One Night high!!

Sria came back from a hike around the hill resort she was staying at. She walked past the reception and noticed a couple checking in with their kids. The wife was talking to the receptionist as the husband was looking after the kids. She noticed him checking her out as she walked past them. She was in track pants and a t-shirt, but even in that attire her curves were unmistakable. She decided to hang around the lobby reading magazines. She noticed that the guy couldn’t help, but look at her from time to time. 

Sria got up and stretched a bit, giving him a better look at her voluptuous figure. She talked to the receptionist about some random stuff and smiled at the guy’s wife. She smiled back while talking to her husband, that’s when Sria came to know his name was Rohan. He was reasonably fit for a father of two and the slight grey in his hair was incredibly attractive. Sria checked him out a bit before heading back to the room.

She knew she probably had a couple of days at least to tease Rohan. She went back up to her room and sat in her balcony facing the lawns. Soon enough Rohan and family checked into a room which was opposite her, she could see the kids running around in their room. She decided to get a little naughty, took her track pants off. She was wearing boxer shorts underneath, so it wasn’t very obvious what she had on her mind. 

But she knew one look at her legs and it would be difficult for Rohan to fight back thoughts of her naked body. She waited there patiently, staring at the hills all around them, checking her phone. Finally Rohan and the kids appeared in the balcony, he saw Sria sitting there and he couldn’t help but ogle at her. She had reasonably long legs with flesh in all the right places. She had put her feet up and her boxer shorts had gone up, showing her thighs a lot more than necessary. 

Rohan caught Sria staring back at him and there was a naughty look on her face as if she were asking “Do you wanna see more?”. 

He knew he’d be in trouble if his wife caught him staring, so he decided to get back into the room and stay there.

Soon it was night and Sria decided it was time to take the teasing to the next level. She knew Rohan wouldn’t be able to stay away for too long, so she decided to torture him a bit more. She took a long bath in the tub, just to relax. Once she got out, she stayed in her towel, with her curtains open.

 She walked around the room in that for a long time, she could have sworn she saw the opposite room’s curtain moving every now and then. She knew her teasing was working, she ordered room service and finished her dinner with a glass of wine. The look on the room service guy’s face was priceless when he saw her just in a towel. 

She then decided to take the towel off, she wore a checks shirt, leaving the buttons open and a red thong. She checked herself out in the mirror, her breasts dying to be touched and sucked, her ass waiting to be touched and caressed, her entire body hoping for a man’s touch and everything that came along with it. She came and sat in the balcony, for a while. There was nobody around, so she saw no harm in going the extra mile.

She came and sat in the balcony, pushing her shirt aside to give a good view of her breasts. In her heart she knew Rohan would be watching, so she touched herself between her legs. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them, trying to lick her erect nipples. She then ran her hand all over her body, touching on all the spots which turned her on, trying to imagine it was Rohan touching her. 

She then spread her legs wide and rubbed her clit, feeling the warm sensation build inside her. She was hoping he’d get the signal and make a move, for all the teasing that came his way since afternoon. She sat there playing with herself, getting wet, yet there was no sign of any movement in the opposite room or balcony. 

She decided it was enough for the night, disappointed that she wasn’t sexy enough for him and went back into her room. She was pissed at him for not making any move, after all not everyday you get a hot young thing playing with herself right in the opposite balcony to tease you.

After a while she heard a knock on her door, she couldn’t care less to cover up, so she buttoned her shirt a little and went to open the door. She opened it and before she could say anything Rohan pushed her back inside, shut the door and pushed her to the wall. 

“You were supposed to just watch and enjoy the show, not come barging into my room” she moaned as he kissed and licked her neck.

 “If you tease somebody like that, there’s only one result.” he replied as he pushed her shirt aside and cupped her breasts, squeezing them hard.

 “What if your wife looks for you, what if we get caught” she questioned him.

 “I don’t care, I won’t be able to rest till I have you to myself” he dismissed her doubts.

 His hands were moving all over her body, feeling her up, touching her everywhere just the way she had hoped they would. He sucked on her lips, biting them gently as she sucked on his tongue. She pulled him closer and buried his face between her neck and shoulder, as he started sucking and licking, biting.

“Oh Daddy! Ever since I saw you this afternoon, I decided I wanted you at any cost. Please use me whatever way you want, don’t hold back daddy” she moaned as he dug his teeth into her neck. 

He propped her up against the wall as she wrapped her legs around his waist, holding onto him tightly for support. He moved downwards onto her collar bone, licking and sucking on it, then making his way further down. 

Her moans were growing louder as he started sucking on her erect nipples. She held his hair and pushed him into her tits, as he licked and bit them.

 “Oh Daddy, I want you to fuck me so bad, please use me as your toy Daddy” she moaned. 

He took her boobs into his mouth, sucking and licking, his saliva making them wet, turning her on more and more. He put one hand between her legs, rubbing her clit over her thong. His other hand pulling her hair and hurting her as he devoured her big titties.

“Oh God! Fuck me already!” she cried out loudly as he continued sucking her pussy and rubbing her clit, teasing her more and more. 

She took off his t shirt and threw it aside, sucking on his hairy chest as he carried her and threw her on the bed.

 “You’re a rough fucker daddy” she teased him as he climbed on top of her. He made his way down from her tits, down to her pussy, teasing her with his fingers, rubbing it, before he buried his face between her legs. The first touch of his tongue on her pussy made her moan so loud, he was afraid somebody might hear them. 

He waited for a few seconds and then continued sucking and licking her, rubbing her clit as hard as he could.

 She was tugging at his hair, pushing him deeper moaning “Oh Daddy! Please fuck me, I want you inside me. I can’t wait any longer”. 

He lifted his face up and looked at her saying “Not so soon slut! I will have you when I want to”.

 He continued eating her out, using his fingers to spread her pussy lips wide, sticking his tongue deep inside him and tongue fucking the shit out of her. 

“Oh God, yes!” she cried out every time her clit throbbed at his touch.

He decided her pussy had had enough, so he got up and made her sit with her back to the headboard. He knelt on the bed placing his cock right in front of her face. 

“It looks angry and ready for me daddy!” she sounded so excited. 

He pinned her hands down and without any notice, started fucking her face. She almost choked on his cock at his first thrust, she somehow controlled herself and adjusted to his furious pace of fucking her mouth. Her eyes almost popped out as he hit her cheeks and throat hard, going harder with every thrust, her tits were bouncing up and down as her body shook vigorously at the pace of his face fucking.

 She wanted to say so many things to him at that moment, but she couldn’t as her face was trying to withstand the brute fucking his cock was dishing out.

 “How do I taste my dirty little slut, do I taste like you imagined I would, when you were out there in the balcony teasing me? Oh Yeah, I was watching the entire time. I saw what a slut you were being, teasing me so bad. I finally decided you deserved a reward for being a nasty little slut and here I am” he said looking into her eyes.

He fucked her mouth harder and harder while pulling her hair, his hands slapping her tits hard as he neared the explosion. He could feel it build up in his balls and he didn’t want to deny himself or her anymore. With a loud grunt he sprayed it all in her mouth and a little over her face.

 The feeling of his warm seed on her face felt like a just reward for all her efforts since the afternoon. She opened her mouth and showed him all the cum on her tongue before swallowing it. She then used her fingers to suck the cum off her face, not wasting even a little of his precious seed.  He lied down next to her admiring her as she licked every last bit of his cum, then pulling her closer and kissing her.

 “Oh Daddy, you taste so good, I wish I could taste you like this everyday. I will be your dirty little slut at work and suck you off below your desk. Nobody has to know, please let me be your slut at work daddy” she whispered in his ears.

He loved how kinky she was and before he knew it, she took his limp cock in her hands, stroking it, making it harder. He was slowly getting erect again and she licked his shaft from the balls right up to the dickhead. He started working with his fingers on her pussy again, the wetness still in tact. He rubbed her clit and fingered her a little, her moans starting to get loud again as his hands were working their magic on her. She was now stroking him hard, getting him ready for the final assault on her wet pussy.

 She was pretty wet too now and soon she was moaning “Fuck me daddy, please..Don’t make me wait any longer”.

 He finally decided to give her what she wanted, he got up on the bed and tried to bend her over on all fours on the bed. 

She stopped him and looked him in the eye and said “Not here, I want you to fuck me in the open”. 

“Don’t be ridiculous, we could be seen” he argued. 

“If you want to fuck me, then you gotta fuck me in the balcony or I can shout now, create a ruckus and have your wife screw your happiness”, she sounded naughty but he knew he couldn’t take any chances.

He took her hand and walked her into the balcony, bending her over it, entering her from behind without any warning. She moaned slightly as he covered her mouth so her voice couldn’t go far. 

He whispered into her ears “You are very dangerous, yet I still want you so bad. Tomorrow morning, we are total strangers. Is that understood slut?”. 

She nodded her head yes as he went deep inside her, all the way till his shaft was fully inside her. He pulled out slowly and thrusted harder this time, hitting her pussy hard, his balls slapping against her ass. He was squeezing her tits from behind as she was bent over the railing, his body on top of her, his cock inside her. Both of them were sweaty and panting as the cool breeze couldn’t cool down their hot bodies. 

He picked up the pace and was now pounding her as hard as he could, going deep inside her, hitting her pussy walls hard, making sure he reached every nook and corner of her. Her body was shivering with pleasure to the force of his stroking and she couldn’t believe what a slut she had turned into for an older married man.

She continued moaning muffled by his hands, his hands now holding her waist and just drilling her pussy like an animal. 

“Oh Fuck! Just like that, fuck me harder daddy” she moaned in whispers as his cock was hitting all the right spots inside her, the pleasure spreading through her entire body from between her legs. 

The sound of his cock thumping against her wet pussy filled the air along with her low moaning.

 “Oh Daddy, I want to fuck you every night you’re here, you’ll fuck me every night won’t you?” she asked. 

“Of course I will, you dirty little slut” he replied now rubbing her clit vigorously. 

The double attack on her pussy and clit felt like a burden too much to handle as she could sense the climax approaching. She whispered “Daddy, I’m close. I want you to spread your seed inside me, I want to have your babies”. 

“Okay little slut , I will” he whispered back and picked up the pace more, now pounding her as hard as he could. 

Her hands on his ass pushing him deeper into her, her hair being pulled back as he bit her neck, fucking her like a man possessed. It almost felt like his balls could explode any second now, he kept up the assault on her pussy and clit, soon enough she cried out “I’m cumming” as the orgasm hit her entire body, leaving her breathless. 

Right on cue, he sprayed his seed deep inside her, finally letting go. “Fuck daddy! You fuck so good” she turned around and kissed him. 

“You aren’t so bad yourself little slut” he kissed her back, sucking on her tongue. They stayed in the balcony naked, sweating, breathless but completely satiated for the night.
Author’s note: Pictures courtesy Please follow her and show her your appreciation :). 


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