Chocolate topping

Sria got a text from Puja asking her to come over. Puja lived in the next flat and loved hanging out with her. Sria went over and they started talking over coffee discussing when to go shopping next and which movie to catch. As they were talking, Puja got a call and she said she had to go to work for a couple hours. Sria said bye and came back to her flat, deciding to take a nap. “Come back here” a text flashed on her phone. She saw the sender and decided to ignore it, because she didn’t want to go there when Puja wasn’t around. Soon she got another text few minutes later “Are you coming or do you want me to come there?”. She knew he wouldn’t stop till she went there, so she finally went back to Puja’s apartment. 

The aunty in the opposite flat saw her and smiled at her as she went in. As soon as she entered, his hands held her and pushed her to the wall, kissing her, grabbing her ass as his tongue searched for hers to wage war. She was breathless with his kissing and his hands having their way with her inviting body. 

“What if someone sees us and tells Puja, what would we do then? She considers me a friend” Sria complained as her eyes were half closed enjoying all the attention. 

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there” Rohit assured her as he pulled her t-shirt down, grabbing and squeezing her tits. His hands were down her PJs, rubbing her pussy over her panties. She wasn’t able to control her moans as he was toying with her body. They were lost in each other as her phone rang, she could see it was from Atul her boyfriend. She pushed him away and went to answer it. 

“Hi babe! Nothing I’m was going to take a nap, feeling a bit lazy” she was talking to her boyfriend as Rohit chased her, slapping her ass hard. She resisted the urge to moan as she didn’t wanna get caught red-handed. 

“Yeah babe, sure come over tonight, we can go out and then you can have your way with me” she winked at Rohit as she continued talking. 

Rohit wasn’t going to let her sit and talk peacefully. He pulled down her PJs and her panties as she couldn’t hold onto them with her hand busy with the phone. Sria looked at him angrily, but she loved how hungry Rohit was for her always. Sex with her boyfriend Atul was good, but what Rohit made her feel, no other guy had ever made her feel. She wanted to stop seeing him on the side, but every time he called her it was as if she was under some trance, pulled to him without any control of her senses. 

“What? You want me to wear no panties tonight? No way, that’s not gonna happen ever” she bit her lips hard as Rohit took her t-shirt off and got her fully naked. He buried his face into the deep valley between her ample bosom, sucking, licking and biting. She was tugging at his hair, pushing him onto her tits, feeding him what he loved sucking and licking. The harder he sucked and licked, the more urge she had to moan. She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist for long. His hand reached for her pussy, rubbing it, spanking it as her eyes closed loving how his touch made her feel. 

“You can do whatever you want babe, but I am not going to go out without panties.  You can undress me once we are back home, do whatever you want then” she teased Atul as a slight moan left her lips, her mouth couldn’t control any longer. 

“Nothing babe, I hit my foot against the door, it’s not so bad. Listen I gotta go take a nap, I’ll see you in the evening. I love you” she hung up on Atul, as she pinched Rohit. 

“Ouch! I was enjoying this, why did you hang up so quickly”, Rohit looked up into her eyes, taking a pause from sucking and licking her nipples. 

“Of course you were, next time I’ll suck your cock when your wife calls. Let’s see how much you enjoy that” she tugged at his hair, pushing him downwards to play with her some more. 

She ran her fingers into his thick hair, pulling it as his tongue ran circles all over her navel, digging his teeth, leaving his marks over her naked body. He looked up into her eyes from time to time, enjoying her response to his touch, his kissing, his licking and sucking. His hand was rubbing her pussy lips firmly, as his face traveled on a downward path. His tongue running in circles around her belly button, then diving in to devour it. His fingers subjecting her pussy to sweet torture as she didn’t want to resist any longer, her moans growing louder by the minute. 

He finally went southwards, running his tongue over her slightly moist lips. His tongue was working it’s magic over her moist pussy, make it wetter as it ran all over it. He stuck his finger inside her, touching her walls, reaching for her clit, rubbing it furiously as her body trembled like a dry leaf. Her moans were getting louder and he knew he wanted to make her moan louder, ache for him more and more. He pulled out his finger and sucked on its wetness as he looked up at her. He stuck it back inside her, continuing to rub her clit, as her juices were flowing freely now, only for his tongue to take full toll, sucking and licking it all up. He flicked his thumb over her pussy, over and over pushing her closer to the edge. 

“Oh God! Yes, lick my pussy. My boyfriend doesn’t eat me so good, you lick it so good” she moaned as her body was trembling non stop, responding to his every touch and lick, his non stop kissing, his finger devouring her pussy and then his mouth sucking on all that wetness. Sria knew she would cum soon if he kept at it this way, she didn’t want to cum so soon so she pushed his face away from between his legs. Rohit tried to bury his face down again, but she pushed him away. He was wondering what she wanted as she caught her breath, stood up from the couch and walked away from him towards the fridge. 

He admired her ass which she was shaking generously for him to drink it all in. She opened the fridge and drank some water, then pulled out something which he couldn’t see from afar. 

“Go and stand in the corner, your back to the wall. Close your eyes, if you open them before I say so, I’m going to leave. Don’t think I’m bluffing, I really will” she commanded him. He wasn’t sure where this was headed, but decided to play along as he wanted to enjoy the game too.  He moved to the corner and closed his eyes. He could hear her footsteps as she came closer. She kissed him on the lips, sucking on them slowly as she lifted his hands and threw away his t-shirt to the side. She then knelt down and pulled down his tracks, a tent still up inside his boxers. He was dying to see what she was going to do, but he didn’t wanna take any chances. 

He could feel her hands rubbing his crotch, raising the tent further up inside his boxers. She finally pulled down his boxers and started stroking his cock. Her delicate long fingers working their way all over his thick brown monster, making it angrier than ever. His hands reached for her hair, pushing her face onto his cock, but she wasn’t ready yet. She moved away and he couldn’t make out what she was doing. 

“Don’t you open your eyes, till I tell you to” she reminded him one more time and instantly he felt something cold dripping all over his cock. He resisted the urge to open his eyes as her tongue ran all over his shaft, from his base to his tip. She played with his balls, massaging them as her tongue licked his cock up and down. His cock felt gooey and sticky, but her tongue all over it felt amazing. She held him by the balls and slowly took his tip in her mouth. She slowly took him in, all the way in till his shaft was fully inside her. She flicked her tongue over it, inside her mouth giving it all the love it needed. She let it fill her mouth up all the way till her throat before pulling it out, then licking on his cock like it was a chocolate ice cream. 

“You can open your eyes now” she finally permitted him and he instantly opened his eyes looking down at her. 

His cock was a gooey mess and there was a chocolate sauce bottle next to them. He now knew what she poured on him, he held her by the hair as she licked his balls, licking the sauce off his cock before taking him in again. She held his shaft at the base and made it hit her cheeks, swirling her tongue all over it. Looking down at her naked body, working non stop to please him only made him harder. 

“Do I suck better than your wife” she asked him. 

“God yes, you do. You’re the best blowjob ever” he knew complimenting her would surely get him some brownie points. 

“Don’t lie to me, tell me the truth” she held him by his balls and looked up into his eyes. 

“I swear, you’re the best. Please don’t stop” he almost pleaded with her. 

“This is punishment for calling me when I don’t wanna come” she looked up at him and slapped his balls hard. It hurt him, but he didn’t wanna sound like a sissy so he suppressed his grunt. 

“And this is a present for getting me so wet and fucking me so hard every time” she looked up and winked before taking his cock in again.

 She didn’t go slow this time, she took it in all the way till he hit her throat and then sucked his cock up and down all along his shaft. She dug her teeth slightly on his meat as he held her by the hair, guiding her onto his cock. He threw his head back, enjoying how wildly she was sucking and licking him as if she had never done it before. She was hitting her cheeks and throat alternately with it, then slowing down to suck it sloppily, then sucking it hard and fast. It was as if she had decided to make him cum just by sucking his balls off. 

His pre-cum was now oozing making a delicious cocktail with the chocolate sauce, as she sucked it off his tip. She slurped on it and looked up at him, licking her lips, getting them wet with pre-cum and sauce, almost pushing him to the edge. She knew he could burst any second if she kept at it. She pulled his cock out before sucking on it one last time, then letting it go. She was now licking his inner thighs, biting them turning him on more. His hand was moving towards his cock, trying to stroke it but she pushed it away. Her eyes told him not to touch it while she ran her tongue up and down his thighs. 

“Don’t I tease you better than your wife babe? Don’t you wanna fuck me hard till I cum all over your cock” she asked looking up at him. 

Rohit had had enough of her teasing, he made her stand up and lifted her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around him as he carried her and pushed her up against the wall. He kissed her wildly, biting her lips. Squeezing her tits hard, poking her with his chocolate sauced cock. His mouth went batshit crazy all over her tits, licking, sucking and biting as he rubbed his cock up against her pussy lips. The wetness was building up again between her legs, as she was moaning loudly. She threw her head back, loving how wild he was when it came to pleasing her. He lifted her slightly, still kissing her and sucking her entering her wet warm pussy. Her loud moan was lost inside his mouth as their tongues were entwined in a battle of lust. 

He propped her up again, making her wrap her legs harder around him, as he thrusted deep into her. His every thrust felt as if it touched the depths of her like nobody every had or ever could. She pulled him closer by his neck, her mouth agape every time his cock plunged deeper into her. 

“Fuck me harder babe! Fuck me harder than you fuck your wife. Make me your bitch” she moaned and egged him on. 

He pushed her harder up against the wall and thrusted as hard as he could, hitting the depths of her, filling her up with his girth, making her feel filled up with every stroke. She held onto his shoulder digging his teeth into them, her long nails scratching his back as his cock stretched her pussy to the limit. He knew he was getting closer to the edge, but he wanted to go on longer. He carried her away from the wall, kissing, sucking her tits, biting as he moved closer to the dinner table. He made her get down and bent her over the table. He pushed her face down, folded her hands behind her back, slapping her ass hard. She moaned louder every time his long fingers made contact against her bare ass. He mounted her from behind, biting into her shoulders as his hardness found its way to her pleasure pot.

 He didn’t waste any time on entering her again as he choked her neck, pulling her hair and whispered “I love fucking you so hard Sria, I love making you moan like a slut when I pound you”. 

His thrusts had quickly picked up pace, hitting all the right spots inside her, she reached for his ass and pushed it deeper into her. His whispering and licking made her leak all over his cock, getting it wetter. Her juices made his cock go crazier, hitting her hard in short intense thrusts as her moans were now mixed up with his loud grunts. 

“Fuck me harder babe, make me cum all over your cock, make me scream like a whore” she made him go harder. 

He kept going at her hard and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long, the pressure inside his balls was intense and he held on just a bit longer before he shot a big load deep inside her pussy. He bit and licked her neck as he stayed inside her, moving it slowly in and out. He rubbed her clit hard and licked her earlobes and soon enough it hit her too. A pleasurable intense orgasm spread through her entire body from between her legs and she turned back to kiss his lips wildly. 

“I know I shouldn’t, but I’m unable to stop fucking you. I hate feeling so hungry for you” she complained as she kissed him. 

“It’s okay, we both love this. So why stop?” he reassured her licking and sucking her wet lips.

Writer’s note: Pictures credit to @closettedslut on tumblr. Please show her some love 🙂 


10 thoughts on “Chocolate topping”

  1. I gotta agree with the other people, this is amazing. Your whole blog and imagination, usually the smut you read with Indian characters doesn’t have much spice in it but this is actually rather good. And that is a huge compliment coming from a guy who had stopped enjoying Indian smut. I will be following you regularly.
    I know this is weird to ask, but do you know of blogs of other Indian writers here who write good erotica? If you can tell me, I will be really happy.


  2. Awesome story. Wildly imaginative. I would suggest you include more ball sucking. Check some porn and use your great penmanship to write that in 😁. I’ve read a lot of your stories and all the girls want to push their orgasm to only have one at the end. It will be nice to read few stories where they have more than one.


  3. Write a part 2 which starts with Sria sucking wildly on Rohit’s cock with his balls covered in vanilla ice cream and Puja walks in she is shocked and then runs away but is curious & confused more than angry maybe mildly turned on see her husband pounding her bff’s face and she goes back to join in. Make her a cuckqueen sorta and have her rim rohit while he is getting bj or have sria squirt all over her when he pulls out or lots of ass to mouth action between Sria and Puja
    Also do a part 3 where they have a foursome with DP involved and then lesbian stuff

    What about the Aunty? Make her a sexy Aunty and add her in


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