Reward me Sir!

Anvesha was nervous, she had emailed her editor David the article she just finished. Best case scenario was him suggesting a few changes, worst case would be to get called to his office and be told what a useless writer she was. She wanted to avoid the worst case scenario as she was already running late for a date. She went to the washroom to wash her face, applied some make up to look presentable and got back to her desk, waiting for his email. She texted her date that she might be running late. She was hoping she wouldn’t have to cancel and finally David called her into his office. 

She texted the date to wait for her message and walked in to the office bracing for the worst. David was staring into his monitor, reading intently as he signaled her to sit down. She sat down waiting for him to say something. 

After a bit more of an awkward silence David said “This is really pathetic work Anvesha. I expected better from you, please discard this draft and redo the whole thing. I need it in an hour. When I hired you I expected you to get better pretty fast, but you seem to be regressing with each passing day.”

“Can you please tell me what is wrong with it?” Anvesha asked looking him the eye. 

“Everything is wrong, the whole point of view is totally biased. So, please think about it again and write it. I need it an hour, I don’t like working long hours just because you can’t do your job properly”, David sounded irritated. 

“Tell me what I need to do, so that I don’t have to go through this constant criticism from you sir”, Anvesha wanted answers. 

“Do your job well, don’t wait for me to point out mistakes. Learn from your colleagues who write so well. Pallavi is slightly senior to you, but she writes so well. I barely have to correct her” David chided her. 

Anvesha decided to take matters into her own hands, she got up from the chair and went closer to David. She stood close to him where he could smell her perfume and said “I can work hard in other ways sir, please let me. Just correct my articles, whichever way you see fit. I promise I’ll make you happy”.

David had an idea what she was hinting at, but he didn’t want to get into any trouble. He wasn’t new to pretty young things trying to lure him, and he had been successful at staying away. He loved his wife after all and wanted to keep it that way. He stayed calm and replied “Just do your actual job properly, that’s all I need. I don’t need you to work hard in any other ways.”

“Are you sure sir, I think I caught you staring at my ass a couple of times. I do wear the tight pencil skirts for your viewing pleasure after all, aren’t they enticing you enough”, Anvesha moved closer and sat on his desk. 

“I love my wife, so you better get back to your desk and start reworking on the article”, David could hear the weakness creeping in his mind and words. 

“But my hard work lies here sir, let me prove how hard I can work” Anvesha said as she pulled David closer and kissed him, her hand touching his crotch. 

Feeling her wet lips on his lips melted any final resistance David had left and he was kissing her back with equal vigor as she started rubbing the hardness growing inside his trousers. His tongue was wrestling with hers, her hands running all over his back inside his shirt. 

“Someone might walk in, we might get caught”, David warned her. 

” Let them walk in, let them see how hard I work for you editor. Let them see how much I want your approval” she whispered in his ears as she nibbled on his ears. 

“I’ll let you work now, let me get back to work too. Do remember this is our secret, nobody has to know” she smiled and got below his desk.

He tried to act as if he was working in case someone walked in, but her hands were moving too fast and before he knew it his cock was in her hands, being stroked so good. 

“Oh fuck! I can’t believe you’re making me do this” he moaned, trying to keep his voice low. 

Anvesha licked his shaft from the head all the way down, getting it all wet, stroking it like a favorite pet. Her pet was responding to her touch and soon enough it was fully grown and ready for more. She took his dick head in her mouth, sucked on it and then pulled out. She looked up into his eyes, he had his eyes closed, trying not to moan too loud. She was stroking him harder and sucking on it like her favorite flavor of lollipop, in and out, in and out of her juicy mouth. Her sloppy sucking made him hold on to the chair hard, resist the urge to talk dirty to her as he could still hear people around the office. 

“Am I working hard enough now sir? Do you think I’m a better writer than Pallavi now?” she teased him before taking him fully inside her, his cock hitting the depths of her throat. 

“Oh yes! You are a much better writer than Pallavi ever will be” David had no other response for her. 

“You will always love my writing and will praise me before everyone going forward, won’t you sir?” Anvesha was now taking advantage of his weakness as his cock hit her cheeks, harder and harder. 

“Yes, of course. I will ensure your writing is the best of all your colleagues”, David hadn’t felt this turned on ever. 

Anvesha was now pulling his cock harder, making it hit her throat and cheeks as she massaged his balls. There was a knock on the door and the office boy walked in. Anvesha stayed still and didn’t make any noise, it took a great deal of effort for David to stay calm and send him away. He made the boy, lock the door behind him so that nobody would enter again. Once the door was shut again, Anvesha was back to sucking her favorite lollipop, playing with his ball sack at the bottom. She knew he could burst any minute, but she wanted him inside her. 

“How do you like my hard work sir” she quizzed him as she got back up from below the desk, his throbbing cock still outside his trousers as she pushed his chair back and sat on the desk. Her feet were now on his cock, her pointed heels hurting him. 

“Do you like my work sir, tell me you do. Please tell me sir, or I will work harder”, she almost warned him. 

“I love your work, you don’t need to work any harder”, David replied as he winced in pain. 

Anvesha made sure the door was locked and then unbuttoned her blouse, letting it loose as her gorgeous cleavage was now teasing David. She hiked her skirt all the way up and spread her legs, giving him a good look at her red panties. 

“Do you like my dressing sense sir?” she asked him, as she squeezed her tits, rubbed her pussy, her heels still pressing down on his cock. 

“Yes, I love it” David replied. It was getting hard for him to resist, as she was putting on quite a show for him. 

“Then you must reward me for my hard work sir. A nice incentive would only encourage me to work harder for you every day sir. It would make me work weekends too, I’d never leave office at all sir”, Anvesha pressed her leg further on his cock. 

“Enough hard work, now please stop hurting me. I’ll do as you say always”, David pleaded with her. 

“I hope you are a man of your word sir” Anvesha smiled at the tortured look on his face. She got up and sat on his lap, spreading her legs around him, kissing his mouth wildly, biting his lips and sucking his tongue. She hugged him tightly and started jumping up and down, grinding on his manhood, arousing him further as she tugged at his hair. David knew he was getting late for a movie with the wife, but in that moment all he wanted to do was to pound Anvesha, show her who the boss really was. 

“Touch my wet pussy sir, see how hard I worked for you, how wet I got for your thick cock sir”, Anvesha whispered in his ears as he bit her lips and grabbed her ass, squeezing it, slapping it as she grinded on his cock. 

“Oh I’ll do more than just touch it, I want to do a great many things to it” David was finally finding his mojo as she was within his grasp. 

“Please do it sir, I can’t wait to find out what those great many things are” she took his fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. 

He moved down to her collarbone, sucking and biting on it as he slapped her ass, pulling down her bra and letting her gorgeous titties loose. They looked far too inviting for him to stay away. He squeezed them together and took them in his mouth, sucking and licking. He dug his teeth into them as she held him by the hair and pushed him deeper into her cleavage, moaning as he devoured her succulent breasts. 

“Oh sir! I want you to fuck me so hard, I want you to make me your little bitch and pound my wet needy pussy. Can you do that sir?” she moaned as he sucked and bit her tits harder. 

He hiked her skirt all the way upto her waist, now started rubbing his cock up against her pussy lips, getting them wetter and wetter. Her moans were growing louder as his hand found its way down, searching and then rubbing his clit. 

“Oh fuck! Your touch feels so good sir. I wonder how your cock would feel against my pussy” she moaned into his ears. 

He rubbed her clit harder, as she rocked her hips, grinding down on his cock, hugging him so tight not allowing even air to get between them. 

“Fuck me sir, please. My pussy deserves to be rewarded for all it’s hard work” she didn’t want to wait any longer. 

He held her around his waist and kissing her, got up from the chair and made her sit on the desk. He spread her legs wide and pulled down her panties, rubbing her wet pussy, as he sucked her taut nipples, driving her crazy. Her moans and gasps, egging him on as he rubbed her clit, getting her ready for the hardness that awaited her. She pulled him closer and held his cock, rubbing it on her pussy lips, inviting him to take advantage of her. But he wasn’t ready yet, he took his fingers wet from her juices and sucked on them as she looked him in the eye. 

“You taste so good” he mouthed as his fingers went back down to get wet again, this time giving it to her.  He made her taste the wetness that oozed out of her, making her hornier than ever. Her body was shivering uncontrollably now, feverishly awaiting his final assault. He decided to not tease her any longer and pulled her closer, kissing her, sucking and licking her neck as his cock was rubbing up against her wet pussy lips, waiting for the opportune moment to make a grand entrance. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he moved in, still kissing and sucking, entering her smoothly as her wet pussy engulfed his thick cock. 

“Ah fuck! Yes sir, you made me wait so long for this. Now reward me, fuck me with your thick married cock. Fuck me like your dirty little bitch. Fuck me like you own this pussy” she moaned as he went deeper, filling her up, stretching her to the limit. 

He pulled out and pulled her closer, hitting her harder this time. She dug her nails into his back as his cock thumped her wet pussy. The look on her face and her moans told him how much she was loving it. He held her tightly and started thrusting in deliberate short thrusts, hitting her pussy like he owned it. 

“Oh fuck, oh fuck. Just like that, fuck me harder sir. Make me your whore” she moaned and bit his lips as his thrusts were relentless. 

She put her hands on his ass, pulling him deeper into her, making him treat her like his personal office bitch. The look in her eyes, driving him to get nastier, choking her neck as he pounded her pussy. He found her clit again and rubbed it non stop, her pussy and clit both being pleasured in equal measure. A heady cocktail of pleasure coursing through every inch of her body, making her throw her head back. She was enjoying the symphony of his tongue, his cock, his fingers all over her naked body, pushing her to the edge where she was trying to hold on for as long as she could. 

“Oh Sir! I love how well you reward me for my hard work, please reward me everyday. I want to be your side pussy sir” she moaned as the pressure inside his balls was building up. He slowed down for a few seconds and bit her nipples, making her moan louder, then starting to drill her again. Her entire body was now writhing in intense pleasure, as his cock was truly giving her pussy a reward to remember. 

“You better stay back late every night, we have to work on your skills”, he kissed her neck as he drew closer to the edge too. He held her firmly down by her shoulders and now pounded her mercilessly, the pleasure hitting it’s zenith as she could sense the end nearing for him. And after plundering her a little while longer, he sprayed his seed deep inside her with a loud grunt. 

He knew she wasn’t over the edge yet and quickly got down, rubbing her clit, licking her pussy filled with his cum. A few licks and rubs later, she exploded too, her body enveloped by the most amazing orgasm she had ever tasted. His face was dripping with her juices as he looked up and smiled at her. “You just made my wife very very angry, I missed my date with her”, he admonished her. “I missed a date for you sir, so let’s call it even” she winked and pulled him up for a sloppy kiss. “If you tell anybody about this, I will get fired” he warned her. “Oh don’t you worry sir! This will be our dirty little secret” she spread her legs, rubbing her wet pussy and then licking her wet fingers.


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