Business & Pleasure

Amit’s eyes wandered towards the beauty standing to the corner. The red dress was hugging her curves, short enough to show off her shapely legs, she wore matching lipstick and heels too. “She is quite a stunner” he thought to himself as she caught him staring at her. He kept looking into her eyes, not wanting to back off. There was a slight smile on her face, but this was a work party so Amit decided to take it slow. Their whole team had come to this resort outside the city and they were going to stay here for a couple of days, spending time on team building activities (which loosely translated to lot of booze, dancing, good food and doing whatever the hell they wanted). Some of the teammates had brought along their families, so the single guys and girls had to behave till the family crowd went back to their rooms. 

Amit continued drinking and talking to his friends, eyeing the beauty in red from time to time. She looked bored and was staring at her phone, not talking to anyone. He excused himself from his group and slowly made his way across the hall. She was still lost in her phone and there was nobody nearby, so he thought it was safe to approach her. 

“You seem pretty bored” he said with a smile taking a sip. 

She lifted her head and replied “Yeah, I came with my friend, but he had to step out to take a call. I am waiting for him”.

“I’m Amit, nice meeting you” he introduced himself. 

“I’m Pia” she replied shaking his hand. 

 Her alluring red lips were making him wish he could suck them like crazy, but he knew better. He didn’t know who she was with and making a move on her might spell trouble for him. 

“So what do you do Pia” he started sniffing around.  

“Oh I work at a BPO and also do modelling in my spare time. I want to be an actress, but I need to support myself till I get a good opportunity” she replied. 

“Oh part time model and an aspiring actress, no wonder you are so hot, I mean so pretty” he fumbled, cursing himself in his head. 

“It’s okay, I know I’m hot. You don’t have to mask it and call me pretty” she teased him. 

“Thanks, I don’t want you to think I’m hitting on you” he said sheepishly. 

“How sad, here I was thinking you walked all the way across the hall to hit on me and you’re telling me you’re here to be friends?” she was not letting him go so easy. The naughty glint in her eye told Amit she was ready to play, and he was eager to be a worthy match. 

“Won’t your friend feel bad, if I hit on you? I don’t want to get into any trouble with a colleague, we have to see each other everyday at work after all” he was testing the waters. 

“Am I not worth getting into trouble for?” she winked at him taking a sip from her glass of wine. 

“Of course you are, I was just making sure you’d want me to get into trouble” he winked right back. Her tanned skin was looking perfect from up close, the cleavage was begging to be played with and it felt like she had endless legs. He wanted to check out her backside, but doing that right now seemed rude so he resisted the urge. 

“Of course I want you to get into trouble. I’m such a troublemaker you see, nothing turns me on more than two men fighting over me” she wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. 

“Oh would it have to be a trial by combat? The better man wins you over?” he asked her. 

“That’s so GoT style. I have a better option, the winner takes me first while the loser watches. And then both of them can have me together” she smiled. 

Before Amit could reply his boss joined them and said “Hi Amit, I see that you’re keeping Pia company. She’s my friend, I asked her to join me on the retreat”. 

“Yes sir, I could see that she was bored. So, I thought I’d talk to her till her friend joined her. I didn’t know it was you” Amit replied, wondering how his middle aged boss had such a hot young friend. 

“Thanks for being so kind Amit, it was lovely talking to you” Pia had a naughty look in her eye as she said that. 

“It was lovely talking to you too Pia, I’ll see you around” Amit took leave from both of them and rejoined his friends. 

He was relieved he didn’t move further with Pia or he’d have been in big trouble with his boss. He couldn’t stop his eye from roving over to her from time to time, the boss was having a good time with Pia. His hand was on her back and Amit could only imagine where it’d go once they were behind closed doors. He still couldn’t believe that a hottie like Pia was with him, but he decided to drink the night away rather than focus on a girl who wasn’t going to be his. 

They continued drinking and dancing till late night. Pia and Amit’s boss left the party and went to their cottage. Amit was sharing a cottage with his friend and finally they left for their room pretty late to hit the sack. His friend was pretty drunk, Amit and another friend had to almost carry him to the bed. He was snoring pretty loud and Amit was wondering how he’d be able to sleep with a jet plane roaring right next to him. He changed into boxers and a tee and lied down on the bed, his mind wandering back to Pia. He was wondering what she’d be doing, he cursed himself for not taking her number. But he didn’t know that asshole boss would come in the middle and not give him any chance to take it further. 

He was almost asleep when he heard a knock on the door. He waited to make sure he hadn’t imagined it. After a few seconds there was another knock and he got up to see Pia standing right in front of him. He wasn’t sure if he was dreaming it or she was really there and before he could say anything she pulled him closer and kissed him. Those luscious lips brushing against his lips made him realize he wasn’t dreaming. 

“Are you going to let me in or what” she teased him before pushing him inside and closing the door behind her. 

“What are you doing here, I don’t want to get in any trouble with my boss. He’ll go crazy if he sees me with you” Amit was worried. 

“What kind of a guy are you, a hottie like me is throwing herself at you and you all can think of is holding on to your sorry ass job” she taunted him while taking off his t-shirt. 

“But it won’t look good, he is your friend. How would he feel if he knows you’re here doing this?” he couldn’t believe she was with him. 

“He paid me 10K for the night, I’m just his companion for tonight. That was business and this is pleasure” she said kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. 

“I knew something was fishy when I saw you with him” he closed his eyes and let her take control. 

She moved down licking him all over while her hand got busy with the tent that was growing inside his boxers. She rubbed it over the boxers while still kissing and sucking on his chest, biting and scratching it like a wild cat. 

“What if he wakes up and looks for you” he asked her again. 

“Just shut the fuck up and let me do what I want, stop worrying about your fucking job” she snarled at him while sliding her hand inside his boxers. 

His hardness only grew as she tugged at it, running her nails on his shaft and then moving down to size up his balls. 

“I’m going to make them ache for me” she whispered to him while cupping them. 

She was still wearing the red dress, the bed light giving him a view of her silhouette and nothing more. She got down on her knees and made his boxers drop to the floor. He switched on the light in the loo so he could see her better and looking down at her on her knees was a picture he hadn’t imagined a few hours ago. It was such a hot picture that he wanted time to freeze and stand there with his cock in her hands. 

She started stroking him hard, licking his shaft and playing with his balls, looking up into his eyes watching him enjoy all the attention. Soon she had him moaning without a care as she sucked on his tip over and over. 

“Didn’t think you’d be having me so soon, did you babe? Do you want to fuck me while your boss watches?” she teased him. 

He could only moan and squirm in return as she picked up the pace. His cock was fully inside her mouth now as she sucked him slowly at first letting it feel the love and then sucking it hard like she was his personal pornstar. The slow and quick sucking was driving him crazy and he held her by her hair, guiding her onto his cock, pushing her to take him over the edge. Soon he was moaning louder than before making her suck harder and harder, relentlessly. She didn’t want to show any mercy, she just wanted his seed all over her face and inside her mouth. He was pulling her hair now and she know the end was near as he moaned “Oh babe, you are such a good cocksucker”. 

She pulled it out and stroked some more as he let go, his hot cum spraying all over her mouth, hitting her in the eyes, lips and even going as far up as her hair. She loved the effect she had on guys, they wanted to treat her like a slut, cum all over her and fuck her like she was a pornstar. 

She opened her mouth and showed it to him, letting it come out a little, dripping over her red lips as she said “”See babe, what a slut you made out of me. Now you have to pay the penalty for it. Or I will create a scene and say you tried to molest me”. 

“Oh God! Please don’t do that, I’ll lose my job. I’ll do whatever you want” he pleaded with her. 

“You have to get hard again and fuck me hard” she ordered him before swallowing his cum fully. She licked her lips and got up, pulled him closer and sucked on his lips, sliding her tongue down his throat giving him a taste of himself. She used her fingers to clean his limp cock of the remaining cum and sucked on them, she wasn’t one for wasting such precious seed.  Soon she started stroking him again, getting him ready for her pussy. 

She hiked up her dress till her waist as he reached for her pussy,  rubbing the wet patch over her panties. He pulled down her dress and bra, sucking on her tits so hard, biting her nipples, making her moan. He wanted to show her he wasn’t a pussy, he wanted to show her what a slut she was. 

“What’s gotten into you, afraid I might think you are a pussy? Oh I don’t think you are babe, you just needed a little push. I knew how you were checking me out. I knew you wanted this” she said making him rub her pussy harder. 

He dug his teeth into her tits as he walked her into the loo, bending her over the counter. He spread her legs and pulled down her panties, almost ripping them off. He knelt and made her sit on his face, his hands holding her ass for leverage as she started grinding on his face. His tongue and mouth were driving her crazy and she tugged at his hair hard as he started licking and sucking her pussy hard. He was nibbling at it and rubbing her clit too, making her moan so loud. 

“Oh babe, fuck me already. That stupid fucker came so fast, I wasn’t even started. Show me a good time babe, I want your cock inside me right now” she almost begged him. 

He wasn’t going to let her go so easy, he went harder at her, slapping her ass, reaching for her tits and squeezing them hard. She looked at herself in the mirror grinding on his face, feeling so sexy as a real man gave her pleasure just with his tongue and mouth. She knew the climax was fast approaching, so she got up from his head and moved away. 

“I don’t wanna cum so fast, let’s take a break” she told him. 

He stood up and kissed her “Whatever you want babe” grabbing her ass and sucking her neck, making sure he wasn’t touching her pussy. She looked down at his cock and saw that it was back to full strength. She started stroking it as they were lost in each other, passionately kissing, their bodies meshed in one another. 

“Fuck me now” she whispered in his ear and nibbled on it. 

He turned her around and bent her over the counter. They looked in the mirror and saw a man and a woman ready to be one, her dress all messed up, him fully naked. He started by slapping her ass which soon turned to spanking, as he pulled her hair, sucking and biting her neck and shoulders. Her moaning and squirming weren’t going to deter him from doing what he wanted. He rubbed her pussy, ensuring it was ready for his thick hungry shaft and then stuck it in without a second thought. 

“Oh fuck! Fuck me hard babe, make me cum a river” she begged him. 

He went all the way in, sucking and biting her back, her back view making him hungrier for her. He pulled out and slapped his cock harder inside her and her moans were growing louder again as his cock started taking full toll on her wet inviting pussy. He pulled her hands behind her back and held them tight with one hand, as his other hand alternated between rubbing her clit and spanking her hard. 

“Oh God! You are such an animal babe. Just the kinda man I always wanted” she cried out as his cock was hitting her pussy with brute force. 

The sweat rolling off their bodies, their images in the mirror, the look on her face, eyes closed and mouth agape only to moan louder and louder, it was the perfect picture he wanted. He moved his attention to her neck and choked her as he stopped thrusting for a few seconds, catching his breath, slowing down and picking it up again, his other hand rubbing her clit furiously. 

His cock was ramming hard into her pussy as he asked “How do you like that slut? Am I the man you want?”

“Oh yeah Daddy, make me cum like your dirty little slut. Make me yours forever” she was almost screaming in pleasure. 

He kept at it, slowing down for few seconds, then picking up the pace again. He didn’t want to cum too soon, he wanted to fuck her long and hard. Her moans were making him go harder, he let go off her hands and she grabbed his ass, scratched his back as he pounded away. He knew he was coming close and he felt she was pretty close too, he thrusted harder and deeper, letting go without telling her, shooting his hot load deep inside her. That ejection triggered something in her and soon enough she felt the climax hitting her entire body too, as her moans hit peak notes before quieting down. 

Both of them were sweaty, panting, but he couldn’t help but turn her around and kiss her hard “God you are so amazing, I want you forever”. 

“So are you babe, I want you too” she bit his lips. 

Picture credits: The amazing, please follow them for more lovely pics. 


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