Antra’s house party adventures

“How do I look?” Antra asked Rajiv as she checked herself out in the mirror. 

“You look hot as fuck” he came behind her and hugged her, kissing her neck trying to slip her little black dress off of her. 

“Not now babe, we don’t want to get late to the party, you can do me as you please once we get back” she sucked on his lips and pushed him away. 

He grabbed her ass and spanked it before moving away, they both walked out of her apartment. She was wearing stilettos to go with her dress, looking hot as hot could be, to go to the house party at his friend’s place. 

“So, who else is coming to the party babe?” Antra asked him as they started driving. 

“Oh few of my friends and their girlfriends, that’s about it babe” Rajiv replied as he put his hand on her thigh, running it further up. 

She loved how he was always hungry for her, she let him have his way for a while and then pushed his hand away. 

“Eyes on the road mister, we don’t want to get into an accident” she teased him. 

“It would be totally worth it” he winked at her. 

They finally reached his friend’s apartment and the party had already started. Antra saw there were two couples and few single guys, all of them were already drinking and smoking. His friend welcomed them in and gave them a beer each, which was downed by both of them in no time. As the beer count increased, Rajiv was getting frisky and was touching her all over while his friends were sitting close by. She noticed that the other two couples were also making out and nobody seemed to care much. 

Soon joints were being passed around and both of them took a few hits. The music was at full blast and they started dancing, Antra was teasing Rajiv by grinding on him, she didn’t care anymore as the alcohol and weed loosened her up. She knew his friends were checking her out and that only turned her on more, waking up the slut inside her. By now the two couples had gone into the bedrooms to do their thing and she was the only girl in the living room. Rajiv was grabbing her ass, hiking her dress up, kissing her wildly as her body swayed to the music. 

He pulled her as he sat on the couch and she got on top of him, sitting in his lap. She could hear the guys hoot and whistle, but she didn’t care anymore. She started grinding on his hardness, jumping up and down, pushing her breasts in his face, giving him a lap dance. The guys continued whistling as Rajiv was lapping up all the attention he was getting. He tried to hold her breasts, but she slapped them away. She wanted to be in control and the way she was jumping up and down his cock, she knew he wouldn’t last too long. He tried to touch her breasts again, but she slapped them away again. Rajiv knew there was only one way to get back control and he winked to his friend closeby. 

Before she knew what was happening, his friend pulled her hands back and held them as Rajiv grabbed her breasts, squeezing them like an animal. 

“You didn’t think I’d let you have your way, did you now babe?” he winked at her while pulling down her dress, getting a good look at her sexy lace bra. It was a push-up too and her cleavage was a sight for sore eyes. 

“What are you doing with me? Your friends are watching?” Antra’s argument sounded pretty feeble to herself. 

“Let them watch and enjoy babe, they don’t have girlfriends. I promised them you’d put on a show for them” Rajiv’s true intentions for the night were coming out now. 

“Just coz I had three guys once doesn’t mean I’ll always do it, you fucking asshole” Antra was now slowly realizing she was being trapped. She tried to pull her hand away, but his friend was holding them pretty tight. 

“You are my dirty little slut every night, tonight you’ll be all of our dirty little slut. Is that understood, you filthy whore?” Rajiv held her by the neck, choking her and screamed in her face. 

“I fucking won’t, I’m not gonna fuck your loser friends. I never thought you were such an asshole. ” Antra sounded defiant. 

Rajiv slapped her right across her face and screamed “You fucking will, you dirty little slut!”. 

Tears were streaming down her face as her cheek hurt bad, Antra was trying to escape from his friend’s clutches but she was no match for his brute strength. She had been in this situation before, but she never thought she’d end up here again. Rajiv had been the nice boyfriend up until now and that’s why she confided in him about her past group sex experience. Little did she know, he would plot for her to be fucked by all his friends again. 

He lifted her up and threw her on the mattress in the living room. His friends held her down by her hands and legs, as Rajiv pulled down her dress till her waist, hiking it up from below and ripped off her lace thong. She struggled to get free, but she knew it was a futile attempt. He unhooked her bra and threw it away climbing on top of her sucking her juicy breasts, biting her nipples so hard that she yelled at the top of her voice. 

“You fucking assholes, you are forcing me. I’m gonna kill you” she yelled, but her defiance only emboldened them. 

Soon his friend was stuffing his cock down her throat as his other friend was crawling up on her from below. She could feel another pair of hands moving all over her body, pressing, squeezing, feeling her up as if they had waited all evening to get a bite at the cherry. No matter how repelled she wanted to feel, Antra’s body was responding to their touch. The fact that she was a play thing for 4 men at the same time turned her on like never before and she wanted to give in to their whims. 

“Babe, please. Don’t do this to me, I’ll let you guys fuck me one after other, if that is what you want” she begged Rajiv. 

“You sound so dumb, slut. We want to use you all at once, why would any of us wait in line for our turn” one of his friends laughed at her, the one with his cock stuffed down her face. He was fucking her face brutally, his thick shaft hitting her throat and cheeks non stop, making her gag on his cock. 

Her dolled up face was all messed up, her mascara streaming down with her tears and she’d have been aghast if she looked at herself in the mirror. Rajiv had quit sucking and biting her nipples, they were ruby red by now. He pulled out his cock and started fucking her tits now, slamming them between her juicy breasts, feeling so good as her tits gave enough friction for his thickness. By now his other friend had settled between her legs, sucking and licking her pussy, rubbing her clit, turning her on and preparing her for the flurry of cock she was going to get soon. The third friend was now down at her legs, sucking on her toes, licking and biting her thighs. 

Antra couldn’t help but get turned on by so much attention being showered on her all at once. Slowly she was moaning onto the cock stuffed in her mouth, her body squirming and writhing as pleasure coursed through her body from head to toe. 

The mouth fucking, tit fucking, pussy eating and toe sucking went on for some time and something had to give soon. The cock in her mouth pulled out and splashed all over her face and in her mouth, giving her the perfect facial. The mixture of tears, mascara, cum and her makeup made for an interesting mix of fresh makeup for her. As he was spraying all over her face, Antra’s moans reached a fever pitch as she knew there were three cocks still left to give her what she wanted, all the cum they had. 

“Oh fuck! You guys made me such a slut, I feel like your cum dump. Fuck me hard assholes, fuck me all night, make me your fucking whore” she cried out. 

Rajiv knew this was her dream and she needed a little push to make it happen. Hearing her talk like a total slut pushed him over the edge, and soon his seed was all over her breasts. They let go of her hands and she rubbed her fingers all over her tits and mouth, getting the cum onto them and sucked on them looking into her boyfriend’s eyes. 

“See what a slut you made of me babe” she pulled him closer and kissed him. He kissed back, sucking on her tongue, licking the cum off her face and giving it to her. 

“You were always a cum slut babe, I just planned this to bring the slut out” he whispered in her ears. 

The non stop licking, sucking and rubbing of her clit soon pushed her over the edge too and she could feel an orgasm hit her. The thought of 4 guys playing with her only made it stronger and more intense. She took the two guy’s cocks in both her hands, stroking them and sucking on them bringing them back to life. With all the sucking and stroking they were getting back to their thickness pretty fast. 

“Please fuck me like a slut, fuck me dirty, fuck me like a filthy whore” her moaning voice said it all. 

His friend lied down on the mattress and made her lie on top of him, he had already prepped her ass for what was coming. He slowly stuck his cock inside her ass and she was screaming, begging him to go slow. 

“Fuck!! That hurts, go slow you fucking asshole” she screamed at the top of her lungs, but he was having none of it. He just kept going, not caring if it was hurting her, till his shaft was fully inside her. He stayed there as his other friend climbed on top of her, sliding his cock into her pussy like a knife through butter, smooth and easy. Both of them were now sandwiching Antra, filling her holes below her waist, giving her the most amazing feeling, a feeling she had yearned for since her last threesome. As they started thrusting her both holes, she started moaning so loud, but not for long. Rajiv and his other friend were grabbing her tits, playing with them as their cocks grew back to full strength. 

They let her moan as loud as she wanted and soon they stuffed her mouth with both cocks at once, she was stretched like crazy and tried to push one away, but they were in no mood to listen. They just stuffed both deep inside her mouth, fighting for premium territory as her eyes almost popped out. She felt like she would stop breathing, with four thick cocks taking full toll on all her holes at once. 

“”It’s okay slut, this is how you become a cum dump, this is how you become a filthy whore” Rajiv stroked her cheek and choked her as he kept fucking her face struggling against his friends cock. Their balls were all over her lips and chin, giving her more than enough meat she could handle at once. The thrusting from below wasn’t any less forceful and they were just hitting her pussy and ass as hard as they could. Their grunts were turning her on more and more, the pleasure spreading from between her legs all across her body. 

“How do you like being our cum bucket Antra, feels so amazing fucking you so fucking hard” Rajiv’s friend talked to her for the first time as he kept pounding. 

There were so many things she wanted to say, but her mouth was pretty occupied, so she could only tell by grabbing their ass and pushing them further into her mouth. She tried to touch the guys fucking her below too, scratching them all over wherever she could dig her nails. The harder they fucked, the more she dug her nails into them, she knew they weren’t holding back and she didn’t want to either. Their grunts were growing louder by the minute and she felt a series of mini orgasms building up, she knew the orgasms would last for a while even after they were done. 

Rajiv let go first spraying all over her face, he knew how much she loved facials. The other guy fucking her face followed suit, but he sprayed it inside her mouth for her to swallow. She licked every last drop of cum off both of them, as the pounding below continued. The pussy guy let go first with a loud grunt, not pulling out, spraying his seed deep inside her pussy. The ass guy was the winner tonight, holding off just long enough and then spraying inside her too. As they both pulled out, she could feel the cum drip out of her both holes, touching them and feeling the wet gooeyness tripped her mind. 
The wave of mini orgasms had finally arrived, coursing through her body, one after another and they lasted a couple of minutes, her moans filling the air. 

“Oh fuck! I’m such a fucking slut, the dirtiest whore” she cried out non stop as the orgasms slowly died down. 

“That you are my love” Rajiv pulled her closer and kissed her, sucking on her tongue. 
Writer’s note: To know more about Antra’s adventures, please read my earlier stories “Antra the cum slut” and “Antra’s wild night”. 


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