Girls night

Ridhi checked herself in the mirror one last time and asked David “How do I look babe”.

David pulled her closer, sucking on her lips, grabbing her ass and whispered in her ear “Sexy as always babe. I wish I could come drinking with you, instead of hosting this stupid poker game with the boys”.

Her tight one piece was barely covering her ass, he pulled it up further, squeezing her curvy ass. It was always her ass which drove him crazy. All he wanted to do at this minute was to play with it, tease it, make it feel his love.

“It’s okay babe, I’ll try to be back soon. Make sure you kick your friends out by then, so that we can play our games after that”, Ridhi said trying to pull away.

David pushed her to the wall, trying to pull her dress down and squeezing her tits. She knew he wouldn’t stop there and she was already running late to meet her girlfriends.

“I promise I’ll make it upto you tonight, please let me go babe” Ridhi pleaded with him and finally got out of his hold. David noticed the glint in her eye when she made that promise, he knew she was upto something, but he had no clue what it was. He decided to be patient for a few hours and he’d know it anyway.

Ridhi’s Uber arrived and she was on her way to the bar where her girlfriends were supposed to meet her. She was wearing an olive green low cut dress which was hugging her curvy figure pretty good. She loved showing her brown skin and tease all the white men she found mostly around herself. She and David had been dating for over a year now and he made her feel loved and appreciated, which her Indian ex boyfriends never could manage pretty well. She got to the bar soon enough and she walked in to find her friends sitting at one table.

They had already gotten started and were already two drinks down. Ridhi ordered a Long island iced tea for herself and joined the gossip and bitching about boyfriends which was going on in full flow. Even though she felt bad leaving David when he was in such a mood, she looked forward to hanging out with the girls every week. They talked about anything and everything, they got rowdier as they drank more and more. One genius had an idea to play truth or dare right in that crowded bar and Ridhi had to play along.

Two girls chose truth and they had to reveal embarrassing facts about their sex life which was hilarious. It was Ridhi’s turn next and she was in the mood for a dare. She felt sexy wearing the dress she was wearing and knew it’d be fun to fool around with one of the guys in the bar. As she expected, they asked her to go kiss a random stranger in the bar without telling him it was a dare. Ridhi looked around trying to figure out which stranger should get lucky, she found an Indian guy sitting all by himself at the bar. He was decent looking and well dressed, Ridhi hadn’t played with an Indian guy in a while. She thought it would be a good choice, maybe she could tease him more if she felt like it.

A friend followed Ridhi to ensure she wouldn’t tell the guy about the dare. Ridhi wasn’t in any mood to hold back, the alcohol was working it’s magic on her courage levels. She directly walked upto the guy, pulled his face into her hands and planted one on his lips. The guy seemed a little startled at her sudden advances, but he seemed to enjoy it and wasn’t letting go of her. He pulled her closer and held her by the waist, sucking on her lips as he tried to look at her face. He didn’t expect a girl to just walk up to him and kiss him, so he was enjoying all the attention his lips were getting. Ridhi could hear the girls clap and hoot behind her, she knew she could pull back if she wanted to. But the rush of kissing a total stranger in a bar felt too good and he wasn’t such a bad kisser after all.

He knew she wasn’t pulling back anytime soon, which emboldened him further. He slipped his tongue down her mouth, which she was only too eager to suck on. Considering her approval, he moved his hands down from her waist and grabbed her inviting ass. He could sense her body respond to his touch and he wasn’t going to stop feeling her up. After kissing and feeling each other up for some more time, Ridhi whispered in his ears “What’s your name mister?”.

“It’s Rohit, what’s your name beautiful”.

Boy has got moves, Ridhi smiled to herself and told her name. She loved his touch and wanted more, so she told him to wait for her and got back to her friends. Rohit continued drinking by the bar as Ridhi had a couple more drinks and a lot of fun with her girlfriends. Soon it was time for the girls to leave, Ridhi told them she would spend some more time and then go home. They smiled knowing she was upto some mischief and went home. She walked back upto Rohit who was eagerly waiting for her. She sat next to him and asked him “Are you single?”

“Yes, I am. What about you?” he replied.

“Does it matter” Ridhi smiled at him mischief written all over her face as Rohit continued to check her out. Her silky smooth toned legs, her curvy ass and ample bosom were enough to make any guy go crazy. Rohit could not believe his luck that such a hottie was flirting with him. He decided to play it cool and see where this was headed. After some more small talk, Ridhi decided to take matters into her own hands as he wasn’t make the move.

“Are we gonna sit here all night talking till they kick us out or do you have other plans for me”, she quizzed him.

“I wasn’t sure you’d be up for it” Rohit sounded wary.

“I don’t sit and talk to random strangers if I’m not up for it. I haven’t got all night for you, I have a boyfriend to get home to. And he’s probably waiting already, so you’ve got about half an hour to do something” Ridhi threw down the gauntlet.

Rohit pulled her closer and kissed her, going straight for her ass this time. His hands went under her dress, feeling her warm naked ass which was aching to be touched. He knew he couldn’t go anywhere in half an hour, so decided to go for it right there. He kissed her some more and then walked her to the men’s room. He made sure there was nobody inside before pulling her in and locked the door behind them. As soon as they were in, he lifted her up and made her sit on the counter, pulling her closer as she wrapped her legs around him. He could feel her stilettos poke him in the ass as he kissed her like a maniac. Their tongues were waging a war with each other as he pulled her dress down, squeezing her magnificent breasts.

He moved down from her mouth, taking her nipples in his mouth sucking on them, biting them as she pulled him into her moaning, tugging at his hair.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had a desi guy devour me, take advantage of me. Don’t hold back mister” she egged him on.

He stuck his hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy over her thong, feeling the wetness build inside her pleasure pot. He moans were growing louder as he kept playing her like a guitar, hands moving all over her voluptuous body.

“Don’t waste time, move along faster” she pushed him.

He moved down from her tits and knelt before her. She knew what was coming and couldn’t wait to feel his tongue down there. He quickly pulled down her thong and licked her pussy in one long firm stroke of his tongue. “Oh fuck! That felt so good” she moaned as he continued licking her pussy, rubbing her pussy lips furiously. She was getting wet pretty fast and she wanted to play with him too. She let him eat her out some more and then she stopped him.

“I want to play with you too” she looked him in the eye and got off the counter. She hiked her dress all the way upto her waist so he could get a good look at her ass. She pushed him to the wall and knelt before him. Before he knew it, his fly was open and her hands were all over his hardness. She pulled it out of his pants and was stroking it while massaging his balls. He threw his head back and enjoyed all the attention he was getting. She looked up at him, into his eyes and asked “Shall I suck it mister. Do you want me to?”

“Fuck yes, don’t make me wait” he almost barked at her.

He stroked it some more and then licked his shaft from the base all the way to his tip. She licked his shaft some more and then took his tip in her mouth, slowly sucking on it before pulling out. She looked up into his eyes as she pulled out, his horny expressions turning her on more. She continued playing with his balls and took his entire shaft inside her, making it almost hit her throat. He was growing harder inside her mouth as she was sucking him, pulling him in and out, in and out. She was flicking her fingers on his tip when it came out, then taking it inside again, looking up at him with innocent eyes, driving him crazier.

“Oh babe, you suck so good” he encouraged her as she kept at it.  She realized she didn’t have a lot of time and it felt like sucking him could make him cum very soon. She stopped and stood up, sitting back on the counter again, her legs spread wide, her thong pulled down, her skirt hiked up. It was as if she was daring him, to take her right there as hard as he could. He was too turned on by now to be a gentleman and let her go off easy. He stood near the edge of the counter, pulled her closer, slapping his lips against hers as his erect manhood was lurking around her wet pussy. He sucked on her tongue hard, bit her lips and then thrust himself deep into her.

“Ah fuck! Fuck me stranger, fuck me before I go back to my boyfriend” she moaned.

He pulled out and thrusted harder, showing his brute force on her wet delicate pussy, the force of his cock hitting her, reverberating through her entire body. Her body was shaking with his intense thrusts, her nails digging into his back and his ass as she pulled him deeper into her.

“How do you like that baby? Aren’t you a dirty slut to go back to your boyfriend with a stranger’s seed inside you” he was riling her up as she kissed him back harder.

“Yeah stranger, fuck me harder. Fill me up, I wanna show off to the boyfriend” she cried out as he sucked and kissed her neck.

He knew she’d wanna leave anytime soon, so he picked up the pace, now literally pounding her with all his might. Her moans were at their loudest and he knew he was hitting the right spots. He drilled and drilled till he couldn’t hold it any longer. He sprayed all inside her, her moans dying down as he stopped thrusting. His cum dripped out of his pussy onto her thighs. She kissed him one last time before trying to rush off. He pulled her back and asked “Can I have your number? You are amazing”.

She smiled at him and said “This was just a one off sweety, I don’t intend to do this always.” As she said it, a thought came to her and she pulled down her thong, handing it over to him.

“You can keep this to remember me by” and she walked out of the men’s room after adjusting her clothes as if nothing had happened. Before Rohit could fix his clothes and come out, she was long gone. Ridhi sat in the cab and she couldn’t wait to get home and show David what she had for him. They had always talked about involving other folks, but he would certainly be thrilled by this turn of events. She walked in the door and found him cleaning up the leftover beer bottles and pizza boxes. She walked upto him and kissed him, whispering “I want you right now”.

He quietly followed her knowing she meant business. He hiked her dress all the way up and found her thong missing, instantly he knew she had been a bad girl. He didn’t even bother asking as she pushed him on the bed and quickly undressed him, getting on top of him. She moved up from his feet, kissing and licking his entire body, playing with his balls and shaft as she made her way up. She licked and sucked his nipples, pinching them, hurting him as he grunted his approval. She kissed him, sucking on his lips, sliding his tongue down his mouth, allowing him to suck on it. He grabbed her naked ass, squeezing it, slapping it, turning her on more and more. She finally decided to give him the gift she had for him.

She sat on his face, making him suck her pussy filled with a stranger’s seed. He instantly smelled another man’s seed inside her, pulled his face away to look up at her.

“Yeah babe, it is what you think it is. Eat me out now, I want you to fuck me so hard for being a bad girl”, she confirmed his doubt.

He grabbed her by her ass and buried his face deep inside her pussy, licking it, sticking his tongue deep inside her, licking every nook and cranny of her that he could.

“Babe we were playing truth and dare, I had to kiss a stranger. I liked him, so I let him fuck me bare back. I thought you’d love to eat me out after I have another man’s seed inside me” Ridhi briefed him on the evening’s happenings as David continued his merry way on her pussy.

Hearing her talk like that made him harder than he already was and he knew the logical punishment for her was one thing only. He ate her out some more, squeezing and slapping her tits, spanking her ass and then pushed her off his face. He bent her on all fours, pulling her hands behind her back, holding them with one hand as he rubbed his cock around her pussy. The anticipation of what was coming sent a tingle down her spine as he said “You deserve to be punished for being a dirty slut babe”. He started spanking her hard as she started moaning. He continued spanking and stuck his cock down her pussy.

The spanking continued as his thrusting picked up pace, she was moaning “Punish your dirty little slut daddy, she has been a bad bad girl. Fuck her hard daddy”. He sucked and bit her neck and shoulders, ramming his cock in, filling her up. “Fuck your brown slut with your white cock daddy, teach me not to disobey you again” she cried out as he started choking her neck, now drilling her like an animal. Her delicate body was whimpering like a dry leaf as his brute force took over. He knew her climax was near as she was talking so dirty, so he thrusted deeper and harder.

Before he knew it, the pressure was building up in his balls and he was already rubbing her clit, pushing her closer to the edge. With the perfect blending of spanking, choking and fucking, he finally let go and shot his load deep inside her. Cum dripped out of her pussy, onto her thighs, making her all dirty. He continued rubbing her clit, licking her neck, whispering what a slut she had been in her ears. Soon enough, she let go too and collapsed on the bed after a mind blowing climax. Both of them were sweaty and panting, kissing tenderly after all the animalistic fucking. “I should send you on more girl’s nights babe” he kissed her and laughed. “Be careful what you wish for, I might not be yours for long if you do that” she bit his lip and winked.
Writer’s note: Shout-out to for sharing her pics and her sexy fantasy.


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