The birthday present

“What should I get your brother?” Sonali texted Diya. 

“Don’t be so formal, it’s a house party. Just get your ass here” Diya replied.

 “No, but I really want to get him something, after all he is your little brother” Sonali pestered her again. 

“Little brother isn’t so little anymore, I think he has a crush on you ;)” Diya replied. 

“Lol, really? Are you sure?” Sonali asked.

 “Positive, so wear something nice and make his day” Diya replied. 

“See you tonight” Sonali texted back. 

She thought about it and decided what she would give as a present to Ritesh. She had known Diya for a few years now and Ritesh was her younger brother. It never occurred to her that he might have a crush on her, but this revelation changed things. She knew Diya wouldn’t have a problem with what she was planning, so that made things easier. She went through her wardrobe, picked the sexiest dress she could think of and started getting ready.

She reached Diya’s house, it was a multi storeyed building with the ground floor, first floor and a penthouse. The party was on in the ground floor, drinks and music in full flow. Sonali wore an off white transparent dress which ended above her knees. She wore a red bra and matching thong, which was easily visible through her dress. 

She loved driving guys crazy by giving them a glimpse of what they could not have. The moment she entered the house, she could feel a lot of eyes on her. She smiled to herself, went and hugged Diya.

 “Oh my! You really decided to make Ritesh’s day” Diya said to her as they hugged. 

“Why not, he is the birthday boy after all” Sonali replied.

 Her eyes searched for Ritesh, he was standing with friends and drinking in one corner. 

Sonali walked up to him and hugged him “Happy birthday hero! You look very handsome”, she kissed him on the cheek. 

She could sense him get a little nervous as she kissed him. His friends were checking her out shamelessly as she came back and joined Diya again.

“Why do I sense that peck and hug aren’t the only thing he’s going to get tonight from you” Diya interrogated her.

 “I don’t know, I haven’t made up my mind about it yet” Sonali replied and smiled. 

“Liar! I know you have already. I just hope baby bro is ready for his dream to come true. Just go easy on him, he’d be nervous as it is” Diya laughed. 

“Don’t worry, I will handle him with kid gloves” Sonali replied.

 They both got a drink and started moving around the house, chatting up friends. Sonali caught Ritesh staring at her more than a few times. As they got more drunk and the music started to get better, they started moving towards each other, dancing with each other. Sonali could sense he was hesitant, so she moved closer, put his hand on her waist and the other on her back.

 She moved closer to him and whispered in his ears “Do you like my dress?”. Ritesh didn’t expect her to be so direct, but finally managed a weak “Yes”. 

“It’s okay to check me out, forget I’m your sister’s friend for tonight, think of me as your friend” she helped him out.

She moved closer to him, hugging him tightly as she kissed his mouth. He responded with equal vigor, sucking on her lips. He was grabbing her ass by now and squeezing it. Everyone around them was drunk or high, lost in the music and dancing. Both of them were a bit drunk too, so it made it easier for Ritesh to get comfortable with her. He could smell her perfume as he was kissing her neck and licking it now. 

A soft moan escaped her mouth as she was tugging at his hair and pressing his face onto her neck and shoulders. Her breasts were pressing against his chest as they moved to a dark corner, kissing and pressing up against each other. His hands were running all over her body now as he pinned her to the wall, kissing and licking her neck. He slid her dress off her shoulders and sucked on her bare shoulders. Her hands reached for his crotch and started rubbing his cock over his pants. He put her hands inside her dress, rubbing her thighs as they kept kissing, sucking on each other’s tongue.

He reached for her pussy and rubbed it over her thong as she started moaning. 

“Loving this aren’t you Ritesh, always wanted to do this to me. Didn’t you?” she whispered in his ears. 

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to have you, explore you. Just couldn’t since you were Di’s friend” he replied as he bit her shoulders.

 “I’m your friend for tonight, explore me as much as you like” she nibbled on his ear. 

He pulled down her thong a little and started rubbing her clit, pulling down her dress and bra as well. He squeezed her breasts together, licking them as his fingers were playing with her pussy. She was pressing his face on to her breasts, making him go harder at her breasts, sucking, licking, biting. She unzipped his pants and started stroking him.

 Both of them didn’t care that somebody could be watching, they were lost in each other. Kissing, touching, feeling, playing with each other as if they had waited for this moment ever since they met.

Ritesh started fingering her as she stroked him harder, his mouth transfixed on her nipples, sucking as if he were drinking milk. She could feel his cock getting harder with each stroke, she played with his balls, getting him even more excited. His fingers were moist with her juices by now and he decided to give her a good taste of what was to come. He pulled out his moist fingers, sucked on them as she watched and then kissed her.  He continued finger fucking her, getting her closer as he was feeling the pressure build up in his balls too. He knew he could explode any minute as well. He rubbed and fingered her harder than ever, the orgasm sweeping her entire body up. 

She was shivering in pleasure, yet continued to stroke his cock. Her breath was heavy, her body was sweaty and once she settled down, she got on her knees and started sucking his cock. It took a couple of sucks from her and he exploded in her mouth, spraying all over her tongue. She let it settle on her tongue, stuck it out and showed it to him before swallowing it all. He pulled her up and kissed her, sucking on her tongue, getting a taste of himself before she swallowed it all.

She adjusted her dress and he zipped up his pants, they rejoined the party as if nothing had happened. They continued dancing, kissing and moving around the house. It was pretty late and some people had left the party. Both of them moved to the penthouse leaving everyone behind. Ritesh’s room was the only room there so nobody would come upstairs. 

Ritesh took out a joint and they smoked it together. It felt as if they were in a different world, as the joint started to take effect. It felt like everything was clearer and slower. 

They kissed under the night sky as she said “Would you like to unwrap your birthday present now?”. 

“Where is it” he sounded puzzled. 

“Right in front of you, Dumb ass!” she admonished him. 

“Oh I love my present” he kissed her hard as he slipped her dress off her shoulders. 

He unhooked her red bra and threw it on the floor, he pushed her up against the wall. Both of them were still in the open as she took his shirt off, kissing him and sucking on his nipples while he touched her pussy again.

 “Oh Ritesh! I want you to fuck me as many times as you want, I’m all yours tonight” she reminded him.

He lifted her as she wrapped herself around his waist, both of them kissing, sucking and licking each other. She quickly unzipped his pants as they fell on the floor. Both of them topless and just wearing the last piece of clothing. She rubbed her crotch against the tent in his boxers. 

She pulled down his boxers as he poked his thick hard cock against her thong. He was biting her nipples real hard, sucking on them. He propped her up against the wall and pulled her thong down.

 “Fuck me baby! Please, I can’t wait any longer” she moaned into his ears. 

He teased her pussy by not entering it for a while, rubbing his dick head against her wet pussy lips, sucking her face and tits while she waited in anticipation. Her moans were getting louder and he loved how turned on she was. He finally stuck it inside her, going through her like a knife through butter.

 “Ahh fuck!” she cried out as he stretched her pussy. He pulled out and thrusted harder again, hitting her deeper than before. Her moans were getting louder now, egging him on as he thrusted deeper and harder into her. Her tits were jiggling as he sucked and bit on them, pounding her as hard as he could.

She wrapped herself tighter against him, spreading her legs as wide as she could, allowing him to go deeper and hit all the right spots. 

“Oh baby! I didn’t know Diya’s baby brother could fuck so good. Fuck me harder!” she moaned as he kept pounding her pussy non stop. 

She hugged him tighter and buried her face into his neck, sucking and biting on it. His hands were on her ass, propping her up so he could drill her inviting wet pussy.  He slapped her ass and rocked his hips, going in and out, in and out of her. 

“I can’t believe I’m fucking Di’s hot friend on my birthday” he whispered to her.

 “Oh you better believe it baby, I’m your birthday present this year.”

 “Yes, you are the best birthday present I’ve ever received” as he was now thrusting in short, but deep bursts.

 She could sense her climax approaching as she told him “Fuck me harder babe!”. 

He obliged as the pressure was building up inside his balls too. His balls slapping against her pussy lips as they were panting, sweaty yet enjoying it without a care in the world.

 “Fuck! I’m close” she cried out as he kept pounding her till both of them came almost at the same time. He propped her up again as he came inside her, so the cum would go deep inside her.

They kissed passionately as the sense of pleasure on each other’s faces was clearly visible. She finally got down from him and asked him if he had another joint. 

“Oh yes, I always keep them ready” he replied and got one out of his pant pocket. 

She lit it up and took a puff, letting it out in his mouth. He repeated it in her mouth and they kept at it till the finished the joint. 

“I must thank you, that was an incredible fuck. Loved my birthday present” he told her as they both stood naked on the terrace, hugging and kissing. 

“There is nothing better than smoking a joint after an amazing fuck” she said as they kissed. 

He took her hand and they both went inside his room, the clothes still lying outside. 

“I want to eat you out” he said and she replied “So do I”. 

He lied down on the bed and she lied on top of him in 69. Her pussy was still warm and wet as he got down to eating it, sucking it, licking it, rubbing her clit. His cock was slowly recovering from the limp as she started stroking it, playing with his balls. Before long he was hard again as she sucked and licked his shaft, taking it deep inside her mouth. Her pussy was getting ready for another assault too as he licked, sucked and fingered it, getting it wet and ready for his cock. They kept at it for a while till they both were ready for the next round.

She then turned around and said “I want you to look me in the eye as you make love to me”.

 She got up and lied down on the bed as he got on top of her and pinned her hands down. He kissed her mouth and sucked her lips, sucking on her tongue as she pulled him down. He positioned his cock right at her pussy entrance and started sucking on her nipples again as he entered her. He looked into her eyes as he went deep inside her.

 “Is this how you want me to look at you Babe” he asked her as he went all the way in. 

“Fuck yes, just like this” she moaned and kissed him as he thrusted deliberately slowly, making her pussy feel every inch of him as he went in and out of her. She put her hands on his ass and pushed him into her, her nails digging into his back every time he hit the right spots inside her. He rocked his hips so that he touched every corner of her wet pussy, her soft moans encouraging him to make hot, steamy love to his birthday present.

They went and as they got closer he asked her “Can I cum on your face?”. 

“Of course you can babe” she moaned as the orgasm hit her. 

He pulled out and sprayed all over her face, the cum dripping off her. She put her fingers on her face and licked it all and then kissed him. She let him suck on her tongue as the sweat rolled off both their naked bodies.

 “That felt even better than the first time” she nibbled at his ear. 

“Yes, it certainly did and I still can’t get enough of you” he kissed her on the neck. 

“We have got more joints and some time before I have to go” she whispered to him. 

They slept for a while before she woke him up with a dirty blowjob, after which he fucked her again for a couple more times. She then left promising him to not making him wait for too long before he could have her again.


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