Dripping in wine

There was a knock on the door, Nikhil rushed and opened the door. Sakshi stood in front of him, wearing a stunning black dress. He couldn’t help, but ogle at her.

 “Stop staring at me”, she hit him on his hand and got inside the room. 

She hugged him tight and kissed him as he closed the door behind them. His hands moved around her back, rubbing it and one hand settled on her ass, grabbing it hard. 

“We have all night, don’t be in a rush” she chided him and sucked on his earlobes. 

“I have waited too long for this and don’t want to waste a minute of this weekend” he whispered in her ears, kissing her hard, sucking on her tongue. 

After kissing and groping for a while, she escaped and went into the washroom saying she’d bathe and come.

 “Okay” he said dejectedly and lie down on the bed. She went in and he could hear the sound of water, he tossed and turned on the bed for a while as she turned the bubble bath on and jumped into the tub.

“How much longer?” Nikhil asked Sakshi.

 “I am in the tub, give me some time” she replied. Nikhil was flipping through the channels restlessly waiting for her to come out. He was in a robe and she was taking too long in the tub for his liking. He finally decided to barge in to the washroom, she had her eyes closed and lied back, relaxing in the bubble bath. He tiptoed his way to her and bent over, kissing her gently. 

She kissed him back and opened his eyes whispering “Couldn’t even wait for another 10 minutes, huh”. 

He kissed her passionately, sucking and biting her lips, taking his robe off. He climbed into the tub and sat opposite her, moving his legs next to her body.  He slowly started running his toes all over her thighs, her bare skin responding to his touch. He then ran them between her legs, reaching for her pussy, rubbing it gently with his toes, making her moan while he continued teasing her.

She finally got up and sat on him, pressing her boobs on him, kissing him as his hands moved all over her naked body. He grabbed her ass and pushed her onto him, their bodies hugging so tightly, his crotch rubbing against her pussy. His hardness increasing with every passing second as she kissed his lips, then moved down to his neck, biting it, sucking on it, licking it. 

“I have waited so long for this Sakshi!” he whispered into her ears as she started grinding on his cock. 

“So have I baby doll” she whispered back, putting his hands on her boobs.

 He started squeezing them, sucking on her nipples as he squeezed and slapped her ass with the other hand. Both of them were breathing heavily as the excitement was getting too much to take. He kissed her mouth again, sucking on her tongue and spanked her ass hard this time. He then used the loofah, rubbing her body from head to toe, cleaning her as well as touching her everywhere he pleased.

He spent extra time on her ass and her pussy, touching, feeling them up, arousing her even more. She sucked on his nipples, running her hands over his hairy chest, grinding on his cock, daring his dickhead to enter her. He wasn’t ready to fuck her yet, so he kept moving his cock around to escape her pussy from engulfing it. 

Their kisses were growing hotter as the heat from their bodies kept increasing, he finally whispered “Let’s get out of here” and stood up. 

He wiped both their bodies clean and then lifted her in his arms to the bed. He then made her wear the baby doll set he had got especially for her. It was red in color and was showing as much as it was hiding. He got into a pair of boxers and then climbed on top of her.

 “You look so hot in this, I couldn’t wait to see you in this ever since I got this for you” he said to her and kissed her.

 He then started licking her neck, biting it, as she started moaning. He then pulled down her dress a little to get a look at her breasts, taking her nipples in his mouth. She let out a moan as her nipples hurt with sweet pain, his hands tracing down her navel all the way to the spot he loved most between her legs. He pressed her pussy as he kept sucking and licking her nipples. Her moans getting louder by the minute as he devoured her almost naked body, kissing, sucking, licking everywhere he pleased.

As she was lost in the pleasure that was filling every inch of her body, he pulled her hands over her head and tied them to the bedpost.

 “Don’t tie me, I want you to touch you too” she pleaded with him. He wasn’t in the mood to pay any attention.

 He went to the minibar and took the wine bottle out, uncorking it quickly. He then got on top of her again, pulling her thong, all the way down. He then hiked up her dress, to her neck. He then slowly poured wine over her naked body, on her neck and boobs first. He kept the bottle aside, started licking and sucking the wine off of her body.

 “Fuck! You make me feel so sexy” she moaned as he continued sucking and licking her naked body. 

His one hand was rubbing her pussy lips as he continued sucking the wine off her boobs, her nipples turning juicier than ever with the wine topping.

 “Please untie me, I want to touch you” she pleaded with him as her body squirmed in pleasure.

 He looked up at her and smiled as if to say “Not happening, till I want it to”. 

He poured some more wine on her breasts and navel, licking it off again. She was soaking wet by now, the wine on her body and the way he was sucking and licking it, turning her on like crazy.

“Fuck you know how to please me” she moaned as he was licking her belly button and the wine deposited in it.

 His hand hadn’t stopped rubbing her pussy, making it ache for what it deserved. He took the wine bottle again and untied her hands, this time pouring the wine on her pussy and inside it, by spreading her pussy lips. He buried his face between her legs and started nibbling at her pussy lips, then sucking on it, licking it. Her juices and the wine had mixed into a heady cocktail which he couldn’t get enough of. She held him by his hair and pushed him deeper between her legs.

 “Oh Fuck Daddy! Eat me out all night, don’t stop” she cried out as he fingered her pussy and sucked on his wet fingers. 

After eating her pussy for a while, he started fingering it, getting her close to a climax. Just when he thought, she’d explode, he slowed down, letting her cool down a bit. Then he’d start eating and fingering her again, getting her close to the climax. She was enjoying this torture, her hands running over his back and head, egging him on.

After he sucked the juices off her pussy, he gave her the bottle and lied down on the bed. She climbed on top of him and poured the wine over his hairy chest as she kissed him hard, sucking his tongue. She then bit his neck and shoulders, slowly licking the wine off him. She sucked and licked him like crazy, rocking her hips, rubbing her wet pussy on his cock and balls, teasing him more.

 He let her suck and lick him for a while and suddenly turned her over, making her bend over. He held her by the neck, his other hand moving around her ass, slowly caressing it and then squeezing it. As she was enjoying his tender touch, he spanked her. 

“Ouch! That hurts” she cried out as he continued spanking while kissing her neck and biting her shoulders. 

He was poking her ass with his thick cock, fingering her pussy and sucking on his wet fingers. He continued spanking as she continued moaning, till she couldn’t hold on anymore.

 “Fuck me right now daddy” she cried out. He kept spanking her till her ass turned red and then mounted her from behind. He teased her pussy lips for a while before entering her, her loud moans filling the room as he went all the way in.

He filled her up, squeezing her boobs and then pulled out, thrusting harder this time. He slowly picked up the pace, going deeper with each stroke, her body feeling the brunt of his force.

 “Ah Yes! Fuck me harder daddy!” she moaned as he continued fucking her as hard as he could. 

He then pulled his cock out and made her lie on her back. He got on top of her, making her wrap her legs around his waist, she put her hands on his ass and pulled him in as he entered her.

 “Ah baby! I fucking love this” she moaned as he lifted her legs around him and went deep inside her.

 They were kissing passionately, sucking on each others tongues as he went hard at her pussy, thrusting as hard as he could. Her body was shaking to the force of his thrusting, the moans now getting as loud as they had ever been. He slowed down as he got closer, letting her take a breather, then picked up the pace again. His balls were shaking vigorously as his shaft entered her in and out, in and out. 

“I am close” he whispered in her ears as he started rubbing her clit too, while he fucked her.

 “I want to cum with you” she mouthed back to him as he fucked her pretty damn hard. 

His face was giving the strangest expressions as she pulled it closer and kissed him, their bodies fused as one, nearing the end. He then let out a grunt and let go deep inside her, as her body was feeling the ecstasy of an amazing orgasm hitting her from head to toe.

She pulled him closer, hugging him, kissing him as he was letting go of the last few shots of cum inside her.

 “I love you babydoll!” she whispered in his ears, biting his lips.

 “I love you too sexpot” he whispered back, staying on top of her, his cock still inside her. Both of them were hot, sweaty and panting, but they both knew they wanted more.



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