her mouth. She sucked on it delicately at first, swirling her tongue over it, then biting it gently. 

“Ohh God! This feels amazing” Rashi cried out as Jia continued sucking her, while she was squeezing the other breast. 

She ran her other hand all over Rashi’s almost naked body, finally making it’s way down  to her pussy. She could feel the wetness over her panties, but continued to rub Rashi’s pussy over her panties. Rashi was trying to control her moans, but she wasn’t able to. She didn’t care anymore as Jia now started sucking her second breast. Her wet tongue was working wonders on Rashi, the way she was delicately sucking her, made her feel crazy good. 

She pulled Jia up once and kissed her hard, sucking on her tongue vigorously as Jia pressed her breasts. They both were pressing each others breasts, kissing, sucking and biting each others lips. 

“Feels so amazing to play with my best friend” Jia said between kissing.

 “Yes it sure does” Rashi replied, sucking on her tongue.

Jia moved down again to Rashi’s breasts, sucking and biting harder this time. Rashi pressed her head down, making Jia suck her breasts harder. She was biting her nipples real hard, making Rashi moan louder than ever. Her moaning was turning Jia on more, she moved down and licked and bit Rashi’s navel. She fingered her belly button all the while rubbing her pussy and pressing it down hard. 

“Ahh fuck! Jia you’re going to make me moan so loud. We will get caught baby” moaned Rashi. 

Jia continued rubbing her pussy, now moving down further and kissing her pussy over the panties. She pulled down her panties slightly, kissing her bare skin with her moist lips. Rashi pushed her face deep between her legs, allowing Jia to pull down her panties and kiss her clit, suck on it gently.

 “Oh baby! I want you bad” cried out Rashi.

 “Not like this, let’s try something different” replied Jia. 

She took her panties off and then pulled down Rashi’s panties. Both of them were butt naked now.

They both lied next to each other, facing each other. Jia kissed Rashi and then sucked on her lips, biting them hard. She then cupped and squeezed Rashi’s breasts. Rashi started squeezing Jia’s breasts in return, both of them lost in kissing. Their hands were moving all over each other’s bodies, touching, pressing, feeling.

 The heat in each other was palpable, the kissing and touching only making it hotter. Finally Jia moved one hand down from Rashi’s breasts, running it over her navel then moving it between her legs. She ran it over Rashi’s pussy gently, then pressed it firmly.

 The moans started getting louder from Rashi as Jia was now rubbing her pussy lips. The wetness was building up too and Rashi decided to make a move herself. Her hand was now rubbing Jia’s wet pussy, running her fingers all over it. Both of them started rubbing each other vigorously, their moans encouraging one another to rub harder. Jia bent and started sucking Rashi’s nipples again, sucking on her breasts hard.

Rashi’s moans were getting louder, she was biting her lips to keep it down as Jia started spanking her pussy lips. She spanked gently at first and then started spanking harder, still sucking, licking and biting Rashi’s breasts.

 The moans coming from Rashi only egging Jia on further, the rubbing, spanking, kissing, sucking, licking, touching continuing without any hindrance. Rashi pulled Jia up and bit her lips hard, sucking and kissing as both hands were working furiously on each others pussies. The wetness was now translating to each other’s hands, the slurping noise coming out of their pussies.

 Rashi pulled Jia’s hand up, it was dripping wet with Rashi’s juices, she sucked on each finger one after the other, getting a taste of herself. It felt so sexy tasting herself like that, Rashi pulled up Jia’s hand and tasted herself. They kept rubbing each other and sucking each other’s fingers to taste each other. They then kissed each other, exchanging their juices while sucking each other’s tongues.

Both started rubbing as hard as they could, they could feel the pleasure spreading through their entire bodies from between their legs. The kissing, the sucking on pussy juices, the breast sucking was only adding to the pleasure from their pussies and they kept at it as fast as they could.

 “I think I’m close” Jia moaned as Rashi continued playing with her pussy. 

Jia was losing control, but she didn’t want to stop she continued rubbing Rashi too. Both of them inching closer to that final goal with all the kissing and sucking, licking. 

“Oh God! This feels amazing” cried out Jia as the first wave of orgasm hit her. 

Rashi kept rubbing her as Jia’s whole body was engulfed in waves of mini orgasms, her whole body was shivering. Jia still kept rubbing Rashi and soon enough, she was filled with pleasure through her entire body too. They both kissed, sucked and rubbed to their hearts content, till they both were fully satiated and the body didn’t need the stimulation anymore.

 Once it was all over, they shared a deep passionate kiss, their bodies entwined in a deep hug, pressed against each other so close. “God! That felt so amazing” said Rashi, Jia nodded and smiled. They both started getting dressed.


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