Sonal wants more

The sweat was streaming down Sanjay’s face as he thrust harder into Sonal. Her legs were wrapped around him and she pushed him deeper inside her, but didn’t feel a thing. It was like having a pencil inside her pussy and it wasn’t a thick enough pencil to satisfy her. She was going through the motions, making moaning noises now and then, running her hands all over his back. She was his fiancee after all, she wasn’t so cruel to deny him the satisfaction of pleasing her. Before long, he grunted loudly and sprayed inside her. She barely felt anything as he rolled over to the side and lied down panting. Sonal couldn’t believe he was so tired already, while she barely broke a sweat even though she rode him before he got on top of her.

He turned to the side and kissed her, “I love you babe, fucking you is the best feeling ever”. She kissed him back, but the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. She feebly responded with an “I love you too”. Her heart knew that fucking him was nowhere close to being the best feeling ever.

“What’s wrong babe? It doesn’t feel like you enjoyed it a lot” Sanjay asked her.

“It was okay, you know size matters” Sonal replied reluctantly. She knew it would hurt his ego, but she didn’t want to lie to him. After all they were going to be married soon and a lie about his sexual prowess wasn’t the best way to start their marriage.

“But babe, you know I can’t do anything about my size. Is it so important to you?” he turned her face around and asked, looking her in the eye.

“I wouldn’t wanna lie to you about this. Sex is so important to me and if it’s not good, what is the point” she replied.

Sanjay was lost in his thoughts and slowly said “You know Victor has a pretty big tool, I’ve heard him brag about it”.

“You mean our classmate from college who we met at the reunion recently?” she was getting curious.

“Yes, that Victor” he nodded.

Sonal got up from the bed and went into the loo, she took her phone along and texted Victor “I heard that you’ve got a really nice dick, is that true?”

She instantly got a reply “Haha, maybe. Where did you hear this?”

She replied “From your bestie, he seems to be an admirer. I’ve been asking to see it since we met, now I really have to see it”.

“Good things don’t come so easy, you’ve gotta work for it” he replied.

“Fuck working for it, I just got fucked by him and my pussy didn’t feel a thing. I’m crazy horny right now, so stop fucking around and send me a pic. I need it NOW!!” she texted him back.

“Woah, calm down! Little brother is sleeping, let me wake him up” he replied with a smiley.

Within a few seconds she got a message from him, the image took some time to load, but it was the juiciest cock she had ever laid eyes on.

“Fuck! Are you for real? Please tell me it’s yours and not something off the internet” she texted him.

He clicked another one with his full body and sent it to make her believe.

“Fuck! Look at the veins on it, I’m gonna use this to get off right now” she texted him and settled on the toilet seat, touching herself, rubbing furiously, imagining how amazing it would be to feel his cock inside her. She could see his messages coming non stop, but she was too busy getting off that she didn’t care to reply.

“If he can get me off just by showing his dick pic, I wonder what he can do if he really fucks me” Sonal thought to herself. She didn’t want to cheat on Sanjay, but she knew she couldn’t stay faithful to a 4 inch dick, she needed a bigger and thicker dick to keep her satiated, she needed more. Once she got off, she texted Victor “Thanks for that, I really needed it. When can I see it for real”.

“Whenever you want, I am working from home tomorrow. You can come over to my place, I can do you all day” he replied.

“Text me your address, see you tomorrow” she replied.

She got back in to bed and Sanjay was already snoring. She decided she wanted Victor at any cost, so she mentally prepared herself to go to his place in the morning. She knew she loved Sanjay, but sometimes love and sex don’t intersect and she needed good sex at any cost.

She woke up in the morning, got ready like she was going to work and headed to Victor’s place in a cab. She wore a pencil skirt and a tight blouse, left the top two buttons open to give a good view of her ample bosom. She wore bright red lipstick, something which never failed to turn guys on. She had enough proof of that already. She reached his apartment and knocked, Victor opened the door. He was almost 6 feet tall, well built, his biceps showing off in his tank top and boxer shorts.

“Damn he looks much better with less clothes on” she thought to herself as she walked in. He closed the door behind her and before she knew it, he pushed her to the wall and started kissing her, his hands reaching for her tits, squeezing them firmly. He pinned her hands over her head, sucking on her lips furiously, biting them hard, his hand entering her blouse, squeezing her tits over her bra. His passion was driving her crazy, her body responding to his every touch, her moans getting lost in his mouth as he unbuttoned her blouse. He squeezed her tits harder and started sucking and biting on her cleavage. He was digging his teeth in, hurting her but all that hurt was only turning her on more.

She whispered “Please let me touch you” as he continued sucking and biting her. He let go of her hands and she instantly grabbed his dick which was growing harder and bigger beneath his boxers. She started stroking it without pulling down his boxers as he unhooked her bra and threw it to the side, fully grabbing her bare tits, taking her nipples into his mouth, sucking on them like it were his favorite candy.

“Oh Fuck! It’s been so long since somebody played with me like this, your friend is so useless at fucking me hard” she complained, now pulling down his boxers and taking his cock in her hands, stroking it hard.

“Too bad we didn’t meet before the reunion, or I’d have fucked you already” he replied as he squished her tits together, trying to suck on both her nipples at once, biting them between his teeth, leaving his mark all over her tits.

“I want you in my mouth” she declared and pushed him to the wall, with his back up against it. She was now topless, but her skirt was still on, she got down on her knees as she continued stroking his cock with her delicate fingers, scratching his shaft with her long nails from time to time.

“Ouch! Go easy babe, we’ve got all day.” he held her head by the hair pushing her mouth towards his thickness.

She admired his thick hard cock, the veins bulging out on his shaft, making it all the more sexier. It was almost like a cock you would see in a porno. She continued stroking it, but didn’t take it in her mouth just yet. She knew stroking him some more would make him cum pretty soon and she wanted that cum all over her. Slowly she started licking his shaft and sucking on his ball sack, then sucked on his tip. He threw his head back and moaned, enjoying all the attention she was bestowing upon his dick.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since we met at the reunion” he told her as she looked up into his eyes, his shaft now fully inside her mouth.

The look on her face told her he was almost hitting her throat, but she wasn’t one to give up so easily. She kept it in her mouth, feeling his tip hit her throat, trying not to choke and then slowly pulled it out.

“Fuck! You are so thick and big, just like I’ve always wanted” she told him and continued sucking on it.

Her hands were playing with his balls, pushing him closer to the edge with all the sucking, stroking his cock was getting. He wanted to give her the biggest load, so he tried to control his breathing, prolong the inevitable stream of thick gooeyness that awaited her mouth.

“I want you to shoot a video of this and send it to Sanjay” she looked up at him.

“Are you kidding? He will get crazy mad, he won’t talk to me ever. I can’t do it” he sounded rattled.

“I promise! Your friendship will be intact, just trust me this one time. Shoot me sucking your dick and then swallowing your load” she assured him and handed him her mobile which was lying in her purse.

He started shooting as she continued sucking on his dick and then she pulled it out of her mouth, looked up at the camera and said “Babe, you were right! Victor has the most amazing dick ever. I love you a lot and that’s why I don’t want to hide this from you, I want you to enjoy watching me suck his dick, enjoy watching me swallow his load. I love you so much babe!”

Victor continued shooting and watching her talk to Sanjay pushed him closer to the edge.

Sonal sensed he wouldn’t last much longer and said to him “Keep shooting till I swallow it all” and started stroking and sucking him with renewed vigor. A little more sucking and stroking was enough to push him over the edge and soon he sprayed a big, thick load all over her face and in her mouth. He continued shooting as she licked the cum off of her lips, opening her mouth and showing him all the cum she was about to swallow and then swallowed it all.

She then licked the cum off of her fingers and sucked on her fingers, staring into the camera and said “Babe! Did you see how much I swallowed, I wish you could give me so much cum every time I sucked your dick babe. I hope you enjoyed watching me suck a superior dick”. She then blew a kiss to him on camera.

“I had no clue you were such a dirty slut, or I’d have approached you sooner” Victor sounded surprised.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. I wanted a big dick and I couldn’t resist once I knew you had it” she said getting up from the floor.

“I want you to get hard and pound me like an animal, just like the fuck boy you are” she whispered in his ears as she kissed him and gave him a taste of his own seed.

She started stroking his limp cock again, getting the last drops of cum off of it and sucking on it while he grabbed her ass and spanked her. She noticed a work desk near by and moved towards it, continuing to stroke him, then bending down to suck on his dick again, trying to get it back to it’s virile strength again. She took his top off as he unzipped her pencil skirt, letting it drop to the floor, her red panties inviting him to pound her pussy like crazy. He could feel the wetness as he rubbed her pussy over her panties, sucking on her tits, biting her nipples like a crazed animal.

She pulled out her phone again and told him “Let’s shoot this too, let Sanjay see what a slut you’ve turned me into”, she kept it on the desk, switched on video recording and propped it up against a book.

He bent her over the desk and pinned her face down, folding her hands behind her back. He then started smacking her ass, slowly at first, but smacking harder and harder with each passing second.

Her moans were growing louder as she pleaded with him “Fuck me hard! Fuck me like I’m your dirty little slut, please own my tight pussy”.

He smiled into the camera and continued spanking her, his dick now back to the full strength, waiting hungrily to pounce on her pussy. He pulled her panties to the side and continued rubbing on her bare pussy, finding it soaking wet. He finally decided to make her his own personal slut and entered her slowly with a push deep into her pussy.

His thickness and length were instantly successful in stretching her to the limit as she cried out “Oh Fuck! I’ve waited for so long for a dick like this. Pound me so hard, fuck me like an animal”.

Victor looked into the camera again and smiled, slowly picking up the pace of his strokes, spanking her non stop, her buttocks had turned red with all the spanking, but he wasn’t going to let up so easily. He was now thrusting real hard, short furious thrusts, hitting her at the perfect angle, hitting all the right spots inside her as she continued moaning and screaming.

“Fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Stretch my pussy to the limit” she begged him and he was more than happy to oblige, now putting all his strength into his thrusts, pounding her like a wild dog fucking his bitch in heat. Her moans only egged him on further and he kept up with the pounding and spanking, biting her neck and back, sucking and licking her naked body. It felt like every inch of her body was being pleased like it had never been pleased before and Sonal knew she wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum soon” she cried out as kept pounding and spanking, he slowed down for a few seconds, pulling out to delay her orgasm and then started thrusting again.

“Fuckkkkkk! I can’t hold on any more” she cried out as an intense wave of mini orgasms swept through her body, he continued drilling her and rubbing her clit as the intense pleasure coursed through her veins. He kept at it for some more time and then sprayed deep inside her pussy, his seed deposited deep inside her womb, almost dripping down her thighs, he still had a lot to spray even in the second round.

He collapsed on top of her panting, looked into the camera and said “She is amazing dude, you can marry her, but I will fuck her every week. What say?”.

She turned her face to look into the camera and she couldn’t say nothing more than “I love you babe, hope you will jerk off to this. Like I said, I wanted more. “


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