Pia loves to show

Pia and Amit walked into the hotel lobby. She took her jacket off and handed it to him and whispered “Look at me play”. He smiled and looked on as she walked up to the reception desk. She showed their booking details to the guy at the reception. He took the details and started checking them in, but he couldn’t help but stare at her. She was looking gorgeous in a tank top and jeans, bending over the counter asking him more and more questions giving him a better look at her puppies. The poor guy was trying his best to avert his eyes and focus on the job at hand, but her tits were too juicy for him to be able to do that. She knew he was enjoying the show, so she decided to give him a better look. She stood up on her toes and pressed her tits on the front desk, giving him a better look. “Don’t worry, take your time to check us in. We are in no rush here” she encouraged him. She could sense him getting harder and wanted to excite him further, he almost wished he could grab those tits and suck them so hard. He finally finished checking them in and said “Thanks for your patience Ma’m, please call the reception if you need any help. My name is Atul, we are here to assist you in anyway we can”. She replied “Thank you so much! You did a great job, I’ll surely let you know if I need any help” and stepped away.

Amit knew she gave him a good show just by the look on her face, they got into the elevator and checked into their room. As soon as they entered, he pushed her to the wall kissing, pinning her hands down and whispered “Gave him a good show, didn’t you baby?”. “Oh Yes, I certainly did. If I’m right, he’s probably jerking off to me as we speak” she replied kissing him back. His hands were on her breasts, cupping them, his lips moving all around her face, kissing every inch of it, making her gasp with every touch of his. She put her hands on his ass and pulled him closer as he pulled down her top, sucking on her cleavage, licking and sucking her neck. “Take it easy Tiger, we’ve got all night” she teased him. “I’ve waited for this weekend for a while now, I’m gonna do as I please” he retorted. He continued sucking her cleavage, his hands moving all over her, pressing, touching, feeling her up as she responded to his every touch. Her body wasn’t in her control anymore, she was just gasping and moaning as he made his way all around her. “Don’t be in such a rush baby, I’ve got a surprise for you. You lie down on the bed and relax, I will be back in a few minutes okay”, she walked him to the bed and kissed him as he lied down on it.

She changed into the sexy new lace bra and panties she had bought for this particular weekend and came back into the room. He whistled and said “Who’s this sexy thing, can I have that piece of ass baby?”. “Not yet, first call room service and order bottles of water, we have a long night ahead. We need to hydrate”, she ordered him. He called up room service and asked for bottles of water as she climbed onto him on the bed. She took off his t-shirt, kissing him, running her hands all over his perfect chest, scratching him with her nails, feeling his abs as she sucked on his nipples. He threw his head back and enjoyed the attention as she made her way down and unzipped his jeans, pulling it down and throwing it aside. She could see a tent rising up in his boxers, but she wasn’t ready to go there yet. She continued playing with his chest, kissing it, sucking it as the bell rang. “It must be the water bottles” he said. “They are such a disturbance, go get them” she said. “No, I ain’t getting up from this bed. You go get it” he smiled naughtily. “Are you sure? What if the bell boy grabs my tits and plays with me?” she teased him. “I don’t care, you can do what you want” he dared her.

She got up from the bed and decided to put on a show for whoever the lucky guy delivering the water bottles was. She opened the door and as soon as the guy saw her in her sexy bra and panties, he almost froze. It took him a few seconds before he could mumble “Madam, Water bottles”. His eyes were staring at her from top to bottom shamelessly and she enjoyed that her figure was driving him crazy. “Oh Thank you very much, feeling very thirsty” she opened one bottle and took a few sips, the water spilling onto her lips. She moved her tongue around and sucked on those  few drops, making the guy wonder how those lips and tongue would feel like around his cock. “Thank you, Do I need to sign somewhere?” she asked. “Yes Madam, I don’t have a pen. Do you” he replied. She said “Wait, let me get it” she left the door open, so he could check out her ass as she went and got a pen. She took her own time looking around for a pen, giving him ample time to ogle at her. She could feel his piercing eyes all over her body, she was loving the feeling of giving him a hard on just by showing off. “Thank you Madam, my name is Rakesh. Please call the room service and ask for me, if you need any help” he said getting one good look at her before leaving.

She got back into the bed and kissed Amit, telling him “You won’t believe how much the room service guy loved my new bra and panties. I’m pretty sure he’d be exercising his hands and cock as soon as he can.” “You are such a cock tease” he smiled as he kissed her. “Oh Honey! I’m just doing public service, giving as many hard ons as I possibly can” she kissed him. She played around with his chest for a while finally moving down to the tent which was now fully up in his boxers. She pulled down his boxers and his cock was glistening in the lowly lit room, oozing pre cum. “Oh baby! It’s so eager, I didn’t even touch him yet” she said as she looked up into his eyes. She took his cock head and kissed it, before sucking on it gently. “Oh Yeah baby!” he moaned as she continued sucking it and then licking his shaft from top to bottom. She continued that for a while before he ached for her pussy too. He lied down on the bed and made her get on top of him in 69, she continued licking and sucking his shaft, playing with his balls as he rubbed her pussy over the panties. “Baby, eat me out!” she pleaded as she was sucking him full throttle, he still wouldn’t eat her out.

He teased her a little longer, finally sliding her panties aside and giving her pussy a good long lick. “Oh Baby! That feels so fucking good, don’t stop baby” she moaned as she continued sucking on his cock. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and dived tongue first, deeper into her. His sustained sucking and licking driving her crazy, yet she didn’t wanna lose focus on the job at hand. She was sucking him deep now, making his cock hit her cheeks and throat, as she played with his balls. He was rubbing her clit and tongue & finger fucking her, she knew she would explode any second. She always wondered how he could last so long, while she would cum multiple times before he did. “I am truly blessed, I have a man who can make me cum multiple times. How many of my friends have that?” she thought to herself as her climax seemed imminent. He went harder and harder at her pussy and clit, before long she was moaning “Oh baby! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” she lost focus and wasn’t sucking his cock anymore. He kept at it and soon enough she could feel the orgasm hit her, her entire body engulfed in pleasure which started off between her legs.

They were both sweaty and panting, he was still hard and she was dripping wet. He licked her juices a little, leaving some in her pussy for her to be still wet. He made her get off him and then got off the bed. She was lying on her back as he stood to the edge of the bed, pulling her closer. He spread her legs wide and placed on leg on his shoulder as he teased her wet pussy with his throbbing cock. “Oh Baby! Fuck me already, I need you inside me” she pleaded with him. He held her by the waist, sliding right inside her wet pussy, stretching her with his thick cock. “Oh baby!” she moaned as he went all the way in, filling her up. He slowly pulled out and thrusted harder, this time hitting her at a different angle, making sure his every inch made contact with her tight wet pussy. She threw her head back, eyes half closed moaning, holding on to the sheets tight as he was now thrusting her hard, making her feel him deep inside, fucking her like only he could. “Oh baby, you always fuck me so good. I want you to go harder and deeper baby” she pleaded with him, egging him on. He replied in kind and was now pounding her really hard, hitting her pussy walls pretty good, making her feel the rush of another approaching orgasm. “Oh fuck baby! I’m gonna cum again, fuck me hard baby, make me cum again” she cried out as he went full tilt and before she knew it, her body was filled with inexplicable pleasure all over again.

She was panting and it seemed like he didn’t break a sweat, still hard and still ready for another go at her tight warm hole. Before she could catch her breath, he pushed her up the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing her and sucking her tits. “Oh baby! You sure know how to make me cum so hard” she kissed him back, biting his lips. He was preparing for the next round as he kissed her everywhere, licking and sucking her navel, biting her tits. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer, her hands on his ass, feeling it up. She slid her tongue into his mouth so he could suck on it and without any warning, he entered her again. She was still wet and ready, as his cock took control and the thrusting picked up pace again. Her body was shaking to the his thrusts as her moans were louder now. “Yes baby, fuck me like that. Fuck your little slut hard. Make me your whore baby” she cried out as he now pounded her pretty hard. He kept at it for a while and then rolled over. He lied down on his back and made her get on top. He lied down still as she pressed her hands to his chest and started riding his cock. She moved her ass perfectly so she could take him fully inside her.

She took his hands and made him grab her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She looked him in the eye and said “Oh baby! It feels so fucking good to ride you like this. I feel like I’m in control of the best cock in town, I feel like I’m fucking the God of sex himself”. She rocked her hips harder and was now riding him hard, sucking on his fingers as she arched her back allowing him to go deeper inside her. “How do you like riding my cock baby, does it feel good” he queried as she threw her head back, riding him as hard as she could. He let her do all the work, lying down relaxed as she could sense yet another climax approaching. Yet here he was, still rock hard, no inkling of any orgasm for him. She decided to go for it and rode him harder and harder as she finally came hard on his thick cock. “Oh fuck baby! That felt so good” she bent down and kissed him, sucking on his lips as he played with her hair, squeezing her ass. “I so love fucking you, you make me cum so many times baby” she continued kissing as he looked pleased. She was tired and lied down with her head on his chest.

He let her lie down for about half a minute and then he made her sit up again. He held her arms with his arms outside, holding her down firmly so she couldn’t move. “Baby! Not so soon, I need a break” she pleaded, but she knew what was coming. She decided to just close her eyes and enjoy the ride as he held her down firmly and started fucking her from below. His first thrust was so hard and deep, she couldn’t help but moan “Oh fuck! That felt so good, fuck me just like that baby”. He smiled as she looked him in the eye and now started pounding as hard as he could from below. He was thrusting his hips upwards, lifting her entire body with his, then drilling her pussy like it was meant to be drilled. “Oh fuck baby! Make me your dirty little slut, pound me like a cheap whore” she cried out loud, her loud moans now uncontrollable as he pounded her relentlessly. “Do you love how i fuck you slut! Do you love being my whore” he asked her as he drilled her harder. “Oh yes daddy! I fucking do, please don’t stop. Make me cum again” she pleaded as he went hard as he could. She could sense it coming again and told him “Daddy, I’m gonna cum again. Fuck me harder, make it the best one yet” she asked.

He was now grunting, fucking her as hard as he could and his grunts only made the coming orgasm so much more exhilarating. Her entire body was shivering uncontrollably as the orgasm hit her, he knew he could stop now and let the orgasm take over. Her body filled with intense pleasure as her moans filled the room till she quieted down and her body relaxed a bit. “Oh daddy! You’re the most amazing fucker ever” she kissed his mouth and bit his lips as he rolled her over and got on top of her. She wrapped his legs around him and knew this was the final round, he always loved to look her in the eye as he came while being on top of her. His cock was still inside her, still hard and finally ready to let go. He pulled it out completely once, her hands on his ass pulling him deeper into her. He started thrusting, slow, intense, passionate thrusts, making sweet love to her as she could feel every inch of him pleasuring her. He choked her neck as he picked up the pace, now fucking her hard, finally wanting to let go, finally wanting to not hold back anymore as he knew he had pleased her plenty for the night. “I love fucking you like this, I love making you my slut” he whispered in her ear as she replied “I love it too daddy”. He was now at full speed and decided he didn’t wanna hold back anymore, he let go deep inside her as she came along with him, their grunts and moans echoing across the room. “Oh Daddy, that felt so good, can we have a do over in the morning?” she sounded so excited at the prospect of the next morning. “We sure can” he kissed her back and smiled.
Writer’s note: The pictures and story idea are courtesy poisonenvy69@tumblr.com. Please show them some love if you like my story. 



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