Dancing with Daddy..

Abhishek walked into the dance studio with a swagger. As always, heads turned and people lost track of what they were doing to stare at him. He smiled to himself and started his stretching routine. He was wearing a tank top and tracks, showing off his chiseled body for the girls to ogle at. He knew they couldn’t help themselves and he was more than willing to help them fantasize about him. He usually came late and stayed till it was closing time, that way he could practise in relative quiet.

He noticed Esha was staring at him while she was taking a break from her routine. He let her watch for some more time as he started practice, slowly people were leaving the studio as it was closing time. After practising alone for a bit, he decided to do a couple practice and walked up to her “Hey Esha! How are you doing” he asked as he ogled at her from top to bottom.

“I’m fine Abhishek! How are you doing” she managed a weak smile as she replied.

“I need a partner, do you wanna pair up?” he asked casually.

“But it’s already pretty late, I need to head home” she replied.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll give you a ride home” he assured her.

Esha could feel all eyes in the studio staring at them and she knew any girl would kill to dance with a stud like Abhishek. She told herself to give in and nodded yes.

He took her hand and walked to a corner so that there wouldn’t be much disturbance for the two of them. He started the music and both of them moved together, always in sync, swaying to the music perfectly. He knew that his warm breath on her neck was getting her all hot and bothered. He moved his hand from her back slowly down to her ass, before she could protest he grabbed it hard.

“Oh Fuck! Here we go again” Esha thought to herself.

He pulled her closer as they continued moving to the music, not even air could get between them now. Her breasts were being kneaded like dough against his chiseled chest. His hands were now taking full toll on her ass, grabbing and spanking slightly as he pleased. He brushed his lips against her neck, sucking on her bare shoulder, turning her on more and more.

“Stop Abhishek! We can’t do this here” Esha pleaded with him.

“You didn’t have any problem doing a lot more than this last night” Abhishek taunted her.

“I was drunk and it was at your place, it’s different now” she replied with as much courage as she could muster.

“Nobody is watching us, even if they are, they will just think we are getting a bit passionate in dancing” Abhishek tried to calm her down.

Esha knew she didn’t have a choice, she couldn’t resist him, not when he made moves like that on her. She knew she would give in eventually, so might as well avoid the long struggle, she thought to herself.

The lights were getting switched off as more and more people started leaving, Abhishek was only getting emboldened by it. He started kissing her everywhere, her shoulders, her neck, her chin and finally settled down at her lips. His slow sucking of her lips was driving her crazy and there was nothing Esha could do about it. He was too strong, too sexy for her to put up any fight. His hand was slowly moving from her ass onto her thighs, rubbing on them firmly as they moved around the dance floor.

The kissing wasn’t stopping anytime soon and soon he slipped his tongue down her throat. She was only too willing to suck on it like crazy, she didn’t care who was watching any longer. His hands moved further up from her thighs and zeroed down on her pussy. He grabbed whatever he could and started rubbing it vigorously. He continued kissing and sucking on her neck, biting her shoulders as she moaned into his neck.

“Oh Abhishek! Please take me back to your place, please pound me like you did last night” she begged him.

He was having none of it, he wanted to tease her some more and have her right here. He continued rubbing her pussy and moved to a dark corner of the floor, pulling down her tank top and sucking on her cleavage like a raving lunatic. He squished her breasts together and dug his teeth into her cleavage, making her go crazy. She was tugging at his hair hard, hoping he would let go, but he was just getting started. Her sports bra was pulled down too and her breasts were enjoying the fresh air and freedom they were suddenly granted.

“Abhishek, are you going to lock the studio and leave?” the manager cried out.

“Yeah! Don’t worry, I’ll drop the keys at our regular spot” Abhishek replied.

“Alright! Have a good night, see you tomorrow” and he stepped out of the studio.

Abhishek turned around to make sure there was nobody else around and as soon as he was sure, he pinned Esha to the wall and started sucking her tits. His teeth were digging deep into her milky white tits, Esha knew he would leave more marks than last night. She tugged at his hair and the moans were coming out non stop as he devoured her magnificient breasts.

“Oh Abhishek! Why do you drive me so crazy, why do you make me so helpless” Esha wanted to know.

“I don’t have time for a detailed discussion, just stop asking silly questions” Abhishek chided her as he threw away her tank top and bra.

She wrapped her legs around him, her back to the wall as he continued sucking, licking and biting every inch of her breasts, neck and shoulders. He kissed her mouth and bit on her lips like an animal. He lifted her up and pulled down her tracks, getting his hand inside her panties, rubbing her pussy. It was already wet from all the action and his thick rough fingers were making it wetter with his every move.

“Oh Abhishek! Please fuck me hard, fuck me like you fucked me last night. Make me your bitch” she pleaded with him.

He knew he wasn’t going to fuck her just yet. He continued playing with her pussy and getting her wet, sucking and biting everywhere, knowing she would not be able to get rid of the marks so easily, knowing she would think of him every time she saw the marks. Her loud moans were only egging him on to tease her further.

Suddenly a light was switched on and the studio manager walked back in. He couldn’t see them as they were in a dark corner.

“What happened? You came back?” Abhishek asked.

“Yeah, I forgot I have some paper work to complete” he replied.

“Okay, carry on” Abhishek replied and continued playing with Esha.

“What if he sees us? What if he talks?” Esha sounded wary.

“I don’t give a shit if he sees us, I want you now and I’m having you now” Abhishek sounded scary.

It was time for him to take full control over her, he dropped her down on to the floor. Her tracks were still pulled down as he pushed her down on the floor. She knew what was coming and she got down on her knees. He pulled down his tracks and flicked his thick cock out, it was already rock hard with all the action. She could only see it’s outline in the darkness, but she knew it was ready to take over. Before she could say anything, he grabbed her by the hair and shoved it down her throat. She almost gagged on it, as he continued thrusting it into her. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, especially with the manager lurking around. But she was helpless, it felt like the strange aroma of his cock acted like a drug and she lost all control.

He kept pounding her mouth hard, her moans were lost in her mouth, her tongue and mouth working non stop on his thick cock.

“How do you like that slut? Do you like how I fuck your mouth? Do you love being my cum slut?” he whispered to her.

She was in no position to reply, she gently nodded as he continued fucking her face hard. He was pulling her hair hard, thrusting with brute force, making her gag and choke non stop. He felt so powerful using her as he pleased and he knew she was powerless to stop him as she wanted him too. He was now thrusting as hard as he could, going deeper, almost hitting her throat. He pulled out for a few seconds and could sense her trying to catch her breath. It was exhilarating to see her so out of control, but he couldn’t let it last. He started pounding again, going for the final push as he knew his balls could explode any second.

“You love being my cum slut, don’t you whore? You love being my cum dump, don’t you?” he was really drilling her face now and with one loud grunt he let go.

He sprayed all over her face and in her mouth, making her a cum dump quite literally. Esha had never felt dirtier or sexier than right now. Being used like that while there was another guy around felt so sexy and slutty. She stayed on her knees and licked the cum off of her face and fingers, letting it all settle on her tongue before swallowing it all. There was still some cum left on her face, but she let it dry out as she wanted to smell of cum.

“Daddy, please go down on me, show me heaven using your tongue and mouth please” she begged him. She knew he wouldn’t say no as he loved hearing her go crazy as he ate her out.

He lied down on his back on the floor and made her sit on his face, pulling down her tracks and panties, throwing them away. She was butt naked now and she didn’t care anymore that they could get caught. She just wanted to be used by him without any boundaries. He slowly started rubbing her pussy, and ran his tongue all along her pussy lips, she couldn’t help but moan. She turned around and started rubbing his limp cock, getting it ready for the final assault. He found her clit and rubbed it furiously, licking and sucking, nibbling on her pussy lips as she rode his face as hard as she could.

His cock was getting back to full strength and she used her thumb to rub on the tip, flicking it over again and again, making it hornier and angrier than ever before.

“Fuck Daddy! Your cock is so angry, I think it wants my pussy so bad!” she teased him.

“Just wait for it slut, I’ll show you how bad it wants your pussy” he teased her.

“I’m still here, let me know when you’re done Abhishek” the manager cried out.

“See what a slut you are, he is around and you are riding my face like there’s no tomorrow” he teased her.

“Stop talking and eat me out already” she slapped his cock.

He was now rubbing her clit furiously, using his tongue to reach every nook and cranny of her pussy. His every move was driving her crazy and she was grinding harder, trying to control her moans but she was failing badly. She was slapping his cock around now, getting it ready for the plundering that was coming shortly. She could feel the juices leak out of her and he was lapping it all up, licking every last drop, making her feel the sexiest and sluttiest girl ever.

He finally pushed her off his face and she knew it was time. He got up while she was still playing with his cock, licking and sucking on it. He pushed her off his cock and made her get down on all fours on the hardwood floor.

“Time to be my dirty little slut” he whispered in her ear as he started rubbing his cock all over her ass.

“Please fuck me already, my pussy can’t take it anymore” she begged him.

He mounted her, continued poking her ass with his rod, while he grabbed her tits from behind, slapping them, twirling her nipples, teasing her some more.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she couldn’t stop moaning.

Finally when he couldn’t resist any longer, he thrusted deep into her and she let out a little squeal as he made it all the way in. He stayed still, letting her feel the cock fill her up and then pulled out. She could feel his thickness stretch her with every thrust and the force was only increasing with every thrust. He grabbed her tits and slapped them hard, pinching her nipples, pulling her hair, digging his teeth into her neck as he pounded her hard.

Her ass was a thing of beauty and he wasn’t going to let it go easy. He caressed it first and then spanked it hard as the thrusting continued. Her moans were now pretty loud, but there was no way she could keep it down with all the pounding, spanking and biting she was taking. He kept at it harder, slowing down when he felt he was getting close. Her moans would quiet down too, only for the thrusting to pick up again and she would moan louder than before as he was pushing her to the edge.

“How do you like that slut? How do you like the way I pound your slutty pussy?” he asked as he pounded and spanked her non stop.

She could only moan her approval as he started rubbing her clit pretty hard while his cock pounded her like crazy. She knew she wasn’t going to last much longer and her body was shaking uncontrollably. He knew she was getting close and he started thrusting harder and deeper in short thrusts, putting in all the energy he had.

She held onto him as the wave hit her pretty hard, pleasure coursing through her veins and making her lose herself in it. Her moans were slowly dying down as he let go, spraying his seed deep inside her in multiple bursts, making her feel it.

“Fuck! That was amazing” he whispered and collapsed right next to her. He spanked her one last time and sucked on her lips as she started to get dressed.

“What will the manager think if I walk out of here with you? He must have heard us” Esha was worried.

“I’ll handle it” Abhishek assured her as he got dressed too.

“Oh I didn’t realize you were alone” the manager said as he saw them both together.

“She pulled a muscle, I was giving her a massage” Abhishek smiled at him.

The manager had a look of amusement on his face as both of them walked out.


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