Reward me Sir!

Anvesha was nervous, she had emailed her editor David the article she just finished. Best case scenario was him suggesting a few changes, worst case would be to get called to his office and be told what a useless writer she was. She wanted to avoid the worst case scenario as she was already running late for a date. She went to the washroom to wash her face, applied some make up to look presentable and got back to her desk, waiting for his email. She texted her date that she might be running late. She was hoping she wouldn’t have to cancel and finally David called her into his office. 

She texted the date to wait for her message and walked in to the office bracing for the worst. David was staring into his monitor, reading intently as he signaled her to sit down. She sat down waiting for him to say something. 

After a bit more of an awkward silence David said “This is really pathetic work Anvesha. I expected better from you, please discard this draft and redo the whole thing. I need it in an hour. When I hired you I expected you to get better pretty fast, but you seem to be regressing with each passing day.”

“Can you please tell me what is wrong with it?” Anvesha asked looking him the eye. 

“Everything is wrong, the whole point of view is totally biased. So, please think about it again and write it. I need it an hour, I don’t like working long hours just because you can’t do your job properly”, David sounded irritated. 

“Tell me what I need to do, so that I don’t have to go through this constant criticism from you sir”, Anvesha wanted answers. 

“Do your job well, don’t wait for me to point out mistakes. Learn from your colleagues who write so well. Pallavi is slightly senior to you, but she writes so well. I barely have to correct her” David chided her. 

Anvesha decided to take matters into her own hands, she got up from the chair and went closer to David. She stood close to him where he could smell her perfume and said “I can work hard in other ways sir, please let me. Just correct my articles, whichever way you see fit. I promise I’ll make you happy”.

David had an idea what she was hinting at, but he didn’t want to get into any trouble. He wasn’t new to pretty young things trying to lure him, and he had been successful at staying away. He loved his wife after all and wanted to keep it that way. He stayed calm and replied “Just do your actual job properly, that’s all I need. I don’t need you to work hard in any other ways.”

“Are you sure sir, I think I caught you staring at my ass a couple of times. I do wear the tight pencil skirts for your viewing pleasure after all, aren’t they enticing you enough”, Anvesha moved closer and sat on his desk. 

“I love my wife, so you better get back to your desk and start reworking on the article”, David could hear the weakness creeping in his mind and words. 

“But my hard work lies here sir, let me prove how hard I can work” Anvesha said as she pulled David closer and kissed him, her hand touching his crotch. 

Feeling her wet lips on his lips melted any final resistance David had left and he was kissing her back with equal vigor as she started rubbing the hardness growing inside his trousers. His tongue was wrestling with hers, her hands running all over his back inside his shirt. 

“Someone might walk in, we might get caught”, David warned her. 

” Let them walk in, let them see how hard I work for you editor. Let them see how much I want your approval” she whispered in his ears as she nibbled on his ears. 

“I’ll let you work now, let me get back to work too. Do remember this is our secret, nobody has to know” she smiled and got below his desk.

He tried to act as if he was working in case someone walked in, but her hands were moving too fast and before he knew it his cock was in her hands, being stroked so good. 

“Oh fuck! I can’t believe you’re making me do this” he moaned, trying to keep his voice low. 

Anvesha licked his shaft from the head all the way down, getting it all wet, stroking it like a favorite pet. Her pet was responding to her touch and soon enough it was fully grown and ready for more. She took his dick head in her mouth, sucked on it and then pulled out. She looked up into his eyes, he had his eyes closed, trying not to moan too loud. She was stroking him harder and sucking on it like her favorite flavor of lollipop, in and out, in and out of her juicy mouth. Her sloppy sucking made him hold on to the chair hard, resist the urge to talk dirty to her as he could still hear people around the office. 

“Am I working hard enough now sir? Do you think I’m a better writer than Pallavi now?” she teased him before taking him fully inside her, his cock hitting the depths of her throat. 

“Oh yes! You are a much better writer than Pallavi ever will be” David had no other response for her. 

“You will always love my writing and will praise me before everyone going forward, won’t you sir?” Anvesha was now taking advantage of his weakness as his cock hit her cheeks, harder and harder. 

“Yes, of course. I will ensure your writing is the best of all your colleagues”, David hadn’t felt this turned on ever. 

Anvesha was now pulling his cock harder, making it hit her throat and cheeks as she massaged his balls. There was a knock on the door and the office boy walked in. Anvesha stayed still and didn’t make any noise, it took a great deal of effort for David to stay calm and send him away. He made the boy, lock the door behind him so that nobody would enter again. Once the door was shut again, Anvesha was back to sucking her favorite lollipop, playing with his ball sack at the bottom. She knew he could burst any minute, but she wanted him inside her. 

“How do you like my hard work sir” she quizzed him as she got back up from below the desk, his throbbing cock still outside his trousers as she pushed his chair back and sat on the desk. Her feet were now on his cock, her pointed heels hurting him. 

“Do you like my work sir, tell me you do. Please tell me sir, or I will work harder”, she almost warned him. 

“I love your work, you don’t need to work any harder”, David replied as he winced in pain. 

Anvesha made sure the door was locked and then unbuttoned her blouse, letting it loose as her gorgeous cleavage was now teasing David. She hiked her skirt all the way up and spread her legs, giving him a good look at her red panties. 

“Do you like my dressing sense sir?” she asked him, as she squeezed her tits, rubbed her pussy, her heels still pressing down on his cock. 

“Yes, I love it” David replied. It was getting hard for him to resist, as she was putting on quite a show for him. 

“Then you must reward me for my hard work sir. A nice incentive would only encourage me to work harder for you every day sir. It would make me work weekends too, I’d never leave office at all sir”, Anvesha pressed her leg further on his cock. 

“Enough hard work, now please stop hurting me. I’ll do as you say always”, David pleaded with her. 

“I hope you are a man of your word sir” Anvesha smiled at the tortured look on his face. She got up and sat on his lap, spreading her legs around him, kissing his mouth wildly, biting his lips and sucking his tongue. She hugged him tightly and started jumping up and down, grinding on his manhood, arousing him further as she tugged at his hair. David knew he was getting late for a movie with the wife, but in that moment all he wanted to do was to pound Anvesha, show her who the boss really was. 

“Touch my wet pussy sir, see how hard I worked for you, how wet I got for your thick cock sir”, Anvesha whispered in his ears as he bit her lips and grabbed her ass, squeezing it, slapping it as she grinded on his cock. 

“Oh I’ll do more than just touch it, I want to do a great many things to it” David was finally finding his mojo as she was within his grasp. 

“Please do it sir, I can’t wait to find out what those great many things are” she took his fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. 

He moved down to her collarbone, sucking and biting on it as he slapped her ass, pulling down her bra and letting her gorgeous titties loose. They looked far too inviting for him to stay away. He squeezed them together and took them in his mouth, sucking and licking. He dug his teeth into them as she held him by the hair and pushed him deeper into her cleavage, moaning as he devoured her succulent breasts. 

“Oh sir! I want you to fuck me so hard, I want you to make me your little bitch and pound my wet needy pussy. Can you do that sir?” she moaned as he sucked and bit her tits harder. 

He hiked her skirt all the way upto her waist, now started rubbing his cock up against her pussy lips, getting them wetter and wetter. Her moans were growing louder as his hand found its way down, searching and then rubbing his clit. 

“Oh fuck! Your touch feels so good sir. I wonder how your cock would feel against my pussy” she moaned into his ears. 

He rubbed her clit harder, as she rocked her hips, grinding down on his cock, hugging him so tight not allowing even air to get between them. 

“Fuck me sir, please. My pussy deserves to be rewarded for all it’s hard work” she didn’t want to wait any longer. 

He held her around his waist and kissing her, got up from the chair and made her sit on the desk. He spread her legs wide and pulled down her panties, rubbing her wet pussy, as he sucked her taut nipples, driving her crazy. Her moans and gasps, egging him on as he rubbed her clit, getting her ready for the hardness that awaited her. She pulled him closer and held his cock, rubbing it on her pussy lips, inviting him to take advantage of her. But he wasn’t ready yet, he took his fingers wet from her juices and sucked on them as she looked him in the eye. 

“You taste so good” he mouthed as his fingers went back down to get wet again, this time giving it to her.  He made her taste the wetness that oozed out of her, making her hornier than ever. Her body was shivering uncontrollably now, feverishly awaiting his final assault. He decided to not tease her any longer and pulled her closer, kissing her, sucking and licking her neck as his cock was rubbing up against her wet pussy lips, waiting for the opportune moment to make a grand entrance. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he moved in, still kissing and sucking, entering her smoothly as her wet pussy engulfed his thick cock. 

“Ah fuck! Yes sir, you made me wait so long for this. Now reward me, fuck me with your thick married cock. Fuck me like your dirty little bitch. Fuck me like you own this pussy” she moaned as he went deeper, filling her up, stretching her to the limit. 

He pulled out and pulled her closer, hitting her harder this time. She dug her nails into his back as his cock thumped her wet pussy. The look on her face and her moans told him how much she was loving it. He held her tightly and started thrusting in deliberate short thrusts, hitting her pussy like he owned it. 

“Oh fuck, oh fuck. Just like that, fuck me harder sir. Make me your whore” she moaned and bit his lips as his thrusts were relentless. 

She put her hands on his ass, pulling him deeper into her, making him treat her like his personal office bitch. The look in her eyes, driving him to get nastier, choking her neck as he pounded her pussy. He found her clit again and rubbed it non stop, her pussy and clit both being pleasured in equal measure. A heady cocktail of pleasure coursing through every inch of her body, making her throw her head back. She was enjoying the symphony of his tongue, his cock, his fingers all over her naked body, pushing her to the edge where she was trying to hold on for as long as she could. 

“Oh Sir! I love how well you reward me for my hard work, please reward me everyday. I want to be your side pussy sir” she moaned as the pressure inside his balls was building up. He slowed down for a few seconds and bit her nipples, making her moan louder, then starting to drill her again. Her entire body was now writhing in intense pleasure, as his cock was truly giving her pussy a reward to remember. 

“You better stay back late every night, we have to work on your skills”, he kissed her neck as he drew closer to the edge too. He held her firmly down by her shoulders and now pounded her mercilessly, the pleasure hitting it’s zenith as she could sense the end nearing for him. And after plundering her a little while longer, he sprayed his seed deep inside her with a loud grunt. 

He knew she wasn’t over the edge yet and quickly got down, rubbing her clit, licking her pussy filled with his cum. A few licks and rubs later, she exploded too, her body enveloped by the most amazing orgasm she had ever tasted. His face was dripping with her juices as he looked up and smiled at her. “You just made my wife very very angry, I missed my date with her”, he admonished her. “I missed a date for you sir, so let’s call it even” she winked and pulled him up for a sloppy kiss. “If you tell anybody about this, I will get fired” he warned her. “Oh don’t you worry sir! This will be our dirty little secret” she spread her legs, rubbing her wet pussy and then licking her wet fingers.


Antra’s wild night 

Writer’s note: If you want to know what happened earlier in the night before this story begins, please read my earlier story “Antra the cum slut”. 


Antra was completely drained, all the pounding from Rohit and Abhishek took its toll on her. It was exhilarating and she enjoyed something she never in her wildest dreams imagined she’d enjoy. Now that it was over, her prude mode was back on and she had half a mind to ask them to leave so that she could forget it ever happened and move on. But she knew she loved it too much and it would be hard to let go of it so easily. They both had been such amazing lovers, surely it wouldn’t harm to have them again before the night ended. She decided to find out what they wanted. 

“Do you guys wanna leave? The neighbors wake up early and it might not look good if two guys are seen leaving my flat in the morning” she asked, hoping desperately they’d say no. 

“We are in no hurry to leave, don’t you worry about the neighbors. It’s better if they get used to guys coming and leaving your flat at all hours” Abhishek replied and winked. 

“I need to make a call” Rohit got dressed and stepped into the balcony. 

“Come you need a shower” Abhishek held her by the waist and almost dragged her into the shower. Antra wasn’t sure if them staying back was a good or bad thing, but she decides to go with it since they had already fucked her once. “A few more orgasms would certainly be amazing” she thought to herself as Abhishek turned on the shower. The hot water hitting her sore body was such a relief. She felt relaxed as Abhishek’s hands took the soap and lathered her naked body, starting from her legs, making their way up her thighs and then navel. His touch felt so good, it didn’t feel like he was the same guy who had been abusing her, humiliating her a while ago. His hands finally settled on her tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples as he moved closer and kissed her. She kissed him back, forgetting she ever disliked him and called him a sissy. 

“I didn’t want to be so rough on you, I’m sorry. Hearing you call me a sissy pissed me off, so I got carried away” he whispered in between kisses. 

“It’s okay, I enjoyed it a lot. No guy has ever been so rough with me, so it was something exciting for me” she replied and started sucking on his tongue. 

Abhishek pushed her to the wall and started sucking on her nipples as the hot water hitting their bodies was heating them up further. Antra had her eyes closed, enjoying all the attention as she suddenly felt another pair of hands on her. She opened her eyes to see Rohit joining them in the shower, naked and ready to devour Antra. She smiled at him and pulled him closer, kissing him. He buried his head between the deep valley where her two magnificent breasts met, sucking, licking and biting to his heart’s content. She noticed Abhishek getting down on his knees and felt his hands spreading her legs apart. Soon enough, his tongue was swirling its way through her clit and pussy while Rohit was busy playing with her tits. The amazing high of both guys playing with her was back again and she could only throw her head back and soak it all in, enjoying their adulation for her naked, steaming body. 

“Oh God! I don’t care what the neighbors think, play with me as long as you like” Antra moaned.

“You didn’t think we were letting you go without another round or two, did you” Abhishek teased her. 

“No, but I don’t wanna be such a slut. Yet I want it so much and so bad” Antra replied. 

Rohit was now sucking her nipples hard, slurping on her tits while Abhishek was using only his mouth and tongue on her delicious pussy. The more he licked and sucked it, the more he wanted to keep at it. Antra was moaning pretty loud by now, her moans turning them on more, encouraging them to go harder at her voluptuous body. Rohit looked down at Abhishek and winked at him, Abhishek nodded and smiled and they decided to take things out of the shower now. Rohit stopped the shower and took a towel, wiping Antra’s naked body as he continued playing with her tits. Abhishek was still fingering her as they walked out of the shower into her bedroom. They made her get on the bed on all fours kneeling so they both could play with her. Rohit took his handkerchief out of his trousers and blindfolded her. 

“Why do you need to blindfold me, it’s not like you are shy of me” Antra quizzed them. 

“We have a game we want to play with you. And it’s important that you are blindfolded to play the game” Rohit convinced her. Antra smiled wondering what the game would be and waited for one of them to say something. 

“Now that you have had both our cocks, we need you to guess without seeing whose cock is the one in your mouth. You can touch, feel, lick, suck, do whatever else you want to. You just can’t open your blindfold. Is that understood?” Rohit gave her the instructions. 

“Yes, it is clear” Antra nodded her head.

“Whose cock is this?” Rohit asked as Antra could feel a cock on her lips. She took it in her hands, stroked it, sniffed at it, and then licked the shaft from top to bottom. She had tasted Rohit before and it didn’t feel like the same. She confidently replied “It’s Abhishek”. 

“Right answer” replied Abhishek as he let Antra suck on his cock a bit longer, her tongue licking his shaft, his dick head in her mouth, being sucked like a lollipop as she played with his balls. He enjoyed the attention before Rohit signaled him to move away. 

“Whose cock is this?” Rohit asked again as Antra felt another hot rod stuffed in her face. She felt it, sucked on it and she immediately knew it was Rohit. She didn’t want to let go so soon as he was yummy. She used her tongue on his dick head, slowly took it in her mouth and took the whole cock inside him. Rohit tried his best not to groan, but he couldn’t hold back and let out a loud groan. 

“I don’t think I need to say it out loud, who it was” Antra teased them with a naughty smile. 

“Right again. We need to discuss strategy and make it harder for you to guess. Be back in 2 minutes” Rohit said as they both stepped away from her. Antra started wondering how they could make it harder as it was pretty easy for her to guess. Soon they came back and Rohit challenged her “Let’s see if you can guess right this time”. 

She could smell a cock nearby, she tried taking it in her hands, but he pulled away, teasing her. She waited for him to come back and this time she grabbed it hard so he wouldn’t slip away. She felt it and it felt different than the two before, it was thicker and bigger. She sniffed at it and it smelled different too, she wasn’t sure how it could be so different. She finally decided to taste it and decide who it could be, she licked the shaft from top to the base, it tasted so amazing, better than both Rohit and Abhishek had tasted so far. She wondered if they applied something to make it taste different. She took it fully in her mouth and she felt his hands hold her by the hair and start fucking her face. He thrusted slowly at first, hitting her cheeks, then picking up the pace and hitting her mouth harder. 

Antra lost all thoughts of guessing whose cock it was, she was just relishing the thickness plundering her mouth. His cock smelling of sex, her throat being devoured by him. She started playing with his balls as he went deeper and harder into her mouth, pulling her hair hard. She heard Rohit say “How do you like my cock you fucking slut? Do you love sucking my thick cock you cum bucket?”

She was in no mood to reply to him, she invited his cock deeper inside her as she waited to be plundered. He choked her neck with one hand as he went full throttle, drilling her throat and cheeks as hard as he could. Antra almost choked on his thickness as Rohit said “You wanna be my whore, don’t you cum bucket? You need my cum everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ll give it to you, I’ll make you my cum dump.”

She pulled out his cock trying to talk back to him, but he shoved it back in and continued pounding away. She felt two pairs of hands moving all over her naked body, grabbing her tits, spanking her, squeezing her delicate body, making her yearn for their cocks inside her again. She was engulfed in the euphoria of all the attention when she realized there were more than two pairs of hands playing with her. She shuddered and pulled off her blindfold only to find a tall, handsome dude fucking her face while Rohit and Abhishek were playing with her body. She was shell shocked and tried to say something, but the dude knew it was coming, he thrust his cock deeper inside her mouth as she looked up into his eyes. 

“Hi cum dump, I’m Aman. They wanted me to join in on the fun, I’m sure you don’t mind an extra cock inside you” he winked at her. 

She tried to protest, but all her protests were lost inside her mouth which was being choked by his cock. “He does look amazing and his cock is so fucking sexy” Antra thought to herself as Abhishek started fingering her pussy. Rohit slapped her tits and said “You want three cocks inside you at once, don’t you, you fucking whore. You want to be our whore for tonight, till we are done using you and have no more use for you. Then we will cast you aside and be on our way. Is that understood slut?” 

Antra looked up at him and protested with her eyes, as if to say “This is not what I signed up for. I can’t handle three at once”. She tried to take her mouth off Aman’s cock as Rohit slapped her right across the face, pointing his finger in her face. He warned her “You better get used to the idea of being used as and when we please. There’s no escape from us, you are our cum dump, you fucking whore.”

Abhishek was busy eating her pussy, sucking her clit, getting her wet so she would be ready for their cocks. He stuck a finger up her ass, while continuing to rub her clit, her body shuddering non stop at the cocktail of pain and pleasure. He stuck it deeper inside her ass, prepping it for their thick cocks as her clit was being stimulated like never before. Antra wanted to resist, but she was helpless, their touch, their cocks teasing her mercilessly making her want all three of them more and more as they waited to get her fully ready. She decided to just let go and let them have their way with her. 

Sensing that she was ready Rohit lied down on the bed, fingering her ass as Antra lied down on him. “I don’t like what you are doing to me” she complained to Rohit. He choked her neck and slapped her face, pressing her down onto his body, “Do as we say you fucking whore”. She was in no condition to resist anymore, as Abhishek pulled her face up, shoving his cock in her mouth, holding her by the hair and pounding her. Aman got on top of Antra and entered her already wet pussy, going deep inside her. 

“Oh fuck!” Antra’s gasps were lost on Abhishek’s cock as he was hitting her cheeks hard. Aman’s big thick cock going deeper and harder inside her than any cock ever had before, hitting all the right spots, making her feel so fucking good. “You love my cock, don’t you slut?” Aman asked her as he bit and sucked her neck and shoulders. Antra wasn’t in her senses anymore, two gorgeous cocks pounding her like there was no tomorrow and there was a guy’s finger up her butt. She thought to herself “I’m loving this, I sure am a cum slut”. 

Rohit saw how much she was enjoying it and he didn’t wanna wait any longer. He applied some of her juices up her asshole, rubbed his cock near her pussy to get it wet and slowly tried to stick it inside her ass. She was so tight and it wouldn’t go in, she looked at her and mouthed “Relax a little, or it will hurt like a bitch” and without any warning thrust hard into her asshole. She screamed onto Abhishek’s cock and almost bit him, as Rohit went deeper inside her ass, stretching her, filling her up, hurting her. But he didn’t care, coz he knew after this she’d slowly enjoy it up her ass. He slowly pulled out and thrusted again, going in deeper than before. Antra was now in absolute heaven, three cocks working overtime to please her sluttiness. 

All three of them hitting her hard, filling her holes up as Rohit asked her “How does it feel to be a cum dump used by three of us, you whore?”

Abhishek pulled out his cock so she could reply, “Oh it feels so fucking good daddy, fuck my three holes harder. Make me your true cum dump, give me all your cum every day”. 

Abhishek stuffed his cock again in her mouth, all of them now pounding her holes as hard as they could, every inch of her feeling the pain and pleasure in equal measure. She was in a trance as they kept at it, hitting her as hard as they could, spanking her, slapping her face, choking her, pulling her hair, being so rough on her. The rougher they were, the more she responded. They could sense her body get excited as they got rougher, egging them on to be relentless on her naked body. They could sense the pressure building in their balls and they truly wanted to make her feel like a cum dump. Abhishek pulled out his cock and declared “I’m ready”. 

Rohit and Aman continued pounding her holes for a while, finally realizing they couldn’t hold on any longer. They pulled out too and stood up on top of her naked body, still in a daze from all the dicking she got. They stroked hard and soon enough thick jets of cum splashed all over her naked body, on her face, her tits, her navel, her pussy. They covered her body as much as they could and she truly was their cum dump now. Rohit bent down and rubbed her clit, licking her pussy as she could sense the huge wave of pleasure hit her entire body. She shuddered in ecstacy, looked up at them and moaned “Oh fuck! I want you to make me your cum dump again and again. I fucking love this”. 

Pia loves to show

Pia and Amit walked into the hotel lobby. She took her jacket off and handed it to him and whispered “Look at me play”. He smiled and looked on as she walked up to the reception desk. She showed their booking details to the guy at the reception. He took the details and started checking them in, but he couldn’t help but stare at her. She was looking gorgeous in a tank top and jeans, bending over the counter asking him more and more questions giving him a better look at her puppies. The poor guy was trying his best to avert his eyes and focus on the job at hand, but her tits were too juicy for him to be able to do that. She knew he was enjoying the show, so she decided to give him a better look. She stood up on her toes and pressed her tits on the front desk, giving him a better look. “Don’t worry, take your time to check us in. We are in no rush here” she encouraged him. She could sense him getting harder and wanted to excite him further, he almost wished he could grab those tits and suck them so hard. He finally finished checking them in and said “Thanks for your patience Ma’m, please call the reception if you need any help. My name is Atul, we are here to assist you in anyway we can”. She replied “Thank you so much! You did a great job, I’ll surely let you know if I need any help” and stepped away.

Amit knew she gave him a good show just by the look on her face, they got into the elevator and checked into their room. As soon as they entered, he pushed her to the wall kissing, pinning her hands down and whispered “Gave him a good show, didn’t you baby?”. “Oh Yes, I certainly did. If I’m right, he’s probably jerking off to me as we speak” she replied kissing him back. His hands were on her breasts, cupping them, his lips moving all around her face, kissing every inch of it, making her gasp with every touch of his. She put her hands on his ass and pulled him closer as he pulled down her top, sucking on her cleavage, licking and sucking her neck. “Take it easy Tiger, we’ve got all night” she teased him. “I’ve waited for this weekend for a while now, I’m gonna do as I please” he retorted. He continued sucking her cleavage, his hands moving all over her, pressing, touching, feeling her up as she responded to his every touch. Her body wasn’t in her control anymore, she was just gasping and moaning as he made his way all around her. “Don’t be in such a rush baby, I’ve got a surprise for you. You lie down on the bed and relax, I will be back in a few minutes okay”, she walked him to the bed and kissed him as he lied down on it.

She changed into the sexy new lace bra and panties she had bought for this particular weekend and came back into the room. He whistled and said “Who’s this sexy thing, can I have that piece of ass baby?”. “Not yet, first call room service and order bottles of water, we have a long night ahead. We need to hydrate”, she ordered him. He called up room service and asked for bottles of water as she climbed onto him on the bed. She took off his t-shirt, kissing him, running her hands all over his perfect chest, scratching him with her nails, feeling his abs as she sucked on his nipples. He threw his head back and enjoyed the attention as she made her way down and unzipped his jeans, pulling it down and throwing it aside. She could see a tent rising up in his boxers, but she wasn’t ready to go there yet. She continued playing with his chest, kissing it, sucking it as the bell rang. “It must be the water bottles” he said. “They are such a disturbance, go get them” she said. “No, I ain’t getting up from this bed. You go get it” he smiled naughtily. “Are you sure? What if the bell boy grabs my tits and plays with me?” she teased him. “I don’t care, you can do what you want” he dared her.

She got up from the bed and decided to put on a show for whoever the lucky guy delivering the water bottles was. She opened the door and as soon as the guy saw her in her sexy bra and panties, he almost froze. It took him a few seconds before he could mumble “Madam, Water bottles”. His eyes were staring at her from top to bottom shamelessly and she enjoyed that her figure was driving him crazy. “Oh Thank you very much, feeling very thirsty” she opened one bottle and took a few sips, the water spilling onto her lips. She moved her tongue around and sucked on those  few drops, making the guy wonder how those lips and tongue would feel like around his cock. “Thank you, Do I need to sign somewhere?” she asked. “Yes Madam, I don’t have a pen. Do you” he replied. She said “Wait, let me get it” she left the door open, so he could check out her ass as she went and got a pen. She took her own time looking around for a pen, giving him ample time to ogle at her. She could feel his piercing eyes all over her body, she was loving the feeling of giving him a hard on just by showing off. “Thank you Madam, my name is Rakesh. Please call the room service and ask for me, if you need any help” he said getting one good look at her before leaving.

She got back into the bed and kissed Amit, telling him “You won’t believe how much the room service guy loved my new bra and panties. I’m pretty sure he’d be exercising his hands and cock as soon as he can.” “You are such a cock tease” he smiled as he kissed her. “Oh Honey! I’m just doing public service, giving as many hard ons as I possibly can” she kissed him. She played around with his chest for a while finally moving down to the tent which was now fully up in his boxers. She pulled down his boxers and his cock was glistening in the lowly lit room, oozing pre cum. “Oh baby! It’s so eager, I didn’t even touch him yet” she said as she looked up into his eyes. She took his cock head and kissed it, before sucking on it gently. “Oh Yeah baby!” he moaned as she continued sucking it and then licking his shaft from top to bottom. She continued that for a while before he ached for her pussy too. He lied down on the bed and made her get on top of him in 69, she continued licking and sucking his shaft, playing with his balls as he rubbed her pussy over the panties. “Baby, eat me out!” she pleaded as she was sucking him full throttle, he still wouldn’t eat her out.

He teased her a little longer, finally sliding her panties aside and giving her pussy a good long lick. “Oh Baby! That feels so fucking good, don’t stop baby” she moaned as she continued sucking on his cock. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and dived tongue first, deeper into her. His sustained sucking and licking driving her crazy, yet she didn’t wanna lose focus on the job at hand. She was sucking him deep now, making his cock hit her cheeks and throat, as she played with his balls. He was rubbing her clit and tongue & finger fucking her, she knew she would explode any second. She always wondered how he could last so long, while she would cum multiple times before he did. “I am truly blessed, I have a man who can make me cum multiple times. How many of my friends have that?” she thought to herself as her climax seemed imminent. He went harder and harder at her pussy and clit, before long she was moaning “Oh baby! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” she lost focus and wasn’t sucking his cock anymore. He kept at it and soon enough she could feel the orgasm hit her, her entire body engulfed in pleasure which started off between her legs.

They were both sweaty and panting, he was still hard and she was dripping wet. He licked her juices a little, leaving some in her pussy for her to be still wet. He made her get off him and then got off the bed. She was lying on her back as he stood to the edge of the bed, pulling her closer. He spread her legs wide and placed on leg on his shoulder as he teased her wet pussy with his throbbing cock. “Oh Baby! Fuck me already, I need you inside me” she pleaded with him. He held her by the waist, sliding right inside her wet pussy, stretching her with his thick cock. “Oh baby!” she moaned as he went all the way in, filling her up. He slowly pulled out and thrusted harder, this time hitting her at a different angle, making sure his every inch made contact with her tight wet pussy. She threw her head back, eyes half closed moaning, holding on to the sheets tight as he was now thrusting her hard, making her feel him deep inside, fucking her like only he could. “Oh baby, you always fuck me so good. I want you to go harder and deeper baby” she pleaded with him, egging him on. He replied in kind and was now pounding her really hard, hitting her pussy walls pretty good, making her feel the rush of another approaching orgasm. “Oh fuck baby! I’m gonna cum again, fuck me hard baby, make me cum again” she cried out as he went full tilt and before she knew it, her body was filled with inexplicable pleasure all over again.

She was panting and it seemed like he didn’t break a sweat, still hard and still ready for another go at her tight warm hole. Before she could catch her breath, he pushed her up the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing her and sucking her tits. “Oh baby! You sure know how to make me cum so hard” she kissed him back, biting his lips. He was preparing for the next round as he kissed her everywhere, licking and sucking her navel, biting her tits. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer, her hands on his ass, feeling it up. She slid her tongue into his mouth so he could suck on it and without any warning, he entered her again. She was still wet and ready, as his cock took control and the thrusting picked up pace again. Her body was shaking to the his thrusts as her moans were louder now. “Yes baby, fuck me like that. Fuck your little slut hard. Make me your whore baby” she cried out as he now pounded her pretty hard. He kept at it for a while and then rolled over. He lied down on his back and made her get on top. He lied down still as she pressed her hands to his chest and started riding his cock. She moved her ass perfectly so she could take him fully inside her.

She took his hands and made him grab her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She looked him in the eye and said “Oh baby! It feels so fucking good to ride you like this. I feel like I’m in control of the best cock in town, I feel like I’m fucking the God of sex himself”. She rocked her hips harder and was now riding him hard, sucking on his fingers as she arched her back allowing him to go deeper inside her. “How do you like riding my cock baby, does it feel good” he queried as she threw her head back, riding him as hard as she could. He let her do all the work, lying down relaxed as she could sense yet another climax approaching. Yet here he was, still rock hard, no inkling of any orgasm for him. She decided to go for it and rode him harder and harder as she finally came hard on his thick cock. “Oh fuck baby! That felt so good” she bent down and kissed him, sucking on his lips as he played with her hair, squeezing her ass. “I so love fucking you, you make me cum so many times baby” she continued kissing as he looked pleased. She was tired and lied down with her head on his chest.

He let her lie down for about half a minute and then he made her sit up again. He held her arms with his arms outside, holding her down firmly so she couldn’t move. “Baby! Not so soon, I need a break” she pleaded, but she knew what was coming. She decided to just close her eyes and enjoy the ride as he held her down firmly and started fucking her from below. His first thrust was so hard and deep, she couldn’t help but moan “Oh fuck! That felt so good, fuck me just like that baby”. He smiled as she looked him in the eye and now started pounding as hard as he could from below. He was thrusting his hips upwards, lifting her entire body with his, then drilling her pussy like it was meant to be drilled. “Oh fuck baby! Make me your dirty little slut, pound me like a cheap whore” she cried out loud, her loud moans now uncontrollable as he pounded her relentlessly. “Do you love how i fuck you slut! Do you love being my whore” he asked her as he drilled her harder. “Oh yes daddy! I fucking do, please don’t stop. Make me cum again” she pleaded as he went hard as he could. She could sense it coming again and told him “Daddy, I’m gonna cum again. Fuck me harder, make it the best one yet” she asked.

He was now grunting, fucking her as hard as he could and his grunts only made the coming orgasm so much more exhilarating. Her entire body was shivering uncontrollably as the orgasm hit her, he knew he could stop now and let the orgasm take over. Her body filled with intense pleasure as her moans filled the room till she quieted down and her body relaxed a bit. “Oh daddy! You’re the most amazing fucker ever” she kissed his mouth and bit his lips as he rolled her over and got on top of her. She wrapped his legs around him and knew this was the final round, he always loved to look her in the eye as he came while being on top of her. His cock was still inside her, still hard and finally ready to let go. He pulled it out completely once, her hands on his ass pulling him deeper into her. He started thrusting, slow, intense, passionate thrusts, making sweet love to her as she could feel every inch of him pleasuring her. He choked her neck as he picked up the pace, now fucking her hard, finally wanting to let go, finally wanting to not hold back anymore as he knew he had pleased her plenty for the night. “I love fucking you like this, I love making you my slut” he whispered in her ear as she replied “I love it too daddy”. He was now at full speed and decided he didn’t wanna hold back anymore, he let go deep inside her as she came along with him, their grunts and moans echoing across the room. “Oh Daddy, that felt so good, can we have a do over in the morning?” she sounded so excited at the prospect of the next morning. “We sure can” he kissed her back and smiled.
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One Night high!!

Sria came back from a hike around the hill resort she was staying at. She walked past the reception and noticed a couple checking in with their kids. The wife was talking to the receptionist as the husband was looking after the kids. She noticed him checking her out as she walked past them. She was in track pants and a t-shirt, but even in that attire her curves were unmistakable. She decided to hang around the lobby reading magazines. She noticed that the guy couldn’t help, but look at her from time to time. 

Sria got up and stretched a bit, giving him a better look at her voluptuous figure. She talked to the receptionist about some random stuff and smiled at the guy’s wife. She smiled back while talking to her husband, that’s when Sria came to know his name was Rohan. He was reasonably fit for a father of two and the slight grey in his hair was incredibly attractive. Sria checked him out a bit before heading back to the room.

She knew she probably had a couple of days at least to tease Rohan. She went back up to her room and sat in her balcony facing the lawns. Soon enough Rohan and family checked into a room which was opposite her, she could see the kids running around in their room. She decided to get a little naughty, took her track pants off. She was wearing boxer shorts underneath, so it wasn’t very obvious what she had on her mind. 

But she knew one look at her legs and it would be difficult for Rohan to fight back thoughts of her naked body. She waited there patiently, staring at the hills all around them, checking her phone. Finally Rohan and the kids appeared in the balcony, he saw Sria sitting there and he couldn’t help but ogle at her. She had reasonably long legs with flesh in all the right places. She had put her feet up and her boxer shorts had gone up, showing her thighs a lot more than necessary. 

Rohan caught Sria staring back at him and there was a naughty look on her face as if she were asking “Do you wanna see more?”. 

He knew he’d be in trouble if his wife caught him staring, so he decided to get back into the room and stay there.

Soon it was night and Sria decided it was time to take the teasing to the next level. She knew Rohan wouldn’t be able to stay away for too long, so she decided to torture him a bit more. She took a long bath in the tub, just to relax. Once she got out, she stayed in her towel, with her curtains open.

 She walked around the room in that for a long time, she could have sworn she saw the opposite room’s curtain moving every now and then. She knew her teasing was working, she ordered room service and finished her dinner with a glass of wine. The look on the room service guy’s face was priceless when he saw her just in a towel. 

She then decided to take the towel off, she wore a checks shirt, leaving the buttons open and a red thong. She checked herself out in the mirror, her breasts dying to be touched and sucked, her ass waiting to be touched and caressed, her entire body hoping for a man’s touch and everything that came along with it. She came and sat in the balcony, for a while. There was nobody around, so she saw no harm in going the extra mile.

She came and sat in the balcony, pushing her shirt aside to give a good view of her breasts. In her heart she knew Rohan would be watching, so she touched herself between her legs. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them, trying to lick her erect nipples. She then ran her hand all over her body, touching on all the spots which turned her on, trying to imagine it was Rohan touching her. 

She then spread her legs wide and rubbed her clit, feeling the warm sensation build inside her. She was hoping he’d get the signal and make a move, for all the teasing that came his way since afternoon. She sat there playing with herself, getting wet, yet there was no sign of any movement in the opposite room or balcony. 

She decided it was enough for the night, disappointed that she wasn’t sexy enough for him and went back into her room. She was pissed at him for not making any move, after all not everyday you get a hot young thing playing with herself right in the opposite balcony to tease you.

After a while she heard a knock on her door, she couldn’t care less to cover up, so she buttoned her shirt a little and went to open the door. She opened it and before she could say anything Rohan pushed her back inside, shut the door and pushed her to the wall. 

“You were supposed to just watch and enjoy the show, not come barging into my room” she moaned as he kissed and licked her neck.

 “If you tease somebody like that, there’s only one result.” he replied as he pushed her shirt aside and cupped her breasts, squeezing them hard.

 “What if your wife looks for you, what if we get caught” she questioned him.

 “I don’t care, I won’t be able to rest till I have you to myself” he dismissed her doubts.

 His hands were moving all over her body, feeling her up, touching her everywhere just the way she had hoped they would. He sucked on her lips, biting them gently as she sucked on his tongue. She pulled him closer and buried his face between her neck and shoulder, as he started sucking and licking, biting.

“Oh Daddy! Ever since I saw you this afternoon, I decided I wanted you at any cost. Please use me whatever way you want, don’t hold back daddy” she moaned as he dug his teeth into her neck. 

He propped her up against the wall as she wrapped her legs around his waist, holding onto him tightly for support. He moved downwards onto her collar bone, licking and sucking on it, then making his way further down. 

Her moans were growing louder as he started sucking on her erect nipples. She held his hair and pushed him into her tits, as he licked and bit them.

 “Oh Daddy, I want you to fuck me so bad, please use me as your toy Daddy” she moaned. 

He took her boobs into his mouth, sucking and licking, his saliva making them wet, turning her on more and more. He put one hand between her legs, rubbing her clit over her thong. His other hand pulling her hair and hurting her as he devoured her big titties.

“Oh God! Fuck me already!” she cried out loudly as he continued sucking her pussy and rubbing her clit, teasing her more and more. 

She took off his t shirt and threw it aside, sucking on his hairy chest as he carried her and threw her on the bed.

 “You’re a rough fucker daddy” she teased him as he climbed on top of her. He made his way down from her tits, down to her pussy, teasing her with his fingers, rubbing it, before he buried his face between her legs. The first touch of his tongue on her pussy made her moan so loud, he was afraid somebody might hear them. 

He waited for a few seconds and then continued sucking and licking her, rubbing her clit as hard as he could.

 She was tugging at his hair, pushing him deeper moaning “Oh Daddy! Please fuck me, I want you inside me. I can’t wait any longer”. 

He lifted his face up and looked at her saying “Not so soon slut! I will have you when I want to”.

 He continued eating her out, using his fingers to spread her pussy lips wide, sticking his tongue deep inside him and tongue fucking the shit out of her. 

“Oh God, yes!” she cried out every time her clit throbbed at his touch.

He decided her pussy had had enough, so he got up and made her sit with her back to the headboard. He knelt on the bed placing his cock right in front of her face. 

“It looks angry and ready for me daddy!” she sounded so excited. 

He pinned her hands down and without any notice, started fucking her face. She almost choked on his cock at his first thrust, she somehow controlled herself and adjusted to his furious pace of fucking her mouth. Her eyes almost popped out as he hit her cheeks and throat hard, going harder with every thrust, her tits were bouncing up and down as her body shook vigorously at the pace of his face fucking.

 She wanted to say so many things to him at that moment, but she couldn’t as her face was trying to withstand the brute fucking his cock was dishing out.

 “How do I taste my dirty little slut, do I taste like you imagined I would, when you were out there in the balcony teasing me? Oh Yeah, I was watching the entire time. I saw what a slut you were being, teasing me so bad. I finally decided you deserved a reward for being a nasty little slut and here I am” he said looking into her eyes.

He fucked her mouth harder and harder while pulling her hair, his hands slapping her tits hard as he neared the explosion. He could feel it build up in his balls and he didn’t want to deny himself or her anymore. With a loud grunt he sprayed it all in her mouth and a little over her face.

 The feeling of his warm seed on her face felt like a just reward for all her efforts since the afternoon. She opened her mouth and showed him all the cum on her tongue before swallowing it. She then used her fingers to suck the cum off her face, not wasting even a little of his precious seed.  He lied down next to her admiring her as she licked every last bit of his cum, then pulling her closer and kissing her.

 “Oh Daddy, you taste so good, I wish I could taste you like this everyday. I will be your dirty little slut at work and suck you off below your desk. Nobody has to know, please let me be your slut at work daddy” she whispered in his ears.

He loved how kinky she was and before he knew it, she took his limp cock in her hands, stroking it, making it harder. He was slowly getting erect again and she licked his shaft from the balls right up to the dickhead. He started working with his fingers on her pussy again, the wetness still in tact. He rubbed her clit and fingered her a little, her moans starting to get loud again as his hands were working their magic on her. She was now stroking him hard, getting him ready for the final assault on her wet pussy.

 She was pretty wet too now and soon she was moaning “Fuck me daddy, please..Don’t make me wait any longer”.

 He finally decided to give her what she wanted, he got up on the bed and tried to bend her over on all fours on the bed. 

She stopped him and looked him in the eye and said “Not here, I want you to fuck me in the open”. 

“Don’t be ridiculous, we could be seen” he argued. 

“If you want to fuck me, then you gotta fuck me in the balcony or I can shout now, create a ruckus and have your wife screw your happiness”, she sounded naughty but he knew he couldn’t take any chances.

He took her hand and walked her into the balcony, bending her over it, entering her from behind without any warning. She moaned slightly as he covered her mouth so her voice couldn’t go far. 

He whispered into her ears “You are very dangerous, yet I still want you so bad. Tomorrow morning, we are total strangers. Is that understood slut?”. 

She nodded her head yes as he went deep inside her, all the way till his shaft was fully inside her. He pulled out slowly and thrusted harder this time, hitting her pussy hard, his balls slapping against her ass. He was squeezing her tits from behind as she was bent over the railing, his body on top of her, his cock inside her. Both of them were sweaty and panting as the cool breeze couldn’t cool down their hot bodies. 

He picked up the pace and was now pounding her as hard as he could, going deep inside her, hitting her pussy walls hard, making sure he reached every nook and corner of her. Her body was shivering with pleasure to the force of his stroking and she couldn’t believe what a slut she had turned into for an older married man.

She continued moaning muffled by his hands, his hands now holding her waist and just drilling her pussy like an animal. 

“Oh Fuck! Just like that, fuck me harder daddy” she moaned in whispers as his cock was hitting all the right spots inside her, the pleasure spreading through her entire body from between her legs. 

The sound of his cock thumping against her wet pussy filled the air along with her low moaning.

 “Oh Daddy, I want to fuck you every night you’re here, you’ll fuck me every night won’t you?” she asked. 

“Of course I will, you dirty little slut” he replied now rubbing her clit vigorously. 

The double attack on her pussy and clit felt like a burden too much to handle as she could sense the climax approaching. She whispered “Daddy, I’m close. I want you to spread your seed inside me, I want to have your babies”. 

“Okay little slut , I will” he whispered back and picked up the pace more, now pounding her as hard as he could. 

Her hands on his ass pushing him deeper into her, her hair being pulled back as he bit her neck, fucking her like a man possessed. It almost felt like his balls could explode any second now, he kept up the assault on her pussy and clit, soon enough she cried out “I’m cumming” as the orgasm hit her entire body, leaving her breathless. 

Right on cue, he sprayed his seed deep inside her, finally letting go. “Fuck daddy! You fuck so good” she turned around and kissed him. 

“You aren’t so bad yourself little slut” he kissed her back, sucking on her tongue. They stayed in the balcony naked, sweating, breathless but completely satiated for the night.
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Antra the cum slut

Antra just got back and sat at the bar, she and her friend had been dancing. They needed a break and another drink, so they sat at the bar and ordered the drink. Antra was wearing a tight black dress barely covering her ass, it fitted her perfectly showing off all her curves. Her friend had a curfew at home, so she took a couple more shots quickly and went back on the dance floor. Antra was in no rush to get home as she lived by herself, so she was sitting by the bar having her drink. She knew that a single woman by the bar attracted lot of attention and that night she didn’t mind it.

 She was hoping to meet a guy attractive and interesting enough, so she could even possibly go home with him. Soon enough a guy came, pointed at the bar stool next to her and asked “Is this taken?” she nodded no and he settled into it. He was joined by his friend next to him, both of them were well dressed and good looking, only slightly older than her.
The first guy asked “Can I buy you a drink?” and she noticed her drink was almost over. She smiled and nodded as he ordered the same drink for her again.

 He started chatting her up, asking her name, what she did and so on. “You bought me a drink which was a good move, now get a move on and end this small talk” Antra wished he could hear her inner voice.

 His name was Abhishek and he got a call, so he stepped out of the club for a while.

 His friend Rohit came, sat in Abhishek’s place and said “Sorry, he is a bit nervous. He likes you a lot”.

 “How do you know?” Antra asked naughtily.

 “I know because both of us have been checking you out for the past hour or so. You are pretty hot and your dance moves are very good.”

 “So, why couldn’t your friend be as direct as you. Instead he was making boring small talk” Antra questioned Rohit.

 “Not everyone is smooth with women, cut him some slack” Rohit smiled. 

“Why would any girl be interested in a guy if he’s not smooth?” Antra was enjoying this back and forth with Rohit more and more. 

“Because they might have other appealing attributes” Rohit smiled as he ordered another drink for Antra.

By now Antra was pretty drunk and she wanted to refuse another drink, but she thought to herself why not take it easy and have another. So, she went for it and said “I can’t read people’s minds, so there is no way for me to find out what other appealing attributes your friend has”. 

“Well, do you live alone and how far away from here?” Rohit asked her. 

She said “What’s that got to do with anything”. 

“Well, I want to call for the check and have you take us home” Rohit smiled mischievously. 

“What us, I’m not into your friend and I don’t have a girl waiting at home to entertain him. We can go to my place if you ditch him” she winked.

 “I can’t leave him and come with you, he likes to watch. Can he come along if he just watches us do what we do?” Rohit asked knowing fully well what her answer would be.

 Antra thought about it for a few seconds, she didn’t want to let go of Rohit and she thought the idea of being watched by another man sounded hot. 

She finally said “Okay, but he cannot touch me under any circumstances, is that understood?”. 

“Yes, he will not touch you and he will just watch us. I promise” Rohit assured her. He called for the check as Antra finished her drink and both of them got out of the club.

Abhishek was on the phone outside and hung up as soon as he saw the both of them. 

Rohit said “Let’s get out of here” to him and they quickly got in Rohit’s car. Antra was pretty tipsy by now and she was unable to walk straight. Rohit held her closely and made sure she sat properly in the front seat. He took her building name and googled for it, they soon reached her building. He held her again as they got into the elevator, the security guard staring at them as if it was nothing new for random guys to drop Antra home.

 She was fiddling for her keys in the handbag, Abhishek took the bag and found the keys, opened the door. As soon as they got in, Rohit started kissing Antra and she was responding in kind. She could feel his hands move all over her body, the dress coming off of her pretty quick. They continued kissing as she kicked her shoes off, now standing just in her black bra and thongs, while Rohit played with her, kissing and touching her everywhere. Abhishek settled in to the couch and was enjoying the show as Rohit pulled down her bra and was slurping on her nipples, biting and sucking them.

Antra started moaning pretty loud, the liquor in her making her lose any sense of inhibition that another guy was watching them as they played with each other. Rohit pushed her up against the wall and unhooked her bra, letting her tits completely free. He buried his face in her cleavage, started sucking, licking and biting her tits pretty hard. 

“Ah Fuck! Don’t stop Rohit, you made me so horny already. I want you to fuck me while your sissy friend watches us. I want you to teach him how to play with a girl like me, so that next time he won’t bore them.”

 As she said this, Abhishek got up from the couch and came closer. Antra had her eyes closed and was lost in moaning as she felt a new hand rubbing her pussy. She was drunk, but not passed out so she immediately opened her eyes and saw Abhishek touching her pussy. 

She threw his hand aside and screamed at him “Go and sit on the couch, you’re supposed to only watch, not touch me.” 

Abhishek choked her hard and gave a tight slap right across her face, it stung pretty bad. 

“What the hell are you doing? This is not right. Rohit, please stop this and leave” she almost begged Rohit.

“That’s your punishment for calling me a sissy, you dirty little slut. I can do whatever I please with you. Rohit won’t stop me, nor can anybody else. Now just shut the fuck up and do as we say.” Abhishek said menacingly. 

He didn’t sound like the same guy who was very sweet and respectful less than 2 hours ago. Antra tried getting away from them, but both of them had pinned down her hands and thighs by now so she couldn’t move anymore. 

Rohit knelt before her and pulled down her panties, rubbing her clit and pussy, licking it to turn her on more. Antra wanted to resist and fight back, but his tongue on her clit made her go crazy, she didn’t feel like fighting Rohit. Abhishek took her tits in his mouth and started biting them hard as he continued choking her. Antra wanted to push Abhishek away but he held her down forcibly, not allowing her hands to get away.

 It was a conflicting mix of pain and pleasure in her head as she wanted Rohit so bad, but was repelled at the thought of Abhishek using her for pleasure. She bit his ear hard, almost chewing it off in the process. He winced in pain, raised his head and slapped her across the face continuously.

Her cheeks were stinging pretty bad by now and tears rolled down her cheeks as he went back to sucking her tits. Even though it hurt like hell, the feeling of Rohit sucking and licking her pussy made her go weak in the knees. He was pretty good at it, rubbing her pussy when needed, licking and sucking otherwise, fingering every now and then, giving her the perfect dose of pleasure.

 She decided to stop fighting Abhishek for the time being and let him play with her tits as he pleased. He slapped them hard, twirled and pinched her erect nipples, bit her lips very hard, pulled her hair and sucked on her neck. He bit her neck and shoulders as the moans again picked up from her side, since she started to give in to Abhishek as well.

 “How do you like it slut? Having two men play with you? I don’t look like a sissy anymore, do I? C’mon whore tell me, Am I a sissy, answer me?” he screamed in her face and slapped her again. 

She could barely manage a “No” as he dug his teeth into her sensitive tits. 

“I can’t hear you slut, you need to speak up” he slapped her again and bit her nipples. 

“No sir, you’re not a sissy” she answered a bit more firmly.

“You have had all the pleasure till now, it’s time we got something back too” Abhishek said to her and took his hands off her tits.

 Rohit also got off his knees and stood up, they took her to the coffee table near by and made her bend over it. Both of them dropped their pants, Abhishek stood behind her as Rohit stood in front of her. Her pussy was almost dripping wet by now with all the teasing and pleasing she got from Rohit till now. Without any warning, Abhishek pulled her hair back and started pounding her pussy hard. 

“Oh Fuck!” she cried as she spanked her hard, Rohit held her face by her throat and started fucking her face at the same time. 

She was being assaulted on both holes at once by two extremely wild cocks. Her resistance towards Abhishek was crumbling bit by bit as his cock hit her pussy deeper than any other cock had ever before. 

“You like my cock, don’t you? You dirty little slut?” Abhishek lowered himself and asked her in her ear. 

She wanted to say Yes, but she resisted a bit more as he continued pounding and spanking her. He was biting every part of her back and shoulders. His cock sure had magic powers as he went into deep unexplored corners of her tight pussy.

Rohit realized that she started to enjoy Abhishek’s cock more than his and he didn’t want to be left behind. He held her face up straight and picked up the pace, choking her with his firm hands as he took over her mouth. His thick shaft hitting her cheeks and throat with brute force, the kind of force she had never experienced. Her eyes were almost popping out as she was unable to withstand the double assault on both her holes.

 “You didn’t think I’d just let him watch did you? This is our way to convince a girl for a threesome, we con her into believing that one of us will just watch and once we start, she has no option but to become our cum bucket” Rohit was talking to her as he drilled her mouth. 

The liquor effect was completely gone and Antra was fully aware of what was happening to her. When her day started, she hadn’t imagined she’d be bent over in her own living room, being used and abused the way it was happening right now. Even though it felt demeaning and painful, it also felt exhilarating to be treated like a piece of meat in some ways.

She decided to not overthink and let her body to react what was coming her way and there was more coming. 

Abhishek stuck a finger up her ass and asked “All three holes filled, do you feel like a cum slut now Antra?”

She decided to not keep quiet anymore and replied “Not yet asshole, not nearly enough. You fuck like a girl, you need to fuck me like a man for me to feel like a cum slut.” 

It had the desired effect on Abhishek as he spanked her real hard and was now drilling her pussy with increased vigor, he was hitting her so hard that her entire body shook to the brute force of his strokes, he was slapping his tits as she was bent over, continuing to finger her ass too. 

“Is this enough whore?” he inquired. 

“No daddy, fuck me harder” she egged him on as he continued pounding her pussy. 

Rohit meanwhile was making her cheeks and throat feel the pain as he was pounding them as hard as he could.

 He pulled her hair and made her look into his eyes asking “Isn’t this so much better than just having me? Aren’t you loving being a cum dump for the both of us?”

“Fuck yes, Master! I’m loving it, I just wish there was one cock in my ass too right now” Antra replied and smiled at him.

 Abhishek was rubbing her clit as he pounded away at her pussy making sure she was getting close to the best orgasm she’s ever had.

 Rohit looked at Abhishek and mouthed “Soon”. 

They both knew they couldn’t hold on for much longer, so they kept going harder and harder, till they couldn’t hold on any longer. Abhishek came deep inside her pussy with a loud groan, his seed going deep inside her. Her pussy couldn’t hold all of it, so some of it dripped out of her pussy down her thighs. Rohit held on long enough and came as soon as Abhishek was done. He pulled out his cock and sprayed it all over Antra’s face, warm cum streaming down from her eyes, down on to her cheeks. He took out his camera and clicked a pic of her face dripping with cum.

Both of them pulled out their cocks as Abhishek continued to rub Antra’s clit and then stuck his tongue on it. It felt as if a dam had broken loose as soon as his tongue touched her clit and wave after wave of intense orgasms hit Antra.

 Her body was shivering and shaking in intense pleasure as she cried out “Oh fuck!  Threesomes are awesome, I wanna be your cum dump again”. 

She lied down on the coffee table and used her fingers to lick the cum off of her face and dripping down her thighs. Rohit clicked a few more pics of her and then both of them kissed Antra on her mouth, sucking on her tongue filled with their cum, exchanging it with each other. 

She held them tightly and whispered to them “I want more of this, don’t think I’ve had enough”. Rohit and Abhishek looked at each other smiling, knowing their mission had been accomplished, Antra was a proper cum slut now.

Choke me Master!

Kriti was rolling around restlessly on the bed. Mohit had told her already that he would be late from work as he had to finish working on a presentation. Both of them tried to wrap up work and only then get home, so that they could spend time with each other without any disturbances.

 “When are you getting home, I’m bored!” she texted him. 

“Still working, I’ll text you as soon as I start” he replied. 

She tried flipping channels on the TV, but she got bored after a while. Mohit was a workaholic, which meant that no matter what she said or did, he would not give her any attention if he was swamped with work. This past week had been like that and she was getting restless with each passing day as she craved for his touch so much. She decided to tease him and see how he would react. 

She put on his favorite red see through panties and black netted bra, just wearing them made her feel so sexy. She ran her hands all over her big juicy melons, squeezing them as he would have. Her other hand went down between her legs, reaching for her pleasure hole and teasing it.

She clicked a few selfies bending over, squeezing her tits, pouting and texted them to him saying “Waiting for Master!”. She could see that he saw them, but there was no response from him. She decided to give him an earful once he got home and continued watching TV. She was too bored to even touch or change, so she was lying down in the same red panties and black bra. 

She closed her eyes and didn’t realize when she had dozed off. She opened her eyes and Mohit was standing in front of her. 

“When did you come?” she asked him lazily. 

“Just now” he replied. 

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked him, knowing the reason fully well. 

“I left the work on my presentation mid way and came running, and you ask me why am I looking at you like that?” he demanded an answer.

 “I didn’t get a reply, so I thought you wouldn’t show up till late” she replied as if she didn’t care. 

Mohit started getting undressed as if he would get into the shower, but he got into bed with Kriti.

“Don’t you dare touch me, you haven’t made love to me in a week” she sounded pissed. 

Before she could say another word, he started kissing her and just feeling his lips on hers melted her anger away bit by bit. He sucked on her lips, biting them, sliding his tongue into her mouth. He pinned her hands above her head and tied them together with his belt.

 “I want to touch you, please don’t tie me love” she pleaded with him. 

He was in no mood to listen as he continued kissing her, sucking on her chin, moving down further and biting her neck, licking and sucking on it. 

“Ahh!” she cried out as he bit her shoulders, powerless to even touch him. 

“You thought I’d continue working and not come, didn’t you? How could I not after that fantastic teaser you sent me. I don’t care about the presentation anymore” he whispered in her ears as pulled down her bra and got hold of her juicy tits, squeezing them hard, kneading them like dough. 

Her moans were starting to get louder now as he took her nipple in his mouth, sucking on it while squeezing the other breast.

Kriti was writhing in pleasure as he played with her tits, sucking, licking and biting on them. 

“Please untie me, I want to touch you too” she pleaded with him again. 

He looked into her eyes and kissed her again saying “Not yet, you deserve to be punished for teasing me while I was at work”.

 He now took both her nipples into his mouth at once, sucking on them violently, biting them hard, making her moan uncontrollably. She thrashed her hands trying to get loose, but he had tied them together too hard, and there was no escaping the knot. He moved down from her breasts for a few seconds, sucking and licking her navel, running his fingers deep into her breasts. 

He could sense her heating up and he decided to kick the heat up a notch. He put one hand between her legs and touched her pussy over her sexy red panties. “Oh Fuck!” she cried out as he started rubbing her pussy vigorously while still sucking on her breasts. 

“Please let me touch you” she pleaded again.

He moved down from her breasts and fingered her belly button, sucked and licked her navel some more before pulling down her panties till her knees. 

“You are killing me babe!” she  moaned as he buried his face between her legs. 

He started sucking and licking her inner thighs, while playing with his tits, slowly moving close to her pussy. The anticipation was too much for her to take and she started writhing as he finally licked her pussy lips in one long stroke of his tongue. His hands were focused on her tits, pinching her nipples as his tongue and lips were working overtime on her pussy and clit. 

Sucking on them, licking them, nibbling at them as he went deeper inside her pussy, feeling the wetness build up inside her.

 “Oh Fuck Master! Your punishment is killing me” she moaned as he ate her out like he were tasting a cheese cake.

 Her juices were now flowing and he stuck one finger inside her, got it really wet. “See how wet I got you” he showed her before sucking on it like a lollipop. 

He stuck it in again and this time put it close to her mouth, teasing her. She lifted her face up and sucked on it like a beast jumping for her prey, sucking his finger like a hungry pup.

He ate her out for some more time before deciding it was time for her mouth to be punished. He got up from her pussy, pulled down his boxers and pushed his thick cock in her face. Her hands were still tied, he pulled her hair and got her mouth closer to his cock, she sucked on his dick head, licking his shaft. She was lifting her head, trying to reach his balls, but he pulled them out of her reach. He tied her hands tightly again, pulled her hair and held her mouth steadily as he started thrusting his cock inside her mouth. 

Her eyes almost popped out as he started fucking her face with a furious passion she hadn’t seen in him before. She yearned so much to touch him, but being so helpless before her love, having him use her like this felt so good too. Every thrust in her mouth, every time his cock hit her cheeks and the depth of her throat, a sudden surge of electricity coursed through her entire body. He squeezed and slapped her tits as he kept fucking her mouth till he got close. He then pulled out his cock, allowing it to cool down a bit as it had gotten pretty hot in her mouth.

He kissed her mouth and sucked on her tongue, tasting himself in her mouth, on her lips, the smell of his pre-cum still lingering in her mouth. He finally untied her hands and she immediately tugged at his hair, kissing him wildly saying “That punishment felt so so good, now fuck me hard Master! I want you inside me”.

 He kissed her back, squeezing her ass and slapping it as he hugged her tighter. Their bodies pressed together, so as to not allow even air get in between them. 

“How bad do you want me to fuck you?” he asked her naughtily, as she nibbled on his ear. 

“As bad as I’ve ever wanted you, if you didn’t fuck me tonight I would’ve come to your office and fucked you right there”. 

“I am glad it didn’t come to that” he bit her lips and buried his face between her tits.

He bit her nipples for a while, sucking on her breasts, biting them, digging his teeth into them as her nails were digging into his back. He then got up and made her get on all fours on the bed. He took his belt again, spanking her ass hard with his long fingers. 

“Ah! That hurt Master!” she cried out as he continued spanking her.

 He grabbed her tits from behind and squeezed them hard as he sucked and licked her neck and shoulders. He stopped spanking and now hit her with the belt. “Fuck!!!!” she cried out loudly as the leather on her bare skin hurt pretty bad. He didn’t care and hit her again, slightly harder as she continued screaming, getting turned on even more every time he hit her. 

“You really are punishing me Master! I should tease you more often” she moaned as he turned her face around and bit her lips hard. 

“Now enough punishing me, I’m wet as fuck! Fuck me hard!” she pleaded with him.

For once he decided to oblige her, but not before he had her exactly the way he wanted. He tied his belt around her neck, not too tight, but tight enough to choke her a little. She was still on all fours as he pulled her hands behind her back and held them tightly with one hand. He spanked her again with the other hand while poking his thick cock on her ass, teasing her a little more. 

“Don’t make me beg Master! I’m aching for you to be inside me, for you to punish me real hard” she pleaded with him as he slowly entered her. 

“Ahh” she moaned as she felt him inside her after what felt like an eternity. He thrusted all the way in, till his shaft was completely inside her, stretching her pussy, filling her up. He spanked her again, pulling the belt, choking her as he pulled out his cock. He thrusted harder this time, choking her with the belt as he hit the depths of her wet pussy. She was moaning like he had never heard her moan as his cock hitting her pussy along with the belt choking her created the perfect symphony of pleasure for every inch of her body.

“Choke me Master! Fuck me harder” she begged as he picked up the pace of his fucking, now pounding her pussy in short but intense thrusts while pulling the belt and choking her more.

 “Fuck this feels so good Master” she egged him on as his balls were slapping hard on her butt cheeks as his entire shaft went deep inside her. 

He choked her harder with each passing stroke, her hands powerless to even touch him, while his cock was twisting and twirling inside her tight wet pussy. He pulled her hair and bit her neck as his cock was hitting all the right spots inside her, his every thrust making her moan louder and louder. He could sense the pressure build up in his balls, so he decided to halt for a few seconds in order to last longer. 

“What happened Master! Punish your little girl” she moaned as he started pounding again, this time harder than before. 

He was spanking her hard, the choking and fucking making her ecstatic. “Oh Master! You’re so weak, I wish I had a master who could fuck me harder” she teased him.

He choked her harder with the belt and started drilling her pussy like an animal as she moaned louder and louder. The pressure in his balls were getting unbearable, yet he held on for a while, before spraying deep inside her with a loud grunt. 

“Fuck! That felt so good” he exclaimed as he turned her over.

 She was close, but not there yet so he decided to push her over the edge. He went down on her and sucked and licked her clit, rubbing her pussy lips. That certainly did the trick as the wave of an intense orgasm pulsed through her entire body, making her moan and writhe in pleasure.

 “Oh Master! Why don’t you fuck me everyday like this” she cried out as he continued sucking her clit, the orgasm still hitting her. 

He climbed up and kissed her mouth, sucking on her lips saying “It wouldn’t be this amazing if I punished you every day”.