Antra’s wild night 

Writer’s note: If you want to know what happened earlier in the night before this story begins, please read my earlier story “Antra the cum slut”. 


Antra was completely drained, all the pounding from Rohit and Abhishek took its toll on her. It was exhilarating and she enjoyed something she never in her wildest dreams imagined she’d enjoy. Now that it was over, her prude mode was back on and she had half a mind to ask them to leave so that she could forget it ever happened and move on. But she knew she loved it too much and it would be hard to let go of it so easily. They both had been such amazing lovers, surely it wouldn’t harm to have them again before the night ended. She decided to find out what they wanted. 

“Do you guys wanna leave? The neighbors wake up early and it might not look good if two guys are seen leaving my flat in the morning” she asked, hoping desperately they’d say no. 

“We are in no hurry to leave, don’t you worry about the neighbors. It’s better if they get used to guys coming and leaving your flat at all hours” Abhishek replied and winked. 

“I need to make a call” Rohit got dressed and stepped into the balcony. 

“Come you need a shower” Abhishek held her by the waist and almost dragged her into the shower. Antra wasn’t sure if them staying back was a good or bad thing, but she decides to go with it since they had already fucked her once. “A few more orgasms would certainly be amazing” she thought to herself as Abhishek turned on the shower. The hot water hitting her sore body was such a relief. She felt relaxed as Abhishek’s hands took the soap and lathered her naked body, starting from her legs, making their way up her thighs and then navel. His touch felt so good, it didn’t feel like he was the same guy who had been abusing her, humiliating her a while ago. His hands finally settled on her tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples as he moved closer and kissed her. She kissed him back, forgetting she ever disliked him and called him a sissy. 

“I didn’t want to be so rough on you, I’m sorry. Hearing you call me a sissy pissed me off, so I got carried away” he whispered in between kisses. 

“It’s okay, I enjoyed it a lot. No guy has ever been so rough with me, so it was something exciting for me” she replied and started sucking on his tongue. 

Abhishek pushed her to the wall and started sucking on her nipples as the hot water hitting their bodies was heating them up further. Antra had her eyes closed, enjoying all the attention as she suddenly felt another pair of hands on her. She opened her eyes to see Rohit joining them in the shower, naked and ready to devour Antra. She smiled at him and pulled him closer, kissing him. He buried his head between the deep valley where her two magnificent breasts met, sucking, licking and biting to his heart’s content. She noticed Abhishek getting down on his knees and felt his hands spreading her legs apart. Soon enough, his tongue was swirling its way through her clit and pussy while Rohit was busy playing with her tits. The amazing high of both guys playing with her was back again and she could only throw her head back and soak it all in, enjoying their adulation for her naked, steaming body. 

“Oh God! I don’t care what the neighbors think, play with me as long as you like” Antra moaned.

“You didn’t think we were letting you go without another round or two, did you” Abhishek teased her. 

“No, but I don’t wanna be such a slut. Yet I want it so much and so bad” Antra replied. 

Rohit was now sucking her nipples hard, slurping on her tits while Abhishek was using only his mouth and tongue on her delicious pussy. The more he licked and sucked it, the more he wanted to keep at it. Antra was moaning pretty loud by now, her moans turning them on more, encouraging them to go harder at her voluptuous body. Rohit looked down at Abhishek and winked at him, Abhishek nodded and smiled and they decided to take things out of the shower now. Rohit stopped the shower and took a towel, wiping Antra’s naked body as he continued playing with her tits. Abhishek was still fingering her as they walked out of the shower into her bedroom. They made her get on the bed on all fours kneeling so they both could play with her. Rohit took his handkerchief out of his trousers and blindfolded her. 

“Why do you need to blindfold me, it’s not like you are shy of me” Antra quizzed them. 

“We have a game we want to play with you. And it’s important that you are blindfolded to play the game” Rohit convinced her. Antra smiled wondering what the game would be and waited for one of them to say something. 

“Now that you have had both our cocks, we need you to guess without seeing whose cock is the one in your mouth. You can touch, feel, lick, suck, do whatever else you want to. You just can’t open your blindfold. Is that understood?” Rohit gave her the instructions. 

“Yes, it is clear” Antra nodded her head.

“Whose cock is this?” Rohit asked as Antra could feel a cock on her lips. She took it in her hands, stroked it, sniffed at it, and then licked the shaft from top to bottom. She had tasted Rohit before and it didn’t feel like the same. She confidently replied “It’s Abhishek”. 

“Right answer” replied Abhishek as he let Antra suck on his cock a bit longer, her tongue licking his shaft, his dick head in her mouth, being sucked like a lollipop as she played with his balls. He enjoyed the attention before Rohit signaled him to move away. 

“Whose cock is this?” Rohit asked again as Antra felt another hot rod stuffed in her face. She felt it, sucked on it and she immediately knew it was Rohit. She didn’t want to let go so soon as he was yummy. She used her tongue on his dick head, slowly took it in her mouth and took the whole cock inside him. Rohit tried his best not to groan, but he couldn’t hold back and let out a loud groan. 

“I don’t think I need to say it out loud, who it was” Antra teased them with a naughty smile. 

“Right again. We need to discuss strategy and make it harder for you to guess. Be back in 2 minutes” Rohit said as they both stepped away from her. Antra started wondering how they could make it harder as it was pretty easy for her to guess. Soon they came back and Rohit challenged her “Let’s see if you can guess right this time”. 

She could smell a cock nearby, she tried taking it in her hands, but he pulled away, teasing her. She waited for him to come back and this time she grabbed it hard so he wouldn’t slip away. She felt it and it felt different than the two before, it was thicker and bigger. She sniffed at it and it smelled different too, she wasn’t sure how it could be so different. She finally decided to taste it and decide who it could be, she licked the shaft from top to the base, it tasted so amazing, better than both Rohit and Abhishek had tasted so far. She wondered if they applied something to make it taste different. She took it fully in her mouth and she felt his hands hold her by the hair and start fucking her face. He thrusted slowly at first, hitting her cheeks, then picking up the pace and hitting her mouth harder. 

Antra lost all thoughts of guessing whose cock it was, she was just relishing the thickness plundering her mouth. His cock smelling of sex, her throat being devoured by him. She started playing with his balls as he went deeper and harder into her mouth, pulling her hair hard. She heard Rohit say “How do you like my cock you fucking slut? Do you love sucking my thick cock you cum bucket?”

She was in no mood to reply to him, she invited his cock deeper inside her as she waited to be plundered. He choked her neck with one hand as he went full throttle, drilling her throat and cheeks as hard as he could. Antra almost choked on his thickness as Rohit said “You wanna be my whore, don’t you cum bucket? You need my cum everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ll give it to you, I’ll make you my cum dump.”

She pulled out his cock trying to talk back to him, but he shoved it back in and continued pounding away. She felt two pairs of hands moving all over her naked body, grabbing her tits, spanking her, squeezing her delicate body, making her yearn for their cocks inside her again. She was engulfed in the euphoria of all the attention when she realized there were more than two pairs of hands playing with her. She shuddered and pulled off her blindfold only to find a tall, handsome dude fucking her face while Rohit and Abhishek were playing with her body. She was shell shocked and tried to say something, but the dude knew it was coming, he thrust his cock deeper inside her mouth as she looked up into his eyes. 

“Hi cum dump, I’m Aman. They wanted me to join in on the fun, I’m sure you don’t mind an extra cock inside you” he winked at her. 

She tried to protest, but all her protests were lost inside her mouth which was being choked by his cock. “He does look amazing and his cock is so fucking sexy” Antra thought to herself as Abhishek started fingering her pussy. Rohit slapped her tits and said “You want three cocks inside you at once, don’t you, you fucking whore. You want to be our whore for tonight, till we are done using you and have no more use for you. Then we will cast you aside and be on our way. Is that understood slut?” 

Antra looked up at him and protested with her eyes, as if to say “This is not what I signed up for. I can’t handle three at once”. She tried to take her mouth off Aman’s cock as Rohit slapped her right across the face, pointing his finger in her face. He warned her “You better get used to the idea of being used as and when we please. There’s no escape from us, you are our cum dump, you fucking whore.”

Abhishek was busy eating her pussy, sucking her clit, getting her wet so she would be ready for their cocks. He stuck a finger up her ass, while continuing to rub her clit, her body shuddering non stop at the cocktail of pain and pleasure. He stuck it deeper inside her ass, prepping it for their thick cocks as her clit was being stimulated like never before. Antra wanted to resist, but she was helpless, their touch, their cocks teasing her mercilessly making her want all three of them more and more as they waited to get her fully ready. She decided to just let go and let them have their way with her. 

Sensing that she was ready Rohit lied down on the bed, fingering her ass as Antra lied down on him. “I don’t like what you are doing to me” she complained to Rohit. He choked her neck and slapped her face, pressing her down onto his body, “Do as we say you fucking whore”. She was in no condition to resist anymore, as Abhishek pulled her face up, shoving his cock in her mouth, holding her by the hair and pounding her. Aman got on top of Antra and entered her already wet pussy, going deep inside her. 

“Oh fuck!” Antra’s gasps were lost on Abhishek’s cock as he was hitting her cheeks hard. Aman’s big thick cock going deeper and harder inside her than any cock ever had before, hitting all the right spots, making her feel so fucking good. “You love my cock, don’t you slut?” Aman asked her as he bit and sucked her neck and shoulders. Antra wasn’t in her senses anymore, two gorgeous cocks pounding her like there was no tomorrow and there was a guy’s finger up her butt. She thought to herself “I’m loving this, I sure am a cum slut”. 

Rohit saw how much she was enjoying it and he didn’t wanna wait any longer. He applied some of her juices up her asshole, rubbed his cock near her pussy to get it wet and slowly tried to stick it inside her ass. She was so tight and it wouldn’t go in, she looked at her and mouthed “Relax a little, or it will hurt like a bitch” and without any warning thrust hard into her asshole. She screamed onto Abhishek’s cock and almost bit him, as Rohit went deeper inside her ass, stretching her, filling her up, hurting her. But he didn’t care, coz he knew after this she’d slowly enjoy it up her ass. He slowly pulled out and thrusted again, going in deeper than before. Antra was now in absolute heaven, three cocks working overtime to please her sluttiness. 

All three of them hitting her hard, filling her holes up as Rohit asked her “How does it feel to be a cum dump used by three of us, you whore?”

Abhishek pulled out his cock so she could reply, “Oh it feels so fucking good daddy, fuck my three holes harder. Make me your true cum dump, give me all your cum every day”. 

Abhishek stuffed his cock again in her mouth, all of them now pounding her holes as hard as they could, every inch of her feeling the pain and pleasure in equal measure. She was in a trance as they kept at it, hitting her as hard as they could, spanking her, slapping her face, choking her, pulling her hair, being so rough on her. The rougher they were, the more she responded. They could sense her body get excited as they got rougher, egging them on to be relentless on her naked body. They could sense the pressure building in their balls and they truly wanted to make her feel like a cum dump. Abhishek pulled out his cock and declared “I’m ready”. 

Rohit and Aman continued pounding her holes for a while, finally realizing they couldn’t hold on any longer. They pulled out too and stood up on top of her naked body, still in a daze from all the dicking she got. They stroked hard and soon enough thick jets of cum splashed all over her naked body, on her face, her tits, her navel, her pussy. They covered her body as much as they could and she truly was their cum dump now. Rohit bent down and rubbed her clit, licking her pussy as she could sense the huge wave of pleasure hit her entire body. She shuddered in ecstacy, looked up at them and moaned “Oh fuck! I want you to make me your cum dump again and again. I fucking love this”. 


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