Hashini wins the deal

“We need this deal at any cost Hashini” Ajay told Hashini as he pulled his cock out of his pants, pushing her down to get on her knees.

She knew what was expected of her now. She took his cock in her hands, stroking it, licking his shaft, as he closed his eyes enjoying her tongue and fingers working on his cock. It was getting bigger and harder in no time and Ajay wanted this relaxation after all the stress of meeting a tough client like Paul.

“He was looking at you throughout the meeting” he looked down into her eyes, guiding her lips onto his meat, making her suck his tip as if it were a lollipop.

She knew where he was getting at, but she chose to ignore him. She took his cock fully inside her mouth, sucking on it hard as she grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. She opened her blouse buttons, giving him a good look at her delicious cleavage as she continued sucking him. He reached for it and squeezed it, moaning as her mouth was taking over his cock, the pace of her sucking now at full throttle.

“Oh Hashini! You suck so good, please help me win this deal. I’m sure you can show Paul how efficient we are at our work” he closed his eyes and said as if he was thinking out loud.

She took a pause, pulled his cock out and asked “But sir, I thought you owned me, I thought I wasn’t supposed to fuck anyone else but you”.

“I don’t care about all that, I just want to win this deal. Giving you as a gift to Paul seems like the best way to do that right now” he held her by the hair and started fucking her face.

“If you let him fuck your face like this, let him use you like this, we can win this thing” he was panting as her mouth bore full brunt of his brute force.

She was struggling to breathe, yet she kept at it, taking it all in, getting hit in the cheeks and down her throat, as she kept playing with his balls, waiting for the dam to break loose. Break loose it did, soon there was cum all over her face and in her mouth, even hitting her in the eyes. She felt so turned on every time Ajay used her like this, she stayed like that, giving him a good look at her face before swallowing it all in. She rolled her fingers all over her face and licked the cum off of them.

“That’s like a good girl, I’m sure you can do better than this when Paul uses you” he winked at her and pulled her up. She was still licking the cum off of her fingers as he pulled her closer and kissed her, sucking on her tongue, getting a taste of himself before walking her into the shower. He undressed her and bathed her in the hot stream of water along with himself. He made out with her, getting her horny for what lied ahead. Soon they were out of the shower and he picked out a red crop top and a blue skirt for her. He wanted her to drive Paul crazy with her legs, he knew this outfit would do the job. She wore red lingerie to go with the outfit, while he got dressed.

“Remember, do whatever it takes” he pulled her close and kissed her before stepping out of their room.

“Yes boss, I will do my best” she kissed him back, biting his lip hard.

They walked down to the lobby where they were supposed to meet Paul for a drink, it was Ajay’s idea. He knew it was the best way to have Paul let his guard down. Paul was already waiting for them and they approached the table, he couldn’t stop staring at Hashini. Her cleavage showing crop top and short skirt showing off her legs had the desired effect on Paul.

“Off to a good start” Ajay thought to himself. He hated the idea of sending Hashini to Paul, he wanted her all to himself, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

They ordered drinks and Ajay started small talk to keep the conversation going. Paul was lost in Hashini and after a couple of drinks, he asked her for a dance. Hashini didn’t stand up immediately, but as Ajay signaled yes she stood up and followed Paul. Paul was tall and fit, almost 6’2″, towering over Hashini who was around 5’7″ even in her stilettos. He said he had worked in the US army, he sure had a physique to match it even in his early forties. Hashini was only 23, but with a body to die for, she could attract any man she wanted, Paul was no different. They slowly started swaying to the music, Paul’s hand was on her waist and the other on her back. As time passed by, it slowly moved down and settled on her ass, slowly patting it at first. When he noticed there was no reaction from her, he squeezed it, pulling her closer.

She looked up into his eyes as he lifted her up slightly to kiss her lips. His firm grip on her body made her comfortable and she kissed him back, slowly sucking on his lips. She knew Ajay was watching and she wanted to go all out to please Paul, after all she wanted to win the deal too. She pressed her chest hard against Paul’s, as he took a peek into her cleavage. The push up bra did a good job of enticing him further as he started kissing her neck and sucking on it. She was moaning now as his hand slapped her ass, the sound getting lost in the loud music. His hands were moving all over her, taking firm control as he buried his face in her cleavage. His lips and teeth were having their way with her cleavage as she moaned into his ears “Take me to your room, I’m yours for tonight”.

Once he got the green light, he pulled her closer and walked her back to the table, but Ajay was nowhere to be found. He put some cash on the table and quickly walked with her to the elevator. As soon as they got in, he stood next to her, grabbing her ass firmly as they reached his floor. As soon as they got out into the empty corridor, he lifted her up in his arms, fumbling to find the key card before swiping themselves in. He carried her inside still kissing, sucking her lips, biting them and pinned her to the wall. He took her top off and threw it away, sucking and biting her cleavage so hard, going crazy at what he had been craving for all day.

“Oh Paul! I want you so bad, fuck me so hard, own my pussy” she moaned as he dug his teeth into her cleavage.

“Not yet, I want to do something else before I fuck you” he whispered in her ears as he dropped her back onto the floor.

He pushed her down on her knees, thrust his crotch in her face, she exactly knew what he wanted now. She quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled his cock out, amazed at how big and thick it was.

“Oh fuck! How beautiful your cock is, it’s so thick and pink, I wanna suck this all night” she looked up into his eyes as she started stroking it.

He unhooked her bra and threw it aside, getting a good look at her tits, reaching for them and squeezing them hard as she continued stroking his cock and licking his shaft from it’s base all the way to it’s tip.

“I’ve seen such big cocks only in porn” she sounded all excited as she took his tip in her mouth.

He thrusted deep into her mouth as she almost choked on his cock, she looked up at him, holding onto his thighs, taking it all the way in. She wanted to satisfy him at any cost. Slowly, she pulled it out and sucked on it harder, taking it in all the way. She started playing with his balls, looking up at him with her innocent eyes, her hands moving all over his ass, holding on to it, squeezing it. Paul had her right where he wanted her and he went for the prize. He held her face by the hair and started fucking her face so hard. Her face was being ravaged by his thick cock, thrust after thrust, hitting her cheeks and throat hard. The look on her face only made him go harder and harder, her eyes telling him how much she was loving this.

“How do you like this thick pink cock slut? Do you think it’s big enough for your mouth? I’ve wanted to do this to you since I saw you in the meeting this morning” he questioned her as he kept going hard at her.

She could only nod yes as he continued pounding her mouth, the pressure in his balls building up every second. He was grunting really loudly now and he pulled out finally spraying his seed all over her face. There was cum everywhere, in her eyes, on her nose and lips, on her cheeks, it felt like she was a porn star taking cum from two or three guys at once. He turned her around and pointed to the mirror, the cum filled face of hers making her feel so slutty.

“Oh Paul, you made me your cum dump, when will you fuck my pussy” she wanted him again in her pussy.

“Let me catch my breath, it’s like you turned me on so much. I’m never so hard on any woman i fuck” he smiled at her panting.

She remembered that Ajay wanted pics and videos of their session, so she reached for her purse and pulled her phone out, asking him to click pics of her cum filled face and shoot a video of her licking all the cum off of her face.

“You are the best cock I’ve had ever, I love tasting your cum, I want you to destory my pussy” she was posing for the camera and teasing him, stroking his limp cock, getting it back up for her pussy.

She then pulled him closer and posed for a few selfies, kissing him, giving him a taste of himself, by now only traces of his cum remained on her face. She didn’t want to wipe it off completely, she let it dry as she continued stroking and kissing his cock. Slowly it was getting back to it’s big angry size, ready to pounce on her yet again. He was rubbing and fingering her pussy, getting her wet. He knew she needed to be pretty wet to be able to handle his size and girth. He continued kissing her, sucking and licking her tits, biting her all over, giving hickeys on her tanned skin, making her moan and gasp as he played around with her.

“Fuck me please, I can’t wait any longer, where are the condoms” she pleaded with him.

“I prefer going bareback” he said coolly.

“I can’t take that chance, i don’t want to catch any STDs” she pleaded with him, knowing fully well she’d have to give in.

“I am going to fuck you without the condom, or just leave now” Paul knew she wanted him and couldn’t go without fucking him.

“Need to win the deal at any cost” she said to herself and lied down on the bed, spreading her legs pointing to her pussy.

Paul climbed on top of her, rubbing his shaft between her dripping pussy lips, prepping it for what was to follow. He took her nipples in his mouth, sucked hard on them, biting them, licking them, making her moan like crazy.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me already, don’t make me wait daddy, I want your big thick pink cock pounding me like crazy” she pleaded with him.

His big body was crushing her underneath as he decided to oblige and entered her.

“Oh yes! Fuck, you are so big!” she yelled out as he kept going, stretching her like she’d never been stretched before, digging his teeth into her milky tits as she wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing him deeper into herself. Her hands were running all over his back, digging her nails in as he stopped once he was fully inside her. She could feel his balls touch her pussy lips and it felt like she was seeing the stars as he filled her up.

“Oh fuck, fuck me hard, don’t stop, drill my slutty pussy” she begged him.

He slowly pulled out and thrusted hard, hitting the perfect spots inside her, making her moan and squirm. She held on to the sheets pretty tight as he continued plundering her tight wet pussy and he was only getting started. Her moans were growing into screams, yet he didn’t relent. He kept pounding, her delicate body shaking to his brute force, her hands and legs all over the place as he drilled her pussy like crazy.

“How do you like my cock slut?” he asked her.

“Oh fuck! It’s the best cock ever, this is the best dicking ever” she cried out, slapping his ass, egging him on to go harder.

That slap felt like a jockey telling his horse to go full gallop and Paul was the willing horse, now pounding her as hard as he could. Her screams filled the room as he kept hitting all the right spots inside her and he was afraid she might come soon. He wanted to prolong her orgasm as much as possible, so he slowed down and pulled out.

“What!! Don’t pull out, I wanna cum please. Please finish daddy” she pleaded with him.

He lied down next to her and let his throbbing cock calm down as he kissed her, biting her lips and sliding his tongue down her throat, she tried to take his hand and rub her pussy with it, but he pulled it away. She couldn’t resist and started rubbing herself, moaning with her eyes closed. He lifted her up with his strong arms and made her sit on his cock. She put her hands on his chiseled chest and started grinding on his cock, taking it as deep as she wanted. His hands were on her tits, squeezing, pinching and twirling her nipples hard as she rode his cock like the perfect jockey. Her moans were picking up again and then he pressed her down by her shoulders. Before she could realize what was happening, he started drilling her from below, going as deep as he possibly could, hitting her real hard.

“Oh my god! You will make me cum so hard!” she cried out as he continued hitting her hard.

His hands were ravaging her tits, taking them in his mouth, biting them hard, digging his teeth into them again and again as his cock found it’s target with full force. Her body was shivering again, teetering dangerously close to the edge, but he knew he wanted more. As her moans turned into screams again, he went harder at her and when he knew she was close, he slowed down.

“Oh no! Not again, please let me cum daddy. I am dying to!!” she was really begging this time.

He smiled at her and made her get on all fours, folding her hands behind her back, taking his belt to tie them up. He then started spanking her hard, his long fingers creating marks on her milky bottom.

“Ouch! That hurts” she cried out, but he wasn’t going to relent.

He continued spanking her non stop, the force of it increasing with every spank as he rubbed his thickness all over her ass, getting it hard again for the final push. The spanking continued as he mounted her, choking her neck and entering her from behind. He really made her feel the full effect of his girth and length as he stretched her in the truest sense this time.

“Oh fuck! Yes, fuck me like this, again and again. Fuck me hard, fuck me like a slut, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she cried out as his cock started thrusting again.

He thrusted slowly at first, letting her feel it, easing her into it this time, before finally picking up the pace. He choked her and spanked her as his cock was taking full toll on her tight pussy, plundering it like there was no tomorrow. She was back to screaming as he pounded her relentlessly, the pressure finally building up in his balls. He knew he wanted to last longer, so he slowed down for a few seconds, then picked up the pace again, this time going for the final push.

 He held her down, treating her like a fucktoy, spanking, biting, whispering into her ears “I wanna cum deep inside you”.

“Cum wherever you want daddy” she moaned.

He started rubbing her clit hard, trying to push her over the edge too as he continued ramming his cock deep into her, hitting her at different angles. He ensured no corner of her pussy was left untouched and with all the attention her clit and pussy were getting she was soon over the edge, the screams growing louder as the wave of orgasms hit her pretty hard.

“Oh Fuck! I’m coming, I’m coming” she screamed and hearing those magic words, he decided to let go too, but not before he went deep inside her and then he let loose, spraying his seed deep inside her.

“Fuck!” she moaned as she could sense his cock growing limp still inside her, his panting slowing down as they both collapsed on the bed.

He untied her hands and she pulled his face closer, kissing him, biting his lips, sucking on his tongue as his hands moved all over her naked body.

“It would take a few days for all the marks to go away, but it was fucking amazing” she whispered to him.

He replied “Oh yes, You made me cum so hard. It sure was fucking amazing”.

They cuddled for a while, he finally got up from the bed and walked into the loo. Hashini reached for her phone and texted Ajay “He fucked me like crazy, the deal should be ours now”.

“You are the best slut” he replied instantly.


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